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  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
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  • Joseph Orieukwu
    Joseph Orieukwu 14 days ago +1

    Oh so

  • Killstreak 12
    Killstreak 12 18 days ago +1

    If this was in the 80s or 90s the kids wouldn't be offended as much...why are people so sensitive now?

  • Emperor Mike
    Emperor Mike 21 day ago

    Cha ching🤑🤑$$$

  • Papi Wario
    Papi Wario 24 days ago

    I'm Asian, and I even said the N word.

  • Bowser jr
    Bowser jr 26 days ago

    If someone was cutting my hair I'd kick them in the pee pee as hard as possible and trust me I kick hard like I'm a dragon when I'm angry and I would be angry if someone started cutting my hair Id kick them hard enough for them to pass out

  • Bowser jr
    Bowser jr 26 days ago

    I mean SpongeBob in the cartoon whatever he's hit that area becomes deformed and when the hit is over it would just reform when the hit is over so she couldn't really have murdered him cuz that would physically be impossible because of that so I don't think they needed to do the blood thing cuz even if he did get hit he couldn't have died

  • Tribot 968
    Tribot 968 26 days ago

    What could be so funny about 1994??????

  • Sophia Hayden
    Sophia Hayden 28 days ago

    *CHA CHING!!!*

  • Raptorzilla Productions

    This channel is a goldmine for posts on “r/youngpeopleyoutube”

  • Al Meharg
    Al Meharg Month ago

    A few of these stories were in other episodes. I'm guessing it's just for extra content? Always stay strong, Dolan crew!!

    • indoraptor king
      indoraptor king 29 days ago

      All of the stories are from other videos this is just a compilation

  • Mr. Beev
    Mr. Beev Month ago

    I think the superman story is a whisper-down-the-lane version of what happened to George Reeves when he showed up in costume as Superman at a meet-and-greet event...a little boy brought his dad's luger and asked Reeves if he could shoot him. Reeves asked why he'd wanna try it and the kid's reason was the same, but Reeves' response was that the bullet would bounce off of him and maybe hit someone else.

  • james Kimball
    james Kimball Month ago


  • Howbout Nah
    Howbout Nah Month ago +1

    well maybe dont tell racist jokes if you dont want to be called out for being a racist

    • Howbout Nah
      Howbout Nah 25 days ago

      @Lorenzo Manzoni are you an idiot or just 12 years old

    • Lorenzo Manzoni
      Lorenzo Manzoni Month ago

      Racist jokes don't exist

  • Queenie Yamson
    Queenie Yamson Month ago

    I'm Asian I am a philipina philipino is for guys

  • Ieusbd Wasgu
    Ieusbd Wasgu Month ago


  • Strange Dares
    Strange Dares Month ago +1

    1994 up side down spells hbbi

  • Mia Jackson
    Mia Jackson Month ago

    I can't stop laughing XD 3:19

  • Jova
    Jova Month ago

    My teacher was scammed in England in 1994.

  • Gacha fan
    Gacha fan Month ago

    80085 (boobs)

  • M&M_RatPack
    M&M_RatPack Month ago

    Damn those kids and principal were sensitive snowflakes

  • Ashley Oslen44819
    Ashley Oslen44819 Month ago

    whats wrong with a jelly and butter sandwhich?

  • Leonardo Jakova
    Leonardo Jakova Month ago

    The spangbob sterling at my saul

  • Love Hart
    Love Hart Month ago

    What happened in 1984 was that he seen a dog standing on 2 legs .or he seen a man fall over and said I was born in 1984

    I bet I made u laugh if you did like this comment 😂

  • Leticia Mendes
    Leticia Mendes Month ago


  • HappyStarGachaBun
    HappyStarGachaBun Month ago

    I'm Asian and people can't tell because my eyes 👁👄👁

  • Cutie Mizzy
    Cutie Mizzy Month ago


  • Sheila Tyler
    Sheila Tyler Month ago

    Dolan why do sea turtles leave their baby's before their that even meet their parents

  • Firewolfio
    Firewolfio Month ago

    Someone took a shet and did not flush. DISGUSTING!!!

  • Erika Davis
    Erika Davis Month ago


  • It's lulu! Gaming.
    It's lulu! Gaming. Month ago

    Who do you like more?
    1. Dolan
    2. Shima
    4. Zaragombu (Sorry I cant spell it right lol.)
    5. Emoji
    6. Cid
    7. Hellbent.
    8. Doopie.
    9. Gooby
    10. snewpee.
    11. pringle.
    12. Goast toast.
    13. Pandora.
    14. Nix
    15. hunnybits
    16. Slapped ham
    17. Spinal pam
    These are the characters I know click on the replay button who do you love?

  • FasterJTG
    FasterJTG Month ago

    Does anyone remember when this was a top ten channel?

  • Jason Halverson
    Jason Halverson Month ago

    well i graduated high school in 1994, i thought that was kind of surprising and funny at the time LOL

    DTFRU Month ago

    Well just to say i also fighted on a video game but when the fight ended and went to eat lunch.....i tried going on hunger strike

  • Little_bitch_sippin_on_tea

    It's nice when they do a lot of stories in one video

  • darcraven01
    darcraven01 Month ago

    people who get offended at "racist jokes" honestly need to be stapled in the foot... its a joke, who cares what the context is?

  • Cub1 Animations
    Cub1 Animations Month ago

    Lubing up balloons massaging them and blowing them. This is oddly sexual

  • Josy Animates
    Josy Animates Month ago +1

    I dont get it is emojie a boy or girl

  • Rose-Gold Snipper
    Rose-Gold Snipper Month ago +1

    Poor malisa u should have told someone😔

  • Porkchipp Vlogs
    Porkchipp Vlogs Month ago

    Want to break a friendship, play Mario Kart!

  • Kitty Sky
    Kitty Sky Month ago

    Sing THE SONG ON TVclip

  • אופיר ברייטברט

    is this like a compilation video?

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation Month ago

      Seems like it. And do you also like other animation channels? אופיר ברייטברט

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez Month ago

    You shouldn't tell asain jokes

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation Month ago

      Juan Rodriguez I agree. What are some other animation channels that you like?

  • boody2002
    boody2002 Month ago

    Stupid Asians

  • game playz 2.0
    game playz 2.0 Month ago

    These aren't as in jokes

  • darth chee
    darth chee Month ago

    I’m an Asian in Singapore and most of the Chinese I know don’t really get peeved from such stereotypical jokes. It’s a joke after al

  • kojamoc13
    kojamoc13 Month ago

    do u have instagram my username is iamacheeseboi

  • Nick linaras
    Nick linaras Month ago

    The story about Melissa and the bullies was sad

  • Liya was X
    Liya was X Month ago

    Let’s start an rp chain in the comments I’ll start *screams*

    • Emperor Mike
      Emperor Mike 21 day ago

      How do you make it visible to someone that you disliked their comment cause it was stupid?

  • Absently Gaming
    Absently Gaming Month ago +1

    Could you do some back to school stories in August? If your busy, there is always another time.

  • Ashton Martinez
    Ashton Martinez Month ago +1

    Im so tough that once my old pal conner hit me in the shoulder and he almost broke one of his fingers yeah probably because I'm actually 75% irish and im serious if i get bullied again ill beat the arse who messes with me

  • Peter Ravn Hansen S6 Astrup Skole

    The Stories From The Past.
    Ep 5

    • Emperor Mike
      Emperor Mike 21 day ago

      How do you make it visible to someone that you disliked their comment?

  • Heather Riddle
    Heather Riddle Month ago +1

    I HATE hotdogs to grgak

  • Zuzu the Itty Bitty Kitty

    I got bullied a lot in school. If anyone tried to cut my hair or make me eat trash I don't care what would have happened I would have fought back. You either fight or you live with it. I had to fight my dad once upon a time and after that fighting other kids wasn't shit.

  • Shadow realm Dude
    Shadow realm Dude Month ago

    Lubing balloons isn’t much of an Asian joke😂

  • Shadow realm Dude
    Shadow realm Dude Month ago

    Respect for making a controversy video

  • Keith Jones
    Keith Jones Month ago

    Giving Me Memories Of The Pink Panther 2

    *I Suppose You’ll Be Wanting Sushi, My Little Yellow Friend!*

  • Jakeice Woods
    Jakeice Woods Month ago

    Look up 1994 jokes and memes you probably figure it out

  • Yamil Gray
    Yamil Gray Month ago

    You said 5$ i only see 4$ so g's dad lied

    • D. C. S.
      D. C. S. Month ago

      He gave him 3 $1s and a $2 bill

  • necrozmayeeet
    necrozmayeeet Month ago +7

    How do you blind fold a Chinese person
    You use floss

    • Emperor Mike
      Emperor Mike 21 day ago

      Nigga really🤣🤣🤣

    • Dphillip2929
      Dphillip2929 Month ago

      Never heard this one before. Thanks for the laugh.

  • potatoes are awesome138

    One time i herd my aunt ans unkel fighting over a charger

  • Skyline BIT H.
    Skyline BIT H. Month ago

    Lol. Bro. How you gonna get mad at a joke like "cha ching"?
    It's not offensive. I know Mandarin and I have a Taiwanese step mom, so any butthurt cunts want to yell at Dolan for the joke, come talk to me.

    BPFMAVERICK Month ago


  • Toxicflamewolf !
    Toxicflamewolf ! Month ago


  • Scrumpit Boy
    Scrumpit Boy Month ago

    1994 was the year "All That" came out and it was a funny show

  • Alyssa Ross
    Alyssa Ross Month ago

    I had to do the balloon thing too for a couple hours, but I didn't think it was weird. They told me before that doing so helps keep the balloon from deflating, or shrinking after some time. You have to massage the balloon in order to get all over the inside so the balloon will stay afloat.

  • Kylee Bradley
    Kylee Bradley Month ago

    When the guy was laughing about 1994 was in a you tuber called flamingo and he was asked questions and answered every with 1994

  • Tyler Bivins9
    Tyler Bivins9 Month ago +2

    Should try R/entitled parents

  • spartan sesame seeds


  • Eric The Nole
    Eric The Nole Month ago

    You should say Brooklyn NY. Not the other way round.

  • Machine Gamer
    Machine Gamer Month ago +2

    That kid with a gun is crazy how did he even manage to get a gun

  • The Flying Garfield

    Stop re-uploading Old videos in a copulation four views

  • Cooper B
    Cooper B Month ago

    ughh cringe these post suck :( 95% are " huh i do this weird thing uwu quirky." 🤢🤢

    • Alvar555
      Alvar555 Month ago

      Well, why don’t you unsubscribe?

  • Christian Reed
    Christian Reed Month ago

    how do you get draged to the restroom IN SCHOOL and have no one notice

  • WoLfGolden
    WoLfGolden Month ago +6

    Wait... so her parents did not realize that there own daughters hair was cut?

  • Karuminu2
    Karuminu2 Month ago +2

    Your kid tells you she's being bullied at school by five kids who cut up her hair and force feed her garbage and your first instinct is. (Shrugs) "I don't believe you."
    Parents of the year right there, folks.

    • Karuminu2
      Karuminu2 Month ago +1

      @Maria Murungi My mom and step dad probably wouldn't lift a finger. But if it were MY kids, I'd go on a f*cking rampage.

    • Maria Murungi
      Maria Murungi Month ago +1

      Exactly my parents would kill those kids