What If The World Was One Country?


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +703

    About the whole discussion if Mexico is in Northern America. Yes, by most sources it is. The information we used was based on this source: www.worldometers.info/geography/how-many-countries-are-there-in-the-world/ As i've said on twitter, I've employed some fact checkers to help out with what I miss, but this video is still a part of production before all of that.

    • Ishan Khanna
      Ishan Khanna Day ago

      To be fair, he included Mexico in "Latin America", not "South America". Had he included them in "South America" he would have been wrong because of Geographical reasons as South America starts from Colombia but since he said Latin America you cannot say that he is wrong because it refers to the Region of America where majority of population is Hispanic which begins with Mexico.

    • Surinder Singh Saini
      Surinder Singh Saini Month ago

      Please make video on IF all world currency is same... Lets say... DOLLAR in whole world each person use dollar in each transaction and local currency is also dollar.... Plz make video

    • Alan Q. Wake
      Alan Q. Wake Month ago

      Excellent observation! Many discount Mexico from North America simply because they're a different majority ethnicity smh Keep the world informed you're doing great.

    • Joe Joe
      Joe Joe 2 months ago +1

      Make sure you fact check all videos from this source from now on. Nort America has more than 2 countries. Im from a country called Mexico located in North America.

    • Captain Castro
      Captain Castro 3 months ago

      North America spands to the border of Columbia, there is roughly 14 countries in North America

  • Harry Baron-Richardson

    We'd still have migrant problems

  • Kalana Herath
    Kalana Herath 2 hours ago

    This would be the ideal system of governance, making my dream come true!

  • Peter C
    Peter C 6 hours ago

    this will never happened this guy is taking about commisum . we hate each other its in our genes

  • TapaswiBrahmaReddy Karri

    in north America, 3 countries were present usa, canada, mexico right

  • Arshyan khan
    Arshyan khan 12 hours ago

    North America has 2 countries????wtf 3 dude Mexico Canada and US

  • TheBluePC 5
    TheBluePC 5 14 hours ago

    If world was a country then the whole states would fight.

  • Ishan Khanna
    Ishan Khanna Day ago

    To be fair, he included Mexico in "Latin America", not "South America". Had he included them in "South America" he would have been wrong because of Geographical reasons as South America starts from Colombia but since he said Latin America you cannot say that he is wrong because it refers to the Region of America where majority of population is Hispanic which begins with Mexico.

  • Rivvy
    Rivvy 2 days ago

    Anyone who asks me where I'm from, I tell'em I'm from earth😁

  • Nick
    Nick 2 days ago

    Sounds like George Soros' wet dream.

  • A Priest
    A Priest 2 days ago

    We'd have a very heavily populated first world indeed.

  • Raihan Gaming 27
    Raihan Gaming 27 3 days ago

    United humanity/united nation

  • Super Saiyan Rose Kaulefla

    This is exactly what the globalists want

  • Etwa 08
    Etwa 08 3 days ago +1

    Planet earth is 1 country already to me ✅ I don’t care about social media or what people think ,,, That how I look to the earth >>> 1 COUNTRY 🌍!

  • Rayyan V&G
    Rayyan V&G 3 days ago

    Im richer than Antarctica

  • Solberg
    Solberg 4 days ago +1

    *What if the world was one world*

  • bing bing bong Nipples And toast

    At some point there will be a huge civil war dividing everything into contrys again unless they invent slaves again. For the whole world to be a contry, at least america or the uk had to have claimed everything.

  • El Dae
    El Dae 4 days ago

    this wouldn't happen

  • Kevin Zaleta
    Kevin Zaleta 4 days ago

    There's 3 countries in North America: Canada, USA and my Mexico

  • D Marshall
    D Marshall 4 days ago

    2 countries in north america? central america is part of north america along with the caribbean...get your info right

  • Balgore8
    Balgore8 5 days ago

    All this video does is discuss facts as THEY ARE currently. Nothing about what would ACTUALLY change. We could not have a single country with the religion of Islam.

  • mrcalderon93
    mrcalderon93 5 days ago

    yea give my money to some backwards ass africans so they can spend it on a witch doctor so they can rub some goats balls for good luck.... no thanks

  • 0nionbooty
    0nionbooty 5 days ago


  • Twisted Bliss
    Twisted Bliss 5 days ago

    Canada would be 3rd world... Just saying.

  • Doobie XD
    Doobie XD 6 days ago

    1:45 that guy got hands on his tie

  • ingeniouskoala
    ingeniouskoala 6 days ago

    This is remarkably naive. I was interested in hearing realistic speculation

  • Sam Awesome
    Sam Awesome 6 days ago

    If world was one country. Their would be civil wars everywhere.

  • KingTurtle37
    KingTurtle37 6 days ago


  • KingTurtle37
    KingTurtle37 6 days ago

    There’s 10 counties in North America

  • Slender jake
    Slender jake 6 days ago

    Mexico is part of North America…

  • ViskaDrake
    ViskaDrake 6 days ago

    B-but, who would we declare war on? :(

  • flamedramon
    flamedramon 6 days ago

    You sound tired

  • FlamingPotato 352
    FlamingPotato 352 7 days ago

    But then Korea would nuke itself

  • crampus 9
    crampus 9 8 days ago

    One government can't control the entire world

    • Super Saiyan Rose Kaulefla
      Super Saiyan Rose Kaulefla 3 days ago

      No but they can pull the same thing they do with U.S or Canada with local governments running them. Instead of having presidents in those countries they would have officials.

  • Yo i
    Yo i 8 days ago

    Nah,thanx,I got my own culture and history besides the others

  • Elfie Aboy
    Elfie Aboy 9 days ago

    it is football

  • Metal13 Wolfgang
    Metal13 Wolfgang 9 days ago


  • jojojmann
    jojojmann 10 days ago +1

    Sounds like el raton

  • Mr_ Koala . Ray
    Mr_ Koala . Ray 10 days ago

    Soccer or football

  • SlenderMike
    SlenderMike 10 days ago

    This sounds like communism

  • Dejan Vezmar
    Dejan Vezmar 10 days ago +1

    Few people with this power is scary...thats a lot of power in the hands a small number of people

  • Şahin yaşar
    Şahin yaşar 11 days ago

    people, living in harmony?
    This is a dream never come true

  • Chanchala Kumari
    Chanchala Kumari 12 days ago

    Asia'z the boss... 😎

  • Clarenceta
    Clarenceta 12 days ago

    Thats a good idea!!

  • Mr. Boss
    Mr. Boss 13 days ago

    2:56 typo!

  • SirBongsAlot
    SirBongsAlot 13 days ago

    Lets just live together as humans on earth

  • Rajwardhan Kutwal
    Rajwardhan Kutwal 14 days ago

    Seems *Communist*

  • JP McGrath
    JP McGrath 14 days ago +1

    I smell globalism...it doesn't work. Diversity is what drives us and what gives us so much to learn from. Embrace being different. How boaring would it be if traveling across the world was no different than traveling a few hours from home. We arnt meant to be a hive society.

  • Challenge PE
    Challenge PE 15 days ago

    Stable economy, world peace, little food and water shortages. Heaven.

  • Soul CoolK
    Soul CoolK 16 days ago

    This should be a thing

  • Sayyid Muhammad Adnan
    Sayyid Muhammad Adnan 16 days ago +1

    It will happen one day.Arabic will the language of unity of this nation,jerusalem or perhaps Istanbul will be it's capital.Their will peace and great prosperity .Health care,education will be excellent for all.Their will be no poverty.

    • Cunt
      Cunt 14 days ago

      No, Arab will in no way be the lingua Franca, it will most probably be English. New York or Paris will be the capital

  • M Y
    M Y 16 days ago

    This is a good question but the video doesn't really answer it. It just throws out some stuff they found on wiki and added numbers together while trying to sprinkle in big words + graphics. Well thanks for acknowledging the question at least.

    Wagdy KOTB BAHBAH 17 days ago

    ahahah you really think that the world of one would be that great, it would be a tyranny to hold everyone in line.

  • Muselk
    Muselk 17 days ago

    2:54 there are two different numbers, which one is it

  • NewNewton City's President

    I'm gonna donate $10,00 to Antartica

  • Izzy Hodge
    Izzy Hodge 18 days ago

    Pangaea, there you go...

  • gkatsman 07
    gkatsman 07 18 days ago

    We need communism

    • Super Saiyan Rose Kaulefla
      Super Saiyan Rose Kaulefla Day ago

      +gkatsman 07 Then it was a good call to ask that question.

    • gkatsman 07
      gkatsman 07 2 days ago +1

      +Super Saiyan Rose Kaulefla SaRcAsm broo , communism destroyed my grandma's country too ( russia)

    • Super Saiyan Rose Kaulefla
      Super Saiyan Rose Kaulefla 3 days ago

      Is this sarcasm?
      Communism destroyed my home country, turned it into a dictatorship.

  • Apollo media
    Apollo media 19 days ago

    How is bill gates the richest man in the world, when the Rothschilds are worth 500 trillion dollars?
    America isn't a democracy it's a republic. That's why the pledge of allegiance says "i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands." Not once does it say anything about a democracy because all democracies become dictatorships. This is good propaganda for the globalists that want people to be tricked into a world with one ruler a living god basically that would be more powerful than Caligula. And most likely way more psycho because absolute power corrupts absolutley.
    Name a time in history where a human was given absolute power over a group of people that didn't end in genocide.

  • shadow faze
    shadow faze 19 days ago

    Doesn't the bible mention something about one world country or something?

  • Linda Kelsey-Jones
    Linda Kelsey-Jones 20 days ago

    This is a great concept, but I was immediately offended by the lack of diversity in your graphics and two white men represented as business.

  • Sanamana _
    Sanamana _ 20 days ago +1

    you mean football.

  • Farhan Ramzan
    Farhan Ramzan 20 days ago


  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net 21 day ago

    Plus Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon has actually been the richest person in the world ( officially ) for a year or two, outdoing Bill gates before this vidwas made. SO theres a fallacy. *smfh *

    • Screw The Net
      Screw The Net 21 day ago

      Also many of the factoids in this vid are way off, as I dont know anyone here in the US that eats more than 3100 cals a day. That "fat americans" propoganda maybe applies to a third of americans at most, not 75%. And then theres the drinking...4.6 gallons of alcohol per years, making beleruse the heaviest drinkers in the world..that doesnt account for how small their country is. Plus, 4.6 gals of drin ka year is nothing. Many folks in the americas and europe drink 4 times than a year easy. VETOED VID! >,;,

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net 21 day ago

    Where the hell are almost 5 thousand people living in antarctica?!! NEar as I can tell its mainly government and private research installations there...Hmmmmm O>o

  • Derill Troy Tacang
    Derill Troy Tacang 21 day ago

    Hmmmm? Nah... How about many dialect?

  • Fucking Weeb
    Fucking Weeb 22 days ago

    that would be surely nice.

  • Michelle Brown
    Michelle Brown 22 days ago

    jeff bezos is the richest person not bill gates

  • Liliana Gallo
    Liliana Gallo 22 days ago

    And the world cup?? Qatar 2022

  • Nick Sandman
    Nick Sandman 23 days ago

    Territories, peoples, authorities... all will be liberated. This is the new state, 'A World With No Boundaries' will create. Neither nations nor nationalities have meaning. We will erase these unnecessary borders.

  • Dale C
    Dale C 23 days ago

    Short answer: *Pangea*

  • Shubhank Singla
    Shubhank Singla 23 days ago

    World control ur population.
    & Do you know muslems r on population jihad?

  • Shubhank Singla
    Shubhank Singla 23 days ago

    In Islm Secularism n Nationalism r HARM + koran clearly mentioned kil non muslms.
    Islm is the curse on humanity.

  • Harshit shukla
    Harshit shukla 24 days ago

    No chance

  • Pilows Bed
    Pilows Bed 24 days ago

    What about the aussies

  • Vishaldeep Singh
    Vishaldeep Singh 25 days ago +1

    We would still have to use airplanes

  • Strahinja Tankosic
    Strahinja Tankosic 25 days ago

    People are dumb and yugoslavia was the best in Macedonia they speak Macedonian In Serbia Serbian you get the idea

  • Pewdi Pliers
    Pewdi Pliers 26 days ago

    So if I take a dollar with me to Antarctica will you count it

  • I love Poland
    I love Poland 26 days ago


  • 「michael」チャンネルミカエル

    I hope god had dead

  • carlos blazos
    carlos blazos 27 days ago

    Football is the biggest sport in the world

  • Bărbulescu Andrei
    Bărbulescu Andrei 27 days ago +1

    Maybe not all countries would unite,but some counties could unite:
    The slavic countries would form SLAVIA
    The latin countries would form THE NEOROMAN EMPIRE
    Muslim countriea would form ALLAHIA
    Germanic countries would form GERMANICIA
    Usa and Canada would form THE NORTHEN AMERICA'S
    South America countries would form THE SOUTHERN AMERICA'S
    All "-stan" countries would form MEGASTAN or STANIA or STANSTAN=))))
    Australia,Oceania,Philipines,Malaysia and Indonesia would form THE OCEANIC UNION
    African countries would form THE AFRICAN UNION or AFRICA
    China,japan and the koreas would form CHIKAN(a combination of all theit names)
    +we could build a modern tower of Babel

  • Zack Immortal
    Zack Immortal 27 days ago

    Then The President Would Be Change Every Election

  • Pavan Pratap Singh Chauhan

    4:13 ........mountains or sharpened pencils??

  • 420 4l1fe
    420 4l1fe 28 days ago

    I never watched that vid never before, but i came to that thought when i was in third dimension on lsd :o

  • Samsung Apple17
    Samsung Apple17 28 days ago

    who lives in Antartica ?! srsly

    BOCAH JELEEK 28 days ago +1

    Indonesia don't knows how to use condom

  • Aditya S
    Aditya S 28 days ago


  • Clifford Ishii
    Clifford Ishii 29 days ago

    Are you a globalist?

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness 29 days ago

    History has never seen one country successfully implement true communism, but hey, I'm sure it would be no problem for the entire world to make it work.

  • Evolution Inc.
    Evolution Inc. 29 days ago


    BLITZN00DLE 29 days ago

    Damn Austria, how much y'all exercise to not be as fat as Americans?


    This video is globalist illuminati propaganada

    MÄŤHĘ; MÁGÌČŠ 29 days ago +1

    Unemployment would be high because there won't be any military and jets

  • Miguel Alonso
    Miguel Alonso Month ago

    The USA would not agree

  • Glitchy Glitch
    Glitchy Glitch Month ago

    Antarctica doesn't even make a dollar. Let's change that.

  • Derpy Candy
    Derpy Candy Month ago

    As a child i thought i could just bump into taylor swift in a grocery store.

    I live in the philippines.

  • PokeGeo1668
    PokeGeo1668 Month ago

    What is Oceania?

  • James Commentary
    James Commentary Month ago

    wow antarctica is poor

  • Ushab
    Ushab Month ago

    Wait what will Kim jung uno Duno do if it was one contrary