• Published on May 9, 2018
  • I start applying the foundation at 8:30. I had to explain a lot okurt! Also, ignore the fact that my eyelash is floating it didnt wanna hold on lol
    Beauty Bakerie Wake and Bake Oil
    Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix Foundation #23
    Beauty Bakerie Cake Face Concealer "Procaffeinating"
    Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder "Yellow"
    Beauty Bakerie Blending Egg Sponge
    Beauty Bakerie Coffee & Cocoa Palette
    Beauty Bakerie Do It For the Graham Palette
    Beauty Bakerie Eyelash Icing
    Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip "Fortune Cookie"
    Also used:
    Lilly Lashes "Tease"
    Colourpop Brow Pencil "Black n brown"
    Colourpop Lip Liner "Curvii"
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  • Claudia
    Claudia 16 days ago

    This foundation is the WORST for blending and looking cakey (lol given the name). Sorry to say. It's such a shame because the packaging and marketing is on point.

  • Valencia Hawkins
    Valencia Hawkins Month ago

    Huda stole the packaging from Beauty Bakerie!

  • Imani Strong
    Imani Strong Month ago +1

    Why pay that much money for packaging ? I just want a quality product that works.

  • Char N.
    Char N. Month ago

    such a cute hairstyle

  • Vee Dubb
    Vee Dubb 2 months ago

    Beautiful!!!!! Thank you for doing this!!!

  • DeOndrea Walker
    DeOndrea Walker 2 months ago


  • niecybaby1960
    niecybaby1960 4 months ago

    Too dark and you looked really oily at the end! You cute tho!

  • Honie Forbes
    Honie Forbes 5 months ago

    Is this Jackie aina lil sister?

  • ZeeMeNow
    ZeeMeNow 6 months ago

    Ok so after this video I am purchasing the coffee & cocoa pallet along w the flower setting powder. Superrrr excited about the pallet . Love your transparency in the video !!! #NewSubscriber 💞💞💞💞

  • KiaNesha Bowens
    KiaNesha Bowens 6 months ago

    Great video . When you said "One shadow type of girl . I died " lol . Her packaging is the best !!

  • Unique_desu
    Unique_desu 6 months ago +1

    Beauty bakerie came out with their bronzer palette before huda...Thats the second thing I noticed that huda has done similar to beauty bakerie.

  • brandi S.
    brandi S. 7 months ago

    You are so cute! I can’t take it! 😩😍

  • valerie uduji
    valerie uduji 9 months ago +1

    did you break out after using the wake and bake oil on your face? That's my concern about using it as I heard it's a marula oil

  • Eva PM
    Eva PM 9 months ago

    You’re very beautiful, even without makeup. I subbed thank you

  • M&M Dr. Phil
    M&M Dr. Phil 9 months ago

    *"Waterproof, bulletproof, apocalypse proof"* this is humour I need, *subscribe*

  • Natalie Perez
    Natalie Perez 10 months ago

    OMGGG I’m LIVING for your brows (Even without makeup) 😍😍😍

  • alyknight
    alyknight 10 months ago

    I am getting so hungry for sweets every time she name what the products are called !! 😭😭

    HENNY FINESSE 11 months ago

    Pretty Self 😍😍

  • Bionka Deyon
    Bionka Deyon 11 months ago

    Love this, Ive been thinking of doing a full face beauty bakerie and I think this might happen!

  • Lauren C
    Lauren C 11 months ago +3

    ive thought about buying their setting powders because the packaging is so cute lol. but the fact that the shades are opposite would confuse me because if someone said shade 25 id think dark not light. but I personally wouldn't buy this foundation anyway. I also like more natural ones not matte, and the lightest shade is way too dark for me. their packaging for everything is amazing though

  • Yanna A.
    Yanna A. 11 months ago

    You cannot let anything cold touch this foundation. Over here eating a cup of ice and where my cup touched my face the foundation automatically turns light.

  • MzDTH
    MzDTH Year ago

    this looks absolutely lovely !

  • Shapuria Ysumde
    Shapuria Ysumde Year ago

    Is it me or does it oxidize? It’s still nice tho

  • Veronica Nicole
    Veronica Nicole Year ago

    I told myself I wasn't gonna wear makeup or at least buy any more​ makeup but mannnn you always sell me

  • andthatisTrice
    andthatisTrice Year ago

    This whole concept is so CUTE!!! I love the design consistency with all of the products 😩😍😍😍😍

  • Joneshia
    Joneshia Year ago

    I’m still using that back to school method you posted and I get so many compliments. I’m about to go on this website and see what I can add to my lil routine 😂

  • Mo n
    Mo n Year ago

    I cried when you tore open that packaging 😆😆LOL great video

  • Ashley . Sade
    Ashley . Sade Year ago

    Where are you get those curtains sis???

  • Kingijes World
    Kingijes World Year ago

    I love this foundation I was gifted an additional shade in 27 and the beauty sponge I mixed it with shade 23 and it’s my perfect shade I don’t really care for the sponge but the oil , liquid lipstick and foundation are bomb

  • prettylittlesyko
    prettylittlesyko Year ago

    Vicky, try 27 that's the next lighter tan with warm undertones. I had the same issue with 23 and I called and the girl I spoke to said to try 27. Also I tried another oil with it cause I can't use their oil because it has citrus oil, and no sis, this foundation will not work with another oil it broke up all over my nose and chin.

  • BeautyNoChaser
    BeautyNoChaser Year ago

    This is one of those foundations that wear well with oily skin. And by that i mean once your oils come thru you don’t look greasy you look like a healthy dewy gal

  • Shanice Ware
    Shanice Ware Year ago

    Question? What moisturizer are you using? Love the hair btw

  • dominque swint
    dominque swint Year ago

    I agree with your final review- love the concealer most! Ps your skin is popping 😍

  • Tamara McGee
    Tamara McGee Year ago

    You look beautiful! Shade 25 may work for you better when your not tanned.

  • Sierra LaFaye
    Sierra LaFaye Year ago

    YASSS 👏🏽 HAIR 👏🏽

  • Diva Makeup727
    Diva Makeup727 Year ago

    I got hope that she's coming to Ulta one day....I'm trying to hold out before ordering

  • Feliesha T
    Feliesha T Year ago

    I was praying you'd upload this foundation 🙌🏽🙌🏽 I'm having the hardest time picking my shade. I'd love 21 or 23 if you do a giveaway 😊

  • Chinaija
    Chinaija Year ago

    Loving this review. I'm curious to see how if I can find a shade to work for me. I'm a bit darker than your summer shade, so maybe I'll go a shade up when it comes back in stock. I'm an oily girl so the thought of putting an oil on top of my mattifying primer threw me off

  • lcd9293
    lcd9293 Year ago

    How did you do your hair?? Tutorial please!!

  • Tiffany Louise ___

    Skin poppin

  • Katt Allen
    Katt Allen Year ago

    Listening to the specs of this product makes we want to go buy right nowwwwww! So amazing!

  • Luvly Cee
    Luvly Cee Year ago

    Thank you for this review sis !!! You look amazing as usual !! I love it !!! 😍

  • Elizabeth Aina
    Elizabeth Aina Year ago

    Thank you for reviewing! I’ve always wondered if it’s good

  • D'Andre Wilson
    D'Andre Wilson Year ago

    Before I even watch the actual video.. I just LOVE your intro! 😭

  • Essence Harrison
    Essence Harrison Year ago +2

    How do you normally handle creasing in the laugh lines? Do you add extra concealer? Use an eyeshadow primer? Etc. 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

      VICKYLOGAN  Year ago

      I dont do anything really. The more product I apply the worse it gets so I just let them be

  • TaMmYH 82
    TaMmYH 82 Year ago +2

    Vicky girl..... your skin is looking so damn good! I had to keep going back to the beginning just to look at how beautiful your skin is looking. U look good girl with or without foundation! 💖

  • AlwayzShaye
    AlwayzShaye Year ago +8

    I love the concept of the beauty bakery line, she put a lot of thought and creativity into it. And your braids look so good on you. And this skin & glow I’m living for! ♥️ The foundation looks so bomb on you, like it looks natural doesn’t look like a mask. The concealer was a perfect shade too.

  • Morgan M
    Morgan M Year ago

    If you still wanna give away 17 that looks to be my shade according to the site 😭😂

  • Nickie Rasberry
    Nickie Rasberry Year ago


  • JL Kitzenberger
    JL Kitzenberger Year ago

    The application turned out really well, but it looked really oily at the check in. Great review & demo Miss Vicky!

  • SincerelyBre
    SincerelyBre Year ago

    I’m almost positive we are the same complexion! I was matched for 370 in Fenty by machine but 420 by hand and the 420 is too dark which is what #17 is matched too! So I’m guessing 23 might work for me 🤔 or 25?

  • Kliopetra Williams
    Kliopetra Williams Year ago +1

    Thank you for such a review!!! I will be placing an order with this company very soon.

  • positivelypinky
    positivelypinky Year ago +3

    I guess that’s why she’s always sold out lol because she’s giving 2 shades with your first order

  • het spijt mij dat Alexjan


  • Tammy Letbetter
    Tammy Letbetter Year ago +5

    I kind of think the concealer still didn’t blend out well. If you have to work fast to make it work I know I wouldn’t be able to do it. The foundation is beautiful but I’m a oily girl so I can’t be putting oil on my face. I think I’ll just stick with the setting flour for now.

  • Gracia-Dei MK
    Gracia-Dei MK Year ago +3

    I sat here and I paused the video because of the transfer test that literally took my breath away!!!! ...... like WHAT. I need these products in my collection

  • Jody-Lee Norman
    Jody-Lee Norman Year ago +4

    when you did that paper towel test I was like bihhhhhhh!!!! SOLD!! What shade do you wear in the L'Oreal pro matte foundation? Trying to get a sense of what shade I should get

  • TayahsVision
    TayahsVision Year ago

    Listennnnnnn . Your bomb A.F.

  • Yvette Arnold
    Yvette Arnold Year ago +2

    It turned out absolutely beautiful

  • Amethyst Wilson
    Amethyst Wilson Year ago

    come tf through skin! sus yass!

  • Jasmin Soutien
    Jasmin Soutien Year ago

    Skin glowing though. Yassssss!

  • China Dall
    China Dall Year ago

    What a great thorough review Vicky..your make -up turned out pretty..I've been watching this make -up line.

  • Native Passions
    Native Passions Year ago

    Vicky your skin gurl 😍❤️

  • Cassidy White
    Cassidy White Year ago +12

    The packaging for the beauty bakerie products is amazing!!!

  • Taylor Drayton
    Taylor Drayton Year ago +83

    We gotta give it up for the packaging. I love it. And it's black owned. *Praise Break*

  • Joy Chikwekwe
    Joy Chikwekwe Year ago

    The infamous disco ball in the background 😂 the braids are cute and your skin is flourishing sis! 😍

  • Beautiful Madness
    Beautiful Madness Year ago +3

    I'm confused by the check in. You said it wasn't very oily, but it look extremely oily. Was it just due to the lights or.....?

    • Beautiful Madness
      Beautiful Madness Year ago

      Ok, gotcha. Definitely good because there isn't a big chance of me wearing it for that long. I'll have to try it out.

      VICKYLOGAN  Year ago +2

      Considering i was wearing this foundation for 10 hours without blotting or touching my face it’s normal for my face to be that oily.

      VICKYLOGAN  Year ago +3

      The foundation isn’t oily! My skin appeared much oilier than it was because of the bright lights. Also I wasn’t wearing anything but the oil for a primer. I think with a primer it would work perfectly fine.

  • Shanel Miller
    Shanel Miller Year ago +1

    I know you said that you don't really care for the mascara. So what mascara did you end up using? Because I don't see it listed in the description box.

      VICKYLOGAN  Year ago +1

      Oops forgot to mention. I actually don’t remember lol I currently really like the buxom big tease mascara

  • Rachel Edwards
    Rachel Edwards Year ago +4

    This video was seriously relaxing!! I was here for all 24:12 mins lol and the foundation looks bomb

  • Chini66
    Chini66 Year ago

    You look beautiful and I agree it wil match better with sun I guess. Your neck isn't much darker..

  • Gina G
    Gina G Year ago

    Apocalypse Proof 💀

  • GoodGirl_ GoneGlam
    GoodGirl_ GoneGlam Year ago +6

    I have zero plans to buy this (because I don’t see the point in having to buy a separate oil to make the foundation work) but watched anyway just to support Vicky’s channel! 👍🏾😊

    • C Love Beauty
      C Love Beauty 11 months ago +1

      Aja Gaskin Berry u can use a diff oil. Something moisturizing is what they said on IG.

  • carolyn1301977
    carolyn1301977 Year ago +1

    Love your review do you think # 25 foundation would be perfect 👌 for you ?

      VICKYLOGAN  Year ago +1

      Not sure it may be too light 😭 I think the foundation I used was only a tiny bit too warm, not necessarily dark. So unless 25 is the same shade just a diff undertone, then maybe.

  • janisa reeves
    janisa reeves Year ago +4

    Not a destructicon!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • chromosa
    chromosa Year ago

    yesssss skin!

  • ItsTiffany
    ItsTiffany Year ago +18

    I honestly never knew this brand was black owned that’s dope! The foundation looks great. I like this look.

  • Britt Brat
    Britt Brat Year ago +17

    That yellow eye shade looks so pretty on you. That simple wash of color on the lids is gonna be my go to all summer.

  • Sugar living my best life.


  • Kelsie J
    Kelsie J Year ago +13

    Protect the edges sis!

  • Natural2ArtiZte
    Natural2ArtiZte Year ago

    It looks so good! Thanks for doing this review!

  • London Isabelle
    London Isabelle Year ago +63

    can we talk about how far your skin has come though sis like wow keep gl(r)owing

  • Mina Piña
    Mina Piña Year ago

    I remember when you put that disco ball hanging there lol, it still makes me laugh errrtime!

    • Mina Piña
      Mina Piña Year ago

      VICKYLOGAN Lol 😂😭 it belongs there now!

      VICKYLOGAN  Year ago

      Lol I’m not moving it either 😭😂

  • Tierra Coleman
    Tierra Coleman Year ago

    The foundation looks beautiful on you!

  • SkyeConnerTV.
    SkyeConnerTV. Year ago +4

    Beauty bakerie is in Riley rose stores!!

  • DianaRene
    DianaRene Year ago

    Other videos Crystal Clear But always a Green Hue. Actually for the first time in this video I see your true skin tone 👍🏾

      VICKYLOGAN  Year ago

      It may be the camera I was using. It shoots 4K but sometimes the lighting is off. 🤔

  • immanuel moore
    immanuel moore Year ago +14

    “It gets nice and big...that’s what she said” 😂😂

    • Anne A.
      Anne A. Year ago +2

      when she said that, i paused the video and went thru the comments because I knew i was going to find a comment about that sentence looool *going back to the video now* lool

  • Shewanda Magee
    Shewanda Magee Year ago +7

    I love u soooo much! U are legit the first person to actually follow the company's tips with this foundation! Great results! I will definitely buy because of this review!

  • Jackie Hazel
    Jackie Hazel Year ago +18

    Your skin is beautiful Vikki!!❤😍

  • Hey, it's Kimberlee!

    I’ve seen so many videos and want to try but they are just always sold out...which is good, yay for their business, but it could be even more successful with more quantities of products available lol

      VICKYLOGAN  Year ago

      Girl I am patiently waiting for the restock!

  • Elecia Stewart
    Elecia Stewart Year ago

    Thanks sis in spirit! I have been waiting for you to do this. I needed someone in my color as she is not in stores.

  • Leslie Jean
    Leslie Jean Year ago +29

    I honestly haven’t seen a good meaty (lol) review in a while until this one. I miss Foundation Friday’s, Vicky! ❤️ @vickylogan

    • Chinaija
      Chinaija Year ago

      Lol for some reason this made me think of Mr Krabs "big. meaty. claws." 😂

      VICKYLOGAN  Year ago +3

      I do too! I have a few I need to try!

  • Yvonne Hubbard
    Yvonne Hubbard Year ago +8

    Yes!!! I’m feeling positive energy Ms. Vicky!! And your skin is looking wonderful! 😉

  • 5sauce
    5sauce Year ago +1

    Yessss I loveeee the concept of the products it's so cute. And you should definitely have a giveaway so I could possibly win #17

  • Zae Symone
    Zae Symone Year ago +3

    Vicky's Back ❤❤❤

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    turboshot Year ago +6

    She said BULLET PROOF 😂🙌

  • Shay Robinson
    Shay Robinson Year ago

    Your skin is looking soooo good. What are you using?! I want in! Lol

      VICKYLOGAN  Year ago

      Check my most recent skin routine I talk all about what changed my skin!

  • itsABREEze
    itsABREEze Year ago +53

    Your skin looks really good sis, thanks for sharing, I want to try their concealers! Every time someone does a Beauty Bakerie video I get discouraged because their products are FOREVER out of stock lol I JUST got the yellow setting powder a month later (not your fault obviously just venting)

    • itsABREEze
      itsABREEze Year ago

      thanks love!

    • DvaTva904
      DvaTva904 Year ago +1

      itsABREEze have them email you when the product u want comes back in stock so u can order it. Took me 3 emails to get my foundation. I wasn't getting to the site fast enough. Lol.

      VICKYLOGAN  Year ago

      I feel you!!!

  • Tyequighae
    Tyequighae Year ago +1

    Skin looking bombttttt ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • Mwelwa
    Mwelwa Year ago

    Thanks for the video..I actually want a number 17 ...what was that about a giveaway in the beginning lol..hala at your girl..loved it though 💕

  • OnlyOneSha'la
    OnlyOneSha'la Year ago

    COME THROUGH SKIN !!! 😍😍😍 drunk elephant SAVED MY FACE! Thank you thank you thank you!!