SMASH or PASS - FANTASY RACE Edition?! - Random Character Designs


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  • Crazy Animations
    Crazy Animations 6 minutes ago

    My answers:
    Smash 0u0.
    Pass -c- (help me) ;_;
    PASS no way ---------o---------
    Sssssssmashhhhh 👿

  • lizzardtown
    lizzardtown 3 hours ago +1

    Alfy reminds me of Max Power from semaj's channel

  • Mark Gaming
    Mark Gaming 7 hours ago

    Jazza please do a challenge where you take random fruit and make characters from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • laura winn
    laura winn 11 hours ago

    Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass

  • Vasilil Stan
    Vasilil Stan 15 hours ago

    The adorating fan from oblivion has grown up😪

  • donutsanddragons
    donutsanddragons 15 hours ago

    The Steve will probably fight against the alliance shows that you play world of war craft

  • Gwen O'Neill
    Gwen O'Neill Day ago

    *the blood isn't... a great sign*

  • Lucian Andries
    Lucian Andries Day ago

    Your game is a little retarded............. :|

  • Panda _ Peddy
    Panda _ Peddy Day ago

    Has anyone noticed?
    Stop at 6:09 up to 6:10, it said mermaid or merman. But it as immediately changed to Elf.

  • Mix it up!
    Mix it up! 2 days ago

    The mermaid looks like a geany

  • ChiChi’s Creatures

    (My version of this) So we got small hulk who went on a diet, medusa mermaid who traded her snakes for hair, future zombie Michael Jackson, Jack the frosty killer, and the kraken that went to hell.... yeah I think that fits them

  • Dude_its Fishy
    Dude_its Fishy 3 days ago

    I would vote STEVE the half ork

  • Ayden Mclaughlin
    Ayden Mclaughlin 3 days ago

    I thought this was kid friendly...

  • Spike The Screaming Dinosaur

    Time to harness your inner Tina, Jazza

  • David Milliard
    David Milliard 3 days ago

    I based a D&D character of of steve the half-orc.

  • Drewschoon66 or Schoonitic3

    Do some art about zootopia

  • Lovinq Myself
    Lovinq Myself 4 days ago

    Which murderous villain would you anger the least?

  • invalid Character
    invalid Character 4 days ago

    I want this again

  • invalid Character
    invalid Character 4 days ago

    Alfy has 69% smash

  • Cole Van Laren
    Cole Van Laren 4 days ago

    I would totally smash Lucy, that torso is 👌

  • Butt Man Or Tri dinh

    At 10:07 Becky and Steve are holding hands

  • SentinalSlice
    SentinalSlice 6 days ago

    I vote for steve

  • SentinalSlice
    SentinalSlice 6 days ago

    Steve is hilarious to look at

  • MK EllerXL
    MK EllerXL 6 days ago

    NOOOOOOO..... steve didn’t win 😔

  • Brian Newman
    Brian Newman 6 days ago

    Make me your new avatar
    - Steve :]

  • Robert Countiss
    Robert Countiss 6 days ago

    hes saying SMASH=go out on a date PASS=no date with them

  • Nevy T'nes
    Nevy T'nes 6 days ago

    I would smash elfy

  • Benita Δημιουργικότητα

    Should've named Steve "Kyle"

  • Dagwood Server
    Dagwood Server 6 days ago

    Alfi the elf, you mean that Russian elf who teaches kids English?

  • m i a
    m i a 6 days ago

    "Elope with" i lost it

  • Graeme McLeod
    Graeme McLeod 7 days ago

    The arty games app is so amazing and awesome

  • lucas lucas
    lucas lucas 7 days ago

    Steve is the best xD

  • Charlie Rother
    Charlie Rother 7 days ago


  • Charlie Rother
    Charlie Rother 7 days ago

    i have your game

  • jar mcle
    jar mcle 8 days ago

    who knew evil girls had the prettiest faces

  • Selah Giovanni
    Selah Giovanni 8 days ago +1

    More Smash or Pass please?!

  • Bunny BonBon
    Bunny BonBon 8 days ago

    "Don't check the bmblm"

  • FlexingGymPanda
    FlexingGymPanda 8 days ago

    4:46 mermaid 6ix9ine😱

  • Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor 8 days ago

    The devil girl looked like a Greek goddess

  • Jorgie Davies
    Jorgie Davies 9 days ago

    I would smash ...............NO ONE!!!!

  • Jorgie Davies
    Jorgie Davies 9 days ago

    I'm only 8............#akward

  • Amir Azahreddine
    Amir Azahreddine 9 days ago


  • Amir Azahreddine
    Amir Azahreddine 9 days ago


  • הראל רז חן
    הראל רז חן 9 days ago

    Go steve GOOOOOO!!!

  • BestFriends Vlogs
    BestFriends Vlogs 9 days ago

    9:27 TeenTitans

  • What am I Guy
    What am I Guy 9 days ago

    I have no fantasies expect for one thing. More Guinea pig movies

  • Fox GΔMING
    Fox GΔMING 10 days ago

    1:29 I thought he said furry.
    Me: OwO

  • Dragon Scorcher
    Dragon Scorcher 10 days ago

    Depends on what you mean by “torture”

  • clobee
    clobee 10 days ago

    I'm feeling personally attacked. Me, purple hair, sitting in my messy room alone. Wow.

  • Oily B
    Oily B 10 days ago

    1:39 mmmmm..... Jazza? Is this a Rick and Morty reference or....

  • sleepy Squirrel
    sleepy Squirrel 11 days ago

    "Bachelor number one Stehe-heheve"

  • Jade Rubim
    Jade Rubim 12 days ago


  • Artsy Drawings
    Artsy Drawings 12 days ago

    Elfy the elf
    Is ma pick... HIS HAIR DOE

  • Little Miss Nature
    Little Miss Nature 12 days ago

    No alfie is covered in blood because he put his arms into a womans... mmm yeah, a womans you know. her thingy. yeah.

  • Nathan
    Nathan 13 days ago

    Looks like a good fortnite battlepass

  • Jeremy Jones
    Jeremy Jones 13 days ago

    I’m a guy, definitely gonna smash alfy

  • Demoness of Music
    Demoness of Music 14 days ago

    Uhhh well apparently Lucy and I are a Mach made in heaven or maybe hell considering demonesses. She does look like my kind of girl.

  • Casserole cat G
    Casserole cat G 14 days ago

    Steve is my favourite

  • Radioactive Pugman
    Radioactive Pugman 14 days ago

    what does smash mean?

  • artsy trash potato charli Crichton

    I said yes to girls and no to the bois cuz ima lesbian

  • SniperTheTherian
    SniperTheTherian 14 days ago

    *Good ole rule 34*

  • Annalice Wardlow
    Annalice Wardlow 14 days ago

    Maybe the mermaid is part siren and she is with alfy the elf and Steve is with Zoey

  • Antoine Stanfield
    Antoine Stanfield 15 days ago

    Why is your game $3

  • Gabriella Ullon
    Gabriella Ullon 15 days ago


  • Sarah Wilkerson
    Sarah Wilkerson 15 days ago

    Sirius Black
    Percy Jackson
    Ehhhh... PASS
    Magnus Chase
    Alex Fierio
    Oh, yeah! SMASH
    Petta Malark
    No. Nono. Nothing.
    Props to Rick Riordian and J.K. Rowling
    Edit: +Suzanne Collins

  • julio sotoaguilar
    julio sotoaguilar 15 days ago

    The thumnail

  • monking boi
    monking boi 15 days ago

    i pass zoie and i smash elfie

  • sincere Smith
    sincere Smith 15 days ago

    Lucy and Becky were the hottest

  • Crackable Code
    Crackable Code 15 days ago

    1 pass 2 smash 3 hard pass 4 definite pass 5 smash

  • Cameron Pezzullo
    Cameron Pezzullo 16 days ago

    The Zombie girl’s beard should have been the jaw... I’ll leave now

  • Mr. Anti-septic
    Mr. Anti-septic 16 days ago

    Devil sex

  • Tobyzuzu
    Tobyzuzu 16 days ago


  • Tobyzuzu
    Tobyzuzu 16 days ago


  • Kwumpy que
    Kwumpy que 16 days ago

    Zoey rip... a landslide nobody likes her

  • AnimalNutt
    AnimalNutt 16 days ago

    Lucy is da best

  • Austin Elsey
    Austin Elsey 16 days ago

    Make two of them fight

  • Møøñ_Đëmøñ
    Møøñ_Đëmøñ 16 days ago

    9:36 who sees Steve and Becky holding hands cuz i do

  • GL Foxie
    GL Foxie 16 days ago

    Do a part 2 PLEASS

  • Jhared Dave Magat
    Jhared Dave Magat 17 days ago

    It's angle not angel .....

  • Adam Bertrand
    Adam Bertrand 17 days ago

    Alpha the elf reminds me of danrdm

  • high five the skylander dragonfly YT

    Pass steve. He will cry
    Pass becky. She'll roast you on social media
    Pass zoe. She'll eat your brain
    Pass Alfy. He will murder you
    Pass Lucy. She will burn you alive

  • Tara Koons
    Tara Koons 17 days ago

    i like lusy

  • wodnyrak
    wodnyrak 18 days ago

    8:05 eight legs
    _seven vaganias_

  • Science with Kenzie
    Science with Kenzie 18 days ago

    Anyone else think Lucy is hot..😄

  • Joseph Cartwright
    Joseph Cartwright 18 days ago

    Vote steve

  • puglato lexy
    puglato lexy 18 days ago

    I would smash that elf

  • marianna2377
    marianna2377 18 days ago

    Alfie because he will protect me!

  • marianna2377
    marianna2377 18 days ago

    Alfie because he will protect me!

  • xXThe_BanditXx
    xXThe_BanditXx 19 days ago

    I think we know why lucy won....

  • PAR
    PAR 19 days ago


  • Jennifer Papastephanou


  • SugaKookie Studios
    SugaKookie Studios 19 days ago

    Aw you should've named the elf elfo you passed up a golden opportunity

  • Garry Padolina jr
    Garry Padolina jr 19 days ago

    LOL. It's like that becky and steve are holding hands. I ship them.

  • Lois
    Lois 19 days ago


  • NiceJourneyMan 4
    NiceJourneyMan 4 20 days ago

    When i think of a rainbow hair person would be 6ix9ine

  • oii oii
    oii oii 20 days ago

    actually zoe is the hottest zombie-girl i like her a lot

  • The Crazie
    The Crazie 20 days ago

    Hey this is a spoiler DEMONOTIZED

  • PixelTheDragon
    PixelTheDragon 20 days ago +1

    It’s probably not a coincidence that the most smashed, Lucy, has tentacles...

  • NerdEPotato - Potato Squad

    Steve the Orc is probs my fav xD

  • PheonixFox
    PheonixFox 20 days ago +1

    *Flips though tinder* Zoey-? MURDER *Reads though description* hunts people down who passes her * Deletes app and moves to a new address* IM SAFE