SMASH or PASS - FANTASY RACE Edition?! - Random Character Designs


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  • hi_im_jc 123
    hi_im_jc 123 41 minute ago

    who else was hoping jazza would have to draw a jazzaroo?

  • Amelia M
    Amelia M 2 days ago

    i love elfie

  • Dennisha Bonilla
    Dennisha Bonilla 3 days ago


  • Myserieden
    Myserieden 4 days ago

    Lucy the demoness wasn’t too bad looking. I’d smash.

  • Queen Wood
    Queen Wood 5 days ago

    Is this the same guy as it has an actual TV show for children

  • Sujinda Ross
    Sujinda Ross 6 days ago


  • Logen St.Clair
    Logen St.Clair 6 days ago

    Steve is best

  • AwesomeSpider4
    AwesomeSpider4 7 days ago

    *W H Y D O P E O P L E A L W A Y S F O R G E T W E R E W O L V E S*

  • Kaolin Crowdis
    Kaolin Crowdis 9 days ago

    Steve is now my child

  • starlit fan
    starlit fan 9 days ago


  • starlit fan
    starlit fan 9 days ago

    Im a girl.

  • Nekoria
    Nekoria 9 days ago

    Can't hear "Alphy the elf" without thinking of Alphinaud (an elezen/elf character, nickname Alphy) from final fantasy 14. Great

  • Alexa Jones
    Alexa Jones 10 days ago +1

    I NEED a show with these characters!!!

  • Catatouille -_-
    Catatouille -_- 11 days ago

    As soon as he said fantasy I knew there would be at least one “hot” elf😂

  • Arty
    Arty 11 days ago

    Becky looks like she belongs in CL's gang XD (just search the MV Hello Bitches if that doesn't mean anything to you)

  • Sparky
    Sparky 12 days ago

    Zoe is a slopy lover... Just look at Alfy the elf.

  • DOug Moody
    DOug Moody 12 days ago

    I think Lucy the devil for boys and Steve the orc for girls

  • Nicholle Thery-Williams

    Zoe ..... ♥♥♥♥ love her lucy LOVE HER 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nicholle Thery-Williams

    Plz make more

  • Ghostex Gaming
    Ghostex Gaming 12 days ago

    Becky would give good head

  • Cosmo Griffith-Steele
    Cosmo Griffith-Steele 13 days ago

    What in the HE'LL IS THIS?!?!?!

  • Kat :p
    Kat :p 13 days ago

    Wait does that mean Lucy is into bdsm?

  • Bartdude
    Bartdude 14 days ago

    I like Steve the orc he's cute and also kinda strong

  • jeck443 Gaming
    jeck443 Gaming 14 days ago

    It said mermaid and merman but you cut it so it said elf

  • Limbo Cat
    Limbo Cat 14 days ago

    Jazza: hi I’m Steve
    Me: that sounds oddly familiar...

  • Meep
    Meep 14 days ago

    Jazza elves hunt orc and goblins Legolas even got an oliphant witch still counts as one

  • Danielle Caileigh Batlangao

    *lemme smash*

  • Anna Avila
    Anna Avila 14 days ago

    eXcUSe mE?? I dOn’t hAve rAiNbOw hAiR aNd My rOoM is An aBsOlUtE mEsS

  • Felicia Rainluck
    Felicia Rainluck 15 days ago


  • Ilay Keidar
    Ilay Keidar 15 days ago

    Do more of these please!

  • Jacob Cook
    Jacob Cook 16 days ago

    Why are all zombies named some fuckin g racists

  • sevenstevearmy
    sevenstevearmy 16 days ago

    I'd go for Lucy as well. She cute.

  • Logan Plays
    Logan Plays 16 days ago

    Mermaid with for arms

  • Mille_LOVE _
    Mille_LOVE _ 16 days ago

    11:03 just me or does it look like the org and the mermead are Holding handes? 0.0

  • Sarcastic Commentator
    Sarcastic Commentator 16 days ago

    Steve is bae

  • Mr. gamer pro
    Mr. gamer pro 16 days ago

    Jazza the app 2 dollars

  • Me.gafastboy
    Me.gafastboy 17 days ago

    No one else

  • Me.gafastboy
    Me.gafastboy 17 days ago

    Smash lucy

  • Kurisu
    Kurisu 17 days ago

    6:58 ninja fortnite new logo ?

  • Faux Fox Samurai
    Faux Fox Samurai 17 days ago

    Steve is a pass. I still like him though
    Becky is a smash, but mostly for her personality
    Zoey is a Pass because I wouldn't want to hang out with a bearded woman. No hate towards any bearded women out there
    Alfie is a SMASH! He's not afraid to hurt someone but happy all the same. He feels like a monster hunter who has a great sense of humor
    Lucy is also a smash. C'mon just look at her. She's everything you could want in a demon

  • Roy Mercer
    Roy Mercer 17 days ago

    Im a dude but i would smash that orc

  • Eva Zulaikha Abdullah
    Eva Zulaikha Abdullah 17 days ago

    All yes,!!!

  • • Frann • UwUr
    • Frann • UwUr 19 days ago

    "Which of the murderous people would you like to anger the least" please change the title to that Jazza
    please xD

  • Horsey Queen
    Horsey Queen 19 days ago

    Definatley the devil...

  • minh khang le cong
    minh khang le cong 19 days ago

    How can you smash becky....

  • Wolfie Dog_blue
    Wolfie Dog_blue 20 days ago

    Steve and becky are holding hands

  • Ella Liles
    Ella Liles 20 days ago

    I love Alfy. Alfy I love you.

  • Olive Buck
    Olive Buck 21 day ago

    Jazz can you make a animation of your life or you in a movie in two hours?????

  • Prodigy BFL
    Prodigy BFL 21 day ago


  • Sneha Mandal
    Sneha Mandal 21 day ago

    Elffy is the Child of Kaneki ken and Jack Frost☺

  • Lasket
    Lasket 22 days ago

    I'm actually surprised that the results of YT / Twitch are VERY similar (especially Alfy and Steve)

  • Makjohn Peñafiel
    Makjohn Peñafiel 22 days ago

    This is uploaded on my birthday!!!

  • Random Icebergs
    Random Icebergs 22 days ago

    *F U R R Y I S N O T A F A N T A S Y R A C E*

  • The Rejected
    The Rejected 22 days ago

    I won!!!!

  • The Rejected
    The Rejected 22 days ago +1

    I'm Lucy lol

  • The Singing Crew
    The Singing Crew 23 days ago

    I think that the elf did a surgery on the zombie and he hasn't cleaned himself yet and throughout the process she died

  • The Singing Crew
    The Singing Crew 23 days ago

    From the line up I'd do
    Orc pass
    Mermaid smash
    Zombie pass
    Elf smash
    Fire Octopus Lady smash

  • cRaZy ElMo
    cRaZy ElMo 23 days ago

    SMASH means fuck

  • Wolfie Moon
    Wolfie Moon 24 days ago

    I love both his definition for smash and pass.. beautiful!

  • Kazaap88
    Kazaap88 25 days ago

    Steve-Smash (I'm a dude but like... he is great.)
    Becky-Smash (hott and lookin like a snacc)
    Zoey-Pass(first fictional gril named Zoey I didnt want to smash)
    Alfie-Smash (Another comment mentioned how he looks like he just works at a hospital and blah blah blah)
    Lucy-Smash(I'm doing this for my own safety)

  • STAR Lamma
    STAR Lamma 25 days ago

    Alfy good girls like bad guys

  • Gachaverse Rose
    Gachaverse Rose 25 days ago

    😆ok so my oc has two forms and the good one is names 😆 Lucy 😆😆😆😆

  • A D
    A D 25 days ago

    Alfie looks like he had some kind of psychotic break.

  • Aleksandar Dimoski
    Aleksandar Dimoski 26 days ago

    But steve will protect me from zoe tho

  • Chase Hurt
    Chase Hurt 26 days ago

    Elf vs lussy

  • Chase Hurt
    Chase Hurt 26 days ago

    Draw battle me jazza plz? Highlight me message in next video

  • Pokemoner
    Pokemoner 27 days ago

    You said she wanted to kill me

  • Pokemoner
    Pokemoner 27 days ago


  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0 27 days ago

    Those bloody sleeves remind me of when I fell ice-skating, except that wasn’t just a picture (if it’s any consolation it was only on the right arm from the elbow and you couldn’t see it through my jacket, but that’s about how it was 😂)

  • Midnight Moon Rise
    Midnight Moon Rise 27 days ago

    Lucy put into mind for me a underwater valcano greek goddess.

  • Caitlyn Singh
    Caitlyn Singh 29 days ago

    he said " u ready im ready " and i burst out laughing cause i remembered svt. im i the only one. okay

  • Parkour Community
    Parkour Community 29 days ago

    becky looks like 6ix n9ne

    SUPER RONN 29 days ago

    Steve looks like hulk

  • Desmond Kartha
    Desmond Kartha 29 days ago

    The devil is mrs.hades

  • Joshua Oinks
    Joshua Oinks Month ago

    I love how Becky and Steve are holding hands xD

  • Amber Harrison
    Amber Harrison Month ago


  • Lucy HillXx
    Lucy HillXx Month ago

    my name is Lucy and i don’t know whether to feel offended or flattered😂

  • Starlight Phantom
    Starlight Phantom Month ago

    Steve the half orc looks like he has Gaston's hair.

  • Pyro27
    Pyro27 Month ago

    fuck,marry,kill. Go!

  • Mr.ant_ Riad
    Mr.ant_ Riad Month ago

    Do a naked full body smash or pass

  • Maya Tal
    Maya Tal Month ago

    Lucy's hot

  • Rin Eve Captor
    Rin Eve Captor Month ago

    JAZZA!! use your random generator when doing are challenges aswell but you get to switch options 3 times. so if the first 3 dont remoly sound doable you have a 4th option,, that or use up to 4 random suggestions to choose from since its avaliable..

  • SeaWeaselKing
    SeaWeaselKing Month ago

    Um the smash for Alfy. Was 69%

  • Pavel Bekjarovski
    Pavel Bekjarovski Month ago

    I angel

  • TherealCandySparrow

    I LOVE Steve!

  • minh to
    minh to Month ago

    I regret drinking juice while watching this.I accidentally spit all of the juice in my mouth from laughing too hard...😭

  • christ douanla
    christ douanla Month ago

    Steve is MA DUD

  • mincraft lover
    mincraft lover Month ago +1

    Change playback speed to 0.25 at watch 0:15 and laugh your face off 😂

  • Clarathemercorn
    Clarathemercorn Month ago

    I would let Lucy smash me so hard tbh...

  • Miss Arwen
    Miss Arwen Month ago

    Do a smash or pass with just your avatar! 😂😂

  • Josefine Pettersen
    Josefine Pettersen Month ago

    Zoe and Lucy looks pretty. But Zoe is like me on monday and Lucy os like what i feel on a Saturday

    xXGHETTO _ JESUSXx Month ago

    Please do this again 😂😂😂😁😁

  • Care a boy Live
    Care a boy Live Month ago

    Bird person also known as a furry

  • Jonathan Zimpfer
    Jonathan Zimpfer Month ago

    Yah Lucy hot

  • Marion Timour
    Marion Timour Month ago

    You are the best to draw. I not so good at english i am from sweden

  • Diamond Music
    Diamond Music Month ago

    Steve and Becky 👌🏻😂

  • Shogs Allbritten
    Shogs Allbritten Month ago

    I didn’t know porn was allowed on TVclip!

  • Katie Smit
    Katie Smit Month ago

    1:41 angels are not fantasy i mean look at me im alive 😂😅😇👼🏼

  • Julia HGNT
    Julia HGNT Month ago

    As a bi person I will say, Steve and Lucy, I would smash

  • DeFy_Equalz
    DeFy_Equalz Month ago

    6:24 BEYBLADES