Battle Royale - Battle Pass Overview

  • Published on Dec 13, 2017
  • [EPIC] Mooney breaks down the Battle Royale Battle Pass and upcoming the Season, coming in the V.1.11 holiday update. Tell your friends, the full V.1.11 patch notes are here:
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  • Wavvy_ Bryaan
    Wavvy_ Bryaan 4 days ago

    Whos here because they wish they were og

    HYPER 5 days ago


  • Chender Edits
    Chender Edits 6 days ago +1

    "listen up my dudes"

  • Spicy Burritos
    Spicy Burritos 6 days ago

    0:36 Loot lake, Dusty depot, Anarchy acres... Today, portal appeared in leaky lake, a deadly volcano exploded, while Tilted towers rises in flames.

  • unknown person
    unknown person 9 days ago

    My dude has know gun on the top 5 0:26

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 9 days ago

    Good old days

  • Gustavo Peret
    Gustavo Peret 9 days ago

    Season 9

  • Team Atmos
    Team Atmos 10 days ago

    watchin it at season 9 :(

  • TaMmiE :3
    TaMmiE :3 11 days ago

    EPIC How did i Get level 10 and not Get 1 tier Huh?? Fix your game

  • FaTe_DayZzZ D34L
    FaTe_DayZzZ D34L 15 days ago

    I wish I had my hacked acc bc I had season 2 😭😭😭😭

  • Call Me Relish
    Call Me Relish 20 days ago +1

    0:08 it says at the bottom of the screen, “Future seasons will be real money store purchases”👀

  • SsjRicky .mp3
    SsjRicky .mp3 25 days ago


  • Timplayz
    Timplayz 29 days ago +2

    I think floss looked better in season 2 right

  • lets get Bob the builder to 100 subs i

    Where was this video d when i was a noob in season two now all i have to show is wave and ride the pony and a snowflake umbrella

  • jin Rose
    jin Rose Month ago +1

    Anyone watching this in seasons 8?

  • Ys Travis
    Ys Travis Month ago

    From now on if you email epic. Ask to speak with Nathan Mooney. He seems to be the organ grinder over at epic games. His the one that spoke to us about season 2. And his the one that was wearing the banana suit talking about the reboot van.

    Also why am I getting this as a recommendation??

  • Games for Food
    Games for Food Month ago


  • Maximilian 2 3
    Maximilian 2 3 Month ago

    Who's here from season 8

  • r c
    r c Month ago

    0:09 items will be real money purchase

  • cLaWz_Blaziken
    cLaWz_Blaziken Month ago

    When fortnite was good

  • Read More
    Read More Month ago +1

    That song

  • Styles C
    Styles C Month ago


  • Matquez
    Matquez Month ago +1

    This is how many people want to revert the 8.20 update

  • Scary Paradise
    Scary Paradise Month ago

    Why tf didn’t I buy this

  • Ell
    Ell Month ago

    I Remember OG Times!

  • xd Aaronyyy
    xd Aaronyyy Month ago

    Thi happened a year ago rite?

    What is this my recommended now?

  • Leopio: Reborn
    Leopio: Reborn Month ago +1

    Why is this recommend to me now

  • ItzAspxct
    ItzAspxct Month ago

    Back when fortnite was much more fun.

  • Orlandoplays
    Orlandoplays Month ago +1

    2019: Sunday March 31

  • ChieFzY
    ChieFzY Month ago


    DUCK VADER Month ago +1

    Revert crackheads!

  • Psycho
    Psycho Month ago

    Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of


  • tobisreveng3
    tobisreveng3 Month ago


  • Ash poke 476
    Ash poke 476 Month ago

    2019 anymore

  • NotChopSticks 1_L
    NotChopSticks 1_L Month ago

    In season 10 you guys should combine all of the past battle passes for people that didn’t either get the pass or didn’t finish all of the tiers for a battle pass and you have 6 months to finish it and make the pass free

  • Eamonn Quinn
    Eamonn Quinn Month ago

    If you like fortnite make the thumbs up blue👌👍

  • QueleYT ッ
    QueleYT ッ Month ago


  • TheColdestIce
    TheColdestIce Month ago

    Season 8 👀

  • plastic0colt P
    plastic0colt P Month ago

    When the game was good. 😭

  • Hoodie Eric
    Hoodie Eric Month ago

    Why do I get these late ass recommendations?

  • GarrettBailey Swag
    GarrettBailey Swag Month ago


  • MR Troy
    MR Troy Month ago

    They ruined fortn8te as af

  • KingOmega 004
    KingOmega 004 Month ago +1

    Who is still watching this In season 8

  • ItsNot Enzo
    ItsNot Enzo Month ago +1

    Bro I have blacknight and I feel blessed that I saw this that day that it Came Out

  • darkwinter 1009
    darkwinter 1009 Month ago


  • DSK Shroom
    DSK Shroom Month ago


  • idk ._.
    idk ._. Month ago +2

    Back when this game wasn't filled with sweaty virgins.

  • Void Fires
    Void Fires Month ago

    Fortnite Nostalgia..

  • MelloDonovan
    MelloDonovan Month ago

    Oh how I miss the old Fortnite season. 1-3 just perfect

  • mosena harun
    mosena harun Month ago


  • Agent benji
    Agent benji Month ago

    The nostalgia

  • tyler schleebaum
    tyler schleebaum Month ago

    i just got this recommended bruh

  • Amir Hossini Alavi
    Amir Hossini Alavi Month ago

    Why this is on my recommend?

  • Jcjds Ncjsh
    Jcjds Ncjsh Month ago

    Lol why is this being recommended to me it’s the middle of Season 8

  • Tech Made Eazy
    Tech Made Eazy Month ago

    In 2019??

  • The ultimate Gamer
    The ultimate Gamer Month ago

    Why was this is my recommended?

  • AsikPlayGriefYT
    AsikPlayGriefYT Month ago +1

    For those who wonder why they’re getting a Season 1 Battlepass review now in their recommended and it’s already Season 8, it’s because it has lots of views and likes and at least 1 year old.... This is how TVclip Recommendation System Works.

  • TatoNoah
    TatoNoah Month ago

    Why Is There Tears In My Eyes?

    • piqummu
      piqummu 27 days ago

      Because of your pfp

  • Luke Gerhart
    Luke Gerhart Month ago

    Why is this in recommend

  • Guillotine
    Guillotine Month ago

    Remember this?

  • DV Playz
    DV Playz Month ago +3

    Who’s watching in season 8 lol?

  • Bumbo Jumbo
    Bumbo Jumbo Month ago

    Look at that map...


  • Papayasaur Does Stuff

    2019 anyone?

  • PotatoTrix
    PotatoTrix Month ago

    “Listen up my dudes”

  • Chef Boyardee
    Chef Boyardee Month ago +3

    0:09 future season will be real
    Money purchases.

  • Pro X PepeXD
    Pro X PepeXD Month ago

    man remember this and i have the black knight 😀

  • Roman C
    Roman C Month ago

    The good old days where they actually made posts about STW and minimal posts about BR.

  • Ohh Razer
    Ohh Razer Month ago +3

    Well since my recommended shows this..
    Who's here in 2019?

  • YaboiGoku10YT
    YaboiGoku10YT Month ago

    Miss these days

  • Daturtle LG. CO
    Daturtle LG. CO Month ago

    Bring me back to 2016

  • kelmekster fortnite minecraft and more

    Oh god why am I crying so hard

  • DJ Purple
    DJ Purple Month ago

    Why didn't you make ads for the game? If you made ads, I'd be an OG

    • Trash Panda
      Trash Panda Month ago

      They did, you probably didn't see them

  • PotatoDefault
    PotatoDefault Month ago

    Fortnite in season 8 right now

    Oh hey let’s just make you feel bad that your not og

  • Omar Sukar
    Omar Sukar Month ago +1

    Can u belive its season 8 I actually can't belive I have been playing for 7 seasons

  • Olivier Van Kan
    Olivier Van Kan Month ago +3

    Season 8?

  • CRONIC_ Zombie
    CRONIC_ Zombie Month ago +1

    This battle pass ended on my birthday

  • MRsecret 746
    MRsecret 746 Month ago +1

    Season 2 is gonna be so fun can't wait to update and play it !!

    URIEEE REESESE Month ago

    Honestly, why am I getting recommendations about this when it’s flipping 2019, March?!

  • 500 subs no vids challenge

    Why am I getting this reccomdation now, 6 seasons later 😂

  • all_day_gamin
    all_day_gamin Month ago +1

    I am angry, why is this in my recommendations, I didn’t get Season 2 Battle Pass, I started since end of season 2 and had no money to purchase V-bucks, man, Screw Fortnite, if there nevering bringing it back, screw epic, Apex Rules.

    • Trash Panda
      Trash Panda 27 days ago

      +piqummu Imagine having a loli as your pfp

    • piqummu
      piqummu 27 days ago

      Imagine going outside for once

    • Trash Panda
      Trash Panda Month ago

      Imagine being mad because you didn't buy something even though it's TEN DOLLARS and was available for multiple months

    • NOT A TTV
      NOT A TTV Month ago

      all_day_gamin you just suck at fortnite that’s why you prefer apex rather than fortnite

  • HYDRO !
    HYDRO ! Month ago

    Been playing since season 1 and when season 2 came along I didn't buy the battlepass(no battlepass in season 1) but I was 1 tier away from ride the pony!.....

  • justHASH
    justHASH Month ago

    Why am i getting this reccomended now

  • adventures with sonic&knuckles

    At 0:32 where's the buying place⚠️⚠️

  • B0D3Y
    B0D3Y Month ago

    Can't wait for it

  • RudeDiggity Blue
    RudeDiggity Blue Month ago +1

    This is to much OG

  • TecK Mode
    TecK Mode Month ago

    Can we get floss in Season 8

    • I am nameless
      I am nameless Month ago

      +muffins only season 2 people have that and that's the way it should stay.

    • TecK Mode
      TecK Mode Month ago

      +muffins Aaawww

    • muffins
      muffins Month ago +1


  • Austin Holguin
    Austin Holguin Month ago

    God the fortnite lifespan has gone by so fast I remember buying this with Christmas money and grinding for black knight it’s so crazy

  • J. Oden
    J. Oden Month ago +1

    Lol I remember isthe hype for this

  • RainDrop 67
    RainDrop 67 Month ago

    So this is where it starts...

    Now we have fkn ninja skins all over the place

  • Team Hyper
    Team Hyper Month ago

    Why I didnt buy it :(((

  • Timothy Akinsuyi
    Timothy Akinsuyi Month ago +1

    Daaaaaag already season 8

  • Sean W
    Sean W Month ago

    Im og started in jan

  • Finney
    Finney Month ago +2

    Season 9 anyone ?

  • Thomas Gr.
    Thomas Gr. Month ago

    Le début d'une grande catastrophe

  • Ali eren Akyuz
    Ali eren Akyuz Month ago +1


  • sonic clan
    sonic clan Month ago

    Anyone else watching for the nostalgia

  • jj smart
    jj smart Month ago

    Season 2 was broken and a scam

  • ButterBalls
    ButterBalls Month ago +1

    I wish I had money when this was available

  • MaxDaBunny YT
    MaxDaBunny YT Month ago

    Why is this in my recommended it's not like I have those skins

  • TheBraveOne Beast
    TheBraveOne Beast Month ago

    I have the season 2 gilder but not the battle pass. Give it to poeple who were their