Battle Royale - Battle Pass Overview


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  • NPGamingNL
    NPGamingNL 2 days ago

    75 - 150 hours of play lok it’s like 25 hours lol

  • MrOhDocS
    MrOhDocS 3 days ago

    Never completed it on time rip 😭😂

    ITS CONNOR BOI!! 8 days ago


  • Bob Krause
    Bob Krause 9 days ago

    Anyone here in season 6

  • Hooded Storm
    Hooded Storm 9 days ago

    Best season ever

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 10 days ago

    Anyone here in season 7?

    ALEXIS TRIANA 11 days ago

    I want that battle pass

  • Zayn Ahmed
    Zayn Ahmed 11 days ago

    I am from the future, season 8 will have vehicles

  • Zayn Ahmed
    Zayn Ahmed 11 days ago

    Anyone here in season 6?

    KRISH 12 days ago

    now where on season 6

  • Epic Games
    Epic Games 13 days ago

    Yeah and I remember when I was about to buy this and then I bought something from another game 😭

  • TheShadowCrafter
    TheShadowCrafter 15 days ago

    Plz remaster this season, i seriously regret playing on it and not buying the battle pass

  • MisterMaster117
    MisterMaster117 15 days ago

    I regret not buying this

  • Peta Maurirere
    Peta Maurirere 17 days ago

    i know what season 6 is

  • VerteX Gaming
    VerteX Gaming 18 days ago

    Im crying that was when i couldnt buy these skins.....

  • mike harrison
    mike harrison 19 days ago

    Who’s watching after season 6.

  • Magic jelle
    Magic jelle 20 days ago

    Anyone season 194793 ???

  • Caine Ingham
    Caine Ingham 20 days ago

    ok i will get this

  • William Oliver
    William Oliver 20 days ago

    Only 90s kids will remember the old smg

  • Reuben Bunanta
    Reuben Bunanta 20 days ago

    Back when every kid playing fortnite tried to steal their parent’s credit card

  • Keldeo 1568
    Keldeo 1568 20 days ago

    Yall should put this back out. Alot of us didnt start playing till mid season 4.

  • Marley Bimbo
    Marley Bimbo 20 days ago

    *listen up my dudes*

  • Feras Altabsh
    Feras Altabsh 20 days ago +1

    0:02 a legend was born...

  • SH4K 117
    SH4K 117 20 days ago

    It takes longer than a 150 hours to get to the max tier.

  • LukeyBoy 195
    LukeyBoy 195 20 days ago

    He makes the blue Squire look good

  • Harris K
    Harris K 20 days ago

    Season 10 anyone?

  • Thomas The Dank Engine
    Thomas The Dank Engine 20 days ago +2

    Season 6?

  • ItsnotEj XD
    ItsnotEj XD 20 days ago +1

    Ah I remember the good all days, when almost all defaults are pros. When there where no tilted towers that would drag quarter or half or the players stealing all of the possible kills you’d have ( but of course there are tons of noobs back then)

  • toxic bucket
    toxic bucket 22 days ago +1

    I started playing fortnite the day before titled so when I looked at the map I thought tomato town and dusty depot had no names

  • TheTryHard
    TheTryHard 22 days ago

    Can't wait to get this!!

  • Lucas Bodner
    Lucas Bodner 22 days ago

    Aye I’m from season 6

  • Lennon Dorris
    Lennon Dorris 22 days ago

    I just realized I played during season two

  • Dell’Aquila Productions

    Regret not buying Season 2 battle pass

  • Billygoat6000
    Billygoat6000 23 days ago

    Omg the nostalgia

  • MM L
    MM L 24 days ago

    When I actually liked fortnite

  • Mihir
    Mihir 24 days ago

    Back in my day...

  • X D
    X D 25 days ago +1

    Only ninety kids will remember 🤣

  • Lucki
    Lucki 26 days ago +10

    Season 6 anyone?

  • Sweedster4 Nix
    Sweedster4 Nix 26 days ago +1

    RIP double pump

  • ņ į ț ř ą m
    ņ į ț ř ą m 28 days ago +1

    6 anyone?

  • Ali a
    Ali a 28 days ago +1

    Season five anyone?

    JMH BROS 29 days ago

    Old day s

  • NitrogenISCoLd 360
    NitrogenISCoLd 360 29 days ago

    Damn if I had WiFi at that time I would have had all those skins

    HUNTRRZ _FTW 29 days ago

    Waiting for season 6

  • Qurqu
    Qurqu Month ago

    No Tilted!

  • TânGamer91シ
    TânGamer91シ Month ago

    Season 6?

  • Oliver Schmitt
    Oliver Schmitt Month ago

    The good old times

  • ToGroX YT
    ToGroX YT Month ago

    In 2018 ?

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago +1

    Who’s watching in season 6 ?

  • eatsik VFX
    eatsik VFX Month ago +1

    I miss season 2 so much

  • Diogo Afonso YT
    Diogo Afonso YT Month ago

    Nostalgia... Almost season 6...

  • Zachary That Cat
    Zachary That Cat Month ago

    RIP floss not

  • Mateus DaSilva
    Mateus DaSilva Month ago

    I bought the damn Cuddle Team Leader instead of this... Biggest regret ;-;

  • Issa Issac
    Issa Issac Month ago +1

    Only 90s kids would remember

  • ZeuM_Izeyada
    ZeuM_Izeyada Month ago

    The good daez

  • Puzzled103 Mouse
    Puzzled103 Mouse Month ago

    I was so close to ride the pony

  • Atomic Titan
    Atomic Titan Month ago +3

    You know you're og when u remember the cube

    • Atomic Titan
      Atomic Titan 21 day ago

      +Lyle Cross really it's almost like this was sarcasm😂😂

    • Lyle Cross
      Lyle Cross 21 day ago

      Atomic Titan I remember the old dusty divot

    • Moc12321
      Moc12321 26 days ago

      Atomic Titan oh god

  • supreme kiddo
    supreme kiddo Month ago

    Season 5

  • Warhead Recon
    Warhead Recon Month ago

    “Listen up ma dudes”
    You are like 30 years old stop talking like that

  • Craig kungfu sensei
    Craig kungfu sensei Month ago +1

    I wish i was playing then

  • Lavko.
    Lavko. Month ago +1

    Why is this in my reccommended

  • 정승호
    정승호 Month ago +2

    Anyone season 69?

  • B3AST Bot
    B3AST Bot Month ago

    Why we're the edits better back in the day for their videos

  • Jay Vaishnav
    Jay Vaishnav Month ago +1

    Season 7 anyone?

  • xxds910 Animations
    xxds910 Animations Month ago

    I wish I bought the pass but I dident want to “waste my money on skins” but now I have a $500+ account

    • Puzzled103 Mouse
      Puzzled103 Mouse Month ago

      Been playing since 1/3/18 yet my first battle pass was season 5

  • Labrat
    Labrat Month ago

    When is the season two battle pass coming back? I really want sparkle specialist.

  • Tomy Gil
    Tomy Gil Month ago

    Season 6?

  • louis Heidi
    louis Heidi Month ago +2

    Season 5 anyone

  • Garrett Horton
    Garrett Horton Month ago +1

    Season 1182947201733 enyone

  • Anonim Anonimys
    Anonim Anonimys Month ago

    Rip pump

  • Rayo4325 TheMasterpro
    Rayo4325 TheMasterpro Month ago +2

    Why i dont buy the battlepass 2, im stupid :(

  • Sniper Elite1221
    Sniper Elite1221 Month ago +2

    Im so happy i got black knight

  • xNeymerez
    xNeymerez Month ago +1

    Only good update/patch they have ever released...

  • Nikoro
    Nikoro Month ago +1

    i miss season 2 :,(

  • broad leafmass91
    broad leafmass91 Month ago

    Its season 5

  • Plexy-syoushi-meister-senpai

    Season 5184373810637501846437281080281818188181819943728234918181661613432827346161881515463438282383835181 anyone

    • Plexy-syoushi-meister-senpai
      Plexy-syoushi-meister-senpai Month ago

      +Yuri ;-; no no no , no man is season 928686401846480182846750240019434020196436102001079796461312245407876421354848613188281964345448194648484867673738691818819466446466464649496464646646464548188100700079731321231648708767643464184878797664618402846548848464949498491916737280770794564580450794324510404876768648289764884

    • Yuri ;-;
      Yuri ;-; Month ago

      No man is season 29272826293 261936293627362772936262917326290122417204615243840471523802102782192532828226362^371927372201627122253281073 91237192

    • Plexy-syoushi-meister-senpai
      Plexy-syoushi-meister-senpai Month ago

      Or season 184967676794949676768686599564353566592929928592919499468375481008457346164349208753543545555553565!626863068,892828656838656566592828295968686659292998058585949863838353535335353535335353535335353535??53536363633692949467683202811818849678218010768337648202828

  • Stein lolboy
    Stein lolboy Month ago

    These were good days where there was no stupid music but someone was talking with a nice voice. (Sorry for the bad english i am dutch)

  • Epic
    Epic Month ago

    whatever happened to the "future season will be real money store purchases" thing?

  • FamousCat
    FamousCat Month ago

    Wow i was here since season 1 and im still bad.

  • Dark
    Dark Month ago

    Back before the game became full of toxic kids and tryhards.

    Good times

  • BliX Tension
    BliX Tension Month ago

    Thank god I bought this

  • TyromansDZ
    TyromansDZ Month ago

    Should have played more around this time

  • Moth
    Moth Month ago

    When is it comiing

  • Nuked
    Nuked Month ago


  • Bryson Miller
    Bryson Miller Month ago

    I was 3 teirs away from sparkle I want it so bad

  • XD Gjcerrdoza
    XD Gjcerrdoza Month ago

    I wish I had this in my reccomend earlier

  • Harley Jack Hinchliffe

    These were the days.

  • shadowzehkrom12
    shadowzehkrom12 Month ago


  • Mr_ Majikku
    Mr_ Majikku Month ago

    Season 8 anyone?

  • The GAMERS
    The GAMERS Month ago

    Hehaw boi feels good 8 months l8r to have it done

  • mr ali-a
    mr ali-a Month ago

    add back the floss

  • Jacob Estrada
    Jacob Estrada Month ago

    September and October 2018 anyone????

  • CBear 21
    CBear 21 Month ago +1

    I'm just sitting here waiting for season 6 to hit

  • Chris Ellis
    Chris Ellis Month ago

    Good ol days

  • RaginRendon
    RaginRendon Month ago

    Who else came here to remember how good fortnite was before season 5 ruined everything? Man I miss when structures would withstand damage and when shotguns actually did damage, it was also a lot easier to gather mats. Now it’s just spray, spray, spray... R.I.P skill cap season 2 - season 5

  • SupremeDoggy
    SupremeDoggy Month ago

    Ayy fortnite can you hit me up with the black knight and the ac/dc pickaxe, I was one tear away from getting that pickaxe

  • ImScout
    ImScout Month ago


  • DuSk VENOM
    DuSk VENOM Month ago +1

    Season 8 anyone?

  • Dani Dauti
    Dani Dauti Month ago +1

    I miss it😭😭💀

  • Lazy Cat
    Lazy Cat Month ago

    Oohh... The memories I didnt have fortnite and I played at my friends house...