ASMR Fixing You: Before You Go On Sale (Ear exam, Cranial nerve exam, Ear massage, face brushing...)

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes an ear exam, a cranial nerve exam, eye exam, ear massage, ear scratching/ear cleaning, ear brushing, face brushing, face touching, sound test, light triggers, scratching....
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    Thanks Pokรฉmon Valley for the effects and Miracle Forest for the background!!!
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    04:04 Sound test
    05:40 Gloves
    07:11 Ear scratching/ear cleaning
    13:30 Ear brushing
    17:53 Spray
    19:43 Ear massage
    23:38 Sound test
    24:52 Light trigger
    27:20 Cranial nerve exam
    28:40 Opening your eye LOL scratching sounds
    31:56 Face brushing
    35:35 Scratching with tweezers

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  • ASMR Glow
    ASMR Glow  5 months ago +3835

    I know it took me so long but honestly i really wanted to make this different and make it unique!! I SO hope you enjoy! Thank you so much Miracle Forest for the background and Pokรฉmon Valley for the effects!!!! Leave a like on the video and subscribe if you enjoyed!!! ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

    04:04 Sound test
    05:40 Gloves
    07:11 Ear scratching/ear cleaning
    13:30 Ear brushing
    17:53 Spray
    19:43 Ear massage
    23:38 Sound test
    24:52 Light trigger
    27:20 Cranial nerve exam
    28:40 Opening your eye LOL scratching sounds
    31:56 Face brushing
    35:35 Scratching with tweezers

    • Perussi_Gaming
      Perussi_Gaming 27 days ago

      @ASMR Glow Made u look, ha!

    • Gina B
      Gina B 3 months ago

      ASMR Glow new sub here๐ŸŒนI absolutely love Miracle Forest ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–โฃ๏ธ๐Ÿฆ‹How delightful ๐Ÿคฉ

    • ASMR Glow
      ASMR Glow  3 months ago +1

      @Chris Akane ASMR oh i also sent a nice comment a few hours ago before she made her livestream but didnt get a reply. It's a cry for attention im not willing to respond to i'm sorry.

    • ASMR Glow
      ASMR Glow  3 months ago +1

      @Chris Akane ASMR hi i never said any of that. My background was made by an artist. I dont know asmr creations and have never seen her before. She could have talked to me but blocked me on twitter. She apparently had many opportunities to come and talk to me but she assumed somehow the worst. I wont give an apology since i have never heard of her until today when she sent her subs. Sorry.

    • Chris Akane ASMR
      Chris Akane ASMR 3 months ago +1

      Glow come on now you know u used her backround. Pls just give her some credit. Look you know your a big channel, just think about it. It would be like u doing a good charity but giving credit to the backround. She did another livestream and she really does seem a bit angry but is willing to comply of you give her credit i mean shes not even asking for an apology. And she said that you said that you can speak with your manager, but she wants to speak with you directly. Look i love you glow but you need to fix this issue pls.

  • Alexis Jackson
    Alexis Jackson 7 hours ago

    i hate the ones that breath extremely loud as if they can't get any air.

  • Many Crackers
    Many Crackers 13 hours ago

    I saw robots, so I clicked it, now I am very confused. Why is she whispering????

  • Sara prodan
    Sara prodan 18 hours ago

    My fav video eveeeeer

  • We need to save Mโ€™lady


  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond 3 days ago +1

    This is by far my favorite asmr video, your voice is so calming and itโ€™s so easy for me to fall asleep, thank you so much! :)

  • Justine Horton
    Justine Horton 6 days ago

    Of all the comments I've only seen one Data reference among a sea of Detroit: Becoming Human references. Wow, thought there would be more Star Trek references...

  • Lalngaihawmi Fanai
    Lalngaihawmi Fanai 7 days ago

    Glow: who made you ?
    Me:*thinking about tik tok* well it all started when my mom meets my dad and they fall in love

  • Leonardo cook
    Leonardo cook 8 days ago

    Women always want to fix me. My mom, my aunt, my grandma, my ex, my new gf (lol sheโ€™ll learn soon) now even my asmrist haha

  • Micah McClain
    Micah McClain 9 days ago

    If I look anything like the androids behind her I fear for the family receiving me

  • Nathan Cleek
    Nathan Cleek 9 days ago

    this girls teeth are so white

  • Ethan Rooney
    Ethan Rooney 10 days ago

    โ€œDo you have a name?โ€
    My name..... is Markus

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 10 days ago

    Am I a robot? I'm confused!!!!

  • Anders Bengtsson
    Anders Bengtsson 10 days ago

    40:44 She's an android too!

  • Hannah Riggs
    Hannah Riggs 11 days ago

    This video never ever fails to make me fall asleep! Thank you!

  • JM - 04VJ - Castle Oaks PS (1496)

    Glow: โ€œdo you have a name?โ€
    Me: โ€œuh yes its-โ€œ
    Glow:โ€oh you donโ€™t?โ€

  • Anthony Jackson II
    Anthony Jackson II 13 days ago

    so pretty in 4k

  • Galactakit
    Galactakit 14 days ago

    So well done๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  • Leni MiniHunter
    Leni MiniHunter 15 days ago

    i loved the part where she would explain what the family is like! this made me very relaxed also. Good video! :D

  • Gacha Kawaii
    Gacha Kawaii 15 days ago +2

    "A nice family bought you"
    Me: Is the mother named Kim Seokjin by any chance?

  • Cross Culture Family
    Cross Culture Family 16 days ago

    Cant wait to meat you so join the animatronic family

  • I'm really Bored
    I'm really Bored 16 days ago

    "Your all going on sale and a wonderful family ordered you."
    Me: haha they are gonna regret that when they see me!!!

  • Charlie
    Charlie 16 days ago

    The effects are so great!!

  • just a YT user
    just a YT user 16 days ago

    When the teacher says that we are going to write a test
    Me : 28:51

  • Alberto
    Alberto 18 days ago

    One of the BEST ever ASMR videos in YT! ๐Ÿค–

  • AISIONS Remixes
    AISIONS Remixes 18 days ago

    Title: Fixing You Before Going On Sale
    Me: Oh, human trafficking.

  • Smoov Goonz
    Smoov Goonz 19 days ago

    Glow: 0:16
    Me: alexa play Marvin's room by drake
    Glow: 1:41

    Me: alexa turn it up

  • Brittney Wittman
    Brittney Wittman 19 days ago

    This is my favorite video I have ever came across!!! So unique โค๏ธ

  • bebe chicka
    bebe chicka 21 day ago

    These are the I robots of of the movie I robot

  • Thief Of Hearts
    Thief Of Hearts 21 day ago

    I appreciate you trying to fix me. You're an angel forever. ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ’ค

  • Realm of The Arcane
    Realm of The Arcane 22 days ago

    Everyone Else: DBH Connor & Cyberlife memes

    Me: This is Sonny's origin story from IRobot

  • Cb97
    Cb97 22 days ago

    Mom, they sell me to One Direction again!

  • Dayna Lynch
    Dayna Lynch 22 days ago

    Hey um.......who are your friends bake thar?

  • Kawaii Gemini
    Kawaii Gemini 22 days ago +1

    Fixing me up before black friday i see

  • RetroRemix _
    RetroRemix _ 22 days ago

    Her:We dont want you to be deaf do we.
    Me: to late

  • Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim

    what editor do you use I neeeed it!!

  • Talei Seuvou
    Talei Seuvou 23 days ago +2

    Glow: *a wonderful family have ordered you*
    Me: **has flashback of Detroit become human**
    Also me: Oh shi-

  • Sane CraZe
    Sane CraZe 25 days ago +1

    Her: Iโ€™ll work on your friends back there..

    Me: I donโ€™t have friends....

  • CinnamonRollKing
    CinnamonRollKing 25 days ago

    This is some nice editing ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • Roberto Amaya
    Roberto Amaya 25 days ago

    Glow: *I have noticed you have a very good vocabulary*
    Me: fuck yeah

  • ukeelucas Bob
    ukeelucas Bob 25 days ago

    U look like Natalie Noel from the vlog squad

  • Josie Mills
    Josie Mills 26 days ago

    I read the title as โ€œ F*cking you before you went on sale.โ€

  • PeanutButters
    PeanutButters 26 days ago +1

    Who else getting Detroit:becomes human vibes

  • Melody Wertz
    Melody Wertz 26 days ago

    Your pretty

  • I W I W A D 2 1
    I W I W A D 2 1 26 days ago +1

    The beginning ASMR heart rate was so cool! ๐Ÿ˜†โค๏ธ๏ธ

  • Huckleberry
    Huckleberry 26 days ago

    Has flash backs to call of duty black ops 3

  • Sophia Haines
    Sophia Haines 26 days ago

    Someone told me I was going to hell for liking girls but like have you seen girls !?

  • Helena Isemaria
    Helena Isemaria 26 days ago

    Shes just talking

  • Phantom Phoenix
    Phantom Phoenix 27 days ago

    Someone has been playing a shit load of Detroit become human lately

  • Ivy Grover
    Ivy Grover Month ago +1

    "...if you can hear better in one ear..."

    My earbuds are broken ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Juan Paolo Abad
    Juan Paolo Abad Month ago +1

    Wait a menute em i a robot!?

  • Stinky Gremlin
    Stinky Gremlin Month ago

    Lol there's so much Detroit: Become Human puns I've seen already

  • 0 Subs with zero videos?

    Glow: "Dont worry, you'll go back to sleep soon."
    Me: "Ah, so we're threatening now."

  • m o o n l i g h t
    m o o n l i g h t Month ago

    i feel like woody

  • Auralia ASMR
    Auralia ASMR Month ago

    Great ASMR! โค Subscribed to your chanel ๐Ÿ’œ Would be happy if you check out my ASMR chanel too ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜

  • Auralia ASMR
    Auralia ASMR Month ago

    Great ASMR! โค Subscribed to your chanel ๐Ÿ’œ Would be happy if you check out my ASMR chanel too ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜

  • ellie fairfield
    ellie fairfield Month ago

    What highlight do you use its stunning!!!

  • Paw_LPS Yea
    Paw_LPS Yea Month ago +1

    Her: itโ€™s seems youโ€™ve been built wrong
    Tails: Yea I have 2 tails

  • Octavia Allen
    Octavia Allen Month ago

    Her: so...who build you??
    Me: Itโ€™s called an Mom and a Dad

  • Kala Sekiguchi
    Kala Sekiguchi Month ago

    Her: I think I'm going to have to spend more time on you then on your friends back there.