Keep Hope Alive - The best War Drama film Based on True Stories

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • When U.S. B-24 bomber pilot Clair Cline is shot down and captured in northern Germany, one war ends and another begins -- to keep hope alive. Now behind German barbed wire and oppression, Cline and his fellow POWs must find a way to bond together to not just survive but transcend their captivity. Inspired by true events.
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  • neil111ci
    neil111ci 4 days ago

    what is the name of the movie? anybody plz

  • Rafi Fernanda
    Rafi Fernanda 5 days ago

    Ayla The daughter of war the best for me

  • Sam Scantlebury
    Sam Scantlebury 12 days ago

    I have no words...... Moved to tears... Thank you for posting.

  • Robert Dougherty
    Robert Dougherty 15 days ago +2

    Absolute great movie and, as it turns out, a true story or at least based on an actual event with ties to the WWII Museum in New Orleans today!

  • Lovi Kiho
    Lovi Kiho 16 days ago

    ❤ this movie

  • Yanbo Kikon
    Yanbo Kikon 18 days ago +1

    *Even the enemy soldier joined to sing because it's Christmas.* _That was amazing!_

  • Banshanlang Marbaniang

    Can anyone tell me the name of the music he played by the violin

  • Kif_ Kaaf
    Kif_ Kaaf 19 days ago +1

    Some the events of move were proud 😪

  • Kif_ Kaaf
    Kif_ Kaaf 19 days ago +1

    For the beginning I had some a good feelings about the next move actions

    • Dresden Black
      Dresden Black 2 days ago

      I think you’re giving thumbs up to your own comments

  • echt deutsch
    echt deutsch 24 days ago

    Pretty unrealitic

  • W Nell
    W Nell 27 days ago

    Humanity prevails. What an absolutely stunning film. My utmost respect to all the men who fought bravely for the freedom of the world and to those who defended their country valiantly.

  • MICHAEL Marsh
    MICHAEL Marsh Month ago

    The movie is awesome! The movie show that there are some good Germans soldiers who did show respect toward thier foes in war! I like the part when the POWS enter tge camp start of the movie the German officer told them . You fellow the rule we will fellow the rules.

  • 3 Lil Birds Hiri
    3 Lil Birds Hiri Month ago

    Wow great movie acting and ending..Worth your time team

  • Brook S
    Brook S Month ago


  • bluelionman
    bluelionman Month ago

    Can't find this title on IMDB?

    • bluelionman
      bluelionman Month ago

      Because Keep Hope Alive it's not this films true title - it is called 'Instrument of War' (2017).

  • Iyohastanley Usunobun

    So interesting moves

  • Iyohastanley Usunobun

    So interesting moves

  • mountainguyed67
    mountainguyed67 Month ago

    Boring movie.

  • Augusto Lopez
    Augusto Lopez Month ago +1

    The power of music....

  • Jo Rossi
    Jo Rossi Month ago


  • moog Dome
    moog Dome Month ago

    But what year was it made What's the point.

  • Johan Fourie
    Johan Fourie Month ago +2

    Absolutely on of the best war dramas ever.

  • Silkie Fun.
    Silkie Fun. Month ago +1

    War is such a terrible thing.

  • salman farooqui
    salman farooqui Month ago

    What A Movie...... Simply Classic

  • Francis Mausley
    Francis Mausley Month ago +1

    Prayed for hope in war & received it. "Never lose thy trust in God. Be thou ever hopeful, for the bounties of God never cease to flow upon man. If viewed from one perspective they seem to decrease, but from another they are full and complete." ~ Abdul-Baha, Baha'i Faith

  • Dustin McMullin
    Dustin McMullin Month ago

    great movie best line, I love the Red SoX I hate the Yankees

  • Abu Yussuf
    Abu Yussuf 2 months ago +2

    1:43 So they are killing him or what? Or if you get injured, they must kill you.

  • Mr Merica
    Mr Merica 2 months ago +1

    The real question is where did he get the raisin for his violin and where is his chin rest

  • Hey ItzAdrian
    Hey ItzAdrian 2 months ago +1

    War is not over so many lives protected us

  • Film is life
    Film is life 2 months ago

    Of course it’s the American flag 😂 not American and British like? Cus it was just American soldiers haha, great film though

  • Sarsi Simbajon
    Sarsi Simbajon 2 months ago +2

    Wow! So incredible,,, everything is fine, just wait for it..

  • Saurav Kumar
    Saurav Kumar 2 months ago +1

    What a Amazing movie.

  • amblincork
    amblincork 2 months ago +1

    Far too cute for a war movie - lost interest at 22 mins

  • Sanjeev Smakie
    Sanjeev Smakie 2 months ago

    Wonderful.. ❣️

  • Sikra Sikra
    Sikra Sikra 2 months ago

    Fuck germans

  • Sattar Ashini
    Sattar Ashini 3 months ago

    این فیلم پیامهای زیادی داشت .اول ،این که متوجه باشیم واسه خاطر مردم و کشورمون خون بی گناهی رو نریزیم .دوم ،سخت ترین مردان هم دارای قلب زیبا هستند .سوم و مهمترین درس این فیلم عشق بود که از یک قلم و کاغذ ساده تبدیل به ساز شد و قلبها رو تسخیر کرد.

  • Jon Suth
    Jon Suth 3 months ago

    A very good film indeed........

  • becca marie
    becca marie 3 months ago +1

    it's better then good 😂😂😂

  • Karen Moore
    Karen Moore 3 months ago +2

    Such a beautiful movie that made me cry at the end. Thank you for posting it.

  • Lyn Westwood
    Lyn Westwood 3 months ago

    Well me

  • Canta Libre
    Canta Libre 3 months ago +1

    This camp was a five-star hotel compared to the concentration camps...

  • Ken Reeve
    Ken Reeve 3 months ago

    Great film thank you

  • Patrick Un
    Patrick Un 3 months ago


  • Property And Malaga
    Property And Malaga 3 months ago

    Great Movie thanks for sharing

  • Игорёк Владимирович

    О чём идёт речь?

  • Ami Contreras Barrutia
    Ami Contreras Barrutia 3 months ago +4

    Hope. It´s in man´s pride to fight. It´s in man´s nature to keep love alive. It may be hard to understand what war is, but there is something stronger: life. "There is nothing black or white in any of this ... this war will end and how we face it in here will make all the difference when it does." Other´s hatred should never rob our dignity. Great movie.

    • Ami Contreras Barrutia
      Ami Contreras Barrutia Month ago

      @bregade gaming The way a woman sees life can be very different from a man´s. Yet, they are both looking at it from different points of view. Greetings and blessings.

    • bregade gaming
      bregade gaming Month ago


  • rocky patrick
    rocky patrick 4 months ago

    +62 disini

  • vivek p
    vivek p 4 months ago

    Is it based on true events...

  • veppanen
    veppanen 4 months ago +3

    The thumbnail is from unknown soldier! (Tuntematon sotilas 2017)

  • Jose Saladin
    Jose Saladin 4 months ago +1

    How you gonna scream wait mad loud. Thats why your mans got shot

  • Brian Lowther
    Brian Lowther 4 months ago

    I cried 😭😭😒

  • Blue Strip Movie Shelf
    Blue Strip Movie Shelf 4 months ago +2

    Excellent movie - a real special true story! Really enjoyed this one. Thanks for the quality upload!

  • gary carver
    gary carver 4 months ago +1

    There is a man I knew thought my aunt's mum got married to Reginald Arthur green he died about 10 years ago he was such a lovely old man and can see him as I type a thin faced man he was in a German prisoner of war came for3 years I seen the tattoos the Nazis put on him all over his arms numbers the swastikas plus on his fingers they put tattoos he said the bread they are had no nutritional value what's so ever it was made with coal dust 😭😭😭😭😢😥😥😥 when the Americans came they gave them white bread to eat the prisoners all thought it was cake, Reg as all out family called him went on with the RAF and was again shot down and sent to a Japanese came , the stories were horrific that he told only some of us that have a military background like myself about it he is incarnate in borrisokane Tipperary Ireland ,one amazing man to come out it with his mind intact

  • Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones 4 months ago


  • mata hari
    mata hari 4 months ago +2

    The prisoners unbelievably very clean lol 😂

  • sam samte
    sam samte 4 months ago

    lol they were war prisioners 😂looks more like a American Camp living together with Germans .

  • Jeibi Rangnamei
    Jeibi Rangnamei 4 months ago +7

    I'm glad master Sargent finally got the salute 😂 he was dying for salute and he got a big one... I salute his kindness.

  • Gordon Thomas BAILEY
    Gordon Thomas BAILEY 4 months ago

    Any thumbs down are American hating antisemitic idiots.

  • Gordon Thomas BAILEY
    Gordon Thomas BAILEY 4 months ago


  • Gordon Thomas BAILEY
    Gordon Thomas BAILEY 4 months ago +1

    Why is there far more intelligent men that have evil flowing through their veins than goodness? I believe it has to do with how they were raised by their mothers what about you?

    • Egon Speneder
      Egon Speneder 5 days ago

      Jeremiah 17:9 English Standard Version (ESV)
      9 The heart is deceitful above all things,
      and desperately sick;
      who can understand it?