February Paletteful Packs Unboxing & Demo with HulloAlice

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • For more information, visit us at www.palettefulpacks.com/.

Comments • 13

  • Ritsuka450
    Ritsuka450 2 months ago

    You make brush pens look so easy 😭😭

  • Chrissy Hart
    Chrissy Hart 4 months ago

    Hi so I got January’s box but the pallets full pack box skipped over February and I got march’s box ?? How do I contact someone about this issue

  • Anamaria P
    Anamaria P 4 months ago

    This is such a beautiful picture

  • Xentli VM
    Xentli VM 4 months ago

    Interesting supplies! Thanks for another great unboxing

  • Elizabeth T'Les
    Elizabeth T'Les 4 months ago +2

    While the box seems really cool adn Alice did an amazing job with it the whole thing feels... forced?

    • Jessica T
      Jessica T 4 months ago

      Well the video is published by palletful packs

    • Salem
      Salem 4 months ago

      Elizabeth T'Les totally agree

  • AshleyStaysGolden
    AshleyStaysGolden 5 months ago

    I bought the subscription lol

  • Harley Lynn
    Harley Lynn 5 months ago +3

    Did you call it a fashion "Alice-stration"? 🤔😂

  • Michelle Lynn Fine Art
    Michelle Lynn Fine Art 5 months ago

    I really loved this box!

  • AshleyStaysGolden
    AshleyStaysGolden 5 months ago

    Yay!! I have missed your reviews : ) it looks like I need to get another box subscription

  • mjpete27
    mjpete27 5 months ago +2

    Alice you always give the best demo's of these boxes. I enjoy listening to and watching your techniques. I always feel you give the best value for time spent on watching these un-boxing videos. Your Art is as always top notch! Thank you for giving us a wonderful experience and we wish you all the best!

  • aartadventure
    aartadventure 5 months ago +5

    This was such a fun box. I started playing immediately during my unboxing video. And I've already made a full piece using the supplies (I'll have that video uploaded and ready by the weekend :) Great review as always Alice :)