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  • katie noel
    katie noel Month ago +3791

    When we sat down to write this we had the idea of NORMAL COUNTRY GUYS AND GALS! Not this glammed up Hollywood broadway bullshit! The idea was WHAT do normal couples go through before they go out on a date! Guys, is your truck ready to go? Is it full of gas because we don’t want to run out? Are the spit cups out cuz I don’t want dipspit on me!!?? This song is for the guys riding around in the hard body nissans with 200,000+ miles and for the guys and girls who bust ass all week to be able to take their someone out for a nice date NOT at a ridiculously expensive 5 star restaurant, but for a night out spending time with each other, snuggled up and getting close enjoying nature! FUCK your “bro” country! We are REAL country! Fuck your glam, bling, $100k woo woo bitch boy rig, fuck it ALL! We make music for MODERN DAY SOUTHERN (and non southern) AMERICAN PEOPLE! I love you guys SO much! Thank you for the outpouring support on this song!❤️🙏🏼❤️
    Xoxo- Katie Noel

    • Ian McManus
      Ian McManus 6 days ago

      This aged poorly

    • will liles
      will liles 9 days ago

      Bitch you played him. Fuck you and your comment. You sound like a dude.

    • brianna Miller
      brianna Miller 9 days ago

      Fuck you Katie, you slimeball.

    • pcb19xx
      pcb19xx 9 days ago

      @Mark Whitaker then ignore them you dingus

    • Mark Whitaker
      Mark Whitaker 10 days ago

      katie noel I absolutely hate seeing your comments on these older videos while I’m browsing.

  • T3RM1N8R
    T3RM1N8R 2 hours ago

    Muscle car squad over here 💪💪 Camaro SS and he has his Mustang. Lets gooooo

  • Jimmy Hendrix
    Jimmy Hendrix 17 hours ago

    That dude prolly never shot a gun or lived anywhere without a sidewalk and he's talking about feeling the vibes being "country"

  • Jimmy Hendrix
    Jimmy Hendrix 18 hours ago

    Thank you I can't stand this dude this is a dream come true

  • The Dread Guru and his Queen

    Yeah fuggin'

  • Always Watching
    Always Watching Day ago


  • josh barrett
    josh barrett 2 days ago

    Not tryna get destroyed...... Uhhhhh TO LATE FUGGIN😂😂

  • Natasha Butler Guy
    Natasha Butler Guy 3 days ago

    My sides exploding...hick hop party. 😂😂😂tomato plants

  • rissa thefam
    rissa thefam 5 days ago

    Ryan. He is just mad because he knows he can't do it that's why he distanced his self of it BECAUSE FUGGIN IS JELLY SKINS.

  • LilCarlini Mso
    LilCarlini Mso 5 days ago

    Hey man you going to the hick hop part.... HAHAHAHAHA

  • MegaCk93
    MegaCk93 5 days ago

    Do i hear a cam in the Camaro?

  • GermanTacos
    GermanTacos 5 days ago

    You sound really mad over a little criticism...

  • Bobbie Jo Blackmon
    Bobbie Jo Blackmon 6 days ago

    I am just an overlooked country gal 😂😂😂 ... Much love for you Ryan ❤ ... Stay real 😜😘

  • enjoy beitler
    enjoy beitler 7 days ago

    leave it 2 a dipshit,knuckleheaded yuppy prick 2 try 2 dissect something+some people he will never know anything about=rapperz,country singerz, their fanz,+their undying LUV 4 what is AMAZING-real people+their real lives+the real,REAL MUZIC THAT BRINGZ US ALL 2GETHER....go 2 hell,ya dumbazz fuggin!!!!!!!!!! #UPCHURCH 4 PRESIDENT 2020

  • Bobby Turner
    Bobby Turner 7 days ago

    Apparently that dude don't know u all that well lol many ppl should know u rap fucking ppl now day's

  • Bernard Perez
    Bernard Perez 7 days ago

    The only people are that making country rap songs are the blacks

  • Bernard Perez
    Bernard Perez 7 days ago

    This fucker in the beard is lost in his own thoughts. He makes no sense at all. And if you work for the Rolling Stones in the past I can tell why he's such a douchie vlogger

  • Dogg bob
    Dogg bob 7 days ago

    That guy in the blue shirt is a real asshole

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson 8 days ago

    Haha hes a fuckin fuck lol

  • Dingleburry
    Dingleburry 8 days ago

    That is a fucking beautiful hoodie.

  • Brannon Hartwell
    Brannon Hartwell 8 days ago

    "hickhopannominus" BLahahahahahah. That shit is great

  • James Parks
    James Parks 8 days ago

    I did I mention that Tom MacDonald sucks......🤘🤘🤘

  • Trace M
    Trace M 9 days ago

    Weird... Almost like BLACK Folks can't have SOUTHERN PRIDE.!!!!!!
    I don't know a single black person that is ashamed of, or triggered by the "Rebel Flag" the ONLY ppl I know that have problems w it and Lumo-Liberal Bougie NORTHERENERS! It isn't for the. Though. So WE don't care, it's OUR - the SOUTHERNERS!

  • Joseph Delillo
    Joseph Delillo 9 days ago

    What an idiot.

  • Joseph Delillo
    Joseph Delillo 9 days ago

    Typical fascist, socialist ,censoring, liar ,fraud ,corrupt, anti American, slave owning Democrat. Racist intolerant pos

  • Leo Rayon
    Leo Rayon 9 days ago

    This guy must be a liberal

  • QueenCity SIP reppin


  • Chris Mathis
    Chris Mathis 10 days ago

    Holy shit it took all I had too set and listen too this slap nut set on his high horse and look down on us hicks..

  • JacobjJN Estridge
    JacobjJN Estridge 10 days ago

    Why the fuck dose he keep saying hick hop!!!! Wtf

  • Roger Palmer
    Roger Palmer 10 days ago

    How to charge if I ever see that dude I'm going to punch him the f*** out

  • MiTreasureHunter
    MiTreasureHunter 10 days ago

    That piece of sh!t soy boy is irrelevant!

  • H.O.S._bandit
    H.O.S._bandit 10 days ago

    This guy is what's known as a "bear" or a "bottom" or "brokeback buddy" or "Bubba's lil huckleberry" See? We can play that game too.

  • spring moore
    spring moore 10 days ago

    Ryan, can we come to yout place for one of these "hick hop" parties. You're a hoot ,and Id love to have a pow wow with ya. 😁😤😉

  • Riley Brewer
    Riley Brewer 10 days ago

    Your music sucks ass

  • Riley Brewer
    Riley Brewer 10 days ago

    You fucking suck your the worst so called country singer ever

  • Killa Kustom Designs
    Killa Kustom Designs 10 days ago

    These people coming at Church are fuckin idiots plain and simple.

  • Judah Whitney
    Judah Whitney 11 days ago +2

    you are such a clown. You are twisting what he's saying.

  • Draconea77717
    Draconea77717 11 days ago

    The "overlooked country people"... You mean the real hard working, blue collar, bonfire and barbecue love, back roads muddin country people? I mean seriously what does "overlooked country people" mean?

  • Zack Shell
    Zack Shell 11 days ago

    You come off super whiney. You also put words in his mouth to try and make your point. Which makes you look a little ignorant. You also argue irrelevant points and then make irrelevant points as your main arguments.

  • Brent bromberg hardcore spoiler movie reviews

    Dam your the one with soft skin making this video.

  • Sammie Conelly
    Sammie Conelly 12 days ago

    Lol bet he combs his beard and puts oil in his beard before he leaves the house 😂 gets manis and pedis.... 😂 lil lady needs to stay in her lane fuggin....

    • Zack Shell
      Zack Shell 11 days ago

      Ya'll come off soft as fuck.

  • Hunter Trevorrow
    Hunter Trevorrow 12 days ago

    hey yo skins its time for a hick-hop party!!!!!!!

  • Cael Nordyke
    Cael Nordyke 12 days ago +3

    Bro u suck Grady is great. He just spoke his opinion. Quit being such a jerk. He reviewed u the same as everyone else he does. Your ego is bigger than your tooth gap. I do anything to make yourself look good. And here’s a good duet Koe and Parker On love

  • Jacob B.
    Jacob B. 12 days ago +4

    Upchurch is that guy who peaked in 10th grade.

  • Diu
    Diu 12 days ago

    I mean this is the first video I've watched of you and although it's true he made you look bad (picking clips of the flag and guns), I would've came to the same conclusion from watching this video lol

    • Zack Shell
      Zack Shell 11 days ago

      Yeah, this dude is the dude you knew in high school that barely got out of school but never left the town and works at the Applebees as an assistant manager.

  • Pruitt Lisa
    Pruitt Lisa 12 days ago

    Why you hate in on ryan for you jealous cause he good?

  • raedawn tomblinson
    raedawn tomblinson 13 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 hick hop party 🤣🤣 Just another person that talk Shit about upChurch Trying to get more views For his channel And trying to make upchurch look Badd

  • Clayton Lowery
    Clayton Lowery 13 days ago

    Grady is a dipshit you tell him church #RHEC #CREEKSQUAD

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews 13 days ago

    There shit sounds generic your songs sound like comes from the heart

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews 13 days ago

    Fuck those dipshits there just mad because they can't make millions on your skills

  • lee mckay
    lee mckay 13 days ago

    Fuckin hipsters

  • Jason Buell
    Jason Buell 13 days ago

    Wow this fucking guy is a world class moron! It's like he's trying to get torn to peices in this video...

  • Evo Harley304
    Evo Harley304 13 days ago

    This guy is a yankee dumbass

  • Peter  Narlock
    Peter Narlock 13 days ago

    What a snowflake bitch his beard is probably encrusted with semen.... fuggin

  • joseph Perry
    joseph Perry 13 days ago

    Yo Ryan, don’t worry about the haters there only haters because they haven’t the talent to do what you are. Also there tagging there vids with your name to draw in your following. Fuckin

  • Christopher McDaniel
    Christopher McDaniel 13 days ago +1

    Where's my hick hop party invite? Oh wait they dont exist.

  • Chris Hick
    Chris Hick 14 days ago +2

    Ryan could be a comedian n still be successful. Laughing so hard rn bro

  • kevin covington
    kevin covington 14 days ago

    Really like that hoodie thou

  • Eric Betscher
    Eric Betscher 14 days ago


  • Haley Sahara
    Haley Sahara 14 days ago

    I like your hoodie, its wicked!