I Fell In Love With Twins

  • Published on May 16, 2019
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    Hey everyone! My name’s Janise. You know, I’ve recently had a chance to start my life over again, and it has become the weirdest period of my life so far, but I regret nothing. Well, almost nothing.
    My family had to move to another town because of my dad’s new job and I, accordingly, switched to another totally unfamiliar school. I was pretty sure that I’d have some trouble blending in and it made me really nervous. On my first day there I was so distracted and lost that didn’t even see a guy standing right in front of me. So I kinda ran smack into him and fell to the ground. This made everybody around start laughing and giggling, and I felt, like, totally embarrassed. He helped me to stand up and made a joke that this was the weirdest way a girl has ever tried to find out what his name was. I cracked a half smile and got out of there as fast as I could, feeling how my face was already starting to turn bright red. But I heard him shouting his name - it was J.J. - and I found myself realizing just how handsome he was.
    Later that day when I was already in the school cafeteria I saw him again. But this time he wasn’t surrounded by a bunch of other people. It was the opposite actually, he was sitting alone at a lunch table reading something. I decided to go up to him and get acquainted, since, so far, he was the only person at this new place that I'd talked to. But when I actually got up closer to him and asked whether the seat next to him was taken or not, he looked at me as if we’d never met before. I felt offended inside, I mean, I know that I was new to that school but was I really that invisible!? I said that I was sorry for not telling him my name earlier, but it was Janise, by the way. And he said, “Good for you,” still keeping his eyes glued to the book. His manners in that moment had me really confused. I couldn’t figure out what else I should say or whether I should've said anything at all. So I just grabbed my tray and walked away, feeling sort of mad and a little humiliated. Who was he to talk to me like that? Strangely enough, I couldn’t stop thinking about him for the rest of the day.
    The next couple of days at school were pretty intense and I hadn’t seen J.J. at all. But I had started to chat with some other girls from my class and it was starting to look almost like the beginning of a friendship, I thought. Then, on Thursday when these girls and I were having lunch, I saw him again. He was probably saying something funny, because everybody around us was in tears laughing. Maybe he was really strange, I thought, acting like a clown and then like a distant mysterious guy at the same time. Was it a bipolar disorder or something? Anyway, he still looked very attractive to me.
    Later that day when I had already packed up to go home, I heard a car horn and somebody shouting. I turned around and saw J.J. He drove up to me and said he insisted on driving me home. I hesitated for a couple of seconds, but when I saw his smile I just gave up. He talked the entire way, telling me some school related stories about the other students and teachers and staff. I decided not to say anything about his strange behavior in the cafeteria a few days earlier. You know, everything already seemed to be perfect and I felt like I was falling for him.
    The next day it was Friday and I was really looking forward to seeing J.J. at school again, but unfortunately it was another busy day so I just couldn’t pause long enough to make it happen. But a big rugby game was scheduled for that evening after classes, and the girls and I decided to go and see it. Actually, the whole school was going because our team was playing against their biggest rival, as they told me. So I thought he’d also definitely be there. When everything had already started, I finally saw him a few rows higher, but when I was about to wave at him I saw a girl next to him. And suddenly she hugged him. I was devastated. I mean, why would he drive me home the day before if he already had a girlfriend? If he was a womanizer, for sure I was not OK with that.

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  • Malyssa Howard
    Malyssa Howard 12 hours ago

    J.J's brother looks different than j.j

  • Markayla Lee
    Markayla Lee 2 days ago

    Same problem so now I keep calling one the other and I don’t know witch I like

  • 5limekidd
    5limekidd 2 days ago

    my main concerns...is these stories real?

  • Julian Michaelson
    Julian Michaelson 2 days ago

    There was literally no point in making this video.

  • AgStar Skyegirl
    AgStar Skyegirl 2 days ago

    Ya am a twin but me and here are much different of course guys wouldn't get us confused because she straight and am gay.

  • Grace Fabunmi
    Grace Fabunmi 2 days ago +1

    6:09 got me

  • royalty
    royalty 2 days ago

    im a twin and all my friends get confudes sometimes

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  • Hana Otaku
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  • Leen Moha
    Leen Moha 3 days ago

    Who that girl with antoni in the game?

  • Animation chan
    Animation chan 3 days ago

    I can relate because it happened to me but I lost contact of them but I'm in highschool with them now surprisingly I'm friends with one of them but the other one doesnt remember me sadly

  • Pink Hot Pig
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  • Lejla K
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  • Olga Bongonda
    Olga Bongonda 6 days ago

    why did she not fall for the first guy

  • RoxyP5 and 5_Roxy5
    RoxyP5 and 5_Roxy5 6 days ago

    I have but they are girl twins 👧 👧 XD

  • ChristiIna Jolie
    ChristiIna Jolie 6 days ago

    What twins both wear the exact same clothes 24/7?

  • Nneji Ezinne
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    This is a typical Wattpad story

    AMELIA ALONSO MUaOZ 8 days ago +1

    Girl I wish that happend to me

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    Hello, I would like to share my story, do I do that for comments?

  • Abby Morales
    Abby Morales 9 days ago

    I was dating a guy for a while and out of nowhere he broke up with me in front of my whole class ... he said that he thought I didn't love him anymore even though I loved him with all my heart. Than ppl started to say that too.. I was heartbroken.

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    INDRAJEET MILWAR 13 days ago

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    I saw coments of people correcting people saying its Antony, not Anthony and vise versa. THIS IS THE NEXT YANNY AND LAUREL WHAT DO YOU HEAR 😮 !? I hear Antony.

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  • Dusica Naumovska
    Dusica Naumovska 13 days ago

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  • XxCookie Wolf_Playz xX
    XxCookie Wolf_Playz xX 16 days ago +3

    Here is my love story:

    Once upon a time, i fell in love with someone who didn't love me back....
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  • Manxe Gutiérrez
    Manxe Gutiérrez 16 days ago

    I was friend of a pair of twins. One of them used brackets and the other one wore glasses. I didn't met them in two years, and when I finally met them, they had practically changed places!!! The one with glasses now was with brackets, and viceversa!! And the stature gap was the same, but inverted.
    It was not a joke!! they was with their mother!

  • Manjaree Jayasinghe
    Manjaree Jayasinghe 16 days ago

    Wait a sec! This girl first got mad cuz she saw JJ’s twin with another girl and thought it was JJ! So, antony has a girlfriend already! This is so confusing!!!

  • Grace Blackthorn
    Grace Blackthorn 16 days ago

    Sweetest guy ever- J.J

  • Ayah Garcia
    Ayah Garcia 17 days ago

    I get what she means about twins looking so much a like but completely different when it comes to personalities.Because I've experience having to taka care of twins.And I also have 3 pairs of twins as friends and all of them are very interesting but sometimes annoying.

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    Shygirlqueen Wynter 17 days ago

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    Fé Bean 21 day ago +1

    Bipolar disorder or something now I am offended. Do you even know what bipolar is? If you did you would not made this stupid statement.

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    Philip Bempong 21 day ago

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