Eagles vs. Redskins Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Dec 15, 2019
  • The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Washington Redskins during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • The Anti-Explicit Content Channel

    Dwayne Haskins is very talented, but his inconsistency displays why the Redskins didn't name him the starting quarterback in Week 1 this year.

  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton 13 days ago

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  • Shantel Fullerton
    Shantel Fullerton 14 days ago

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  • SmithN' Wesson
    SmithN' Wesson 16 days ago

    Seriosuly how about that kid Greg Ward Jr??!? Going from getting vut 7 times over 3 seasons and transitions from great college QB to WR and when he finslly gets his chance he shines. He has EARNED a roster spot on the 53 in my opinion. Plays better than Nelson and is cheaper with a better attitude

  • ddsgabo
    ddsgabo 20 days ago

    For a moment i thought they were in Philadelphia

    THESPICIEST boi 23 days ago

    Brennaman showing his Cincinnati bias by pointing out every Ohio State Buckeye that has ever played football

  • king alexs14
    king alexs14 24 days ago +1

    We already know that the cowboys or eagles will get blown out in the playoffs

  • Dark Pineapple
    Dark Pineapple 24 days ago

    Im i the only one who hears a Windows notification

  • Rilo Robinson
    Rilo Robinson 26 days ago


  • pchew29 Williams
    pchew29 Williams 27 days ago +1

    The redskins SUCK

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 28 days ago

    What a Game 😁

  • kyleawesomeful
    kyleawesomeful 28 days ago

    You got to admit, the Redskins are looking pretty good, it just came down to some poor decision-making after the catch by the receiver.

  • Robert Isaac
    Robert Isaac 29 days ago

    Hell of a game for my Birds and Standby Cowboy Fans you going down Sunday👊🏈🏈

  • samslick90
    samslick90 29 days ago

    That guy should have just went down when he recovered the fumble instead of running for the TD.
    He could have fumbled

  • Shane Wright
    Shane Wright 29 days ago

    When it comes down to it. It just looks like the eagles wanted it more.

  • CapyJoey
    CapyJoey 29 days ago

    Did any one hear the Dell computer sound 7:12

  • boofogle
    boofogle 29 days ago

    Where my real Redskins fans at? Hey check out my TVclip videos. Just talking about real life. Comment please and lemme know what u think.

  • Aaron Manning
    Aaron Manning Month ago

    Anyone else hear the big oof from wentz when he got hit on the roughing the passer play?

  • Talk Flix
    Talk Flix Month ago

    I am an eagles fan but I must say, this game really shoulda been a blow out. But I'm glad we at least got the W.

  • Randy Martinez
    Randy Martinez Month ago


  • Randy Martinez
    Randy Martinez Month ago

    Fire jason Garrett

  • Randy Martinez
    Randy Martinez Month ago

    Beat Dallas

  • Ashton Fischer
    Ashton Fischer Month ago +1

    Imagine being a ReDsKiNs fan xD.

  • Some7hing
    Some7hing Month ago

    Windows Sound at 7:12 lol

  • Nickos White
    Nickos White Month ago +1

    sims gone cry in the car....

  • Kevin Loera
    Kevin Loera Month ago

    fly eagles fly !!!

  • niraku321
    niraku321 Month ago

    The redskins always choke.

  • monti miller
    monti miller Month ago

    Carson Wentz just showed everyone why he's got one of the best arms in the league by completing just about every pass you could ask your Q.B. to make. Wentz made the long ball, short ball, touch pass over 2 defenders for the T.D. in closing minutes of game, throwing a T.D. while rolling to his right & threading the needle thru 3 defenders to Sanders for the score is still proof positive that Carson Wentz is still capable of taking this team all the way to the Super Bowl just as long as everyone else takes care of business~!!!

  • cj pagano
    cj pagano Month ago +1

    JJ Whiteside went to Stanford and still can’t learn 15 plays from an nfl playbook 😩😩 at least we got Sanders in the second round. #gobirds #dallASSweek

  • Sarper kırdım
    Sarper kırdım Month ago

    I hate wentz

  • Defense General
    Defense General Month ago

    Eagles took like a 10 minutes drive to score a field goal and then the redskins responded with a 10 second drive to with a touchdown

  • robert goodman
    robert goodman Month ago

    black league dont make high lights , just money

  • Trent Koberna
    Trent Koberna Month ago

    Who unplugged a flash drive during the Sanders TD?

  • D1nonly1
    D1nonly1 Month ago

    How can Dan Snyder not look at all the green jerseys in the stadium and not say to himself "Damn this is bad, maybe I should be selfless for one second and CONSIDER selling this team for the greater good" lol Because that's just embarrassing, I know Eagles fan travel but that's a direct reflection of what your fanbase thinks of your franchise.

    • Macabree
      Macabree Month ago

      I know. Like whoa. Felt like an eagles home game.

  • Derek Simmons
    Derek Simmons Month ago

    7:11 The editor forgot to turn his notifications off

  • Calebt1130 YT_btw
    Calebt1130 YT_btw Month ago

    Edp 445 was so happy

  • Jokers Wild
    Jokers Wild Month ago

    Eagles should of lost

  • ay issa wr
    ay issa wr Month ago +1

    Are we not gonna talk about that fumble at the end


    0:32 watch Redskin #93 that's about as little as you can possibly care. He play for the deadskins, though, so you cannot blame the dude.I just watch their home-game highlights to hear this surreal cheering for the visiting team in their stadium. 11:48 that's a HUGE CHEER as the home team gets beat! LOL! Has there EVER been anything like this in the history of the NFL?

  • 2Slick Jordan
    2Slick Jordan Month ago

    Josh Norman got mossed by Greg Ward LMAOOOOOOOO

  • Tomáš Berecz
    Tomáš Berecz Month ago

    The Eagles don't seem to be interested in winning. Yet, somehow the Redskins became even less interested as the game went on. The NFC East is rough this year .... unfortunately, mostly to watch.

  • Justin Alexander
    Justin Alexander Month ago

    Unrelated, but Jesus is on the scene, go to emmanuel tv

  • TheCreator00100
    TheCreator00100 Month ago +1

    Sanders is our Best playmaker. He can play WR , and RB and is elusive

  • Tim Foronda
    Tim Foronda Month ago

    lol Bradham my guy why you running like that.

  • David Bailey
    David Bailey Month ago

    I took my nephew to this game for his first game. He's an Eagles fan and this game didn't disappoint. So many lead changes from the first Philly drive to the last Philly drive and a picture-perfect ending, all on a beautiful day that felt like mid-October.

  • Bryan Baumgartner
    Bryan Baumgartner Month ago

    Cant Scwartz run some stunts that work?

  • John Ry
    John Ry Month ago


  • Zimm Can
    Zimm Can Month ago


  • James Morrall
    James Morrall Month ago

    That’s my main man C Wentz

  • Joel Lobo
    Joel Lobo Month ago

    Man jim schwartz is trying to fit man to man cover 2 type defensive players into Zone defense. Not only that he has two great in the box type safeties but none are field covers. So either jenkins or rodney has to play away from what makes them great. Smh.

  • Karen Emmons
    Karen Emmons Month ago

    i met goedert once

  • Guy Blackwell
    Guy Blackwell Month ago

    wentz is an inaccurate turnover machine

  • Jacob Doubet
    Jacob Doubet Month ago +1

    I’m happy are young team played really good and as much as I wanted to win we still have a good draft pick

  • JokersOblivion
    JokersOblivion Month ago

    11:39 is why we love Jason kelce with a passion. Dude is seriously the man doing everything he can to help his teammates.

  • Embid_21 yT
    Embid_21 yT Month ago

    Go Eagles. E.A.G.L.E.S

  • Brian LUL
    Brian LUL Month ago

    Final Touchdown of the game to make the Eagles win 37-27 amazing game 12:23

  • Brian LUL
    Brian LUL Month ago +1

    wow what a catch 11:15

  • Brian LUL
    Brian LUL Month ago +1

    commentator: lack of communication = touchdowns in this league
    well he probably is right lmaoo

  • Brian LUL
    Brian LUL Month ago +2

    commentator: "was it intercepted?!" (the eagles quarterback throws the ball to an eagles player)
    everyone: ??????