John Oliver on Royal Wedding Overkill

  • Published on Apr 29, 2011

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  • D F
    D F 11 hours ago

    That woman is a nightmareeeee hahahahahaha

  • j c
    j c 4 days ago

    Support the royals they make us double the expense in tourism

  • William Bacon
    William Bacon 8 days ago +1

    Fuke the Royles, they do nothing.

  • Adrian Mendoza
    Adrian Mendoza 11 days ago

    1:48 - what a twat.

  • tg72211
    tg72211 15 days ago +3

    Ok so the royalist woman is horrible, but "She is a disaster possibly on the same level as Cherbobyl" may be the sickest burn I've ever heard.

  • LiveDieTrolling
    LiveDieTrolling 17 days ago

    I miss John Stewart.

  • zuzu zz
    zuzu zz 19 days ago

    His hair 😂😂😂

  • Month ago +4

    The Royal family exists in a gilded cage for our own amusement. Imagine trapping your historic overlord's descendants in pomp and pageantry and getting to display them as symbols of how far the British people have come. Once powerful, now a decoration. Go Ireland, hooray for India and Pakistan and the rest of the Commonwealth. Written by a proud Englishman (North England).

  • Vera Ryzhik
    Vera Ryzhik  Month ago +3

    You're the most British thing I've ever seen.

  • Carmen Neumann
    Carmen Neumann Month ago

    British stupidity at it's bedt

  • Sam Vidas
    Sam Vidas Month ago +7

    "A disaster in the same level as Chernobyl" goddaMn

  • R Ehalt
    R Ehalt 2 months ago +10

    Who is that parrot with bangs?

  • LORDE 2729
    LORDE 2729 2 months ago +9

    Royalists are absolutely the most horrible and disgusting human beings on earth. They should learn some Economics first

    • Charlie Cordts
      Charlie Cordts Month ago +3

      LORDE 2729 Lands owned by the royals literally earn the government five times what it costs to maintain the family every year. If they were kicked out, that revenue would no longer go to the Treasury, but to the family, giving them an additional £160 million in profit. By this metric, your taxes are actually £2.60 less each year thanks to the monarchy.

  • ms wpwm
    ms wpwm 3 months ago

    i need to know if he visited richard...

  • anxious dog
    anxious dog 3 months ago +27

    *takes first step out of the car onto london ground* british accent intensfies x1000

  • Lillith
    Lillith 3 months ago +18

    The only thing that really bothers me about this is how he didn’t close the car door when got ou

  • Valhalla
    Valhalla 4 months ago +96

    why not make it about race? why not? xD prime!

  • Gargi Vyas
    Gargi Vyas 4 months ago

    Bless you!

  • Naël Dls
    Naël Dls 4 months ago +5

    To be fair, the royal family brings in a lot of revenue from tourism, merchandising and so on.

    • Naël Dls
      Naël Dls 3 months ago +3

      +jabberw0k For stadium indeed no. But for monarchies there's a highly profitable sector of memorabilia and this kind of bullshit that employs people. It's true that our palaces in France draws a lot of people but grand events like that probably increases profitability. I think at least. But as John Oliver would say, it's not because something feels true that it is true haha

    • jabberw0k
      jabberw0k 3 months ago +5

      That's the same argument used for sports stadiums in cities across the US. The question is, is that revenue benefiting the public at large? (As to the wedding, I genuinely don't know, but with stadiums the answer is often no.)

    • FallenPhoenix
      FallenPhoenix 3 months ago +15

      The palace of Versailles by itself draws more tourists annually than all UK palaces combined...
      Given that the French monarchy ceased to exist 219 years ago I think its fair to conclude that the Royals themselves are not actually required to draw in a crowd... In short no... the Royals do not bring in much revenue... they do however cost a great deal to maintain...

    • Neku
      Neku 3 months ago +5

      as a tourist, to me, you can replace the royalty with some random brit and we won't even notice the difference

  • Quintusblake
    Quintusblake 4 months ago +4

    England sucks kinda

  • Pavel Konovalov
    Pavel Konovalov 4 months ago +1

    I suppose that royal wedding may be quite a profit for the british economy, i mean it's a world scale event and maybe brits generate income from it starting with selling broadcast rights, attracting tourists and world attantion (advertisers are willing to buy a bit of such global attantion - youtube, tv, other platforms). I have no facts, iam just guessing that a proper reaserch might give us an unexpected conclusion.

  • Neil O'Neal
    Neil O'Neal 4 months ago

    Dissolve the monarchy. Descendants of thugs who slaughtered, raped, plundered, royals deserve contempt, ridicule, and should be laughed out of town. Their ill-gotten wealth must be returned to the public treasury.

  • normie x
    normie x 4 months ago

    WHY are british so obsessed with foreigners getting benefits? I was in England for a couple of years and neither me, nor any other "foreigner" i knew claimed or received any benefits. I had to work and pay for everything, i was even denied opening a bank account. The ones who are truly preocupied about getting benefits are the british themselves. Also, the vast majority of beggars and petty thieves in this shithole of a country are 100% white british. F**king propaganda.

  • bovnyccc operalover
    bovnyccc operalover 4 months ago +10

    A funny and unserious bit. The last time the Brits deposed a monarch, they ended up with Oliver Cromwell, a "roundhead" who eschewed fun for complete piety. In fact, the Lord Protector, was more autocratic than Charles I. After Cromwell's death, they couldn't wait to destroy the Monarchy but since they had cut off Charles the First's head, they had to settle for Charles II. At this point, I don't think that they would want to tempt fate:).

  • fenhen
    fenhen 4 months ago +101

    “They’re seeing something which they aspire to?”
    How I can aspire to be royalty!?

    • j c
      j c 4 days ago


    • 04whim
      04whim 19 days ago +1

      Guillotines give you a good head start.

    • Seun
      Seun Month ago +1

      If Meghan Markle could do it, anyone can do it! /s

  • Siddy Greene
    Siddy Greene 4 months ago +20

    Seems like John Oliver has lost some of his British accent over the past few years.

  • NailaCafé
    NailaCafé 4 months ago +39

    I clicked the video because of Jhon Oliver

  • Eric Peters
    Eric Peters 4 months ago +2

    They should have saved the money and used it to build a new sports stadium!! Weeeeeee!!!

  • STC
    STC 4 months ago +23

    Why we care so much about wedding of a fallen empire? Nobody report on Loyal wedding in say, Netherland.

    • Ralph Körner
      Ralph Körner 2 months ago

      What you were talking about was influence.
      The royal family of the U.K. has *very* limited influence. The royal family of Brunei Darussalam is way more influential for comparison.

    • MegaHariboboy
      MegaHariboboy 2 months ago

      +Pluralizes Everythings ok, but that wasn't what i was talking about.

    • Pluralizes Everythings
      Pluralizes Everythings 2 months ago +1

      +MegaHariboboy By influence I meant the overall financial, political and military power. If the UK royals disappeared tomorrow, it will not change the world. The Saudi royals use their unrivaled power and influence to not only oppress their own citizens but bully other nations into submission.

    • MegaHariboboy
      MegaHariboboy 2 months ago

      +Pluralizes Everythings Influential in terms of the ability to make money for the country. The Saudi royal family are effectively tyrants over their people. They don't bring in nearly as much tourist revenue and are not popular around the world unlike the UK royal family.

    • Pluralizes Everythings
      Pluralizes Everythings 2 months ago +2

      +MegaHariboboy Ssudi Arabia has the most influential monarchy.

  • Horatio Huskisson
    Horatio Huskisson 4 months ago +6

    John Oliver is a prick, very dishonest segment

    • Fardim Nazir
      Fardim Nazir 3 months ago +4

      Stick to the real prick you call Alex Jones.

    • FallenPhoenix
      FallenPhoenix 3 months ago +9

      Not really... most of us really couldn't give a fuck about royal weddings... so where was the dishonesty?

    • Neil O'Neal
      Neil O'Neal 4 months ago +24

      John Oliver is brilliant, and a highly successful comedian, now with his own, very popular, acclaimed show on HBO.

  • Guru Kirupa
    Guru Kirupa 4 months ago +10

    That's a racist who's super close to the famous and public white family.

  • Vasilijan Nikolovski
    Vasilijan Nikolovski 4 months ago +33

    Why waste money on helping people, when you can give it to the inbred lizard family.

    • fj
      fj 4 months ago +1

      Will they own/stole land that they give to the government for a salary, and they bring tourism money you know cuz the uk is a shithole that no one want to visit except to see the royal lizard family
      Be grateful commoners for those inbreds enjoying your tax money

  • evolve330
    evolve330 5 months ago +25

    The ignorant satire is thick enough to cut into. I LOVE IT

  • hillo wassup no username
    hillo wassup no username 5 months ago +194

    Wait. You mean John Oliver's hair used to be like THIS?

    • b017ni3
      b017ni3 2 months ago +4

      hillo im tem - you should check him out on old episodes of “community”

    • hillo wassup no username
      hillo wassup no username 3 months ago +2

      +Ruth Cuadrado ...yes?

    • Ruth Cuadrado
      Ruth Cuadrado 3 months ago +2

      You mean you had not discovered John Oliver until hbo?

    • moonlily1
      moonlily1 3 months ago +7

      He was so fucking cute.

  • Michelle Burkholder
    Michelle Burkholder 5 months ago +59

    I bet you all regret you didn't do as the French. Now you stuck with them.

    • Nope Nope
      Nope Nope 3 months ago +3

      That's a really lame reason to want to murder and terrorise people, Valhalla.

    • Valhalla
      Valhalla 4 months ago +4

      'cause it's a pretty badass piece of their history?!

    • Horatio Huskisson
      Horatio Huskisson 4 months ago +8

      Why would we do what the frogs did? They had the terror, and 4 more revolutions.

    • Joseph Garfield
      Joseph Garfield 4 months ago


  • Jove Oddo
    Jove Oddo 5 months ago +5

    So what john is saying the Royal Family is has caused not only AIDs but also what happened in Libya and Tokyo?

    • Matthew
      Matthew 4 months ago +1

      I know. Despite everything else, does this guy think Chernobyl is in Tokyo?

    • Hannah Banana
      Hannah Banana 4 months ago +1

      Huh??? No, really, HUH???????

    • Dndn Ndhd
      Dndn Ndhd 4 months ago +6

      You should try to listen better my friend. That is not what he said.

    • Louise Hastings
      Louise Hastings 5 months ago +7

      no that of this distracts from important news

  • Tina Loye
    Tina Loye 6 months ago +392

    That lady... absolutely awful human being 😒

    • FallenPhoenix
      FallenPhoenix 3 months ago +10

      normie x
      Racism: "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior."
      Proceeds to demonstrate a sweeping generalization across "most" of a population of 60 million+ people based on the sum total of sweet fuck all...
      "The UK is by definition a country consisting of thick inbred racists"
      Kindly go fuck yourself ... signed the UK.

    • Hawaipandat
      Hawaipandat 4 months ago +18

      Now imagine how we Indians felt being ruled by that fuckin bitch of a queen for 2 fuckin centuries... They drained our wealth for good, bastards.

    • normie x
      normie x 4 months ago +13

      AKA= typical british person. I actually give her credit for being honest, most british are too hypocritical to admit hating foreigners. The UK is by definition a country consisting of thick inbred racists. Close behind them are their americans cousins....i guess the apple really doesn`t fall far from the tree !

    • sush139
      sush139 4 months ago +29

      "Sarah Ferguson is a disaster at the level of Chernobyl" ! ROFL!

      REVANSBACK 5 months ago +68

      'Why not make it a race issue?' 'Yes! Why not?' Good fucking lord...

  • Gia
    Gia 7 months ago

    Dude with the long hair would marry The Princess Royal in a heartbeat 💗 if he had the chance.

    • Stacey Kersting
      Stacey Kersting 4 months ago +4

      He's pretty sure he'd have a shot at it if only he cd get her to take a few bong hits!

  • Maeglin the Lost
    Maeglin the Lost 7 months ago +7


  • osmosis453
    osmosis453 7 months ago +136

    Anyone came here after seeing the 2018 Royal Wedding

  • Fuelled by Hate
    Fuelled by Hate 8 months ago +109

    1:09 Also shout out to this guy.

  • Fuelled by Hate
    Fuelled by Hate 8 months ago

    I wish Americans had the same attitude about Prince Harry's wedding. I'm so sick of this bullshit.