• Published on Dec 18, 2016
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  • Claire And Papa
    Claire And Papa 11 days ago


  • Juned Juned
    Juned Juned Month ago


  • Rebecca Chapman
    Rebecca Chapman Month ago

    Macho, Barron, Barker, Travis, Cindy

  • Khushal khan
    Khushal khan 2 months ago

    I’ve a Rottweiler named Brutus
    Labrador : Buddy
    German Shepherd : Bullet
    Spitz : Kiara
    And will name The new pug : Snuggles
    Is it okay ???

  • Black Jake
    Black Jake 2 months ago +1

    3,2,1 happy new year 🥳

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf 2 months ago


  • krypt king569
    krypt king569 4 months ago

    My pug will be called milo

    • Night Wolf
      Night Wolf 2 months ago

      My Rottweiler name is Milo to

  • Alex Vashum Alex Vashum
    Alex Vashum Alex Vashum 4 months ago +1


  • Talent Hounds
    Talent Hounds 4 months ago

    My Adopted Pug came with the name Kilo - not sure if it refers to weight or drugs.

    • F A
      F A 4 months ago

      Kilo(Κιλό) means kg(weight) in Greek. It is "it"not he or she but it still sounds good from another perspective ^^ I still don't know what to name my cocker spaniel that I'm getting in one week lol

  • Oko Mono
    Oko Mono 4 months ago +2

    I’m naming my pug duggy. ❤️

  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby 5 months ago +2

    *My next dog's name will Be Alma, Piper Or Harper, i really love These Names, thank you for helping me! ^^*

  • lemon tv
    lemon tv 5 months ago


  • Mooshroomcow65
    Mooshroomcow65 5 months ago +2


  • cullin daigle
    cullin daigle 5 months ago


  • Faye_is_antisocial
    Faye_is_antisocial 5 months ago +1

    Excuse me where is harambe?

  • Mohit Khandwal
    Mohit Khandwal 5 months ago


  • Aaliyah North
    Aaliyah North 5 months ago


  • lorenz and kate channel pop tv

    the snow 😂😂😂🍦🍨🍙

  • kayla galaxy
    kayla galaxy 6 months ago


  • pretty mics the vloger
    pretty mics the vloger 6 months ago


  • Mr. Phoenix
    Mr. Phoenix 6 months ago

    I named mine thor😂

  • Utkarsh Jha
    Utkarsh Jha 6 months ago

    Is dark good hame?

    KM THCH 6 months ago


  • Ciera
    Ciera 7 months ago

    Loui cause it's short for Louis Vuitton but spelled different

  • OcexnWavex
    OcexnWavex 7 months ago +1

    I’m getting a white dog and I will name it snow

  • aubrey ledesma
    aubrey ledesma 8 months ago +5

    Whats with the white people names?

    • Heyo It Meh
      Heyo It Meh 6 months ago

      Wow, first it’s a name, second most names can be used for all colors, and third of all how rude you complain you didn’t have to watch this if you were so badly “offended” by this content

    • Oriento 123
      Oriento 123 7 months ago

      aubrey ledesma it’s a name...

  • Jackson Leeds
    Jackson Leeds 8 months ago


  • Ericka Fayth
    Ericka Fayth 8 months ago +1


  • Violet Skye
    Violet Skye 8 months ago +1

    I like names that end with A,O,U,I,Y

  • Ravindra Kandari
    Ravindra Kandari 9 months ago

    I like to keep Reddy to my breed

  • Cole Chatman
    Cole Chatman 9 months ago

    My fav is tank

  • Aditya Vyas
    Aditya Vyas 9 months ago +2

    What about Tyson

  • BrendonAtTheDisco
    BrendonAtTheDisco 9 months ago

    Mine is called Alexa

  • Bubba Montgomery
    Bubba Montgomery 9 months ago +3

    Shadow has got to be amongst one of the top for most popular dog names.

  • Spike - The Pug Puppy
    Spike - The Pug Puppy 10 months ago +4

    Duggu is best name

  • kaytlen craig
    kaytlen craig 10 months ago +1

    Yes ok😊😊😊

  • Hyomark
    Hyomark 10 months ago +1

    My dogs name is rosco

  • Jade Jones
    Jade Jones 10 months ago +2

    I love Bentley

    • jez golf
      jez golf 7 months ago

      I got a boxer named Bentley

  • Jello
    Jello 10 months ago +1

    mindemisudjm ka-igus

  • Joerine Tan
    Joerine Tan 10 months ago +3

    Can you add barbie,elsa,snowflake,cookie cupcake and zeus on the next video pls! Those are cool names too! But i guess i will vote for snuggles and snow! Also I named my new dog Snow!

  • Charlotte Johnston's
    Charlotte Johnston's 10 months ago +2

    I love piper

  • aditya khandelwal
    aditya khandelwal 10 months ago +1


  • Kurt Reyes
    Kurt Reyes 10 months ago

    Snowflake or snowblow even though its not on the list

  • Ayden !
    Ayden ! 10 months ago

    Casey neistat

  • Ayden !
    Ayden ! 10 months ago

    Rocco Plaza

  • Seema Siddique
    Seema Siddique 10 months ago +1


  • synon Pantoja
    synon Pantoja 11 months ago +1


  • Dede Vaughn
    Dede Vaughn 11 months ago

    My brother was Raising American pitbull terriers. His main female was called Ozark Morning Star. I tried to get him to name one of the males Ozark Evening Shade, and call him Shade. He was not crazy about the idea and didn't use it. I love the idea. A couple years later I went through a really hard time in my life and I bought a Mastiff. It was something I always wanted, he was 3 months old, the runt of the litter and they weren't able to sell him. So I picked him up for $700. He was small he stayed in the 160-180 lb range, but because he didn't have all that extra weight, he stayed very healthy and lived past his 11th birthday! That's very uncommon for Mastiff. So he was registered, but his family did it have a name that they used for the first few names. So when I registered him, you got it, he was Ozark Evening Shade. People used to left because they would say things like " you'll make a lot of shade!". I absolutely love that name, and I wish I could use it again, but it doesn't feel right. I have decided that as long as I have room in my home I will be adopting pit bulls from the local shelters. I have been down to one dog for quite a while, and knew that she wanted a companion offly bad. I'd heard that someone dumped a litter of puppies and they have been taken to our local animal shelter. If pitbulls aren't adopted fairly quickly, they are euthanized. It is so unfair! I would 10 * rather have a puppy pitbull than a puppy lab! I love labs, but the last lab puppy we had ripped every bit of the wiring out of our boat, and ate the seat out of the four wheeler! That was $1,000 worth of damage in one day. That's not the only thing he destroys, those were just the big things. I can't tell you how many garden hoses and strings of Christmas lights he somehow I would get his hands on er teeth on

  • all smart with Surya
    all smart with Surya 11 months ago

    Brutus is good

  • Chicago • The Grey Wolf
    Chicago • The Grey Wolf 11 months ago +3

    I use these names for when I play wolves life on roblox

  • shelagh mcalpine
    shelagh mcalpine 11 months ago +1


  • A G Mallikarjuna Rao
    A G Mallikarjuna Rao 11 months ago +2


  • Caylee Cult
    Caylee Cult 11 months ago +2


  • pandapoo777
    pandapoo777 11 months ago +1


  • Fiona Nacis
    Fiona Nacis 11 months ago +1


  • jagbeer singh
    jagbeer singh 11 months ago +1

    i have a pitbul named by bullet

  • Ron F
    Ron F Year ago


  • mani kant singh
    mani kant singh Year ago +1


  • Amy Flores
    Amy Flores Year ago +2


  • Everything Katie
    Everything Katie Year ago +2

    Fletcher for the win

  • Deysi Borja
    Deysi Borja Year ago +1

    rosie,ella,emilly,babra,rocky i like the name rocky becuase its my dos name rovillo mallory alanys jaylanis

  • A fee yeuehee Enebradwhdhehdj

    My dog is a beagle and his name is gonna be Zeus because beagles were popular in roman days

    • dogllii
      dogllii 11 months ago

      Planet Popular, Zeus is Greek.

    • dogllii
      dogllii 11 months ago

      But Zeus is Greek...

    • Planet Popular
      Planet Popular  Year ago

      Wow, I didn't know that - good information! Thanks for your comment

  • DIY_ _Gigi
    DIY_ _Gigi Year ago +2

    Rocco, Cooper, and Fletcher and I like the name Fletcher because it is my dogs name

  • Nancy Davila
    Nancy Davila Year ago +1

    For male Chihuahuas... Pepe/pepito, Paco, Chepe/ Chepito, Pancho/Panchito and Chente are so funny cute

  • Nancy Davila
    Nancy Davila Year ago +2

    Shadows is perfect!

  • Gøne u.u
    Gøne u.u Year ago +1

    I got names for girls
    Lydia.mavis Kona Bella nella nellie Shay Abby Sadie Zoey Bailey nala and that's all I can think of XD

    ANURAG KANT Year ago +1

    The best name of the dog is TITAN or REX

  • Elizabeth Harwig
    Elizabeth Harwig Year ago +4

    Shadow, is the best. And was the best dog R.I.P Shadow #ShadowStrong

  • damn_earthquake xDDD

    Googy! Is a pretty cute name. Atleast for me

  • Evelyn Uzhca
    Evelyn Uzhca Year ago +1

    Dis wasn't mentioned but u missed ruben

  • kimia cool
    kimia cool Year ago +1

    Cooper is the best!!!!

  • Military Survivor


  • Mia Gomes
    Mia Gomes Year ago


  • Nermien ALI
    Nermien ALI Year ago +2

    Rocky and pebbles also cinnamon ...

  • John Turner
    John Turner Year ago

    every good dog names in there except for Reggie it's short for Reginald

  • megan darwood
    megan darwood Year ago +1


  • Shootergang Diego
    Shootergang Diego Year ago +1


  • Gamer Lola
    Gamer Lola Year ago

    Me it's OFFICER PANCAKE!!!! 😋

  • iEatLemons
    iEatLemons Year ago

    the best dog name for me would be Milo

  • George Asprey
    George Asprey Year ago


  • Bibi Pérez
    Bibi Pérez Year ago


  • JC Denton
    JC Denton Year ago


  • JC Denton
    JC Denton Year ago +2


  • Distincta Furniture


  • Jehan Khan
    Jehan Khan Year ago

    W h a t A b o u t H o t d o g ? (N o t I n V i d i o )

  • Roblox fun
    Roblox fun Year ago

    Im getting a German shepherd

    • Caleigh
      Caleigh Year ago

      Roblox fun Me too on Feb 9

  • Simply Olivia
    Simply Olivia Year ago

    My favorite is piper

  • final_ DR4G0N
    final_ DR4G0N Year ago


  • X.Sora_ Gacha.X
    X.Sora_ Gacha.X Year ago +2

    Shadow or piper!

  • teena gupta
    teena gupta Year ago +2


  • palliyangaadile pilleru

    Becardi will be nice

  • Komily Boy
    Komily Boy Year ago +1


  • 6405090401 47
    6405090401 47 Year ago

    My dog is Gulet

  • Paul Malabanan
    Paul Malabanan Year ago

    My favorite names is rocco,harper,fletcher...

  • Nika Gupta
    Nika Gupta Year ago +1


  • Sai Sanaha
    Sai Sanaha Year ago

    l will keep snowy

  • Zak Aldred
    Zak Aldred Year ago

    Before I even watched this video I want a English cockerspaniel called Shadow. Also I think Murray is a cute name

  • JennaPlayz - Roblox
    JennaPlayz - Roblox Year ago +2

    Shadow or Cooper

  • Sarah Swarringim
    Sarah Swarringim Year ago +1

    We have a dog named Bentley and we used to have a dog named Kobe

  • victory royale
    victory royale Year ago

    I friend has a dog and he named it hunter-16