Why I HATE Ducati Motorcycles

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
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Comments • 766

  • lostro one
    lostro one 15 hours ago

    I won't go less than thousand cc.. any more..
    My v65 is just right for me.. v4.. torque.. speed.. light.. nimble.. o.d. nice rumble ..
    Small engines wind too high.. .. already tired of this .. 4 wheeler.. sound...
    Ducati makes killer cycles.

  • JoeDogs
    JoeDogs Day ago

    How can you hate a dead thing stupid

  • David Lukac
    David Lukac 6 days ago

    Ducati is porn on two wheels love my monster 821 everything about it! Had many Japanese before they are great but ducati is ducati.

  • SyncUchiha xx
    SyncUchiha xx 6 days ago

    This dude said he hates Denny’s as a joke and corrected it with Ducati. He left it in the video because he thought it was funny.... it wasn’t .

  • wil horne
    wil horne 8 days ago

    You know nothing srkcycles

  • Noble Martinus
    Noble Martinus 9 days ago

    Saying bad things about Ducati while riding one.

  • Suyash Tilak
    Suyash Tilak 9 days ago

    it's not the ducati who made 1200cc to compete with 1000cc inline 4, it's us. Ducati made 1200cc for us to ride and enjoy their motorcycle for not so very good price. Just don't compare it with anything and you'll be good.

  • Michael Chang
    Michael Chang 11 days ago

    You gave us all this attitude toward Duc's to tell us you like ducati's....lol

  • Ernest M
    Ernest M 12 days ago

    Man every time I hear a Ducati it just reminds me of my dads leaf blower.

  • Leo Reed
    Leo Reed 12 days ago

    "This bike is pretty great" make up your mind hater.

  • Remy Arr
    Remy Arr 14 days ago +1

    Damn sound is like u driving scooter. Delivery guys has the same sound in 49cc scooter. U know I got Kawasaki zx10r and there is np

  • Wall Cutter
    Wall Cutter 14 days ago

    I don't care for them either. They have enough folks who like them.
    Since you brought that up about the displacement.....you probably don't know this story. You are too Young. (I may be wrong)
    But it was 1988, 89 racing seasons. More like that period. Everyone was saying that Vtwins will never be competitive on the track.
    WERA and AMA decided to allow Vtwins to have extra displacement. I forgot the specifics but they gave them that edge and Carl Fogarty won the world championship on the 916. That's when Ducati just took off and became HUGE.
    Yes, it's good looking. As far as comfort.....You can make a sport bike that is comfortable. The KTM RC8 is actually a comfortable bike

  • Francisco Fonseca
    Francisco Fonseca 15 days ago

    I dare you to do a mental exercise. Picture any japanese bike with 5 to 10 years old and compare it with a ducati. Ducati bikes are timeless and the rest are disposible motorcycles. And by the way ducati's aren't suposed to be squeezed in Redline.

  • Jeff Ferguson
    Jeff Ferguson 16 days ago

    you couldnt pay me to buy a ducati

  • American boi
    American boi 17 days ago

    I wish I knew what everyone was talking about i.m 23 and i.m just getting into bikes

  • James Herrington
    James Herrington 18 days ago

    Heck ya you nailed it. Waste of money other than the art factor.

  • Warren Sanchez
    Warren Sanchez 20 days ago

    That thing does not make a beautiful sound-- at all RPM levels.

  • Dandy 935
    Dandy 935 20 days ago

    Hmmmm My V4R is 998cc smaller but faster.

  • CL Munro
    CL Munro 20 days ago

    Dude your the only dude I listen to

  • KathrynLiz1
    KathrynLiz1 21 day ago

    If you need a quick shifter you need to learn to ride properly.... I guarantee I can change as quick as anyone with a quick shift..... Clutchless upshifts are easy if you have a measure of skill...

  • Jarett Olson
    Jarett Olson 21 day ago

    Love my 2019 hyper950

  • NCC2087
    NCC2087 24 days ago +1

    My RSV4 with Arrow Pro-Race Titanium, is the best sounding bike I’ve ever heard.

  • TheHead9999
    TheHead9999 24 days ago

    What is this prick on about.

  • aslekay
    aslekay 24 days ago

    All the retard ducati guys "he doeant even explain why they are bad"...that's the point you tools

  • Lyndsey MacPherson
    Lyndsey MacPherson 25 days ago

    Wow. Sorry you feel that way. Can't get on board with that perspective, but you're entitled. Just hearing that engine while you're riding makes me fall in love all over again.
    Italian designers seek the exploration of limits in design so well. I feel Ducati builds some intelligent, demanding bikes. They're not for everyone, because of that.
    Performance should never be too comfortable. Some of us prefer a machine that's a bit raw, that requires the rider to get to know the bike, to build a relationship and understanding with its quirks and strengths. That process is part of the experience of riding, for some.

  • anthony armstrong
    anthony armstrong 26 days ago

    oh my goodness, i thought for a second it was SnewJ's bike! :)

  • EpicTyme
    EpicTyme 26 days ago

    Ducati's are not bad as such, they're just overpriced ( where I live anyways). Japanese bikes just give you better bang for your dollar, same goes for Harley's down here as well.

  • Casey G
    Casey G 26 days ago

    Overpriced, under built.

  • David Gamble
    David Gamble 27 days ago

    You tell'em Sean. It's about time someone roasted Ducati.

  • John Matsacos
    John Matsacos 27 days ago

    What 1999 cc ducati

  • Jamie Mills
    Jamie Mills 28 days ago

    cmon sean, Ducati's are sexy. That dry clutch sounds wonderful Their V2's sound wonderful at full song which is something Harleys can't say. Harleys sound good at very low revs but don't even try to Rev one out to match a duc. They kept the v2 design because they had a smaller frontal area than a four and a v twin puts power down in a more controlable way without breaking the rear tire loose as easily as in line four do.

  • justaman
    justaman 28 days ago

    No one likes Ducati except the blind idiot fanboys.

  • Richard Beddoes
    Richard Beddoes 28 days ago

    A basic understanding of engine design would help you understand why ducati places capacity outside an inline 4 bike, desmodromic is obviously a new word to you.
    A panigale will be uncomfortable, same as every other sports bike.
    Go back to your gold wing, waste of a video!

  • Alex Govender
    Alex Govender 28 days ago

    Engine sounds terrible!

  • Geoff Gyro
    Geoff Gyro 29 days ago +2

    The Ducati dry clutch clatter, the desmo and a nice rude muffler is music you numbskull!

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor 29 days ago

    Sean, you’ve done it again, you have upset some people. People are very sensitive these days. Bad boy. You are supposed to like everything, just in case.

  • zensunni
    zensunni Month ago

    What's funny is he mentions every reason people love Ducati's in the video, but he doesn't seem to put them together. Lemme break it down for u bro (disclaimer, I also hate Ducks):

    1.) They look sexy af.
    2.) They sound sexy af.
    3.) Their engines are bigger than they need to be.
    4.) They are expensive

    For the rich guy having a mid-life crisis - Ducati's target audience - these are all selling points.

  • bottomline2000
    bottomline2000 Month ago

    Duality of Ducati..some of you guys completely missed the point of the video lol.

  • Ballsy Mgee
    Ballsy Mgee Month ago

    You're a bit of a chump mate click bait much

  • Hardworking American

    Seemed to me you couldn't stand riding that bike and just couldn't wait to get off it . Lol .

  • Matty
    Matty Month ago

    How did u manage to get 207k subscribers? Dont have a clue. U just talk nonsense to me. (Never owned Ducati) i just appreciate the beautiful bikes and ure talkin lots of trash.

  • Rob Amos
    Rob Amos Month ago

    Life lesson. Cover thy clutch.

  • GhoStrike
    GhoStrike Month ago

    Are we supposed to listen to someone that gets on the bike from the wrong side?

  • Gancho Ganev
    Gancho Ganev Month ago

    As all bickes are, if you cannot ride them, don't.

  • Aldemar Guzman
    Aldemar Guzman Month ago

    2:37 Ducati started doing what?

  • The Box
    The Box Month ago

    Hmm It sucks but looks good shifts good and expensive .

  • V King
    V King Month ago

    You should do some homework before you shoot your mouth off. Rode one for 20 minutes & knows everything about it.
    Perhaps you need an “ eDUCATIon” .
    You do know the the biggest Panagale available is a 1299 cc right?
    Ever been to a race track. Every serious race bike including Honda & Yamaha run a dry clutch. ???
    You made no mention about the Desmo Valve Systems.
    Desmo Valves are driven open & driven shut. Zero valve bounce.(Because there are no valve springs) This explains Ducati’s ability to accelerate like a MF
    Valve bounce is what happens on every engine with valve springs. (Valve bounce is when you reach maximum revs/redline & the engine starts popping. That’s when the valves are opening & shutting faster than the spring can return to full tension allowing fuel into the cylinder & exhaust port when it shouldn’t)
    Reason for Displacement Allowance between Twins & Four Cylinders. Physics Mathematics works out. Torque vs Horsepower.
    Four cylinder engines are firing One cylinder every 180 degrees 4 times over a full 720 degrees to complete a single 4 stroke cycle.
    Ducati are now running Four cylinders which fires Two cylinders together every 360 degrees 2 times over the same 720 degrees.
    Which is why there is a difference of 300 cc displacement allowance. Every twin including Harley D’s Moto Guzzi etc are the same.
    Exhaust is loud because you have a bigger bang per firing. 50% displacement x 2 over 720 degrees on a twin verses 25 % displacement x 4 over 720 degrees on a Four cylinder. Google which bike has won the most races ever. Honda’s on its way but Ducati’s been there for years.
    I hope you learnt some thing from my rant.
    Comfort ... I was 45 yrs old when I rode a 996 ... No wet modes on these dinosaurs from Bendigo Victoria via Sydney on to Brisbane in torrential rain & this thing stuck like glue to the road. ( Yes in the torrential wet on fast sweepers I never felt stability on a bike like it) I’ve tried a lot of bikes over the years. Then on to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland & back. 4500 km minimum. (After getting lost a lot) 2 x 14 + hour stints each way. I’m 52 now still live in the countryside & do multiple hour runs. If you don’t like them leave them alone or don’t buy them then you won’t have to sell them. Not sure if your mom ever taught you this ...
    “If you have nothing good to say. Say nothing”.

    COMMON SENSE Month ago

    I think ducs are ugly and they sound funny

  • Ronny Portulidis
    Ronny Portulidis Month ago +1

    This kid is not worth the gasoline he is burning. Doesn’t understand what Ducs are all about. Get back on your inline rice cooker kiddo and stay away european bikes.

  • ffit_ydd
    ffit_ydd Month ago

    So this has the same power as a 15 year old Suzuki GSX-R750

  • All Kosmic
    All Kosmic Month ago

    Literally has no clue.

  • All Kosmic
    All Kosmic Month ago

    How did this guy get 206k subs?

  • brian kim
    brian kim Month ago

    They are the Ferrari of cars Junk anybody has ever owned a Ferrari it’s like the 1980s of the big three always the check engine light is on

  • Mohammad Khan
    Mohammad Khan Month ago +1

    Very low IQ guy, says a few things based on opinion, a few more from what his buddy said. Leave both his hands from handles to show skills. That sums up the review. What an American (idiot)

  • trustnick
    trustnick Month ago

    v4R is 998cc....

  • Victor Tellez
    Victor Tellez Month ago

    Had many bike brands in my life been trading and testing and the only bikes I've ever had trouble the most was a ducati...

  • Costas Mochlakis
    Costas Mochlakis Month ago

    Are you realy a bike seller for real?

  • L G
    L G Month ago

    Is a Ducati scrambler a good first bike or a Yamaha xrs700?

  • BlazeOfGlory717
    BlazeOfGlory717 Month ago

    He made this video so that he can get the views, because a video called 'I hate ducatis' will draw a lot of attention. He doesn't care, he already decided he was going to hate this bike so I don't see any reason to take it for a test drive. Just don't. Leave it for other people, who appreciate it. Not your thing? Get it. But don't rant about it for 12 minutes.

  • Q Crew
    Q Crew Month ago

    It looks good and sounds Amazing! It's Italian, of course you're gonna pay more. Love the sound of the Duc V twin!