12 Angry Men - Movie Review

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews 12 Angry Men, starring Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, Martin Balsam, John Fiedler, E.G. Marshall, Jack Klugman, Edward Binns, Jack Warden, Joseph Sweeney, Ed Begley, George Voskovec, Robert Webber. Directed by Sidney Lumet.
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  • Glen Hallstrom
    Glen Hallstrom Day ago

    Great reviw.
    I also Juror #3 (Lee J. Cobb) IMO is Willy Loman. He just had the fight with Biff (who left) and he's still holding on to that anger.

  • Links Loki
    Links Loki 3 days ago

    Just watched the movie, it was more emotional than I thought. It was even more important because faulty testimonies are a fairly new field of study in psychology and they really was room for a reasonable doubt in this case.

  • Siriusly Orion
    Siriusly Orion 4 days ago

    We studied this movie during in English class in my 4th year (this is in ireland, that's about 10th grade for you yanks) and it was definitely the best movie we studied, followed closely by The King's Speech

  • Dusty Fedora
    Dusty Fedora 6 days ago

    I first learned of this from family guy

  • Cad Bane
    Cad Bane 10 days ago +1

    6 years ago, my Citizenship teacher showed our class this film when it was free on TVclip. I was so interested in it that I watched at home with my mom and I was shocked at how goddam great the film was. Definitely one of my motivators for wanting to go into film.

  • Unconditional Truth
    Unconditional Truth 14 days ago +1

    Just think of how heavily the movie relies on acting and plot...one scene (technically) and amazing how well it’s done for its time period. Truly brilliant.

  • apawstate
    apawstate 15 days ago

    Lumet is pronounced with a hard T at the end. It is not silent.

  • gnewt75
    gnewt75 15 days ago

    Brilliant movie. Great acting and equally directed BUT not perfect. After a lawyer correctly said that any juror that brings any non-evidence into a jury room, in this case a switchblade bought outside, that juror can and legally must be removed from the jury. Ever since learning that bit of legal ruling, it's changed the way I see the story. Otherwise it's a PERFECT film!!!

  • Kevin Noceda
    Kevin Noceda 15 days ago

    They never said there names 😲😲

  • Austin Yarbrough
    Austin Yarbrough 17 days ago

    I was a fucking narcoleptic in highschool. But this movie was played in my gov. class and I was floored for the next hour.

  • Yan Naing
    Yan Naing 20 days ago +1

    I normally don't watch movies older than LOTR trilogy.
    I watched it because of your recommendation.
    Thank you so much, Chris.
    One movie added to my "most favorite" list

  • floydian
    floydian 21 day ago

    Watched it yesterday for the first time, excellent movie

  • James McGee
    James McGee 22 days ago

    Twelve angry men is my #1 favorite movie. I like how it demonstrates how one person can make a difference just by keeping emotions controlled and thinking clear. I agree 100% with your review.

  • Roger McIntyre
    Roger McIntyre 22 days ago

    5:25, Lee J.Cobb is my favorite character in this movie masterpiece.

  • Viktor Wolf van Eeden
    Viktor Wolf van Eeden 23 days ago

    I'd say im quite young (18) and probably most people my age would think black and white movies are boring and/or too old, but I must say that 12 angry men is surely in my top 3.

  • PrideofPitchers
    PrideofPitchers 25 days ago

    i wasn't a big fan of the lack of setting, but the acting was phenomenal.

  • Laura Harrison
    Laura Harrison 28 days ago

    I grew up on old movies especially before 70s even though I'm just 33.

  • Noah Gantes
    Noah Gantes Month ago

    You got me to watch the movie with this review and thank you so much for that as I thoroughly enjoyed it

  • Jobs mine
    Jobs mine Month ago

    Just saw it and it instantly became my favorite. what a movie..

  • Donya Lane
    Donya Lane Month ago

    I subscribed.
    BTW, I've never heard Sidney Lumet's name pronounced with the French pronunciation that you used (silent T). I've ALWAYS heard the T pronounced. He was a GOD in the pantheon of film directors! Brilliant! He was also married to a bunch of impressive and note-worthy women.
    Looking forward to watching more of your vids...

  • The Dimensioneer
    The Dimensioneer Month ago

    My absolute favorite movie.

  • leftcoaster67
    leftcoaster67 Month ago

    Review "The Incident" it's like 12 Angry Men, but better. It shows the psychology of a group when conflict arises.

  • Squeeps III
    Squeeps III Month ago

    Just watched this for the first time, and I cannot believe I waited this long. Absolutely incredible.

  • Masua90
    Masua90 Month ago +2

    05:21 You sir put a smile on my face with those two impressions. Kudos.

  • Paul Wheelan
    Paul Wheelan Month ago

    My father introduced me to this film in the '80's. I watch it at least once a year. Your analysis was spot on. 3 other films he showed me were 1. Some Like it Hot 2: Stalag 17 3: Born Yesterday. I would love to see your discourse on them

  • Ailurus Ludens
    Ailurus Ludens Month ago

    My favorite movie of all time, followed closely by The Lives of Others and American Beauty

  • Tim Bylander
    Tim Bylander Month ago

    The single greatest film ever made. If you sit on a jury you should be required to watch this movie.

  • Jaasau
    Jaasau Month ago

    I showed this film at a middle school during an activity period where I was teaching kids film. We couldn't finish because we would periodically stop to analyze, and when I sent kids away they were PLEADING with me to let them finish it next time. We're talking 6th graders, folks.

  • Ricky 18
    Ricky 18 2 months ago

    I was so shook watching this in 11th grade .. the goat

  • Alexander T
    Alexander T 2 months ago

    I cannot believe how good this movie is. And I usually dont like movies before the 70s

  • tapthatt2012
    tapthatt2012 2 months ago

    Watched it last night on TCM. Classic. This movie always came to mind when I was on jury duty.

  • Colonel Kenpachi
    Colonel Kenpachi 2 months ago

    I keep going back to the Lee J Cobb impersonation. Damn it Chris that shit is accurate.

  • cdubbart
    cdubbart 2 months ago

    This is an old review at this point... and I already love this movie... but I feel like you just convinced me to see it again as if I didn't, lol.

  • Jonathan Quatro
    Jonathan Quatro 2 months ago

    The best movie script of all time.

  • Wong Equals God
    Wong Equals God 2 months ago

    I saw this movie for the first time yesterday and it might be my new favorite movie of all time, it’s so great. Every performance, the camerawork, the characters, the story, the directing, it’s all perfect. I will watch this movie at least once every few months from now on

  • Prod. Hxrford
    Prod. Hxrford 2 months ago

    perfect? Oh come on

  • frugowy
    frugowy 2 months ago

    12 angry men is amazing movie, reminds me polish masterpiece movie Pociąg (The Train, director: Jerzy Kawalerowicz). Both are black and white, psychlogical, 50's, the action takes place on several m2 and both touch very important society problems.

  • Diatonic1958
    Diatonic1958 2 months ago

    Possibly my favourite film and one that hooked me from the very first. A true masterpiece on so many levels.

  • Henn Dickenson
    Henn Dickenson 2 months ago

    I got triggered when he named other flawless movie with out shawshank redemption !! But indeed 12 Angry men is a masterpiece

  • Sam Deane
    Sam Deane 2 months ago

    Easily one of my favorite films. I even like the TV version (the one with Tony Danza - Tony DANZA I tellz ya'!)

  • moundofsound
    moundofsound 2 months ago

    Agreed. Read it was good but had no idea. So much from so little. Absolutely riveting and timeless.

  • AngryNerdX
    AngryNerdX 2 months ago

    Chris's impression was hilarious!

  • Cody Adams
    Cody Adams 2 months ago

    You should review some more classic black and white films. There’s a lot of the younger generation that’s seriously missing out on some great films and great stories.

  • Delightful Hat Studios
    Delightful Hat Studios 2 months ago

    I just saw it and thought the perfect frase to describe this movie was simply «carefully crafted». There is a guy on youtube: counter arguments who’s so far made four great videoes about this movie.
    An 8/10 movie. (Thats great for my standerds btw)

    SOURAVxC 2 months ago

    Saw it and loved it. Thank you🙂

  • Unknown person
    Unknown person 2 months ago +1

    8:14 extremely true guys..just go with it..!

  • Unknown person
    Unknown person 2 months ago +1

    seriously i am surprised after watching black & white movie in 2019..! i saw some other old movies also but i not found myself enjoying.. (i am not giving name of that movies) but i realy liked this movie..i sticked to my chair while watching whole time..!!
    62 years old,no female character,no romance,no special effects or no special location even took placed in single room.. but i enjoyed it..!
    my respect to hollywood is increased now..!

  • Noah and Zilla's Channel

    I saw this movie in 7th grade for history class to learn a little bit about court and I just LOVED this movie, this is hands down the greatest film shown in school to this day for me. This film is also what inspired me to become a writer myself.

  • Von Sowards
    Von Sowards 2 months ago

    I agree with you that this movie is amazing. I first watched it in a social studies class in middle school and was captivated by it then. I would disagree that there is another thing that makes it dated, and that is the demographics. Today a jury would not be made of of only men (white men), but seriously I do not fault it for that. Call me misogynistic, but I love the dynamic the masculine alpha power play adds to the dramatic action. Even the title is so captivating, but it wouldn’t fly today. Remakes like “12” (2007) just don’t ring as nicely. So, while it is from an era that had a stronger patriarchy, I still think it is amazing and timeless.

  • AG
    AG 3 months ago

    Great movie, but I don't love the ending. There should be a scene where they show the kid being acquitted.

  • Thomas God follower
    Thomas God follower 3 months ago


  • TheOwlReviewer
    TheOwlReviewer 3 months ago

    Despite its acclaim and wins for the 1958 Oscars, I think Bridge on the River Kwai should've lost some Awards to 12 Angry Men. It should've taken home Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actor and Especially Adapted Screenplay.

    • TheOwlReviewer
      TheOwlReviewer Month ago

      +gerry o sullivan Heah its a shame. Lee J. Cobb SHOULD HAVE TAKEN Supporting Actor

    • gerry o sullivan
      gerry o sullivan Month ago

      just checked and no actor from this film was nominated for either best or supporting ,thats unbelievable!

  • pie- ninetyever
    pie- ninetyever 3 months ago

    Should have won 12 oscars

  • Mr. Chopsticks
    Mr. Chopsticks 3 months ago

    That acting tho.. XD super super accurate

  • EnzotheStriker
    EnzotheStriker 3 months ago

    you can tell at the beginning of the movie the really old man is hesitant to raise his hand for guilty he's one of the last guys to raise it so i think he had reasonable doubt since the beginning

  • John Green
    John Green 3 months ago

    Wonderful and very funny impersonation of Lee J. Cobb.

  • Hayden Thomas
    Hayden Thomas 3 months ago

    I just watched this in my 8th grade history class, and my entire class loved it, it’s amazing how timeless a great film can be.

  • Yama Sultani
    Yama Sultani 3 months ago

    Just watched it was so good reminded me of twilight zones best moments

  • ur2c8
    ur2c8 3 months ago +1

    The sad thing is that nobody would dare make this movie today because of the all white male cast. In the 1997 remake, four of the jurors where black and the judge was a woman. How long before they make "12 Angry Women" - there is already a full-length play called this with an all female cast?

  • Nor Priest
    Nor Priest 3 months ago

    The greatest movie ever.

  • WUBrummie
    WUBrummie 3 months ago

    Just finished my Jury Service in the UK and thought of this film... my case collapsed because it was split 6:6 and we told the judge none of us would change our mind so he discharged us.
    Funny thing is the 12 of us did form a close bond over the course of a week but after it was over we walked away without exchanging numbers presumably never to cross paths again

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest 3 months ago

      Jury system has lots of flaws.

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 3 months ago

    This is one of the very few movies that I see in a class at school that I really loved.
    (But yeah, its really, *really* good.)

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest 3 months ago

      It's the best movie ever.

  • Rashuanu
    Rashuanu 3 months ago

    Is it just me, or does Juror #3 look like Marshall from HIMYM?

  • drew Y.
    drew Y. 3 months ago

    Best Lee j. Cobb impression.
    Its at Wally's for $5, I was on the fence but you probably sold it.

  • Photo_ Filmmaking
    Photo_ Filmmaking 3 months ago

    It’s quite a classic film.

    • Photo_ Filmmaking
      Photo_ Filmmaking 3 months ago

      Nor Priest true. It’s really a fantastic movie.

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest 3 months ago

      Oh shut up.
      It's the best movie ever.

    AkMLGHWNT 3 months ago

    Didn’t they do a family guy episode that was like the plot of 12 angry men?

  • Nestor Gillespie
    Nestor Gillespie 3 months ago

    Do you find Dr. Strangelove to be also a perfect movie?

  • Saarthak Sharma
    Saarthak Sharma 3 months ago

    Please review Witness for the Prosecution(1957), something I found equivalent to 12 Angry Men.

  • Sean Mason
    Sean Mason 3 months ago

    Have you ever seen the Third Man? I would love if you could do a review on it

  • Caulin Whitewater
    Caulin Whitewater 3 months ago

    i didn’t like the ending at all. i thought it was unnecessary to exchange names. that is the only flaw i had with the movie

  • Noob Gaming
    Noob Gaming 3 months ago

    so who here has seen brannigan the john wayne flick

  • Kyle Maljevac
    Kyle Maljevac 3 months ago

    I remember my legal teacher made us watch this film in my year 11 law class for high school. I’ve read both the play and seen this movie and in my eyes the film is one of those rare movies that is better than its original source material. Incredible piece of work that improves on the original play in every way.

  • Legendary Texasdredds
    Legendary Texasdredds 3 months ago

    Great movie really shows how precious life is. But what's with the ending

    • AG
      AG 3 months ago

      Yeah, I didn't love the ending either. They should have shown the kid getting acquitted.

  • S M
    S M 3 months ago +1

    one of the coolest and brilliant film it is.👏👏👏
    1 place and whole movie shot.
    Unique murder mistery.Not a single minute i got bored.

  • Dean Hayashi
    Dean Hayashi 3 months ago

    One of my favorites. The first time I saw it was on TCM. Whenever it’s on I can watch bits and pieces from it.
    May I suggest Marty with Ernest Borgnine. His Oscar winning performance will break your heart and uplift as well.

  • arian amjady
    arian amjady 3 months ago

    so nice (:

  • Muhammad Saiful Islam Sujon

    One of best movie ever made

  • Man Drake
    Man Drake 3 months ago

    Do The Treasure of Seirra Madre, especially if you haven't seen it. Its a classic.


    U know I think this movie should be called "The Room" to make the movie more interesting and suspenseful rather than 12 Angry Men. But I loved that too.

  • Russel Walker
    Russel Walker 3 months ago

    They don't make em like they use to

  • Sara Sh
    Sara Sh 4 months ago +1

    2018 first time to watch black and white movie
    It was 12 Angry men 👌🏼

  • Krishna Teja B
    Krishna Teja B 4 months ago

    make a Detailed Analysis on Vanilla Sky

    DEEAN 4 months ago

    I'm in 7th grade currently and my civics teacher is showing this to the class. Tomorrow we're going to finish it, there's only roughly 15 minutes left, but I still want to see the end of it. Before, I haven't really watched any movies like these but when we started getting a bit further into the movie and seeing all of these characters and their own perspectives, I just fell in love with it. It would be great to see some sort of high school play for the whole movie, it almost feels as if it was originally intended to be a play. The acting is just amazing. This movie is one of the most immersive and unique movies I have ever watched and I can see why it is so high on the rating list. A 10/10 is a very fitting rating.

  • esmir hodzic
    esmir hodzic 4 months ago +1

    just watched this , real amusing stuff.

  • Joshua D.
    Joshua D. 4 months ago

    I wish more films would take this long cut approach to filming forces the actors to really stay in character.

  • steven franklin
    steven franklin 4 months ago

    I like how the movie tackles racism, something that films of that era generally avoided.

  • Ashley Barlowe
    Ashley Barlowe 4 months ago

    I adore your unadulterated passion for film... which rivals my own & I don’t get to say that very often. Kudos to you, Chris! I can’t wait to see the mark that you get to make in film. I’ll be cheering you on!! 👍🏼🙌🏼

  • Leo Rodrìguez Guti
    Leo Rodrìguez Guti 4 months ago +1

    Other times when ethics and integrity were important.

  • Spencer Breckon
    Spencer Breckon 4 months ago +4

    I just watched this film and holy shit it is amazing it’s one of few films that get an a+ in my opinion (Indiana Jones 1 shining fight club gladiator Shawshank redemption dark knight the good the bad and the ugly terminator 2 enter the dragon Aladdin psycho exorcist empire strikes back and Forrest Gump v for vendetta) and those are my top 17 movies that’s how good it was. It is a 10/10. And I know I’m late

  • SabriX
    SabriX 4 months ago

    Please do a review for The Ballad of Buster Scruggs it may be the first A+ movie in 2018 😉

  • Starswhirl
    Starswhirl 4 months ago

    Review To Kill A Mockingbird

  • PerfectCell101
    PerfectCell101 4 months ago

    you should review once upon a time in the west this year

  • pheromonekid
    pheromonekid 4 months ago

    I remember watching this during my final week of AP English class!

    ANTHONY CLIFFORD 4 months ago

    I first saw it at the age of 10. I was absolutely captivated the entire time. The fact that 12 people talking in a single room for 90 minutes can captivate the 10 year old me, is testament to the absolute mastery of the movie in acting, directing and writing.

  • Gotham knight
    Gotham knight 4 months ago

    Im 16 i was home alone and checked my brothers laptop for movies, the fact that it was black and white made me more excited then i watched it.
    I love this damn movie

  • Cinema Summary
    Cinema Summary 4 months ago

    Thank you Chris for talking about this movie. It's really one of greatest cinematic masterpieces that I was exposed to when I was in highschool for a philosophy class. And it was so good, that at the end of the movie the whole class actually applauded. It's such a masterpiece of characterization, dialogue, acting, blocking, and more importantly deductive and inductive reasoning, that it is a shame not a lot of people talk about it nowadays.

  • Arlo Pear
    Arlo Pear 4 months ago

    If you've never seen 12 Angry Men you're missing out on pure quality. Sure it's a product of its time with an all male nearly all White jury but if you look past that you'll see a pure grounded masterpiece.

  • chesa ramadhan
    chesa ramadhan 4 months ago

    My law professor suggested me to watch this movie.. And it is one of the best movie I've ever watched

  • themarine0316
    themarine0316 4 months ago

    Excellent film but I actually like the 1997 version with jack Lennon a little more but the original is an excellent film as well.

  • Mega Solidryu
    Mega Solidryu 4 months ago

    I remember being shown this in High School 6 years ago. It became one of my favorite movies since then.