12 Angry Men - Movie Review


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  • pie- ninetyever
    pie- ninetyever 49 minutes ago

    Should have won 12 oscars

  • The Chopsticks
    The Chopsticks 9 hours ago

    That acting tho.. XD super super accurate

  • EnzotheStriker
    EnzotheStriker 17 hours ago

    you can tell at the beginning of the movie the really old man is hesitant to raise his hand for guilty he's one of the last guys to raise it so i think he had reasonable doubt since the beginning

  • John Green
    John Green 2 days ago

    Wonderful and very funny impersonation of Lee J. Cobb.

  • Hayden Thomas
    Hayden Thomas 3 days ago

    I just watched this in my 8th grade history class, and my entire class loved it, it’s amazing how timeless a great film can be.

  • Yama Sultani
    Yama Sultani 5 days ago

    Just watched it was so good reminded me of twilight zones best moments

  • ur2c8
    ur2c8 6 days ago +1

    The sad thing is that nobody would dare make this movie today because of the all white male cast. In the 1997 remake, four of the jurors where black and the judge was a woman. How long before they make "12 Angry Women" - there is already a full-length play called this with an all female cast?

  • Nor Priest
    Nor Priest 6 days ago

    The greatest movie ever.

  • WUBrummie
    WUBrummie 7 days ago

    Just finished my Jury Service in the UK and thought of this film... my case collapsed because it was split 6:6 and we told the judge none of us would change our mind so he discharged us.
    Funny thing is the 12 of us did form a close bond over the course of a week but after it was over we walked away without exchanging numbers presumably never to cross paths again

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest 6 days ago

      Jury system has lots of flaws.

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 8 days ago

    This is one of the very few movies that I see in a class at school that I really loved.
    (But yeah, its really, *really* good.)

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest 6 days ago

      It's the best movie ever.

  • Rashuanu
    Rashuanu 10 days ago

    Is it just me, or does Juror #3 look like Marshall from HIMYM?

  • drew yikes
    drew yikes 11 days ago

    Best Lee j. Cobb impression.
    Its at Wally's for $5, I was on the fence but you probably sold it.

  • Photo_ Filmmaking
    Photo_ Filmmaking 11 days ago

    It’s quite a classic film.

    • Photo_ Filmmaking
      Photo_ Filmmaking 6 days ago

      Nor Priest true. It’s really a fantastic movie.

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest 6 days ago

      Oh shut up.
      It's the best movie ever.

    AkMLGHWNT 13 days ago

    Didn’t they do a family guy episode that was like the plot of 12 angry men?

  • Nestor Gillespie
    Nestor Gillespie 15 days ago

    Do you find Dr. Strangelove to be also a perfect movie?

  • Saarthak Sharma
    Saarthak Sharma 16 days ago

    Please review Witness for the Prosecution(1957), something I found equivalent to 12 Angry Men.

  • Sean Mason
    Sean Mason 16 days ago

    Have you ever seen the Third Man? I would love if you could do a review on it

  • Caulin Whitewater
    Caulin Whitewater 17 days ago

    i didn’t like the ending at all. i thought it was unnecessary to exchange names. that is the only flaw i had with the movie

  • Noob Gaming
    Noob Gaming 19 days ago

    so who here has seen brannigan the john wayne flick

  • Kyle Maljevac
    Kyle Maljevac 20 days ago

    I remember my legal teacher made us watch this film in my year 11 law class for high school. I’ve read both the play and seen this movie and in my eyes the film is one of those rare movies that is better than its original source material. Incredible piece of work that improves on the original play in every way.

  • Legendary Texasdredds

    Great movie really shows how precious life is. But what's with the ending

  • S M
    S M 22 days ago +1

    one of the coolest and brilliant film it is.👏👏👏
    1 place and whole movie shot.
    Unique murder mistery.Not a single minute i got bored.

  • Dean Hayashi
    Dean Hayashi 23 days ago

    One of my favorites. The first time I saw it was on TCM. Whenever it’s on I can watch bits and pieces from it.
    May I suggest Marty with Ernest Borgnine. His Oscar winning performance will break your heart and uplift as well.

  • arian amjady
    arian amjady 24 days ago

    so nice (:

  • Muhammad Saiful Islam Sujon

    One of best movie ever made

  • Man Drake
    Man Drake 24 days ago

    Do The Treasure of Seirra Madre, especially if you haven't seen it. Its a classic.


    U know I think this movie should be called "The Room" to make the movie more interesting and suspenseful rather than 12 Angry Men. But I loved that too.

  • Russel Walker
    Russel Walker 25 days ago

    They don't make em like they use to

  • Sara Sh
    Sara Sh 29 days ago +1

    2018 first time to watch black and white movie
    It was 12 Angry men 👌🏼

  • Krishna Teja B
    Krishna Teja B Month ago

    make a Detailed Analysis on Vanilla Sky

    DEEAN Month ago

    I'm in 7th grade currently and my civics teacher is showing this to the class. Tomorrow we're going to finish it, there's only roughly 15 minutes left, but I still want to see the end of it. Before, I haven't really watched any movies like these but when we started getting a bit further into the movie and seeing all of these characters and their own perspectives, I just fell in love with it. It would be great to see some sort of high school play for the whole movie, it almost feels as if it was originally intended to be a play. The acting is just amazing. This movie is one of the most immersive and unique movies I have ever watched and I can see why it is so high on the rating list. A 10/10 is a very fitting rating.

  • esmir hodzic
    esmir hodzic Month ago +1

    just watched this , real amusing stuff.

  • Joshua D.
    Joshua D. Month ago

    I wish more films would take this long cut approach to filming forces the actors to really stay in character.

  • steven franklin
    steven franklin Month ago

    I like how the movie tackles racism, something that films of that era generally avoided.

  • Ashley Barlowe
    Ashley Barlowe Month ago

    I adore your unadulterated passion for film... which rivals my own & I don’t get to say that very often. Kudos to you, Chris! I can’t wait to see the mark that you get to make in film. I’ll be cheering you on!! 👍🏼🙌🏼

  • Leo Rodrìguez Guti
    Leo Rodrìguez Guti Month ago +1

    Other times when ethics and integrity were important.

  • Spencer Breckon
    Spencer Breckon Month ago +3

    I just watched this film and holy shit it is amazing it’s one of few films that get an a+ in my opinion (Indiana Jones 1 shining fight club gladiator Shawshank redemption dark knight the good the bad and the ugly terminator 2 enter the dragon Aladdin psycho exorcist empire strikes back and Forrest Gump v for vendetta) and those are my top 17 movies that’s how good it was. It is a 10/10. And I know I’m late

  • SabriX
    SabriX Month ago

    Please do a review for The Ballad of Buster Scruggs it may be the first A+ movie in 2018 😉

  • Starswhirl
    Starswhirl Month ago

    Review To Kill A Mockingbird

  • PerfectCell101
    PerfectCell101 Month ago

    you should review once upon a time in the west this year

  • pheromonekid
    pheromonekid Month ago

    I remember watching this during my final week of AP English class!


    I first saw it at the age of 10. I was absolutely captivated the entire time. The fact that 12 people talking in a single room for 90 minutes can captivate the 10 year old me, is testament to the absolute mastery of the movie in acting, directing and writing.

  • Gotham knight
    Gotham knight Month ago

    Im 16 i was home alone and checked my brothers laptop for movies, the fact that it was black and white made me more excited then i watched it.
    I love this damn movie

  • Cinema Summary
    Cinema Summary Month ago

    Thank you Chris for talking about this movie. It's really one of greatest cinematic masterpieces that I was exposed to when I was in highschool for a philosophy class. And it was so good, that at the end of the movie the whole class actually applauded. It's such a masterpiece of characterization, dialogue, acting, blocking, and more importantly deductive and inductive reasoning, that it is a shame not a lot of people talk about it nowadays.

  • Marvin Wade
    Marvin Wade Month ago

    If you've never seen 12 Angry Men you're missing out on pure quality. Sure it's a product of its time with an all male nearly all White jury but if you look past that you'll see a pure grounded masterpiece.

  • chesa ramadhan
    chesa ramadhan Month ago

    My law professor suggested me to watch this movie.. And it is one of the best movie I've ever watched

  • themarine0316
    themarine0316 Month ago

    Excellent film but I actually like the 1997 version with jack Lennon a little more but the original is an excellent film as well.

  • Mega Solidryu
    Mega Solidryu Month ago

    I remember being shown this in High School 6 years ago. It became one of my favorite movies since then.

  • Judd Nelson
    Judd Nelson Month ago

    Where can I watch this? On Netflix, there's a movie similar to it (I'm pretty sure its a remake/reboot) called 12 made in 2007. Should I watch this one?

  • UnfinishedBusiness
    UnfinishedBusiness Month ago

    I remember that when i saw this movie the first time, i was very afraid of Jurys at Court. I was thankfull that there are people like Henry Fonda (too few) Great Review.

  • Daniel Levit
    Daniel Levit Month ago

    Lol, the review is 12 minutes!!

  • DiarrheaChain
    DiarrheaChain Month ago

    "My sister had satellite TV". So they were separated from birth?

  • Chris Schrijvers
    Chris Schrijvers Month ago

    The only B&W movie I've seen before this one is Schindler's List.

  • Jomar Beran
    Jomar Beran Month ago

    You should do a review on the breakfast club. One of my favorite movies of all timw

  • ashy angkle
    ashy angkle Month ago

    This movie is so funny to me 😅

  • CommanderX3001
    CommanderX3001 Month ago

    if he gave this film anything less than an A+ i would've flipped my shit, but wouldn't have been surprised since this movie is probably the most underrated movie of all time.

  • Mark Douglas
    Mark Douglas Month ago

    Sunset boulevard and Twelve O'clock high should be on your list. Give them a peak.

  • pixelscanon
    pixelscanon Month ago

    This movie is one of the greatest. Agree on every point spoken about! I hope it inspires more youth. Brilliant film that leaves a lasting mark

  • Nguyễn Tuấn Anh Lại

    Seth Macfarlane even dedicate 1 whole episode replicate this movie. Which we know how good it is

  • RockChild
    RockChild Month ago

    12 Angry Men is my favourite courtroom Drama and one of my all time favourite movies period. I bought the Criterion BLURAY

  • Frank McManus
    Frank McManus Month ago

    I agree, this is a really great film. BUT. How can you have a fair jury in this country without a single woman or person of color?

    • AmericanNohbuddy ™
      AmericanNohbuddy ™ Month ago

      +Frank McManusAmerica was/is a very racist place and historically black people/minorities would have all white juries.

    • Frank McManus
      Frank McManus Month ago

      +AmericanNohbuddy ™ Black people and women were banned from juries in New York in 1957?

    • AmericanNohbuddy ™
      AmericanNohbuddy ™ Month ago

      This was 1957

  • Omar Siddiqi
    Omar Siddiqi Month ago

    lumetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt not lumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jamaica Sugar
    Jamaica Sugar Month ago

    Love this movie and review! More oldies!!!!

  • Sayan Malakar
    Sayan Malakar Month ago +1

    Thanks a lot Chris. You made me watch this film. I'm grateful to you. This film is truly a masterpiece.

  • Louis BIoom
    Louis BIoom 2 months ago


  • butters 99
    butters 99 2 months ago

    The part that amazed me was when the man that said he never sweats broke a fatass drip of sweat when the first not guilty guy blew his mind about the girls vision

  • Rasool Gul Sherani
    Rasool Gul Sherani 2 months ago

    Can anyone get any questions from that movie plz.....I want 20 question in that movie.... any interested

  • Lynna Bright
    Lynna Bright 2 months ago

    The director’s name is pronounced “Loo-met.”

  • Rustin Cohle
    Rustin Cohle 2 months ago

    It's Sidney Loo-Met. Loo-Met, muthafucka! LOO-MET!

  • Misty Mathis
    Misty Mathis 2 months ago

    Agree 100% - this & To Kill a Mockingbird are my fav B & W dramas

  • KillerBebe
    KillerBebe 2 months ago

    At the start juror #8 wasn’t sure and thought that he probably did it but believed that in a case that a Man’s life depends on should not be voted on so quickly and is owed discussion.

  • Hazman Rostam
    Hazman Rostam 2 months ago +4

    Does henry fonda related to claire foy? They were really lookalike though

    • Kaiser Marrero
      Kaiser Marrero Month ago

      Claire Foy is so hot. I would love to start an American Revolution in her British panties.

  • Nas eazye
    Nas eazye 2 months ago

    Saw the whole movie on TVclip 3 or 4 years ago when you could still do that. Actually made me feel worried about a fictional character.

  • Lucas Gill
    Lucas Gill 2 months ago

    Great movie. How about "M"?

  • Anas Lotfi
    Anas Lotfi 2 months ago

    this is one of the best movies I've ever seen! LIKE EVER!

  • Cherrie Shird
    Cherrie Shird 2 months ago

    1954 is the first 🎥 need that review

  • Malena The Menace
    Malena The Menace 2 months ago

    It's not dated? how about how it's all men and they are all white!? Gesh, not dated at all, not one bit.

  • Kevin Hall
    Kevin Hall 2 months ago

    The movie asks the question of "Whats the value of human life", but only directs that question at the suspect. It dosent ask the audience the same question in terms of the victim. What about the value of a life that's been taken away? The film has the jurors make decisions not based on evidence, but instead, to not make decisions, based on guilt. It essentially says that any crime, if not witnessed by many people, and with undeniable evidence, should end in a hung jury. There's no justice for the victim in this movie. If you disagree with any of this, you should check out 12 angry men the sequel, in which the suspect kills his uncle and niece the next day.

    • AmericanNohbuddy ™
      AmericanNohbuddy ™ Month ago

      That's the justice system. Beyond a reasonable doubt. You don't send people to the chair because an old lady without wearing glass looking through a moving train might have seen the kid stab someone

  • Karla Straight
    Karla Straight 2 months ago

    Brilliant film!!

  • Imalrightma
    Imalrightma 2 months ago

    Just finished watching it now, in 2018 and yeah complete agree. Masterpiece of cinema that has aged remarkably well. Great.

  • Mason Gibson
    Mason Gibson 2 months ago

    I watched this movie a few hours ago it is now one of my favorite movies now

  • Uncle Russell
    Uncle Russell 2 months ago

    I saw it just before I watched this review. Definitely the best movie I've seen in my life.

  • CK Turul
    CK Turul 3 months ago

    How can you put all these clips in a video? Aren't these all copyrighted?

  • Jake Doss
    Jake Doss 3 months ago

    Just saw this for the first time this year... was amazing. Have you checked out the Russian film 12... which is basically this, but with a sleight twist?

    • Jake Doss
      Jake Doss 3 months ago

      Was on netflix last I checked

  • nandoori srikanth kumar
    nandoori srikanth kumar 3 months ago +1

    Brother I have seen this movie last week and It is SPECTACULAR !!!

  • Indiana Johns
    Indiana Johns 3 months ago

    Please do the Maltese Falcon

  • Jovan Ng
    Jovan Ng 3 months ago

    Review The Sound Of Music pls

  • Major Kong
    Major Kong 3 months ago +3

    Few movies are perfect, and this is one of those few. GREAT FILM

  • shahrim ahmad
    shahrim ahmad 3 months ago

    My suggestion for your first black and white movie..Double Indemnity.

  • Dan Cole
    Dan Cole 3 months ago

    God, I love this film.
    Thank you so much. You're a critic so I understand that you tend to review current films. But I get addicted to watching some of these list outfits that seem to be unaware that films have been around for more than 100 years. The Best War Films, The Best Westerns, The Best Rom Coms, The Best Spy films, etc. But they seem unaware that film existed before 1980.
    So I loved this. Thank you.
    I'd love to hear your take on THE SEARCHERS.

  • Carl Marris
    Carl Marris 3 months ago

    One of my all time favorites, I saw it when I was younger too(33 now) and was hooked from start to finish. Heck I even liked the 1997 version. This is one of those rare movies I can rewatch

  • Pythias
    Pythias 3 months ago

    Anybody still convinced that the kid is guilty?

  • ipolson
    ipolson 3 months ago

    Agree it's perfect. There are not many films where there is really only one scene & location yet it is compelling, due to the actors involved and the acting involved. It is my second favourite film. My favourite film is 'Paper Moon'', which I consider a complete masterpiece and the way it is shot makes it not only a great film, but a work of art. '12 Angry Men' and 'Paper Moon' are cinematic heaven.

  • Slenderdragon 00
    Slenderdragon 00 3 months ago

    "Twelve Angry Minutes"

  • PlexyPanda
    PlexyPanda 3 months ago

    Throughout the last 30 minutes I lost count of how many times I said "This fucking guy" out loud. Fantastic movie, one of the best ever made

  • Chef Jack Geeks Out
    Chef Jack Geeks Out 4 months ago

    First, I absolutely agree with you.
    Second, its "Loo-mett" not "Loo-may". Just saying.

  • GannerRhysode
    GannerRhysode 4 months ago

    The real problem in this movie is that Henry Fonda isn’t a juror in the movie. He is the boys lawyer on the jury. It would never fly for a juror to introduce evidence like an easily attained switchblade. It’s not the jury’s job to prove innocence. It’s their job to use evidence the lawyers presented to decide innocence.

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy 4 months ago

    Look up 12 Short Angry Men on TVclip. You won't regret it. It's beautiful

  • flukeman022
    flukeman022 4 months ago

    Can you do a review Chase a Crooked Shadow?

  • flukeman022
    flukeman022 4 months ago

    Dragon Ball Z Vs Twelve Angry Men. If you're a 10 year old kid which one would you watch?