12 Angry Men - Movie Review


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  • Daniel Annam
    Daniel Annam Day ago

    I saw it just before I watched this review. Definitely the best movie I've seen in my life.

  • MRT
    MRT 4 days ago

    Henry Fonda was an amazing actor. I would say this movie is a great companion piece to the dark The Ox-Bow Incident. Both are worthy and both are extremely thought provoking. Fonda's best role might be Once Upon A Time In The West (great cast all around), but he excelled in everything.
    Perfect films, here are some of mine: Stalker, Andrei Rublev, Judgement at Nuremberg, Once Upon A Time In The West, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Das Boot, High Noon, For A Few Dollars More (Yes, better than the other "Dollars" films, especially the end duel), Walter Hill's debut with Charles Bronson, Hard Times and this one. Thanks for covering an older film. There are so many great films to review from 1940 to 1980.

  • American Goulash
    American Goulash 7 days ago

    How can you put all these clips in a video? Aren't these all copyrighted?

  • Jake Doss
    Jake Doss 8 days ago

    Just saw this for the first time this year... was amazing. Have you checked out the Russian film 12... which is basically this, but with a sleight twist?

    • Jake Doss
      Jake Doss 8 days ago

      Was on netflix last I checked

  • nandoori srikanth kumar

    Brother I have seen this movie last week and It is SPECTACULAR !!!

  • Indiana Johns
    Indiana Johns 10 days ago

    Please do the Maltese Falcon

  • Jovan Ng
    Jovan Ng 13 days ago

    Review The Sound Of Music pls

  • Major Kong
    Major Kong 16 days ago +1

    Few movies are perfect, and this is one of those few. GREAT FILM

  • shahrim ahmad
    shahrim ahmad 17 days ago

    My suggestion for your first black and white movie..Double Indemnity.

  • Dan Cole
    Dan Cole 19 days ago

    God, I love this film.
    Thank you so much. You're a critic so I understand that you tend to review current films. But I get addicted to watching some of these list outfits that seem to be unaware that films have been around for more than 100 years. The Best War Films, The Best Westerns, The Best Rom Coms, The Best Spy films, etc. But they seem unaware that film existed before 1980.
    So I loved this. Thank you.
    I'd love to hear your take on THE SEARCHERS.

  • Carl Marris
    Carl Marris 19 days ago

    One of my all time favorites, I saw it when I was younger too(33 now) and was hooked from start to finish. Heck I even liked the 1997 version. This is one of those rare movies I can rewatch

  • Pythias
    Pythias 25 days ago

    Anybody still convinced that the kid is guilty?

  • ipolson
    ipolson 27 days ago

    Agree it's perfect. There are not many films where there is really only one scene & location yet it is compelling, due to the actors involved and the acting involved. It is my second favourite film. My favourite film is 'Paper Moon'', which I consider a complete masterpiece and the way it is shot makes it not only a great film, but a work of art. '12 Angry Men' and 'Paper Moon' are cinematic heaven.

  • Slenderdragon 00
    Slenderdragon 00 29 days ago

    "Twelve Angry Minutes"

  • PlexyPanda
    PlexyPanda 29 days ago

    Throughout the last 30 minutes I lost count of how many times I said "This fucking guy" out loud. Fantastic movie, one of the best ever made

  • Chef Jack Geeks Out

    First, I absolutely agree with you.
    Second, its "Loo-mett" not "Loo-may". Just saying.

  • GannerRhysode
    GannerRhysode Month ago

    The real problem in this movie is that Henry Fonda isn’t a juror in the movie. He is the boys lawyer on the jury. It would never fly for a juror to introduce evidence like an easily attained switchblade. It’s not the jury’s job to prove innocence. It’s their job to use evidence the lawyers presented to decide innocence.

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy Month ago

    Look up 12 Short Angry Men on TVclip. You won't regret it. It's beautiful

  • flukeman022
    flukeman022 Month ago

    Can you do a review Chase a Crooked Shadow?

  • flukeman022
    flukeman022 Month ago

    Dragon Ball Z Vs Twelve Angry Men. If you're a 10 year old kid which one would you watch?

  • Lauren Graham
    Lauren Graham Month ago


  • Ronnie Sinclair
    Ronnie Sinclair Month ago

    2nd favorite movie.
    2nd to Seven Psychopaths.

  • DJ239
    DJ239 Month ago

    Wow just watched it, awesome movie, thanks so much for your A+ videos! I plan on going through the whole list.

  • The Centurion
    The Centurion Month ago

    Ohhhh if you are going to do this, please do one about The Nun Story. Audrey Hepburn stars as a nun.

  • thedarkmoonman
    thedarkmoonman Month ago

    is the kid, Jesus?

  • AnimeManic Evans
    AnimeManic Evans Month ago

    My high school government teacher had our class watch it. The entire class was on the edge of their seat and when we ran out of time everyone was disappointed.

  • Mustafa Jackson
    Mustafa Jackson Month ago

    12 ANGRY MEN (1957) is a classic for a reason; thanks for expounding on some of the reasons why.

  • Ben Coleman
    Ben Coleman Month ago

    One of my favorite movies of all time

  • Procrastination Pictures

    I read the play for school before I watched the film. When you know everything that happens before it happens, it's a fucking slog to get through and I am so disappointed that I can't enjoy this movie.
    I only watched it once, though... Maybe in another 30 years, I'll watch it again, having forgotten all about it.

  • GodZullaFC
    GodZullaFC Month ago

    The best movie I ever watch

  • Harry White
    Harry White Month ago

    Nice! We're currently studying the script of the film in school. Really enjoying it!

  • BulletKingIsHere
    BulletKingIsHere Month ago

    12 angry men 12 angry people making 12 angry problems

  • Darrin Gabriel
    Darrin Gabriel Month ago

    Happy you reviewed this classic film

  • LazlosPlane
    LazlosPlane Month ago

    Great review!

  • LazlosPlane
    LazlosPlane Month ago

    If there are people out there who have never seen a black and white movie, they won't be able to "get" this film. They should stick to "Batman."

  • LazlosPlane
    LazlosPlane Month ago

    Sidney "Lu-May"!?!?!?!? Jesus Christ how pretentious.

  • LazlosPlane
    LazlosPlane Month ago

    Nope. Fonda does not think there is "reasonable doubt" at the beginning of the film. He just wants to discuss the case. He knows about the knife, so there's a seed of doubt.

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo 2 months ago

    Dragon Ball Z 😊

  • C. J. G.
    C. J. G. 2 months ago

    I saw this movie a few years ago, on TV actually, and it was really good. For someone who really dislikes realistic fiction, I really loved this film!

  • Czars Salad
    Czars Salad 2 months ago

    chris, you mispronounced sidney lumet's name.

  • eddie
    eddie 2 months ago

    best movie ever made!

  • Samantha Koizumi
    Samantha Koizumi 2 months ago +1

    Just watched the film and came here to leave a comment - you are not guilty in saying that it's flawless.

  • Sean Lennon
    Sean Lennon 2 months ago +2

    Henry Fonda is one of the greatest actors in film history.

  • C Jenison
    C Jenison 2 months ago

    I thank my parents for making me watch this movie. As I've grown older, I realize they asked me to watch it. It still rings true.

  • Jason Cooper
    Jason Cooper 2 months ago

    Great review. Could not agree more.

  • peaou
    peaou 2 months ago

    nice review! you've could also mention, that it was originally a tv-play

  • Charlie Cho
    Charlie Cho 2 months ago

    hey chris stuckmann. this movie was so great! thank you for giving us such great movies. One of the best movies I've ever seen! It's about how personal preferance can get in the way of Truth! Continue bro. please. I saw every a+ movies you shown us, (only 3 I didn't see). Keep finding us better movies!!!

  • khoi le
    khoi le 2 months ago

    I actually don't like the ending. They could've left juror 8 and 9's names unknown, and i honestly think it would've much better that way.

  • rani Girod
    rani Girod 2 months ago

    I have been wanting to watch your video on this film but I had not seen the movie yet. I just got done seeing it with my parents and now I got to watch your review on this amazing film. A masterpiece indeed!

  • Swarm509
    Swarm509 2 months ago

    This is one movie I would love to see in a packed theater, just for the atmosphere of dozens of people silently riveted to their seats. Every time I watch this with someone who has not seen it they are at the edges of their seat throughout.

  • Zelda Williams
    Zelda Williams 2 months ago

    great pick to review this is one of my favorite films or @ least in the top 10! 👍☺

  • Peterson St. Louis
    Peterson St. Louis 2 months ago

    "You bunch of lousy bleeding hearts"

  • Andrew TheSavage
    Andrew TheSavage 2 months ago

    Chris can you please review Rebel Without A Cause some day

  • La Barbera Tejana
    La Barbera Tejana 2 months ago

    I watched the movie around the same age and it did affect my view on apathy and humanity

  • royandescartes
    royandescartes 2 months ago

    should have been called "12 angry WHITE men"

  • Tavifa Cojocari
    Tavifa Cojocari 2 months ago

    Thank you for working hard on sharing with us your opinion on so many movies! Today I saw your videos for the first time, simply amazing!!!

  • Oh, hi Mark
    Oh, hi Mark 2 months ago


  • Oh, hi Mark
    Oh, hi Mark 2 months ago


  • JaxtheRox
    JaxtheRox 3 months ago

    I watched this movie with my class in social studies to learn more about the law and court system and I loved it. The next week I told my teacher I watched it again over the weekend and she gave me extra credit ;)

  • lost flashforward
    lost flashforward 3 months ago

    12angry man and rear window is good start for see old movies

  • John Stanly
    John Stanly 3 months ago

    I watched this movie for the first time my sophomore year in high school since we had to analyze the play in my English class. I was amazed in how all of my classmates were bored out of their mind, but I thought the movie was phenomenal. After school I borrowed 15 dollars from my dad and I went to target and bought the movie, since I didn't want to wait till the next day to finish the film.

  • Jonathan Yogev
    Jonathan Yogev 3 months ago

    Chris, I never write comments on TVclip... But, buddy, I just watched it thanks to you and it's one of the best. Thank you.

  • Jim Fitzsimons
    Jim Fitzsimons 3 months ago

    One tiny quibble: Sidney Lumet is pronounced loo-met, not loo-may. Otherwise, Chris is spot on. This is an excellent movie.

  • Mike Schleiff
    Mike Schleiff 3 months ago

    just want to say i usually hate .... hate watching personal reviews of movies but somehow once i found ur channel it’s a good sign a relief that i actually found someone with a good taste and explains their thoughts .. during work when i’m not busy dealing with a domestic or worry about the next awful call i have to go on... watching ur reviews helps me get through shifts not going to lie . keep up the good work and i’m not looking for a shout out or anything just wanted to let u know that. i can go on youtube and watch someone’s thoughts on great movies and not want to toss my phone out of my cruiser so thank you chris

  • 21 GoatsOnABoat123
    21 GoatsOnABoat123 3 months ago

    I really want to watch this movie but I can’t find a way to buy it

  • Kylan Riley
    Kylan Riley 3 months ago

    I love that 12 Angry Men is right behind his right shoulder on the Nintendo.

  • TaurineMovie17
    TaurineMovie17 3 months ago

    can you do a review of to kill a mockingbird

  • Eric Preister
    Eric Preister 3 months ago

    I could not agree more with Chris' review. We read this screen play in high school for an English class and watched the movie. I have watched it several times since then. Watched it last night with my 15 year old son and he was probably more engrossed in this film than any Marvel movie. Love it!

  • Theo Lamp
    Theo Lamp 3 months ago

    This film had the best character actors of the era. Great actors, a great director, and a great script. That = an undeniable great film. Never ever ignore B&W films. Many of them remain as the greatest films of all time. Another Henry Fonda film I would suggest is Fail Safe.

  • CtrlFreak85
    CtrlFreak85 3 months ago

    Absolutely Love this movie. I first saw it in school as a kid in '97. Of course at the time I had no idea who any of the actors were, regardless, I was amazed by everyone's excellent work and the movie overall.
    This is probably my favorite, if not top 3 for sure.
    Good review I agree with all your points.
    One thing I'd like to add, especially if one watches at a young age, is how you might relate or at least understand the different characters as you grow older. Adding to that timeless feel, as you mentioned. Again just Excellent. Highly recommend.

  • The Domanation
    The Domanation 3 months ago

    Saw this for the first time this year in my English class and I thought it was great.

  • G Q P
    G Q P 3 months ago

    I cannot agree more, this movie is perfect, probably the best movie I’ve ever seen, if I’m being completely honest, but I have much more to see of course. Probably my favorite part about this movie, as you already pointed out, is how it stays in one place. Films these days just don’t do that, they jump all over the place and make the movie much less believable and lowers the tension. This film honestly doesn’t even feel like you’re watching a movie when you watch it, it’s so immersive and mesmerizing, in large part due to the fact it stays in one place, which makes the realism and tension so remarkable. I actually first saw this in my English class in 10th grade, so glad my teacher showed us this instead of the other propagandized crap they show us all the time, I cannot thank my teacher enough, I doubt I would’ve stumbled across this movie on my own in the near future. I love this movie and I recommend it to literally anyone, this movie is absolutely outstanding.

  • carolryann
    carolryann 3 months ago

    I saw this movie about fifteen years ago, I LOVED it then, I still love it. You're right, it is perfect.

  • William Hess
    William Hess 3 months ago

    Chris, if you hadn’t reviewed this, I never would’ve known about it. I love many old films and normally I’m the retro guy in films amongst my friends, but somehow I had never watched this classic. Always was interested, never watched it. Your review reminded me about the movie and I watched it tonight.
    Thank you so much for doing this series on older movies. It pleases me to see these older films getting love and helping me experience some new ones.
    This movie was amazing. Thank you Chris!

  • Satisek
    Satisek 3 months ago

    I know Fonda is supposed to be the main star in this movie, but when it comes lo actin, Lee stole his show, his acting was one step in the realms of gods.

  • Steve Knarr
    Steve Knarr 3 months ago

    This is one of the all time best films. Story and dialogue driven, and both are top notch. The cast is incredible. I agree 100%... this film is perfect in every way.

  • WutangBizkit
    WutangBizkit 3 months ago

    Love ur videos but ur laugh is so unsettling nd odd

  • educostanzo
    educostanzo 3 months ago

    This movie is mesmerizing! I remember a friend who always recommended me films that were well, not to my taste at all, and one day he came up with this one on dvd and I thought, oh well, must be an old cliche jury story, then 5 minutes in I was completely enthralled by the camera work and character dynamics. This is a very powerful and moving story, that stays with you days after you watch it. Acting and cinematography is just superb. It is really that good, a flawless piece of cinema.

  • Gabe Loar
    Gabe Loar 3 months ago

    Do and then they were none (The older version)

  • whade62000
    whade62000 3 months ago

    It's an OK movie but it's more of a thought experiment or a tutorial on rhetorics and due process than a movie. The characters are all cardboard cut.outs exemplifying attitudes/types in court. None of them are real personages. And that's okay; if your goal is education and not storytelling, I think it's certainly nobler and more useful. The plot is painfully fake and artificial but it's a demonstration that can help young people understand how justice and convincing works. I'm just not sure if I should call this a movie or a tutorial/educational video.

  • Andre Alonso
    Andre Alonso 3 months ago

    This is the best movie ever. I just spent 2h of my life using boxxy software and I want more good movies, it's great that with boxxy everything you want you can watch

  • user_name_is_unavailable

    The first time I watched this movie was in class in like grade 5 after reading the play.
    So I feel like that kind of ruined it for me. Because I had to be filling out a work sheet as I was watching it so I couldn't really get that into it. And things like the fact they don't mention their names and the more poignant pieces of dialogue weren't as powerful because I had already seen those things.
    Which is really a shame because it is a very well made movie.

  • TheKingIsFUN - Channel
    TheKingIsFUN - Channel 3 months ago

    Do cool hand luke

  • Tanner Productions
    Tanner Productions 4 months ago

    Just watched this film recently and I have to say I agree with you, it is a masterpiece. Such a well written, well directed film about human nature.

  • LeadCounsel
    LeadCounsel 4 months ago

    Agreed. As a lawyer, great film. I always hope the jury is really doing this level of consideration. But probably not reality, unfortunately.

  • LagrangePoint
    LagrangePoint 4 months ago

    I stoped the review a couple minutes in and watched it. Wonderful film.

  • Observer Link
    Observer Link 4 months ago

    Young man, you did an excellent, EXCELLENT review of a truly astounding film; I congratulate you on such a fine job! I first learned of this film back in the early 1980s from one of my professors when I was in college. In the mid-1980s when this film was released on VHS, I rented it and I was absolutely galvanized by it! You're SO right; this film, with very few exceptions, is remarkably undated! I've been summoned to jury duty three times in my life so far, and I ALWAYS think of this film. Another great Lumet film, from about six years later, is Fail-Safe; I'd love to see your review of that.

  • Sam Groll
    Sam Groll 4 months ago

    And we get to see Piglet on jury duty. 😊

  • Eran Amara
    Eran Amara 4 months ago

    I just watched it because of your recommendation and because I'm going through the IMDB Top 25 movie list! :) Thanks Chris! This movie is amazing! It really is a masterpiece! I've only seen very few B&W movies (I'm easily discouraged to watch one when I find out that it's in B&W), but I trusted your recommendation and man am I glad I did! Thanks again. Keep this up! I also watched The Good The Bad and The Ugly yesterday, also because of your recommendation. Loved that too! So many great classics that I haven't seen...! The Shining is next :) Please keep up this series!

  • PA
    PA 4 months ago

    One of the best. It is worthy also watch, Dersu Uzala directed by Akira Kurosava.

  • Michael Galle
    Michael Galle 4 months ago

    Wow - 12 Angry Men is a favorite - I am a fan of many, many pre-1970s movies. So; would you consider a movie review of A Thousand Clowns (1965) with Jason Robards, Barbara Harris, Martin Balsam? Or maybe, Bad Day at Back Rock (1955) with Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan, Anne Francis? Or The Oxbow Incident (1943) with Henry Fonda, Dana Andres, Mary Beth Hughes.
    Please; don't review Casablanca if at all possible ... not because I don't like it; I love it - it has all the reviews it needs; nothing more can be added. However, you could even do a review on Stagecoach (1939) with john Wayne, Claire Trevor, Andy Devine, then there's ... okay; okay. I'm stopping now. LOL Have a nice day.
    Um; Seven Samurai (Shichinin no samurai - 1954) Toshirô Mifune; Takashi Shimura; Keiko Tsushima ????? please ...

  • Hans Vriend
    Hans Vriend 4 months ago

    I really enjoyed this film!

  • befilmt
    befilmt 4 months ago

    finally saw it yesternight.
    it is so magnificent!

  • JMac92430
    JMac92430 4 months ago

    Just watched it for the first time. I never really give old black and white movies like this a chance, but I'm glad I did. This movie is absolutely phenomenal. It's an hour and a half, but it's so intriguing and full that I was surprised it was on and hour and a half

  • larky368
    larky368 4 months ago +1

    Unfortunately most young people can't get over it being black and white no matter how good it is. It would be like me trying to listen to my favorite music using a dollar store earphone. The quality is vastly diminished by my playback source and that's how they would view a masterpiece filmed intentionally in that medium. Their reasoning is that if only they'd used color or even colorized it for modern viewers it would have merit.

  • Cuddles287
    Cuddles287 4 months ago

    Finally watched it today!

  • bill burke
    bill burke 4 months ago

    I have always loved this movie (Even with some legal issues) But I heard that it was not profitable and pulled from the theaters after a week, hard to believe. But I will always consider this one of the best.

  • PhantHam
    PhantHam 4 months ago

    Im watching this in history and its was amazing. Had me on the edge of my seat

  • HEYDuDE607
    HEYDuDE607 4 months ago

    Review Rope

  • Al Mubarak
    Al Mubarak 4 months ago

    is That Rocket Racoon on his right arm ?