Armstrong (Free Full Movie) Action Sci Fi

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • During her first night on the job, a rookie EMT and her partner pick up a wounded superhero and are pulled into his mission to save Los Angeles from a sinister organization.
    Directed by Kerry Carlock | Nicholas Lund-Ulrich
    Starring Vicky Jeudy, Shawn Parsons, Jason Antoon
    Edited for TVclip ad standards
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Comments • 103

  • Janna Vasquez
    Janna Vasquez 5 months ago +23

    Pretty good movie. The actors actually kept my attention, which is no small thing considering the budget of the movie. Thanks for the upload. Worth the watch. Keep them coming.

    • Aurora BoobeeAlis
      Aurora BoobeeAlis 3 months ago

      @Janna Vasquez Budget aside, while I appreciate the acting & the upload, this movie dragged on & was decidedly boring to sit through. That said, it wasn't a total loss, just not worth a watch to everyone, but YES, keep them coming,

  • Linda Mulholland
    Linda Mulholland 16 hours ago

    Now that was a good movie ! Thanks !

  • silk Alter
    silk Alter 4 days ago

    Can't you wish you just want somebody being Vape are you going to get the guy with the magic alarm lip excetra oh well on to something that's a reality check in the real world cuz they're in the Spy five world

  • mind fornication
    mind fornication 8 days ago

    On par with A movie

  • Reverend Saltine
    Reverend Saltine 9 days ago

    What the FK is THIS about?????????

  • Darrell Pidgeon
    Darrell Pidgeon 9 days ago +2

    A decent story line. Good acting, too. Vicky Jeudy was the best. Very convincing. She has what it takes.

  • S. Scirocco
    S. Scirocco 10 days ago

    Good thing I always stay and watch the credits! Also, can you believe the directors thanked their parents?!! That just made me a life long watcher of any of their future projects!

  • Luffaman
    Luffaman 11 days ago

    funny, can't use the F word, but can use the GD word.....I, guess it is OK to insult Christians. Or are they teaching our children and grandchildren that certain cursing is OK? what gives people??? I guess Kerry and Nicholas don't care, their main concern if for the dollar.

  • trouble follows
    trouble follows 11 days ago

    A poor man's winter soldier ....

  • Jack Simmons
    Jack Simmons 11 days ago

    Actors great job !

  • Rod James
    Rod James 12 days ago +2

    Excellent movie! Waiting on a sequel!

  • Will Arnett
    Will Arnett 15 days ago

    Excellent movie. Thank you.

  • Rollie R
    Rollie R 20 days ago

    Watched it, kind of sorry I did, very low rate film, lots of ohs and ahs.

  • Kristi Lubovich
    Kristi Lubovich 25 days ago

    Actors and plot was cool ….7 out of 10

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    Censorship... alive and well...

  • sulaiman I.T. Askar

    Nice 🎥.

  • Frank Bonilla
    Frank Bonilla 2 months ago

    Skip the retro beginning in your next one. :-)

  • Frank Bonilla
    Frank Bonilla 2 months ago +1

    NICE! Looking forward to a sequel. :-)

  • Capt Tom
    Capt Tom 2 months ago

    Waitress!; may I please get some strawberries and cream to go with this corn flakes?

  • biggin5434
    biggin5434 2 months ago

    Good movie and good actors

  • Lilly of the valley
    Lilly of the valley 4 months ago +1

    I wish it had ended better

  • Bird Kooistra
    Bird Kooistra 4 months ago

    Fantastic rare acting.

  • gwen Sweet Gwen
    gwen Sweet Gwen 4 months ago

    what is with the censorship?

  • Holly Cheel
    Holly Cheel 4 months ago

    Enjoyed the story line, found the acting very credible but thought the censorship was distracting and probably not really necessary - and WAY too many commercials.

  • Cantankerous Curmudgeon

    I'm confused, don't understand what the hell is going on.
    Are they aliens?
    Are they from another reality?
    The past?
    The future?
    These guy's are after that guy. That guy is trying to fight a battle he's not equipped for. The ambulance driver guy is an asshole. The ambulance driver girl is mentally fubar, and can't drive for shit.
    And the guy's "winter soldier arm" has some serious issues. Keep having to change batteries, should have bought "Energizer Bunny Batteries"🐇 or Duracells. And the moral of the story is? Always keep your defibrillator in good working condition.

  • Hilary C
    Hilary C 4 months ago

    Seriously? You censored the language?

  • julius jones
    julius jones 4 months ago +1

    This is truly a life saving movie and all the actors in this movie are now on the tv series Claws

  • tatcrazzy cline
    tatcrazzy cline 4 months ago

    Armstrong ,such a cheesy movie his out fit looks really bad smh

  • Glamma Chronicles
    Glamma Chronicles 4 months ago

    Confused on why only certain profanity was edited out and not other. Found dialog a bit Cheese Wiz. Was not horrible. Better than the stuff I do. Also, the beginning was confusing.

    ROXANA G. PEREZ 4 months ago +3


  • melvina628
    melvina628 4 months ago +1


  • Gypsy tiger Stabberson
    Gypsy tiger Stabberson 4 months ago +3

    Excellent movie thank you
    In 62 years I have found that movies mirror the future.....
    Like to brag

  • fanghicheck
    fanghicheck 5 months ago +1

    that is the DREAM ?

  • Slacker G Guitar Skills
    Slacker G Guitar Skills 5 months ago +2

    Better than a lot of crap out here. Thank you.

  • LR Massie
    LR Massie 5 months ago

    Tried to watch it but can't get past the censoring of certain words. Dubbing in "dang" or "fudge" would have been better than silence. That messes up the rhythm . Guess I'll never know if it is a good movie...bummer

  • Old Seer
    Old Seer 5 months ago


  • wow dad
    wow dad 5 months ago +1

    Cool movie.

  • Guy Valentine
    Guy Valentine 5 months ago

    🤔😏👍Not to bad. Interesting enough. A little slow at times. Not a bad story either. A hero whose not out of this world.

  • jose antonio scavo rangel

    El guion es malo o los actores son pesimos

  • Ken Elliott
    Ken Elliott 5 months ago +3

    kewl thanks ,good vid

  • Gordon Wiessner
    Gordon Wiessner 5 months ago +1

    Throw the male driver out. He is more danger then help. Would Make a good trilogy.

    • cal richey
      cal richey 3 months ago

      The male driver is like most people today. Men have no rights in divorce, justice costs, we war on people who need help, not war. Look around.

  • Brutus Borialie
    Brutus Borialie 5 months ago

    The censorship is really annoying. Makes it hard to watch. Stop doing that.

  • Bill MacDonald
    Bill MacDonald 5 months ago +2

    First time I have ever posted about a movie on YT out of hundreds of watches so... kinda lame.. but kinda good... worth the watch.

  • P Kuudsk
    P Kuudsk 5 months ago +1

    rate it a 2

  • Tasha Williams
    Tasha Williams 5 months ago +3

    After watching "Donavans Echo ".. the comments kept me here after the intro... let's watch!

  • clinton hayes
    clinton hayes 5 months ago +2


  • Dave La Violette
    Dave La Violette 5 months ago +1

    It was good but I wish that they could get past conspiracy. The end of the world as humans know it will happen because humans are too lazy to get off their fossil fuels. The end is already happening and it's just like the frog in the kettle of water story.

  • Bobby Franklin
    Bobby Franklin 5 months ago +1

    Way too Corny, I could not watch it..

  • Trey Bennett
    Trey Bennett 5 months ago

    My bad. Judged this movie by its somewhat cheesy title. Better sfx and acting than I had anticipated.👍👍

  • David Lovelady
    David Lovelady 5 months ago +4

    So she went from drug addict to saving the world in one day

  • Clare Butterfield
    Clare Butterfield 5 months ago +2

    The actress is great! However I expected more death and devistration!

  • Enrique Martin
    Enrique Martin 5 months ago

    Sleeping shit

  • Sarge 7000
    Sarge 7000 5 months ago +2

    My second viewing! Great video, well worth watching!

  • robert snyder
    robert snyder 5 months ago +1

    ANOTHER story that all the shit stars i L.A. why not the world ends starting in Hanover, NH

  • Ive Chang
    Ive Chang 5 months ago +3

    Good one. Stick with it past the slow start! Acting was great and the storyline bedrock solid. Left plenty of room for back and future stories. Some fuzzy details but nothing that wasn't 8× worse in the Matrix. I think the measured pace might get to some people but I like to think and this let me do so alongside. TYVM to the creators, licensing, and Popcorn Flix. ♡ive

  • Richard Aguilar
    Richard Aguilar 5 months ago

    Now, this is bull SHIT! How would you get me o watch this movie when the ending is _ucked up. 🤐

  • moo moo
    moo moo 5 months ago +1

    anybody else watch the Lume deodorant ad before the movie? It's bizarre...

  • steve silverlock
    steve silverlock 5 months ago +1

    way too many ads and pop ups

    • Darrel Gaines
      Darrel Gaines 3 months ago

      Skip to the final seconds, let it play out, hit the circle arrow to replay it, all ads are gone. This works every time on every video.

  • Phil McDonell
    Phil McDonell 5 months ago +6

    This was an excellent movie!!!!!!!!! Much better than many big budget movies. Keep up the great work. I look forward to sequel to this.

  • klinger klinger
    klinger klinger 5 months ago

    This movie is censored. I stopped watching it.