1 WEEK TO GO until Veg book is out! Cooking live from the from the book. Pre order Veg now!

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
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  • Sinisa Sumina
    Sinisa Sumina Month ago

    Ok, please work on the vegan or whole food plant based recipes more. I know it is a smaller audience but if you want to promote some healthier options (dairy isn’t a healthy thing with all the hormones and antibiotics plus other nasty stuff) crowd would appreciate and think more on what is in their plates. Turn that vast library of recipes into vegan versions. Long time fan here

  • Lynn Hughes
    Lynn Hughes Month ago

    I guess he waited 8 years because eating less meat is more popular than ever and with veganism on the rise, he can cash in now.

  • Frances Perlins
    Frances Perlins Month ago

    Just bought book today for my daughters birthday she will love it just love he his cook books

  • Zack Zebrowski
    Zack Zebrowski Month ago

    So inspiring for the people who are afraid of cooking like this at home. The food system in the US struggles in comparison to other countries. It’s slowly slowly changing, but finding fresh produce or eggs that don’t look pale yellow is very difficult. It’s frustrating for an aspiring cook! If more people had this train of thought, it might go better over here in the US. It’s so sad that fresh products are so difficult to track down, especially when they’re staples in other countries. Keep spreading the importance of fresh food in your life!

  • Petronella James
    Petronella James Month ago

    Jamie, all your books are on my cookbook shelves. And I have all the DVDs. You're a treasure. Tell your Mum I'm jealous of her.

  • Tia
    Tia Month ago

    Your recipes are crap pal

  • i puki
    i puki Month ago

    Hey Jamie and Crew,
    I (m19) learned Cooking from 2 people, my mother and you . And you two made me Love it!

    One question: i‘m so in Love with all Kinds of mexican Food, like tacos, burritos, ceviche and all that. But even if i managed to be able to cook pretty solid right now, im doing hard with that topic..
    Are there any Plans, recipies, Tips you got?
    I feel like there Is unlimited potential, different combinations for fillings and different sauces to make..
    I Love what you are doing!
    Greetings from Germany,

  • Alisha Naranjo
    Alisha Naranjo Month ago

    Best of luck with your book, Jaimie!

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith Month ago

    Love me some Jamie Oliver!

  • Sugar Lump
    Sugar Lump Month ago

    Love from Trinidad and Tobago ❤

  • 19thewanderer
    19thewanderer Month ago

    Your restaurants closed because of crap, cheap, tasteless food and was nothing to do with Brexit.
    Go boil your head with Gary Linaker, no one gives a fcuk what you two have to say.

  • mongango
    mongango Month ago

    Pero sin mantequilla ni chorizo verdad !!

  • Youtuber International

    Where can we get this shownis it an app? Or netflix or on food network?

  • kell chicago
    kell chicago Month ago

    You realize that a lot of your recipes are also keto friendly... there's another book you could focus on too.

  • Astra Dunsby
    Astra Dunsby Month ago

    Please make a book solely based on salads

  • Lifeofasandwich
    Lifeofasandwich Month ago +1

    What's the difference between the veg book and the ultimate veg book?

  • Nicole Johnson
    Nicole Johnson Month ago +2

    Would love to see you write a full on vegan book! There are some amazing menus out the now which are vegan

  • Zaina Punjabi
    Zaina Punjabi Month ago +4

    May Allah bless you and your family Ameen 💕

  • Teresa Bowen
    Teresa Bowen Month ago

    Brilliant book
    A new chapter into healthy foods n meals TO show that there is a way.💓🇺🇸

  • ChefBrandz
    ChefBrandz Month ago +2

    His passion for cooking in inspiring 🙌🏾‼️

  • Carol Ann
    Carol Ann Month ago

    You know in the “old days” - people would get multiple meals out of say a chicken. Those sorts of recipes, in how to use a product and make numerous things out of it would be good

  • Mary Buchholz
    Mary Buchholz Month ago

    Will your book be available in the United States?

  • J. Lau
    J. Lau Month ago

    KETO book next Jamie...

  • My Allotment Life
    My Allotment Life Month ago +1

    Cannot wait for this book. I have so many of Jamie's books and they are always great. I'm sure this one will be the same.

  • Soreyes11
    Soreyes11 Month ago

    Is this going to Flop like everything else he attempts?

  • patbeau pat
    patbeau pat Month ago

    lovely recipe! but in spain gazpacho is made without bread. version with bread is called salmorejo

  • ghostsy
    ghostsy Month ago

    Stop using a potato as a mic :P

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  • romanova311
    romanova311 Month ago

    It really is true. Your team is listening well and follows digital marketing and overall content trend tactics. WHich , I ma sure, does great things for the company)

  • DrLawman
    DrLawman Month ago +1

    Pretty sure all of the veg gives you the good carbs, not the bread.

  • dinudorian1
    dinudorian1 Month ago

    Excelent Jamie!

  • Mister Turk Turkle
    Mister Turk Turkle Month ago +1

    Omnivores sans frontieres

  • joel spence
    joel spence Month ago

    hey jamie joel from sydney australia love your cooking

  • hazel coate
    hazel coate Month ago

    your cook books are the only ones I use , because they are realistic and what I can cook, even though I am vegetarian, you have heaps of options, thank you

  • hazel coate
    hazel coate Month ago +1

    i am a vegetarian

  • Johnny Hansen
    Johnny Hansen Month ago

    Bom dia

  • regnidd
    regnidd Month ago

    fix the sound Jamie

  • Cait L
    Cait L Month ago

    Been a fan for a while & a veg for 13 years. Excited for this book bub!

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green Month ago +7

    You're a good man Jamie. No matter what has happened over the last couple of years I'll always look up to you as an inspirational chef.

    • Lynne Gill
      Lynne Gill 17 days ago

      Chris Green yes, I believe he did the right thing by the staff and creditors too. And learned some big lessons.

    • Dávid Beňo
      Dávid Beňo Month ago


  • meeaslan50
    meeaslan50 Month ago

    Can i get this book in Turkey. Come to visit us one day.

  • Phill Harshorn
    Phill Harshorn Month ago


  • FoX & FrienDz
    FoX & FrienDz Month ago

    I love vegetarian food but not to the exclusion of meat, vegetarianism is quackery!

  • Star Light
    Star Light Month ago +1

    I hope Jamie will some day stop promoting eating meat completely. Killing all those poor animals just for our palate. The animal industry is the biggest contributor to Global warming and is killing our planet. Jamie knows that, every intelligent person on this planet knows that. I feel sorry for him that he does not take a firm stand in this. But his new book is maybe a small step in that direction. I only hope that Jamie doesn't publish his new book just for selfish reason to make use of the vegan trend in the world and he himself continues promoting meat as well. That would be bad karma for him.

    • Star Light
      Star Light Month ago

      @CaptainAMAZINGGG Killing animals is not a moral issue. It’s not the killing that’s bad; it’s our conscience wanting to kill that’s bad. It’s bad for us, not for the killed. So keeping a vegan diet is good for you, not for any other being. Because if we lose a physical body, we can get it back again; so those who kill are the ones who become damaged, not those who are killed.

      Thus keeping a vegan lifestyle is actually meant to remind us to keep a very compassionate, loving heart. We don’t want to harm things intentionally because our intention is what kills. It kills those things and also kills us, which is very bad.

    • CaptainAMAZINGGG
      CaptainAMAZINGGG Month ago +1

      Negative feeling states, feeling bad for others etc is actually more harmful than eating things and loving it. For the world, as well as one's health. - for the world tho, because the lens of interpretation that is activated, feeling states etc, is not only the level of consciousness, but it projects that inner experience into physicality. People addicted to feeling bad, perceiving in less than elevated ways etc, is literally what causes that equivalent to manifest as reality, ongoingly. It's actually just not smart, if the elevation and ascension, as well as love and kindness, is one's desired experience in the outer situation.
      Tend to your own inner, and the outer manifests correspondingly. ;) :)

  • sorgül
    sorgül Month ago


  • Donnie Mackinnon
    Donnie Mackinnon Month ago

    I be getting a few copies, makes a great gift...cheers from cape breton island

  • SG Fans
    SG Fans Month ago

    Jamie, you can cook really well...

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez Month ago +5

    Love your energy & passion Jamie. New sub & greetings from New Zealand 🇳🇿

  • Giovanni Siciliano
    Giovanni Siciliano Month ago +2

    he does not cook in the week end, the guy is smart to seize his opportunities, but is the best chef in the world for anedoctal knowledge of grand mother tips, range of food cooked, tasty combinations, absolute 360 degree knowledge not only of world's food, but its related local culture, marketing genius character. Possibly I am the only neapolitan in the world that follows him, but gotta recognize that is a monument, a masterwork of wise skills. Even when copies recipes, and add his Jamieness as per plot, reinvents always with a small tipping point tip that came from his huge experience that naturally "boils up" from his subconscious.

    AMBROSIA FARMS Month ago +8

    So true...ancestors ate veggies...meat aka animals were a luxury! I m so glad the younger generations prefer veggies again!

    • Tiny mod
      Tiny mod 16 days ago

      You really are clueless....

    • Lynne Gill
      Lynne Gill 17 days ago

      AMBROSIA FARMS hmmm not wanting to get into a row, but it was meat and seeds and occasional berries in season. The didn’t have veggies as such until they became agrarians. And that’s when the rot set in. Grains made our teeth bad, stunted our growth and set us up for so many diseases. Anthropologists have known this for years. Noth hg wrong with veggies, but they are not enough to live on.

    • Tiny mod
      Tiny mod Month ago

      Only if you was poor...daft cow

  • Ana Bizarro
    Ana Bizarro Month ago +1

    maravilloso jaime saludos de chile

  • dieter and verne v d berg

    I cannot wait... Greetings from South Africa

  • uros ursi
    uros ursi Month ago

    The best

    SOU BEN Month ago

    Jamie send me your mail address and i will send you receipi of algerian dish

  • Filippo
    Filippo Month ago

    Veg what? 😱

  • Her Aeolian Harp
    Her Aeolian Harp Month ago +1

    Wishing you all the best. Met you in California 16 years ago. Hands down, you were the most real, charming and unpretentious chef and TV personality. I have followed your career for 19 years. Keep up the good work. Don’t get daunted. Thanks so much for veg focus.

    SOU BEN Month ago

    If you can just publish just one good receipi from the book

    SOU BEN Month ago

    Hello jamie. I like see you cooking. But unfortunatly i can not buy your book as in algeria we are not allowed to send currency abroad. If i were living abroad i will be the first to buy it

  • Scott Buchanan
    Scott Buchanan Month ago

    What’s with the crap audio...... AGAIN? Unwatchable!

  • natalie smith
    natalie smith Month ago +1

    Pre ordered

  • Daniela dos Santos Silva

    I love the live thing but the quality of the sound is really poor.

    • Don S
      Don S Month ago +3

      Absolutely, please wear a lapel mic Jamie!