Why the World's Smallest Country Has a Railroad


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  • Turbo
    Turbo Day ago

    why do people forget about sealand

  • Tyranosaurus Rex
    Tyranosaurus Rex 3 days ago


  • Strafzettel
    Strafzettel 4 days ago

    This episode is really funny :D

  • Laʏ Uռɨċօʀռ
    Laʏ Uռɨċօʀռ 11 days ago

    "Compared to me, its pretty big" bro, that ain't the way to attract the ladies, or gentlemen.

  • trainz 4460 productions

    *like canada*

  • keesalemon
    keesalemon 13 days ago

    I actually had to pause the video because I was laughing so hard at the burj khalifa joke. Well played XD

  • entoeller entoeller
    entoeller entoeller 14 days ago

    The Vatican has a heliport, though.

  • Tetsudo boy
    Tetsudo boy 14 days ago

    that railroad is BRILLIANT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Viktor Suuta
    Viktor Suuta 15 days ago

    Just imagine the Pope one day deciding that he wants the longest railroad in the world, extending it to go in circles around all the Vatican.

  • Aleksandar Kjelland
    Aleksandar Kjelland 15 days ago

    I’m just sitting in Iceland and not believing in elves and thinking people are crazy.

  • lonelyPorterCH
    lonelyPorterCH 15 days ago

    0:30 the worlds highest density of popes... thats true, even though there is just 1 in the country ;P

  • Alessandro Finocchiaro

    Nobody in the Kingdom of The Two Sicilies (Regno delle Due Sicilie) wanted a "united" Italy, 1861 was a year of invasion and genocide operated by Garibaldi and Savoia. Not only the Pope wasn't happy, but also millions of Twosicilians who had been murdered, raped, arrested for any reason except for the one which was their love for their Country and King. God save the King!

  • David Hibbs
    David Hibbs 18 days ago +1

    The obvious comparisons are some of the dumbest yet funniest recurring jokes on TVclip (ie, faster than you can walk to the moon, more than the number of stars in the solar system)

  • Riley Geer
    Riley Geer 20 days ago +1

    What about sealand?

  • Maxence Fenoll
    Maxence Fenoll 21 day ago

    1:44 no respect

  • Bader Alaraimi
    Bader Alaraimi 23 days ago

    3:33 WHAT??!!?

  • Smile Space
    Smile Space 23 days ago

    You could walk from one side of the railroad to the other faster than you could walk to the moon."
    You dont say?

  • NeoDerGrosse
    NeoDerGrosse 23 days ago

    Is it that hard to measure the length of the railroad in google earth? Or at least think rationally if it is plausible that it's just 61 meters long. But maybe I expect to much from a country that just couldn't use proper units.

  • 32824B lim
    32824B lim 24 days ago

    Singapore any1?

  • James Maddison
    James Maddison 25 days ago

    small technicality but iceland does have a rail. a very short one. it's no longer than 10 meters and has a train on it over the summer that does nothing and goes nowhere

  • Joris Alink
    Joris Alink 25 days ago

    0:35 since when did we start describing surface area with the word "tall"?

  • benvad123
    benvad123 25 days ago

    Why did the Frankish Empire suck?

  • Anime Freak
    Anime Freak 26 days ago

    Omg bruh roasting dude 1:44 best is roast 2018-

  • Alex Daubeny
    Alex Daubeny 26 days ago

    Xxx. C

  • globglogabgalab
    globglogabgalab 27 days ago

    _stop throwing shade, it’s hot outside_

  • Oliver Dofri
    Oliver Dofri 27 days ago

    1:54 I don't know if it's a joke or people all around the world think that we believe in elves, but we don't.

  • El Chupacabra
    El Chupacabra 28 days ago

    Highest density of pedophile enablers

  • Yamame Even
    Yamame Even 28 days ago

    wait wait, no one throught of uniting italy except itself...no one wanned a new big power in europe , same with germany

  • Barry Newman
    Barry Newman Month ago

    The Bahamas doesn't have a railroad, but it does have a steam locomotive. Unfortunately it is at the bottom of the ocean - it fell off a freighter on the way to Cuba. 'makes a great scuba dive site now!

  • BamBam360
    BamBam360 Month ago

    Canada is the best.

  • Malcolm Abram
    Malcolm Abram Month ago

    The Vatican State has a football league, and an ATM in Latin. Officially a zero birth rate to boot as well.

  • Sprite
    Sprite Month ago

    Dang we were not expecting that shade on Lybia

  • Daspy Let's Play
    Daspy Let's Play Month ago

    This is why America sucks

  • sanfran144
    sanfran144 Month ago +1

    ¿You didn't tell us what the capital of the country was?

  • Matthew Berry
    Matthew Berry Month ago

    why cant i learn to open the vaticans underground housing the real slim shady???? get on it Brilliant

  • Vsauce 1
    Vsauce 1 Month ago

    1:44 throwing shade

  • Peter Müller
    Peter Müller Month ago

    First of all: Great video. I really enjoyed it. However there is a thing that bothers me: The mixing of opinion and fact. Now dont get me wrong: I found the anecdotes funny and I dont want them gone. However I think that "The Vatikan has 61m or national railroad" and "Iceland believes in elves" should not be put on the same level. This is especially concerning if somebody watches this video and doesnt understand the underlying facts/prejudices that lead to the various statements. And in a world of "fake news" I think we should be more careful what we think of facts and what is debatable.

  • Waleed Alowaiyesh
    Waleed Alowaiyesh Month ago

    "Qatar believes in wealth disparity." That's cold!

  • Aries The Ram
    Aries The Ram Month ago

    Fuck, I really wanted to learn how to open the Vatican secret underworld hiding the real Slim Shady

  • Retro Flame
    Retro Flame Month ago

    You should do a video about when the Papal States has a war over a bucket where hundreds to a thousands died.

  • Apoorv Abhishek
    Apoorv Abhishek Month ago +1

    I laughed so hard when he said " if you lay burj khalifa on its side, you'll be responsible for the death of thousands" xD

  • Remy Fagerstrom
    Remy Fagerstrom Month ago

    it takes 30 minutes to walk around it... this is useless

  • Smokecall
    Smokecall Month ago

    I came to this video for knowledge but I can hear almost nothing but shots fired

  • KGB Comrade
    KGB Comrade Month ago +1

    Beacuse its the Pope's country,

  • Willbane The Monty Main

    Roasting Libya hey?

  • alex jervis
    alex jervis Month ago

    And why doesn't LIBYA have a functioning government?
    Criminal 'WESTERN' countries destroyed it for political reasons! (And to STEAL 140 TONS of GOLD!)

  • Kenyon papen
    Kenyon papen Month ago

    I get the slazo

  • Leo Gabriel
    Leo Gabriel Month ago

    You know building a railroad in the desert is a dumb idea

  • BMW X5
    BMW X5 Month ago

    you would be responsible of kill millions!!

  • PizzaProGaming
    PizzaProGaming Month ago

    TLDR: it how the pope eats

  • j - m
    j - m Month ago

    0:44 LMFAO WHAT

  • Krystian Kowalski
    Krystian Kowalski Month ago +1

    The smallest country in the world is Sealand!

  • Ethan Teo
    Ethan Teo Month ago +1

    lol no offense
    but i think my coc base is bigger than the vatican

  • 1emc011
    1emc011 Month ago

    Just to remember you that Sicily is actually part of Italy. Please add it to your maps.

  • Marek Šťastný
    Marek Šťastný Month ago

    Donkey bridge thought passage (DBTP = Slow blurry change from one topic to another) at the video end.

  • José Maria Canais
    José Maria Canais Month ago

    Its called railway not "railroad"

  • World Wide Wrestling

    “The Frankish Empire frankly sucked” XD

  • World Wide Wrestling

    When he made the Burj Khalifa joke I died because I thought he would say it would stretch across the country XD!!! Nice joke

  • slug2012
    slug2012 Month ago

    Nice soothouse Scottish reference you got there.

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson Month ago

    Do you think Sir Topham Hatt is secretly a Pope?

  • Trey Hunt's SkyRed Media

    52 videos. More. Let's go!

  • chmarr
    chmarr Month ago

    the Vatican is not a country … its part of rome

  • Josh Bartle
    Josh Bartle Month ago

    “If you took the Burj Khalifa and laid it on its side you would be responsible for the death of thousands”
    Please, stop making funny jokes, please 😂

  • Masc wintle
    Masc wintle Month ago

    Why do you you need a gate at a railroad to keep the Italians out but they can walk in ??

  • Fin Mueller
    Fin Mueller Month ago

    1:45 REKTED

  • Shadey the Warrior Sergal

    0:47 the vatican has only 1000 people

  • Jen 12
    Jen 12 Month ago

    0:42 tho

  • xXxzahraxXx !
    xXxzahraxXx ! Month ago

    if you took the tallest building in the world and laid it on its side over the vatican you would be responsible for the death of thousands. 💀💀💀

  • The Gray Penguin
    The Gray Penguin Month ago

    U can walk many railroads in the time it would take to walk to the moon.

  • Erik Bakker
    Erik Bakker Month ago

    Where does the video end and the ad begin? Bamboozled.

  • cv fdvdv
    cv fdvdv Month ago

    Last I checked the principality of Sealand did not have a railroad

  • Jack War
    Jack War Month ago

    'and Qatar believes in wealth disparity' ... says the American

  • Raymond Gough
    Raymond Gough Month ago

    Wow, you've gotten really funny!

  • Lightning Tomy
    Lightning Tomy Month ago

    Who wrote this!?
    This is the funniest video I saw from you

  • Nick Pytel
    Nick Pytel Month ago

    Woah sealand has a railroad

  • Burns Night
    Burns Night Month ago

    The Vatican City is not a sovereign country. You can claim it is a sovereign state as many times as you like in the video but it does not make it a fact. Why can’t people check facts before they talk shit on TVclip?

  • Ruiz Railroad
    Ruiz Railroad Month ago

    See if the smallest country has a railroad. Every country should have a railroad.

  • S L
    S L Month ago

    0:10 why did you say HAI so weirdly? Were you running out of breath for once?

  • Bloom0to9
    Bloom0to9 Month ago

    You make learning so fun hahhaa :D This topic has no interest to me but I love your humor so I can't miss a video. MARATHON

  • Shimi M
    Shimi M Month ago

    And the small country in middle city that have short Underground Funicular (elevator actually :)
    Carmelit Haifa, in Israel.
    within month-two it reopen with newest design trains (not red anymore, but gray like life, or disaster like the "BRT" the "Metronit"), after the 80-90's version up on fire in tunnel. half of saved train will be on train museum in haifa and the second at as some attraction.
    Now he part of public transport in the metropolitan haifa-qrayot. Yea yea, until the fire (waaay years), ticket for ride on it it was full price only for it, not more.

  • Fritz Haaßenberger
    Fritz Haaßenberger 2 months ago

    I like trains.

  • n krish
    n krish 2 months ago


  • Bushrod Rust Johnson
    Bushrod Rust Johnson 2 months ago

    It's a freight siding for carload dropoffs. Probably cheaper for the institutions to buy stuff from retailers and let them figure out how to deliver it than to insist on using this.

  • Atheus98
    Atheus98 2 months ago

    How come you talk so much faster and are funnier on this channel? Lol

  • bittewarten
    bittewarten 2 months ago

    But I want to open the secret underworld housing the real slim shady ):

  • IThinkWithMy Dick
    IThinkWithMy Dick 2 months ago +1

    Let me guess: and the Pope is always asking someone for a quarter.

  • AtomicSkull
    AtomicSkull 2 months ago

    3:36 no shit

  • The Scottish Mountaineer

    3:35 obviously, because the moon isn't 200 feet away. So it was a bad example to show us how small the county's railroad is.

  • b9y
    b9y 2 months ago

    Need more, intelligent jokes like “The world’s highest Density of popes” please. The rest were a bit shit, and kind of off-putting. Like "Hey, we're chill

  • Kayden Angel
    Kayden Angel 2 months ago

    Did anyone else fucking lose it about Libya’s government? Bc I did

  • Kleman09
    Kleman09 2 months ago

    To become the Pope you must be male and a baptised Catholic. However, your chances are one in a billion plus. Thats right, 1 billion plus citizens belong to the church, and they live all over the world! The reason the walls of vatican city are not protected is simply because the church is open to all people seeking salvation.

  • B P
    B P 2 months ago

    you compared vatican city to the burj kalifa, wtf

  • Andy Madden
    Andy Madden 2 months ago +1

    "There are a lot of things Libya doesn't have, like a functioning government"

  • LolyGagger
    LolyGagger 2 months ago

    considering Im Libyan, you make me laugh.

  • ThePenguinGamerz
    ThePenguinGamerz 2 months ago

    liBYA roAstED

  • Bolton Bass
    Bolton Bass 2 months ago

    That segway into the advert was disconcertingly smooth... The Vatican seems like a pretty cool place, apart from the whole religion thing though...

  • Korean Peoples Army
    Korean Peoples Army 2 months ago

    What About the Rocket Looking Church of the INC?

  • OHM-968692
    OHM-968692 2 months ago +1

    Man the humor in this XD

  • Jacob the Lemon
    Jacob the Lemon 2 months ago

    Libya got roasted

  • Matteo Musella
    Matteo Musella 2 months ago

    For the record the Vatican was recognized by that cunt named mussolini, which means it souldn't exist