Female hyenas show their dominant nature


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  • 1040 Slick
    1040 Slick 13 days ago

    Made him lick her mock dick like a biotch

  • Just A Trucker
    Just A Trucker 28 days ago

    Wow heynas are gay wtf 😂😂

  • jokrj
    jokrj Month ago

    Such vile creatures.

    • Maximus Autizmus
      Maximus Autizmus 23 days ago +1

      jokrj nothing vile about them. Fascinating animals actually, a lot more interesting than cats or dogs

  • Epic Biohazard
    Epic Biohazard 3 months ago

    I love yeens. So cute.

  • Hossam Elsady
    Hossam Elsady 4 months ago

    MGTOW or this is future life.

    • Kazza Namsoo
      Kazza Namsoo 3 months ago +2

      Hyenas used to be humans (clue in both starting with 'H'), but devolved due to the females. Hyenas are an example of devolution if we allow females to control/dominate.

  • PRO/NRA Trump2020
    PRO/NRA Trump2020 5 months ago

    They seem to like licking each other's asses and genitals lol imagine it customary humans doing this.

  • firedragon 48
    firedragon 48 6 months ago

    do female hyenas rape males

  • Semper Fortis
    Semper Fortis 11 months ago

    4:33, what makes you say it's well managed, the fact that they survive doesn't make them well managed. Otherwise every social species of animals who aren't extinct are well managed.

    • Maximus Autizmus
      Maximus Autizmus 23 days ago

      AuBurney Tuckerson I stand corrected lol

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 23 days ago +1

      +Maximus Autizmus don't you mean "paws" down? XD

    • Maximus Autizmus
      Maximus Autizmus 23 days ago +1

      Semper Fortis spotted hyenas have the most complex social structure of any terrestrial carnivore hands down

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago +2

      Because they have an organized hierarchy with each hyena having a rank inherited from their mothers. So yes, they're well managed.

  • Semper Fortis
    Semper Fortis 11 months ago +1

    spotted hyenas are an oddity even within the hyenade family , they're the only ones whose 'female' appears to behave like a male.

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago +3

      There are praying mantises where the female eats the male's head during mating. Meerkats and lemurs are also run by females. Then there is an ape called a bonobo, elephants are female-dominated. There are even some types of marine animals and birds with bigger, stronger females. They're are unknown to people who are too busy focusing on male-domianted animals.

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago


  • Wolf SKULL
    Wolf SKULL 11 months ago +4

    thats what happens when a species has females stronger than males the females grow penisess similar to males so basically if women in human become stronger than men you wouldnt see those beutiful strong women you would see a hairy transgender human being... the hyena species has basically almost trangendered hyenas i wouldnt call them female hyenas to be honest....

  • shreee Dyke
    shreee Dyke Year ago +1

    They are so ugly. But i love them

  • WeeWax 68
    WeeWax 68 Year ago +2

    Where's a male lion at when u need him, come n break that shit up, even kiil one for fun

    • Jasmine Harris
      Jasmine Harris 11 months ago +1

      Wolf SKULL you males are freaken stupid

    • Dragon _LadyXD
      Dragon _LadyXD 11 months ago +4

      Actually, the word "pussy," in this context, means pusillanimous which means timid, cowardly, fearful, etc. It has nothing to do with female genitalia...

    • Maximus Meridius
      Maximus Meridius Year ago

      okamilover99999 hahahaha

    • Maximus Meridius
      Maximus Meridius Year ago

      - xlntnat - hahahahahahaha are you kidding? Lmfao. A male lion would scare off over 30+ hyenas lmao

  • YouCan'tAlwaysGet WhatYouWant

    minute Earth brought me here

  • GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER


  • Consumed King
    Consumed King 2 years ago +14

    223 Feminists liked this video.

    • Maximus Autizmus
      Maximus Autizmus 23 days ago +1

      Consumed King and at least one deeply conservative anti feminist. Applying purely human concepts to animals is retarded

  • Sucy Manbavaran
    Sucy Manbavaran 2 years ago +11

    Lol MRA scumbags disliked this.

  • Sikander hussain
    Sikander hussain 4 years ago +2

  • dawlat khan
    dawlat khan 5 years ago

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  • Ike Charles
    Ike Charles 5 years ago +10

    00:01:47 "Some privacy please..?"

  • Dastanh
    Dastanh 5 years ago


  • Charles Curt
    Charles Curt 5 years ago +1

    ummm just incase you decide to read these comments below my fellow youtubers please note that the dumbass that said hyenas have the strongest bite are very far from correct

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      They only have the strongest bite of all mammalian land carnivores. I think hippos (herbivores have stronger bites), crocodiles are the strongest of all animals in bite force. Jaguars haven't even been tested, but they have the strongest bite force of all felines. Hyenas, as far as I know among animals who were tested, are only outperformed by hippos, alligators, and crocodiles. I don't think bears or gorillas were tested, either.. A lot of marine animals are far from tested, too, except maybe the shark, but it is almost impossible to measure their bite force under water..

  • Cover
    Cover 5 years ago +1

    Like Blake said Hyenas do have stronger jaws than crocodiles. Crocodiles have hard and strong jaws too though..

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      +117 MINISTRY Hyenas were measured to be 1100 psi, but they onlyeasured a hyena cub, and the cub was 603 psi. An adult would almost double that. A lion's bite force was like 600 something psi? Wolves were measured to be around 400 psi. Snapping turtles measure to be about 1004 psi, and I think the crocodile was 3700 psi.

    • 117 MINISTRY
      117 MINISTRY 8 months ago +1

      Correction. Hyenas don’t have stronger jaws than crocs. Hyenas are 750lbs to 1500lbs bite force depending on type of Hyena. Crocs are like 5000lbs plus bite force. Anatolian Shepherds 743lbs, Mastiffs 500lbs, Rotts 343lbs and Pit Bulls only have about 230lbs of bite force. Pit Bulls have a large head for their body size and are just loyal to protect. They have sharp teeth too and like wolves can deliver death by a thousand cuts. But, to put Hyenas bite force in perspective, a Lion only has 700lbs. I’ve seen a rating up to 2500lbs for Hyenas. I’m not putting my hand in ones mouth or no croc lol.

  • Ashton Conley
    Ashton Conley 5 years ago +1

    Even more so than a crocodile?

  • Mullerornis
    Mullerornis 5 years ago +3

    If you mean "Quasimodo", his design was deliberately made cute.
    Also, someone like you doesn't dictate what's aesthetically pleasing.

  • Claire AwesomeSauce
    Claire AwesomeSauce 5 years ago +3

    Hyenas are very ugly, they look like quasi motto.

    • Maximus Autizmus
      Maximus Autizmus 23 days ago +1

      Claire AwesomeSauce the front loaded build of hyenas with the sloping backs may look ungainly to humans, but it allows hyenas to pull large prey to the ground, prey 3-4 times the hyenas own size. It allows them to carry carcasses and pieces of carcasses that weigh more than they do for mlles without tiring. They are very strong animals, and they have virtually unlimited stamina, they don’t get tired. Unlike the big cats, who have notoriously limited stamina

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago +1

      Have you looked in the mirror lately?

  • PimpThe478
    PimpThe478 5 years ago +8

    I love Hyenas.They are beautiful!!!!

  • Red Robertify
    Red Robertify 6 years ago +12

    they are beautiful, people are so wrong thinking otherwise

    • Maximus Meridius
      Maximus Meridius Year ago +2

      Red Robertify no. They're not. Get over it ffs. People can tell beauty from ugliness and it's that fucking simple

  • Little Big Lung
    Little Big Lung 6 years ago +2

    I came here looking for female hyena dongs. I'm disappointed.

  • Mullerornis
    Mullerornis 6 years ago +15

    No sane person finds hyenas ugly.
    I mean, they look exactly like dogs and cats! If both dogs and cats aren't ugly, why should hyenas be?

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      +Maximus Meridius you're the only ugly one here.

    • Maximus Meridius
      Maximus Meridius Year ago

      Mullerornis and to think you'd stoop to a level where you'd link sanity to subjectivity just shows how small your brain is

    • Maximus Meridius
      Maximus Meridius Year ago +2

      Mullerornis they're ugly. Stop trying to claim otherwise.

    • Birb in cage
      Birb in cage Year ago +2

      Mullerornis I think they are adorable

    • Hyushi Sama
      Hyushi Sama Year ago

      Mullerornis seen this comment first then scrolled down to see . " this hideous mongrel dog "

  • Mullerornis
    Mullerornis 6 years ago +4

    Must be why lions are declining no matter how much attention is paid to them, while hyenas prosper no matter how people treat them.
    Also, the King of Africa is the elephant. Elephants kick your retarded lion ass every time.

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson Month ago

      +Maximus Meridius Female hyenas are masculine. That's why they dominate male hyenas. Lions just have it the other way around. But sure, you woman-haters get mad when you see a female lead.

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago +1

      Both lions and hyenas kick your retarded humans asses every time. And lions don't always beat hyenas, you know.

    • Wolf SKULL
      Wolf SKULL 8 months ago

      so do lions kick youre youre retarded hyenas ass everytime.

    • Wolf SKULL
      Wolf SKULL 11 months ago

      then explain to me why do lions hunt elephants?! huh and stop hating lions just because they are damn stronger and better than hyenas!

    • Maximus Meridius
      Maximus Meridius Year ago

      Mullerornis stop hating lions because they're so masculine

  • AlexDraco
    AlexDraco 6 years ago +3

    Yet another Troll trying to start up an argument on the oh-so-interesting debate about which animal is better than the other. It's quite fortunate neither lions or hyenas care about that shit, right?

  • Snotlingfondler
    Snotlingfondler 6 years ago

    more like mongooses apparantly (herpestidae:mongooses, meerkats and the like) which also sit in Feliformia :D.
    Muestelids are caniformia.

  • alex tagg
    alex tagg 6 years ago

    no sound boring !!!

  • MisterRandom2
    MisterRandom2 6 years ago

    Someone's been watching way too many Disney cartoons.

  • blackcici
    blackcici 6 years ago


  • Queen B
    Queen B 6 years ago +4

    I love how hyenas are soo fucking ugly lol no wonder they are a dying species, Lions are the Kings of Africa!!

  • ali akkuş
    ali akkuş 7 years ago

    very very very

  • SaberWingDragon
    SaberWingDragon 7 years ago +1

    @Urhoboman5 It really is, but I had no other way to get my point across, as most people learned about Lions and Hyenas only from the Lion King. It's a shame many people don't know the true facts about these animals.
    haha why would that offend me xD So long as you can start up a civil conversation without being all "YOU STUPID, DATS NOT HOWE IT WORKS" and then state something so far off the mark even the comment doesn't want to post, I'm fine with it xD
    Creates a nice conversation, you know?

  • SaberWingDragon
    SaberWingDragon 7 years ago +1

    @Urhoboman5 lol I know that xD
    However, Lions have also been known to kill hyenas for nothing more than sport, and leave the carcass. As far as I know, hyenas don't leave the carcass, but devour it, even if it is a lone cub.
    It really is, they're both important to the ecosystem and have different roles in existence. Thing is, Hyenas do alot and are under appreciated, and lions don't do much and are over appreciated. Thus the war began...

  • Urhoboman5
    Urhoboman5 7 years ago


  • Urhoboman5
    Urhoboman5 7 years ago

    Also I believe that anything along the lines of one is a noble animal while the other is a mangy poacher(regardless of which side your on) is silly.
    Both animals are important for the ecosystem, both live harsh lives and both should be respected for putting up with shit that most of us humans would cringe at.
    I'm okay with both. But I like Lions more. "Panthera Ultimate" playlist.
    I hope I didn't offend. :-)

  • Urhoboman5
    Urhoboman5 7 years ago

    Just so you know. Apparently animals are more complex than we think they are.
    According to some research lions kill hyenas because of territory, revenge, competition for food, hyenas have been known to kill and eat lion cubs. And guess what hyenas are no different, they would kill a lone lion or lion cub at the drop of a hat for similar reasons.
    Personally I think the Hyena vs lion thing is over hyped by us humans. And our hyper emoting of the natural world.

  • SimplyAsunder
    SimplyAsunder 7 years ago +14

    hyenas are theives of the wild. no wonder they are run by females. same gold digger mentality. lol.

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      We got a sexist asshole here who can't accept the fact that females can lead just as well as males can. Get your head put of your balls.

    • Winn Dixiee
      Winn Dixiee 7 months ago +2

      Or you’re just a lazy fuck with no personality, so no girl wants you but your excuse if that they’re all gold diggers lol.

    • Wolf SKULL
      Wolf SKULL 8 months ago +1

      official legend.

    • Emma Marie
      Emma Marie 9 months ago +5

      SimplyAsunder You don't know anything about hyenas based on your comment

    • Ninjaananas
      Ninjaananas 10 months ago +5

      That is a stupid comment you have there.

  • SaberWingDragon
    SaberWingDragon 7 years ago

    @CreateOneHere haha yeah!

  • FfRAGsks
    FfRAGsks 7 years ago

    @Omnigeek6 it's still an insult .. hyenas are way more talented ^^ and pwettier and cuter and stronger smarter ...

  • SaberWingDragon
    SaberWingDragon 7 years ago

    @SakuraTree12 Lions are pretty awesome (though I can't see why they fit the 'noble' status they have besides their looks) and everyone should have an opinion; just why do all the stupid uneducated, know nothing about hyenas comment on these videos saying they hate them?
    And I'm glad you agree with me :3 This hyena hate is gruesome :c

  • SaberWingDragon
    SaberWingDragon 7 years ago +19

    Hyenas are beautiful animals, I dunno whats wrong with those of you saying they're ugly or dumb or mean. They aren't as cruel as lions who will attack and kill a hyena just for the hell of it. They're smarter than chimpanzees in some aspects, such as teamwork; and they're so cute~
    Lions even scavenge more than hyenas, AND steal food from hyenas!
    If you ask me, it should be the Hyena who is seen as noble and Lions as 'slobbering, mangy, stupid poachers!'

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      +faith the deer :3 have you seen the lion versus hyena videos? Some lions may share food with hyenas, yes, but a lot of males will go and kill hyenas just because they see them. As far as I've seen, I've only seen a hyena attack a lion for territory and food. Both animals kill each other's cubs, though. There are no videos of a hyena killing lion cubs. Only ones are of hyenas scavenging dead lion cubs. But if you have a video of a hyena killing a lion or anything, you can link it in a reply.

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      +The Caught Predator, From Dateline NBC Uh, female hyenas don't rape. They're the one female animal that a male can't rape because he would get his ears torn off his head. Plus, most females don't leave the clan. Males do to mate. Lions have no ranks or anything, but to is still unfair that even when the lionesses do the hunting by themselves, the male just pushes them and the cubs aside to feed first. I know males hunt, too, but when the females do the hunting, a make can come and push them aside. All hr has to do is breed and protect the pride from other males who would come in and kill the cubs of the previous male. I'm guessing most females would rather be a hyena while males would rather be a lion. They want their gender to dominate the other. I'd only rather be a hyena because of my personality. Also, I'm way too aggressive for someone to come and take MY food, so hell yeah, I eat first! As a female, I don't want to have to worry about another male coming in the pride and killing my cubs. Even male looks have it hard because they're risking their lives to protect the pride from other males, and sometimes, the new male kills them. Alone, a male lion can been confronted by hyenas (if there are enough hyenas to take him on).

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      +Maximus Meridius Fuck off, you retarded shit. Everything you just said was made up stereotypes because you got triggered when someone actually gave some true facts.

    • Captain
      Captain Year ago +2

      Male lions attacks & kills hyenas not for food, it just wants to kill. Hyenas attacks lions mostly for food not for such nonsense reason. So who is better animal.

    • Captain
      Captain Year ago +4

      95% of the food hyenas get are from hunting. & male lion scavenge them. Male lions are known to kill their pride' s cup. Hyenas eat & digest even decayed meat including bones keeping Africa safe from disease. So who is better animal.

  • mookeychase0907
    mookeychase0907 7 years ago

    @earthtouch You're right they're related to Mongooses and yes a weasel is in that same family most people put them in the dog family as I would,but you're right they're in the Mongoose family which is kinda weird. I know one thing they are ugly as ish with that long neck short body and ugly tail...

  • mookeychase0907
    mookeychase0907 7 years ago

    @earthtouch Yall crazy Lol..

  • Ash James
    Ash James 7 years ago +15

    I'm blown away. I've been watching some doco's and I can't beleive how wrong people are about Hyena's. I think 'The Lion King' film made people beleive Hyena's were evil scavengers, well it's a cartoon lol. Now I know that they are the second largest predator in Africa. Intelligent, very succesful hunters, run down their prey and consume it as quickly as possible (before Lions come and steal it). Often take on and defeat a pride of Lions in a fight. Such missunderstood interesting animals!

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      +Savannah Gomez They are hunters. Most of their prey comes from hunting, and the videos you see may start with hyenas and lions fighting over a kill, but most of the time, we don't know who made the kill. You never know. A lion could've taken a hyena's kill, and the hyenas are trying to get it back.

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      +hithere And how are they supposed to kill it before they eat it? Their jaws and teeth are made for crushing and tearing, not suffocation.

    • hithere
      hithere 8 months ago

      The problem with them is they start eating prey before it is even killed. A horrible trait.

    • Savannah Gomez
      Savannah Gomez 10 months ago +1

      Ash James actually, hyenas aren’t much hunters themselves.. rather they are scavengers. They don’t hunt if it’s not necessary which in their case usually never is because there’s always plenty of food to steal from other hunts. Lions and hyenas really only interact if their paths are crossed through territory lines. Other than that, they won’t go seeking each other out.

  • Omnigeek6
    Omnigeek6 7 years ago

    @earthtouch I think I can see his logic.
    Because female hyenas have pseudopenises there is a common myth that they are hermaphrodites.
    It is also speculated that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite.

  • aaa
    aaa 7 years ago

    Aw grandma hyena :)

  • Christopher O'Neil
    Christopher O'Neil 7 years ago +2

    God I love Hyenas !

  • globodog
    globodog 7 years ago +3

    @TheMoosenuts hyena kills are brutal and vicious, they have really strong jaws...but they lack the size for an instant kill, so they tend to have a habit of eating their prey alive.

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      YES! Finally, someone who understands why hyenas can't kill their prey BEFORE eating it!

  • LadyNightmare
    LadyNightmare 7 years ago +2

    i think hyenas are interesting creatures...i would love to have one...and one thing i like about them is that their leader is a female....girl power baby...hehe

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      +Wolf SKULL People don't breed hyenas. Hyenas live in the wild. If course, you men like lions only because males dominate females in the big cat species. So what's the difference?

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago +1

      +Semper Fortis Get the fuck off TVclip. You're just another sexist male who just wants to lower all females. What's the matter? Got beat up by a girl? You're just a keyboard warrior who can't stand the fact that some animals have stronger females. Female hyenas have 3x more testosterone than your stupid ass, now what? Bet you won't say that to a female hyena, a predator that can rip off your balls in seconds. You wouldn't want to be a praying mantis because during mating, female mantises often eat their males' heads. Now if humans did that, you wouldn't be mouthing off now.

    • Semper Fortis
      Semper Fortis 11 months ago

      girls, my dick.....there is no such thing as female 'power', there is female borrowed 'power', there is only strength and sheer aggression, and that's the characteristic of the males. Imagine if they were no laws protecting females, you got the picture. BTW spotted hynena are an oddity within the hyenadae family, they're the only one that behave in hermaphrodite way.

    • Wolf SKULL
      Wolf SKULL 11 months ago

      youre a Lady so ofcourse you like the whole women being stronger than men thingy anyways you can buy a hyena for i think 3000 Dollars from a breeder

  • bow hunter
    bow hunter 7 years ago

    pretty much.

  • CC25Y
    CC25Y 7 years ago

    truley amazing!

  • scarol17
    scarol17 7 years ago +12

    why does he keep saying that they're not the pettiest animals? I find them very cute

  • Alma Gordon
    Alma Gordon 7 years ago

    @EmoberryProductions yeah she'd be the hyena getting eaten by a lion

  • TheGreatJunkHeapFlower
    TheGreatJunkHeapFlower 8 years ago +1

    @CowsAndCrows So where does the males penis insert, in the female's false penis?

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      The female has to retract it. It requires to full cooperation of the female. That's why there is no rape in spotted hyenas.

  • TheGreatJunkHeapFlower

    Wow surviving a stroke out there! I know female hyenas are loaded with testerone, and they're bigger than males.

  • Earth Touch
    Earth Touch  8 years ago

    @EmoberryProductions Why so mean to the Hyena? :)

  • Ethan Murray
    Ethan Murray 8 years ago +1

    @earthtouch I dated a girl like that once....

  • HanyouWings30
    HanyouWings30 8 years ago +2

    Hyenas are so beautiful.

  • Earth Touch
    Earth Touch  8 years ago +2

    @durgaaa @EbonDrake | No apology necessary :) Thanks for backing me up @EbonDrake although @durgaa does put forward a very interesting point about their Taxonomy. If you look at a Hyaena you could easily be forgiven into thinking it is a sort of dog...well it is not. @Durgaa is right, they sit within the Feliformia so are more closely related to cats...although i think are more closely related to mustelids (like weasels)...I may need correcting there though :)

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      Mustelids like weasels are in the Caniformia, so Hyenas are only related to Felines and Herpestidae like Mongoose and Meerkats, which are all in the Feliformia order.

  • EbonDrake
    EbonDrake 8 years ago +2

    @durgaaa - Wrong - you need to do your own research before correcting someone as experienced as Earthtouch. Science has shown that the female hyena's fake penis IS formed from an extended clitoris. It attaches at the exit of the vagina, and baby hyenas must be born through it. It's obviously too small, so it rips open and the baby is born through the breach. This is obviously tramautic and results in high mortality for first-time mothers and first-born babies both.

    Now apologize to E?

  • estefany52
    estefany52 8 years ago


  • Earth Touch
    Earth Touch  8 years ago +8

    Just to clear a little something up...Female Spotted hyenas don't actually have a true penis...It is a pseudopenis made from a greatly enlarged clitoris.
    Interestingly, spotted hyena have one of the most complex mammalian social systems (easily on a par with elephants) and it is this which appears to have driven the evolution of such a seemingly strange piece of anatomy.
    Don't forget the females also have to give birth through the pseudopenis....Owch!

  • brian kegs
    brian kegs 8 years ago

    @bluebucky2 the girls have dicks

  • Don Draper
    Don Draper 8 years ago

    all hyenas need to see an orthodontist.

  • dadeskr
    dadeskr 8 years ago

    If she was regurgitating food that is really unusual, I have never heard of a hyena doing that before!

  • lucius1976
    lucius1976 8 years ago

    that grandma has quite some teeth!

  • Aduro Tri
    Aduro Tri 9 years ago +7

    in some cases females can be better leaders than guys all the guys do they wage war and have sex that's all most males are really good for why do you think the world is in such bad shape The world is being run by idiots if anything sometimes the greatest leaders are the ones we underestimate, such as women you see things like Religion control us saying that males should run the world Religion causes 90% of the conflict in the world if we forgot about beliefs then we'd be much better off.

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      +Winn Dixiee ikr!

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson 3 months ago

      We had a female president before.

    • Winn Dixiee
      Winn Dixiee 7 months ago +2

      Shine D how would it have “already happened” when women couldn’t even have their own bank account until the 60’s. We haven’t had our rights for very long. In how many thousands of years have women been seen as less capable, that mindset takes time to completely go away. And why do guys get so upset when someone thinks women would make good leaders or are just as capable as men in a particular area? Y’all say we’re sensitive but many men have some seriously fragile egos.

    • German111 0
      German111 0 7 months ago

      Women can be just a moronic as men (yes, I'm a woman). I wouldn't trust have these crooked women as i would the men.
      Men are greatly bashed for many crimes the majority do not do. Also, don't forget female on male rape crimes- which do in fact happen more often then people think.

    • Wolf SKULL
      Wolf SKULL 8 months ago

      whit Knight detected.

  • TheDiamond123123
    TheDiamond123123 9 years ago

    I didn't think hyenas are ugly... who told you they were ugly... :/

  • TheDiamond123123
    TheDiamond123123 9 years ago

    no it wouldn't... they can't think objectively of anything... they arne't animals... human is a sexual being, now if you put a FEMALE on the leade it would make one, she's a human being AND a female... that's a double slut, they will be driping all day and changing tampons, I can't phantom that :D, would be funny and sexy at the same time.

    And they would probably make truse with the enemis by spreading their sperm tank, anyways. I don't whanna have a girl representing me, she don't know how.

  • TheDiamond123123
    TheDiamond123123 9 years ago

    actually hyenas eat eachothers pussys... it's just a thing they do... for sexual pleasure ofcourse...

  • mahms012
    mahms012 9 years ago

    some of you still dont know alot about hyenas. as said hyeans have the strongest bite on the land i think first is shark. they have a female hyena as a queen because female hyenas tend to be bigger in size then male hyenas and have bigger status in the group. hyenas can make 21 diffrent kind of noises to send messages around mostly at night. also hyenas have personal enemity with lions this is natural they both hate each other for some reason.

  • Akumastarr
    Akumastarr 9 years ago

    Are you an idiot? No logical decisions would be made and any progressionist mindset we have as a society would be diminished!

  • Ernest
    Ernest 9 years ago

    hyena males are manwhores and females are he she they have male like gentiles but i liike hyenas there my favorite animals

  • Vailith
    Vailith 9 years ago

    o.o I love wolves but for some reason I'm finding an interest in hyenas. thanks for uploading. Wonderful video. ^ ^ 5/5