$500 Car Road Trip Part 1 - Buying Day

  • Published on Aug 2, 2011
  • Rob, Vinny, and Matt take $500 each to the wholesale lots of Northern New Jersey to try and secure drivable cars for their trip to Atlantic City. This is a partial scene from Super Speeders 5 Out of Control available for rental on youtube, or purchase from www.superspeeders.com or Amazon.com
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Comments • 3 543

  • Jay Monay
    Jay Monay 18 minutes ago

    6:40 "Volv"ope supposed to be a surprise

  • zacgagne
    zacgagne 2 days ago

    When’s the next cheap car challenge?

  • Mr. Doge Gaming
    Mr. Doge Gaming 5 days ago +1

    When you think you got a decent car but the guy in a Volvo shows up 6:51

  • SpaceFleming
    SpaceFleming 9 days ago

    5:40 that rx8 tho 😍

  • paymaker11
    paymaker11 13 days ago +1

    Cash for clunkers is what caused your problems!😡🤣🤣😂😂

  • trato 2015
    trato 2015 14 days ago

    Sooooo budget Top Gear?

  • jort93z
    jort93z 15 days ago

    volvo wins hands down.

  • Tyler Keill
    Tyler Keill 18 days ago

    you need to make a new one of these

  • Mohamed Osama
    Mohamed Osama 21 day ago +1

    i died when i saw the swedish car
    lmao that car was shipped straight from sweden, i see cars looking like that everywhere here in sweden hahahahahahha threw me off i didn't expect that

  • Electric avenue Bikes
    Electric avenue Bikes 24 days ago

    They are more happy with these cars then new toys they were driving.

  • Shadow 3091
    Shadow 3091 Month ago

    Your first mistake was going to a dealership. You could get twice the car on craigslist for $500

  • Adam Mackenzie
    Adam Mackenzie Month ago

    This shits easy in Canada lol, buy kijiji cars for less then a 1000 then resale 3 months later for 500 lol. Barely running.

  • RafBen
    RafBen Month ago

    $6500 for a corolla? Even on a poor third world country i think its too much

  • scott denning
    scott denning Month ago

    That's not "no radio", that's the "radio delete option".

  • Rece Markou
    Rece Markou Month ago +1

    Cough *top gear* cough

  • Kurt Knas
    Kurt Knas 2 months ago +1

    Dont piss off some Swedish Vikings buy Jumping on their flag!

  • natelaurenceable
    natelaurenceable 2 months ago

    Gambler 500. Cheap car's going 500 over a weekend

  • Locoandchooch
    Locoandchooch 2 months ago

    Holy shit, 8 years ago. Matt was thinner

  • SteviePee OutDoorLife
    SteviePee OutDoorLife 2 months ago

    Everyone looks about 10in this video.
    to flys not seen this in a long time

  • Hunter Echols
    Hunter Echols 2 months ago

    seen this before came back from vinwiki

  • 88 245
    88 245 2 months ago

    Dude.... I was hoping someone would show up with a Volvo 😆

  • SmellyMellys GamePlay
    SmellyMellys GamePlay 2 months ago

    What about the Integra at 3:07 ?

  • Thomas Truther
    Thomas Truther 2 months ago

    These guys are gay as hell. Trying to do a UK Top Gear knock off only gets cringy to watch them try to negotiate. At least the old Top Gear guys would be cheeky and get a laugh and probably still good a good deal these guys just look like rude unformed pussified retards

  • spencer 124
    spencer 124 2 months ago

    I'm astounded at the horrible prices for horrible cars :D

  • Mannard Mann
    Mannard Mann 2 months ago

    Used car salesman .. aka scum of the fucking earth

  • My mom is handsome Gaming

    Is it me or cars in the US are cheap af

  • YoRereversal
    YoRereversal 3 months ago

    Idc idc a Bentley is forever ugly no matter how fast or how much it is 😂

  • Czechbound
    Czechbound 3 months ago

    The first video of Rob's I ever saw. Worth watching again. Excellent

  • Guillermo Rivas
    Guillermo Rivas 3 months ago

    $7,000 for a fucken ‘02? Gawd damn I got a 2014 Civic for $6,000

  • Renault Leaking Again
    Renault Leaking Again 3 months ago

    last 3 cars i bought were 100 eur, 150 eur and 200 eur lol, im not even getting to 500 with 3 cars

  • Fisher Freeman
    Fisher Freeman 3 months ago

    These guys are lame...

  • Grefixx
    Grefixx 3 months ago


  • Cristian Cirica
    Cristian Cirica 3 months ago

    This video was hella fucking funny😂😂😂😭

  • DKTAz00
    DKTAz00 3 months ago

    Fucking trees growing out the hood, "yah been here about a month"

  • TheJ’s
    TheJ’s 3 months ago

    That’s a clean mighty max!

  • TheRustyPyro
    TheRustyPyro 3 months ago

    3:07 why wouldn’t you go for the teggie

  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan 3 months ago

    Is that an old Angelo's Pizza truck . They're still running their aging fleet of Mighty Maxs

  • Gary Shepperson
    Gary Shepperson 3 months ago

    I need that mighty max!!

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 3 months ago

    90% of the cars at these dealerships I wouldn’t spend $100 for let alone the thousands they’re asking for. Most of them didn’t even look like they run.....
    Smdh people are fucking high

  • king sam tv
    king sam tv 3 months ago

    Any small youtuber wanna support each other

  • weston chase salm anderson

    way before matt ferrahs million mile lexus

  • ChannelTV
    ChannelTV 3 months ago

    It’s almost a complete copy of top gear

  • you tube police
    you tube police 3 months ago

    I love the old might max trucks

  • Mike O
    Mike O 3 months ago

    8 years later Matt looks 30 years older.

  • Ryker Watts
    Ryker Watts 3 months ago

    Brown pickup? That’s a bronco try to at least seem smart

  • RL R
    RL R 3 months ago

    top gear was an absolute piece of shit, but this cringeworthy and lame imitation makes it even shittier.

  • B7ONY
    B7ONY 3 months ago

    Love you guys, keep up the good work 👍🏼

  • Darick Holler
    Darick Holler 3 months ago

    Go west for better deals

  • Bryan Sanchez
    Bryan Sanchez 3 months ago

    That’s fucked up he asked a dead animal

  • A Gnarly Dude Diaries
    A Gnarly Dude Diaries 3 months ago

    Lmao jersey sucks. I got a 99 sunfire gt convertible with cold a/c for $420 towed to my place. Only issue is it was rear ended and the backup lights don't work. Not a spec of rust even. Gotta love AZ!

  • Leonard Wallstein
    Leonard Wallstein 3 months ago +5

    This is painful to watch. They are incredibly unfunny.

    • Gabs
      Gabs 2 months ago

      I thought the sideburns guy was funny

    • Matthew Cook
      Matthew Cook 3 months ago

      They're just having fun. Ain't nothin wrong with that.

  • Vistrus
    Vistrus 3 months ago

    Honestly - Go back to doing these types of series. They were what made your channel great. Sadly you've gone to being boring and unoriginal.

  • Broxty
    Broxty 3 months ago

    Some real original content here guys, what gave you the idea to do this???!

    • Audirs7
      Audirs7 3 months ago

      Broxty This video is 8 years old

  • Jackson
    Jackson 3 months ago +1

    Why does Matt look sort of fit...

  • pablo escobar
    pablo escobar 3 months ago +1

    7500$ to 500$ , wtf😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dilixty
    Dilixty 3 months ago +2

    lmao, could have rented a bentley for a day

    • Mattie Mclean
      Mattie Mclean 3 months ago

      Pretty sure we all know what would happen there...

  • On1yOne1nchW1de
    On1yOne1nchW1de 3 months ago

    The prices on those used cars made me want to puke, there is no way the dealers are serious.

  • Kamofy
    Kamofy 3 months ago

    LOL Matt still had hair back then. BTW, how about Cletus and ThatGuyInBlue (and the other guy I forgot his name) trying to do the same cameo cheap car challenge in 2019 in Florida...lol

  • Dan Dagn
    Dan Dagn 3 months ago

    Top gear is quaking

  • william straughan
    william straughan 3 months ago +1

    you guys lived in the young generation back in the early 70,s late 60,s you could get a nice car for $200.00 I bought fairlanes falcons chevy truck chevy nova

  • Wylde West
    Wylde West 3 months ago

    These guys can be dicks

  • BroSandwich the
    BroSandwich the 3 months ago


  • mohindar jagnarain
    mohindar jagnarain 3 months ago

    Psy, i miss the old days

  • WARLORD op
    WARLORD op 3 months ago +5

    These guys are so bad at negotiating

  • 1nQoRKT Official
    1nQoRKT Official 3 months ago +3

    Hell yeah! Swedish Volvo FTW bois!

  • coonus1
    coonus1 3 months ago

    Used cars are so much here aswell. It’s rediculous. Great video ✌️😎

  • • FLo0x
    • FLo0x 3 months ago

    SWEDEN 🇸🇪

  • Beenster
    Beenster 3 months ago

    show me how those tits fart

  • RodeoSpoter
    RodeoSpoter 3 months ago +1

    A entire video without a single car in sight!

  • QC 63
    QC 63 3 months ago


  • Pearcey111
    Pearcey111 3 months ago

    Why not just spend $500 and hire a nice car, drive there and back job done

    • Renny Cepeda
      Renny Cepeda 3 months ago

      You completely missed the point of the video

  • Thestripper
    Thestripper 3 months ago +2

    5:13 Bout a month.. 3 feet bushes all around.

  • William Carpenter
    William Carpenter 3 months ago

    Those prices are INSANE! These guys are fucking scummy lol. I thought California had ridiculous prices lmao

  • D C
    D C 3 months ago +4

    1700 for a garbage kit car. That guy is on crack

    • dntlkdwn
      dntlkdwn 3 months ago +6

      D C it was 7500

  • The Lazy Yinzer
    The Lazy Yinzer 3 months ago

    Why such bad quality? Oh... it’s 2011. I see.