Rick Pitino, awful Celtics coach, was outdone by Rick Pitino, awful Celtics president | The Worst

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
  • Before the 1997-98 NBA season, eight NBA teams made a change at head coach. One of those teams was the Boston Celtics, who hired Rick Pitino away from the University of Kentucky to be coach and president. The decision to put that much power in the hands of someone who was fickle with his roster, collegiate in his approach, and interested in being the center of the show, proved to be a total disaster.
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Comments • 712

  • Hugh Cipher
    Hugh Cipher Day ago

    Wow what complete fuckery 😂🤣😂 i had no idea Patino sucked so hard in Boston

  • ivaneurope
    ivaneurope 2 days ago

    Fun trivia fact: Rick Pitino's last team he coached was Panathinaikos Basketball Club. It wears green and white as well as having cloverleaf as one of its signature symbols, the same as one of Pitino's former teams - the Boston Celtics. His biggest contribution in Athens - winning the Greek League and Cup as well as 6th in the EuroLeague .

  • garrison 68
    garrison 68 2 days ago

    I agree with this judgment, he was just terrible. To let go of Billups and pass up McGrady?

  • Joe Malcolm
    Joe Malcolm 3 days ago

    Jon Gruden would be proud of the video game style tradings.

  • Lester Sonza
    Lester Sonza 4 days ago

    can u make the worst nba trade.

  • JaronZ
    JaronZ 5 days ago +1

    Billups would have been a massive help to that ECF Celtics squad.

  • guyrb
    guyrb 6 days ago +1

    Hey Elgin Baylor was screwed by the pestilence that was Donald Sterling

  • soaky4
    soaky4 6 days ago +1

    "Cyber-tione," Walter McCardy, Ron Mercer... Kentucky contributed to the Celtics in the late 90s-early 2000s

  • Frederick Sweeney
    Frederick Sweeney 6 days ago

    I thin Pitino's stint with the celtics is a lesson to keep the coaches coaching, and the executives executing. It takes a very rare talent to do both.

  • Daniel Wolff
    Daniel Wolff 7 days ago +1

    @SB Nation. Do "The worst NBA Contract ever."

    • Daniel Wolff
      Daniel Wolff 7 days ago

      @Love Supreme Gilbert Arenas

    • Love Supreme
      Love Supreme 7 days ago

      Wow. So many... Eddie Robinson, Fred Hoiberg, Luc Longley, Jason Caffey, Greg Oden, JR Rider

  • Breadmancer
    Breadmancer 9 days ago

    Hey, Tony Battie was the guy who made sure Paul Pierce got prompt medical attention the night he got stabbed 11 times. Now maybe if Battie isn't there, maybe they go to a club down the street and nothing happens, but as it stands he was instrumental to the Celtics' 17th championship!

  • Cecil Hatchett
    Cecil Hatchett 9 days ago

    So Celtics had Chauncey and Tmac could you imagine

  • Grim
    Grim 10 days ago

    Why not give credit to the owner that hired Pitino?

  • Mr Orange
    Mr Orange 19 days ago

    I will kill Rick Pitino when I get the chance

  • Jason Salib
    Jason Salib 20 days ago

    Has a Lakers fan. SB Nation is not far behind making a similar video of the Lakers circus that's been going on for years.

  • TheBadSalesman
    TheBadSalesman 21 day ago

    This guy is in Greece now, coaching Athens' Panathinaikos. Kinda sad, but he supposedly got a lot of money to leave the States

  • George Law
    George Law 25 days ago

    Wow, I remember reading stories about this when all this turmoil was going on. I had no idea it was this bad.

  • Gorgeous Randy Flamethrower

    Sounds like Tyronn Lue

  • Adrian Arshad
    Adrian Arshad 29 days ago +3

    Can you imagine a Celtics team with McGrady, Pierce and Billups with the addition of someone like Pau Gasol later? Crazy.

    • Michael Alan Kearns
      Michael Alan Kearns 27 days ago

      Adrian Arshad Luckily, that didn’t happen and my Pistons benefited, immensely, from Pitino’s ineptitude.

  • Bringing_It_@ll_Back_Gnome

    as a Celtics fan that is disgusting that they turned down Larry bird for this fool, they deserved what they got for that one

  • FFC Fortnite
    FFC Fortnite 29 days ago

    Never say Boston like that again please

  • One Deep Savage
    One Deep Savage 29 days ago

    Pitino always reminds me of Tony Stark for some reason lol

  • Superman Wayne
    Superman Wayne Month ago

    Could’ve had Chauncey and TMac wow!

  • Neil Ouellette
    Neil Ouellette Month ago

    Rick Pitino "Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parrish ain't walking through that door folks. It's not happening".

  • HOT
    HOT Month ago

    Hate to be devils advocate for an idiot like Pitino but he wasn't as terrible as the video makes him look, I've definitely seen worst in the NBA.
    He tried to establish an identity withing the organization something young coaches and teams seem to have no idea what is it about, when he left and the team finally had success under Jim O'Brian he just carried on Pitino's style of play all the way to the East Finals so you could see what Rick Pitino tried to intend as Coach and a GM.
    But yeah he was a terrible GM trading players just to trade again for them to get them back is as bad as it sounds, the particular situation with Chauncey Billups was a thing within the old NBA were a guy under 6'5'/6''' just couldn't play the shooting guard, you have to remember that Billups was more of a combo guard early on and the NBA as it whole tried to convert a lot of young promising SGs into a pass first PGs and Chauncey was not exception although he ended up being successful at it, very successful if you ask me.

  • M H
    M H Month ago

    Okay this is a really specific comment literally MONTHS after you uploaded this, but still, tossing it out there anyway:
    the shaky image transitions that are being used all the time are distracting, jarring, and actually make it hard to watch.

  • Harry Hinzman
    Harry Hinzman Month ago

    Now it’s magic for both

  • BlackSauce Noodles
    BlackSauce Noodles Month ago

    Trash video

  • BB Cute
    BB Cute Month ago +4

    Larry. Bird would have been the correct choice.

  • Zion Reid
    Zion Reid Month ago

    Ironically one of those great college to NBA coaches is in Boston right now.

  • IDK Plays
    IDK Plays Month ago

    He had it all. . and he let them go.. like the thunder.. wtf?!?

  • suiken
    suiken Month ago

    Wasn't Don Nelson fired by the Knicks around 96 season? They should have hired him instead. We are talking about the winningest coach of all time. He turned Bucks and Warriors into contenders and later on, the Mavs.

    And he also have history with the Celtics as a player. Gaston is such a dumbass.

  • Arvin Fernandez
    Arvin Fernandez Month ago

    Dafuq is that broken shooting form 0:45

  • Raptors4life
    Raptors4life Month ago +6

    At least he hepled Panathinaikos...

  • Kostas Katso
    Kostas Katso Month ago +1

    He is the best coach , watch him in Panathinaikos now and you will understand

  • Todd Sands
    Todd Sands Month ago

    The problem with those Pitino Celtics were too many former UK players on that roster. I couldn't believe it when Mercer was selected in stead of Tracy McGrady. That was such a dumb move at that time. Those Celtics teams were getting destroyed when they lost games. That period must have been hard for Celtics fans. All of that expected winning and championships must have made those losing seasons tough to swallow. Especially when Pitino was making inept decisions as president.

  • Pro memee
    Pro memee Month ago

    As we know Rick Pitino coached panathinaikos B.C but he failed..

    • Pro memee
      Pro memee 5 days ago

      @The Gunnerz Maybe hew wins a championship you are right. But then why he give up. He could continue coaching Panathinaikos.

    • The Gunnerz
      The Gunnerz 5 days ago

      Failed? He joined a side with a mediocre, not to say poor roster and won the Greek Cup, the Greek Championship and reached the top 8 of Euroleague. Is that a failure?

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Month ago +11

    Boston tried to create a Pat Riley type figure and it didn't work. They really should have went with the less flashy, quieter no bullshit Bird.

  • Justin Nardine
    Justin Nardine Month ago

    Slick Rick the ruler.

  • AlrightByMondayMusic

    Rick Pitino trades as much as I do in 2k

  • Geniusjdog Sports
    Geniusjdog Sports Month ago

    Do the worst MLB managerial hire

  • Wat
    Wat 2 months ago

    Reminds me of Billy Donovan

  • sugarbear522
    sugarbear522 2 months ago

    What I want to know is this. How is Rick Petino still coaching college basketball when he was banned by the NCAA?

  • sugarbear522
    sugarbear522 2 months ago

    What I want to know is this. How is Rick Petino still coaching college basketball when he was banned by the NCAA?

  • sugarbear522
    sugarbear522 2 months ago

    What I want to know is this. How is Rick Petino still coaching college basketball when he was banned by the NCAA?

  • Miraculous GR
    Miraculous GR 2 months ago

    Pitino kicks ass in Euroleague with Panathinaikos!!!!

  • plasticwrap
    plasticwrap 2 months ago +1

    This video is physically painful to watch.

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 2 months ago

    I got a idea for a video do the worst Rose Bowl and the Worst College football Playoffs game

  • heyr0ld
    heyr0ld 2 months ago

    Whose here after Pittino to the Cavs rumors

  • Team Sweaty
    Team Sweaty 2 months ago

    You’ve got to be kidding when who pronounced Boston massachusettes

  • Nbahangtime27
    Nbahangtime27 2 months ago

    Eddie Jordan’s picture doesn’t belong on bad nba coaches

  • Μιχαλης Γκουτσελης

    Τοτε δεν ζουσε σε ΠΑΡΆΝΟΙΑ

  • Mario Vasquez
    Mario Vasquez 2 months ago

    Fun fact Pittino wanted to draft dirk and tried to hide him so he could get him at the 10th pick. GG

  • Mike Hoffman
    Mike Hoffman 2 months ago

    Pitino was NOT a good coach with the Knicks. He ran a gimmick “trap” defense which only worked for one season.

  • Jon S
    Jon S 2 months ago

    I wish I was 7 feet tall so I could get a guaranteed 8 figures to play the Mediocre Tallman position.

  • Steve Covello
    Steve Covello 2 months ago

    Stop using the damn jiggly transition!!

  • Slevin Reviews
    Slevin Reviews 2 months ago

    The worst? SB Nation is heavily New York and Boston biased... all those jabs at Kobe makes sense now. He's the guy that shut down your dreams of multiple rings lol. But seriously Pitino? That's bias right there. Look up Kings owner Vivek who made himself in charge of everything. They handled Cousin's future so poorly he left. How poorly? These guys wanted to put forward a new plan to play 4v5 defense so they can have a man at the other end of the court to cherry pick every play. THINK ABOUT THAT. Their front office was full of businessmen who didn't watch basketball. They went through more coaches then I go through socks. But it didn't matter causse Vivek was secretly making all the calls and explains SO much of Kings history.

  • Tre Lamon
    Tre Lamon 2 months ago

    We could have had Tracy!!!!

  • JasonWittenFan
    JasonWittenFan 2 months ago

    Is Pitino really worse than Isiah (may have spelt that wrong) Thomas? Or Billie king although he wasn’t a coach.

  • OneTakeReviews&Lifts
    OneTakeReviews&Lifts 2 months ago

    Of course you don’t mention Louisville winning the natty in 2013... biased video watch at your own risks

  • Marshall The Catholic
    Marshall The Catholic 2 months ago

    Don’t hire a coach whose last name ends in -no....

  • Nicholas Zaborowski
    Nicholas Zaborowski 3 months ago

    Please stop saying tall men

  • Giannis K
    Giannis K 3 months ago

    I don't know what he did with Celtics but I can guarantee you that he is now making a great job in Athens with panathinaikos... After all he saved the season for panathinaikos in euroleage

    • Giannis K
      Giannis K 3 months ago

      @KaRoU323 συμφωνώ αλλά πιστεύω ότι σε περίπτωση που του προταθεί παραμονή του για μια ακόμα σεζόν αυτός θα δεχτεί

    • KaRoU323
      KaRoU323 3 months ago

      Ίσως γιατί αντιμετωπίζει τον Παναθηναϊκό περισσότερο ως μια κολλεγιακή ομάδα. Δεν θα μου κάνει εντύπωση αν ειπώθηκε "κάτω από το τραπέζι" ότι δεν έχει ευθύνες για τίτλους, αρκεί να χτίσει έναν κορμό και να εξελίξει τους νέους παίκτες. Ο Pitino στους Celtics έδειξε ότι τα χάνει όταν έχει απόλυτη εξουσία πάνω σε μια ομάδα, αλλά και ταυτόχρονα έχει αποδείξει ότι μπορεί να κάνει overachieving με μέτρια για τα δεδομένα ρόστερ. Άσχετα με τους τίτλους που πάρει/δεν πάρει, τα πεπραγμένα του θα φανούν στο μέλλον. Ο Παναθηναϊκός δεν θα κερδίσει λογικά την μακρόχρονη παρουσία του ίδιου, αλλά την ατομική βελτίωση των παικτών του.

  • Ron Collier
    Ron Collier 3 months ago

    All he needed was some strippers to help things out.

  • Ryan Sansaricq
    Ryan Sansaricq 3 months ago +4

    Can't believe this guy drafted Billups, Pierce and Mcgrady. A real coach would have a ring with them.

    • realmofotalk
      realmofotalk Month ago

      Actually, he passed on McGrady for Ron Mercer instead.

    • HUE
      HUE 2 months ago +3

      I'm just glad they didn't get the #1 overall pick in '97, who knows how differently Tim Duncan's career would have been. Although Timmy was enough of a beast early in his career that I think he could carry Rick deep into the playoffs.

  • ThaGreaT FranK
    ThaGreaT FranK 3 months ago

    I remember how stressed out my Father was with this Celtics team & the struggles they had for a while!!

  • Jimmi Stone
    Jimmi Stone 3 months ago

    This white boy saying patino was qualified lmfao

  • Vincent Simbol
    Vincent Simbol 3 months ago

    Playing 2K before it was even a thing

  • Brandon Asbury
    Brandon Asbury 3 months ago

    Before you slam him about the escorts he passed a lie detector test so suck on that LMAO didn't even really get proved guilty either and was the fall guy. So talk about a coward is someone making TVclip channels talking about goats LMAO

  • Brandon Asbury
    Brandon Asbury 3 months ago

    Leave Rick alone LMAO damn 😂😂

  • Thomas Goodman
    Thomas Goodman 3 months ago

    Goddamn lmao he was terrible

  • puddles puddles
    puddles puddles 3 months ago +2

    Ah Rick Pitino, a slightly above average conman that also doubled as a basketball coach and a pimp for recruits for his time at Louisville.

  • Joe Jamros
    Joe Jamros 3 months ago +2

    Jim O'Brien has a final laugh.

  • Notre Dame36
    Notre Dame36 3 months ago +2

    As a Celtics fan, I’m definitely making a what if video on my channel about this.

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 3 months ago

    Massive two shits

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones 3 months ago

    Chuck Dailey still looks like Huey Lewis. Have we seen those together?

  • Ryan Herich
    Ryan Herich 3 months ago

    This is not even close to the worst coach or the worst general manager in basketball

  • TheMW2informer
    TheMW2informer 3 months ago

    I always think highly of him for the time when he was at Louisville so... ur wrong

  • The Joose
    The Joose 3 months ago +66

    “They tried to kill two birds with one stone and instead just killed themselves”
    That’s cold as hell....

  • Joshua Gabriel Catindig
    Joshua Gabriel Catindig 3 months ago +1

    So this Pitino a-hole was responsible for wrecking my favorite Celtics...hmmm(cracks knuckles)

  • Brucey69
    Brucey69 3 months ago

    The glitch effect transition is so distracting

  • Chi
    Chi 4 months ago

    Paul pierce , Billiups, Mcgracy and Walker on the same team 🤭😮

  • Fireball Flareblitz
    Fireball Flareblitz 4 months ago

    I was gonna leave a good comment, but I traded it for a mediocre tall guy.

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri 4 months ago +1

    I just realized, this guy is the NBA's version of Trump.

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri 4 months ago +2

    "Massakhoosits" LMAO

  • Stevie Nines
    Stevie Nines 4 months ago

    I couldn't imagine giving up 50 mil for a job

  • Bryce Poston
    Bryce Poston 4 months ago

    Could have had Pierce, Chauncey, and McGrady all at the same time... Dang.

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson 4 months ago

    At least the Celtics did something bad

  • Khalil Stone
    Khalil Stone 4 months ago

    Mans coached like he playing gm mode on 2k 😂

  • Hunter Elgren
    Hunter Elgren 4 months ago

    Thibs must have studied Pitino’s Celtics tenure really closely because he ran the Wolves in almost exactly the same way as Pitino ran the Celtics. What a horrible hire by a horrible, stupid franchise. At least the Celtics have banners to fall back on. I hate being a Wolves fan 😑

  • Jeffery Hackworth jr
    Jeffery Hackworth jr 4 months ago +1

    Jon gruden is gonna top this

  • M Kay
    M Kay 4 months ago

    Wow no wonder the Celtics were a mess until 08

  • 23 in red
    23 in red 4 months ago

    you think this is bad have a look at ernie grunfeld

  • troll gaming
    troll gaming 4 months ago

    did i just hear BOWSTON MASSAHUSETTS??? or im just high at the moment...

  • A C
    A C 4 months ago +1

    Patino reminds me of that scuzzy used car salesman you feel like you have to wash your hands after just talking to him.

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 4 months ago +3

    Imagine if somehow the Celtics would've somehow kept Billups ended up playing w Pierce Garnett and Allen 😱

  • Nick Jim
    Nick Jim 4 months ago

    Pitino looks like some mobster

  • Nick Miller
    Nick Miller 4 months ago

    So wait your telling me you'd rather have Tracy McGrady over Ron Mercer. C'mon man

  • David Billy
    David Billy 4 months ago

    pitino what a hypocrite

  • Sh0t
    Sh0t 4 months ago +4

    followed this when it happened. could not understand it