Homeless Person Gets Surprise Of Their Lifetime

  • Published on May 15, 2019
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Comments • 6 325

  • Paul Romero
    Paul Romero 6 hours ago +1

    Every one pls pray for homless people thumbs up if you agree

  • Breanna Star
    Breanna Star 11 hours ago

    Everyone deserves happiness

    Think about it imagine you being homeless and at Christmas and you got nothing? That would be sad

  • Levi Medlin
    Levi Medlin 14 hours ago

    Help the homeless 😠😤😾

  • Yung Dagger Dinosaur19
    Yung Dagger Dinosaur19 18 hours ago +1

    0:03 did he say wifebeater tank top

  • Alexin
    Alexin 18 hours ago

    who ever thumbs downed this is an idiot

  • Christian Owens
    Christian Owens 22 hours ago

    The last clip almost got me

  • Sunny Shen
    Sunny Shen 3 days ago


  • Omar Perez
    Omar Perez 3 days ago +1

    Or if you don't cry you feel the anger inside of you

  • Omar Perez
    Omar Perez 3 days ago +1

    It's good to cry

  • Jack Jin
    Jack Jin 4 days ago

    I’m full of tears

  • Jessica Hedman
    Jessica Hedman 4 days ago

    we really just one big earth family- such a lovely comment to say...

  • Slim dude
    Slim dude 4 days ago

    If I were rich, I would arrange a simple and decent festival party for Every homeless person in each city, Food, beverages everything would be included.

  • Lyssa Alison
    Lyssa Alison 5 days ago

    and i wasnt knowing that it even your video i was watch the donations 😅

  • Lyssa Alison
    Lyssa Alison 5 days ago

    omg i mosly see you and your weird brother doing sad video

  • Daniel Robertson
    Daniel Robertson 6 days ago

    I never smile but this made me smile so big

  • ukone tube
    ukone tube 6 days ago

    I actually cried but I'm thankful for all the help that everyone has given to the world

  • Robert Dennis
    Robert Dennis 7 days ago


  • Itz_Moonlight Editz
    Itz_Moonlight Editz 7 days ago

    This is so good 😄

    Edit: I dont care if I get likes or comments if everybody's happy

  • Itz_Moonlight Editz
    Itz_Moonlight Editz 7 days ago +1

    How many people nearly cried/cried watching this please comment....I think I'm the only one 😅 that's why

  • Midnight Blox
    Midnight Blox 7 days ago

    My dad found a homeless person and first he bought him 2 extra large pizzas, gave him his number and a job offertunity at his private business, his story and how he cried after every word made me think what would I do if I where in these peoples feet

  • Wendy Clayton
    Wendy Clayton 7 days ago

    i go tears the hole thing

  • Unicornsaver10 Aj
    Unicornsaver10 Aj 7 days ago +2

    I care for the homeless cause everyone deserves a better life and a happy life 🙂

  • Sakura The Dragon Furry

    If I had 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lives I would fail the challenge

  • Kat Angulo
    Kat Angulo 7 days ago

    TVclip or TVclip or do you want to

  • Spirit1 Gardian
    Spirit1 Gardian 8 days ago

    You guys need to drive around and buy homeless people stuff

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez
    Elizabeth Rodriguez 8 days ago


  • Daniel Sinay
    Daniel Sinay 10 days ago

    The fact that they use this for views disgusts me

  • Cassie Foster
    Cassie Foster 11 days ago

    I couldn't stop grinning, these people are awesome

  • Izzy Keogh
    Izzy Keogh 12 days ago +1

    When the lady got the burger I cried so much
    Like if u did too

  • you trash your mom
    you trash your mom 12 days ago

    You made me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • tulip
    tulip 13 days ago

    some of homeless person became homeless because they were addicted of gamble and drug user

  • Savage Wearwolf
    Savage Wearwolf 13 days ago


  • Lizemi Rivera
    Lizemi Rivera 13 days ago +1

    That is so sad😭😭😢😟

  • Leticia Bonnet
    Leticia Bonnet 13 days ago

    What I don't like I when people look at you weirdly because you're helping the homeless.. It's utterly disgusting to see them behave in that matter.

  • CARNAGE 3202
    CARNAGE 3202 13 days ago

    Plz help south Africa

  • zipper
    zipper 13 days ago

    Do something....tf u making videos on idiots..I may have beaten it ass out!

  • Brooke Barnum
    Brooke Barnum 14 days ago

    Oh my god I cried so much in this video like as soon as I got done crying there was another sad moment and so I started crying again 😔

    ISLA JEN 15 days ago +1

    How much you cry how much you care for the people in WORLD
    no matter what you are or where you live or you came from rich, wealthy, or poor your speacial for God his the one who cares who loves us and made are world and who you are... but its not his fault that your like that people have explainations for that
    well if your poor or wealthy its much better than being dead you just need to acept the fact that its your life if your patient some day, some day someone will help you in the future but if no one come and no one is in your back to help you God is the one who is in your back so be nice and bring peace in your place and remember peace is better that being right..
    Thankyou for reading this i hope you have a great day!

  • monavel pascual
    monavel pascual 15 days ago

    Nuuuuuu I lost one heart because I cried on the last one I'm still crying T-T I'm sad of all of them actually I help 10 homeless Peaple seems I was only 10 year old kid I help 2 homeless kid they where the streets looking for food and I helped 8 homeless people that helped us getting our Lil sister and they are siblings we never knew they where homeless then we went to the mall and shop some cloths and shoes for them after we shopping we found them beside the street looking for help and after we gave them there needed for they cried and gave the some of our old houses and new furniture for there new home that's a true story of my new friends THE END

  • Alexander Zambrano
    Alexander Zambrano 15 days ago

    The most a gave to the homeless guy next to mc donalds begging I felt so bad me and my dad gave him a big mac

  • Bustman Bro
    Bustman Bro 15 days ago +1

    house of anime i respect you and im on your side

  • Kira Whitney
    Kira Whitney 15 days ago

    Who is this guy he deserves something amazing for how nice he is and needs more appreciation

  • Tia Kitty1
    Tia Kitty1 16 days ago

    They were so nice 👍people

  • Natalya Chubarova
    Natalya Chubarova 16 days ago +1

    Adi : we need more nice people in this world

    Mr beast : I literally gave a homeless guy a house

  • Justice Kayy
    Justice Kayy 16 days ago +1

    Those people the disliked this video don’t have a heart or soul

  • GamingwithDanny Mcgowam

    This will be me when I'm older hey do you want anything like anything like shoes food shirts clothes houses hats shaves people to help you anything that will make you happy today

  • Mackenzie UNICORN LOVER

    13:16 anyone see the lady in the green shirt be like aw adorable and nods her head.
    👇 If u see it

  • Queen Rodriguez
    Queen Rodriguez 17 days ago +1


  • Anees Khan
    Anees Khan 17 days ago +1

    Like one equals a house for the homeless

  • Clark Tuipol
    Clark Tuipol 17 days ago

    God bless you

  • elvia bisbing
    elvia bisbing 17 days ago

    I have had a family member that was homeless mainly my dad that I never rlly known for 13 years and I have him some canned food. And a blanket and then he never talked to me he relapsed on drugs and tried to kill him self

  • It’s Alpha yammy Cake

    I was eating and I got so sad I choked but I’m fine

  • catman gaming
    catman gaming 17 days ago

    i saw the vid

  • honey bear
    honey bear 18 days ago +1

    There should be more people like him in this world stay strong homeless people you are amazing 🙏❣️

  • T Kaur
    T Kaur 18 days ago

    My mum and dad nerver believe there homeless

  • Crystal Garcia
    Crystal Garcia 18 days ago +1

    I'm crying God bless homeless people😭🙏😭

  • Kailee Musselman
    Kailee Musselman 18 days ago

    nothing is more beutiful than this TvT

  • Halah Alazawi
    Halah Alazawi 18 days ago +1

    I was crying this is so sad the blanket that was under my my head was so wet i was legit crying my eyes out 😭😭😭

  • KITTY X3
    KITTY X3 18 days ago +1

    oooof I only give 5 while u give a freeking 1000 oh wow

  • Emme butvilate
    Emme butvilate 18 days ago

    Im mostly rich and i hav homless friend i give her 1000 she was crying lots people came see what happening she was hurt she went doctor and got foodhouse job i do it lots of people