Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 24 Hours!!! Rainbow Food Challenge

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Got a lot of requests for this video!
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    We had so much fun trying to eat only one color of food for 24 hours! It was a super fun #Challenge. What other type of #Vlog would you like to see? What was your favorite #Food in the video?
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  • Antoinette O Grady
    Antoinette O Grady 2 hours ago

    Luv u Ro. And luv yr cakes.

  • Erin Vergara
    Erin Vergara 2 hours ago

    My drink request pls try this its amazing buy a green tea frappe with 10 pumps of rasberry at starbucks try

  • YeBoiDrago
    YeBoiDrago 3 hours ago

    Anyone thinks that giving the smoothie to the plants is plant canabalism?

  • Tiana Bradford
    Tiana Bradford 6 hours ago

    It's so funny that he got green

    GAYLE CARYN ALCAUSE 6 hours ago

    Can u plz make buying everything in one color next?

  • Lourdes Donohue
    Lourdes Donohue 7 hours ago

    Is anybody getting Fairly OddParents vibes from this no just me OK ha ha Ha no seriously that is anybody doing it

  • Lila444466666 6
    Lila444466666 6 8 hours ago

    Anyone realize they didn’t eat the watermelon

  • Vivian Kong
    Vivian Kong 8 hours ago

    I used to make lots of fortune tellers. But my mum threw them in the bin because I had made them to much.😁😁😁😁😁

  • Park Lee
    Park Lee 9 hours ago +1

    i wish i had a boyfriend like mike, very supportive and sweet even funny! ro, you are so lucky ❤️
    btw, i love you ro! 😘

  • Jarrett Brown
    Jarrett Brown 10 hours ago

    when ro got wheat grass, husky:"is it edible" ro:"idk" but puts it in the cart anyway lmao

  • Tenley Cotarelo
    Tenley Cotarelo 10 hours ago

    Are you and mike married

  • Caitlin Jessica
    Caitlin Jessica 11 hours ago

    Cosmo cans Wanda!

  • eplays thesims
    eplays thesims 12 hours ago


  • princess james
    princess james 12 hours ago

    How is your sister

  • Jovie A Copeland
    Jovie A Copeland 14 hours ago

    would you rather eat green or pink

  • Gabrielle Fouche
    Gabrielle Fouche 14 hours ago

    ro should have got the frosting but paired it with strawberry cake which is pink

  • Glenys Blancos
    Glenys Blancos 14 hours ago


  • TwoShots OfVodka
    TwoShots OfVodka 15 hours ago

    Did she get botox in her lips?

  • Blackberry 2010
    Blackberry 2010 15 hours ago

    Ro's boyfriend:I have never eaten a green vegetable in my life!!!!!
    5 minutes later:yeah I love snap peas!

  • Jackie Hernandez
    Jackie Hernandez 15 hours ago

    I love it

  • Cing Muang
    Cing Muang 15 hours ago

    Me and all my friends LOVE mocha pocky's this is also make ing me want to try

  • Shirley Youmans
    Shirley Youmans 16 hours ago +1

    It says the b word on the box

  • Kayla Tran
    Kayla Tran 16 hours ago +1


  • Lillien Robinson
    Lillien Robinson 17 hours ago

    Ro:*Goes In fridge*
    Fridge:*Swollows Ro*


  • Megan Plant
    Megan Plant 18 hours ago

    i love you

  • Flat Earth
    Flat Earth 18 hours ago

    There like Wanda and cosmos from fairly odd parents lmaoo

  • Kian 0708
    Kian 0708 18 hours ago

    Ro on camera:
    Ro off camera:

  • Susie Quezada
    Susie Quezada 19 hours ago

    I love Matcha

  • Hernandez Family
    Hernandez Family 20 hours ago +1

    You forgot to demonize the pizza box it says a bad word sorry but yeahhh

  • Stuart Templeton
    Stuart Templeton 20 hours ago


  • MyKidzRockkk
    MyKidzRockkk 22 hours ago


  • gachanay love nay


  • sheni destiny
    sheni destiny Day ago

    Rosanna you are so beautiful and perfect and pretty and stunning I..I just love you

  • Lachlan Hutchison
    Lachlan Hutchison Day ago +1

    A Oreo challenge with husky

  • Jaelynn Gray
    Jaelynn Gray Day ago

    I’v never had macha

  • LazyStarz
    LazyStarz Day ago

    27:42 the pizza box say skinny bi*ch BRUH WHERE DID THEY GET THIS FROM WTHH

  • kitkatkittykath k
    kitkatkittykath k Day ago +1

    Eating green food and pink food for the whole day? Isn't it more like eating green & pink food from morning to afternoon lol

  • loki fredrik Larsen

    Hi to I love you I would love to meet you

  • Ryann Weichert
    Ryann Weichert Day ago

    A watermelon is green on outside and RED on inside

  • Amira Hawks
    Amira Hawks Day ago

    You guys didn’t do the watermelon

  • UwU Chan
    UwU Chan Day ago

    Roe a meter and 50cm. Husky a meter taller than her

  • Isabel Williams
    Isabel Williams Day ago +1

    i love doing that i love bakeing i love you i am your biggestfan

  • Maria Cordova
    Maria Cordova Day ago


  • Kate Croke
    Kate Croke Day ago

    I just searched if wheat grass was edible and it is not ahhhhhhh😳😝🤯😱😫

  • XxPastelDonutsxX XD


  • Maria Cordova
    Maria Cordova Day ago


  • Mila Foran
    Mila Foran Day ago


  • Mylene Rose Cruz

    I made the fortune teller many times

  • Kamilė Kasparavičiūtė

    12:23 so he's ganna eat the skin your ganna eat the inside

  • Jenelle Kane
    Jenelle Kane Day ago

    I mean to

  • Jenelle Kane
    Jenelle Kane Day ago

    I love this chatterbox I still do them tea

  • TheLegoBuildings

    27:06 ”We’re gonna sensor this word”... 27:36 leaves the word unsensored

  • Amazing Ava
    Amazing Ava Day ago +1

    Watermelon is red

  • Tayla Samuel
    Tayla Samuel Day ago

    I sawed the word

  • Riley Rules!!!!!!
    Riley Rules!!!!!! 2 days ago +2

    1990: Look mommy there’s a toy in my cereal box!
    2019: Mom the WiFi is down so I can’t download my free pumpkin carver!

  • Maherun Nasa Rina
    Maherun Nasa Rina 2 days ago +1

    Rock and Cena you love you eat pizza which is not pink or green.😭😭😞👎👎 I am soooooo sorry about it.

  • jlb311298
    jlb311298 2 days ago

    Matcha pocky is soooo good. tast like heaven

  • Maricela Limon
    Maricela Limon 2 days ago

    But I’m blue

  • Maricela Limon
    Maricela Limon 2 days ago

    You guys are not going good

  • ColonyYouTunes
    ColonyYouTunes 2 days ago

    I know what the censored word is