Ways to Improve English Listening Skills and Understand Native Speakers

  • Published on Dec 15, 2018
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    In this video, Teela explains some simple, but powerful ways to improve your English listening skills so that you can better understand native English speakers. This involves removing distractions, making English learning a necessity, the use of video and audio, along with listening to many different accents.
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  • Siva Sankar
    Siva Sankar 2 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Sajjad Haider
    Sajjad Haider 2 days ago

    To learn and speak a language you must be in the lands of spaker

  • abed mbayed
    abed mbayed 3 days ago

    I will use the youtubr to help me 🤗

  • Widya Kartikarini
    Widya Kartikarini 4 days ago

    I think it's watching a movie with english subtitle will be better for me. wish me luck... ! :)

  • Jibon Khan
    Jibon Khan 7 days ago

    Now I'm trying to only listen listen listen..

  • Hasib Khan
    Hasib Khan 7 days ago

    I want to learn english. But I don't know such person who will help me. As I live in a rural area of Bangladesh, there is no person who speak english fluently.
    Is there any person who can help me?
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  • Suphap Nansap
    Suphap Nansap 10 days ago

    WOw Great video, thanks a lot.

  • syed sardar Bacha
    syed sardar Bacha 10 days ago

    Very informative

  • Deepak kumar Jha
    Deepak kumar Jha 11 days ago

    Really a good tips...

  • Pose Vic
    Pose Vic 12 days ago

    "Stay present", It is the best tip I've ever heard.

  • Weiqi Sun
    Weiqi Sun 12 days ago

    Thank you for your video!!!!! I am so happy I can find this video when I look around in TVclip without any goals. This video definitely will help me a lot in my upcoming study, because I am studying in FL now but basically I don't have many opportunities to practice my oral English and not mentioned to listening skills. But now I got these tips and I will see more video in your channel!! Thanks!!!

  • Victor Hugo Rivera
    Victor Hugo Rivera 12 days ago

    Amazing video! I'm an English teacher and I'm going to show this video to my students. We are going to put into practice some of your tips so they can improve their listening skills. Thank you so much for this!

  • ahmad subuhan lubis
    ahmad subuhan lubis 14 days ago

    thank you very much, your explain, so do you know where is practice english with nativespeker online free

  • Bahadar Ali
    Bahadar Ali 14 days ago

    very helpful video thanks

  • Омонжон Мураджанов

    Find a friend to speak in english

  • Gwak Choon
    Gwak Choon 15 days ago

    Thank you for your careful and meticulous talks you're in faith delivering to aliens. I wish you happy and well.

  • Ruslan vs Van Damme
    Ruslan vs Van Damme 16 days ago

    What leanguages can you speak?

  • olver sevilla
    olver sevilla 17 days ago

    I just love you.

  • Nuur caday
    Nuur caday 17 days ago

    Thanks teacher am also get idea that I learn English easiest I will try to do that

  • Madhav Debnath
    Madhav Debnath 19 days ago

    Tnx mam for sharing tips to develop english.and your thought is very rational better than any others.

    DEEPAK KUMAR 21 day ago +1

    You know hindi

  • YuJin Dev
    YuJin Dev 22 days ago

    Thanks for genuine tips


    I hope one day my English get fluent of watching TVclip with Engsub...And now trying to watch all the videos😊

  • ali hasiba
    ali hasiba 22 days ago

    good year 2020
    Give us what is easy to exchange experiences on different tongue

  • Armunadi Ismail
    Armunadi Ismail 25 days ago

    I understand on what was you talking in this video, my problem is how to speak fluently

  • Somnath Bera
    Somnath Bera 25 days ago

    Thanks for tips to understand English of native speakers.

    • ali hasiba
      ali hasiba 22 days ago

      she s fine with me 6sur 10 +

  • Priyanka More
    Priyanka More 25 days ago

    All the tips are good.

  • Prem Idhingo
    Prem Idhingo 27 days ago

    Must welcome Mam!,
    Have a nice day!!
    The sistem of communication in speech and writing that is used by people of a particular country; that I may learn.
    The use by Other people of a system of sounds and words to communicate; theories about the origins of language. (I hope)

  • Husnain Raja
    Husnain Raja Month ago

    News,own interesting topics and movies etc

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    Suraj RAJIV Month ago

    movies, tv shows and audio

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  • qingzhe meng
    qingzhe meng Month ago

    The first one

  • Ohide Gabriel Obuta

    Mine will be listening to many accets..

  • Its Quest
    Its Quest Month ago

    some extra bonus tips:
    1. repeat listening to linking, e.g. the "have ever been" is really killing me, and esp if it's a common pattern. so I repeat this section and treat it like a unit, not as separate words.
    2. repeat what you just heard in close sync with the speaker,, again and again, until the sentences become your own.
    3 start a new material when you are energetic and do the rehearsal as a pass time or relaxation.

  • edu with seju
    edu with seju Month ago

    Will you be my friend..?

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  • Antonio Daniel Da Silva Oliveira

    How about to listen english books without have read it in my native language before?

  • Hatice Biket
    Hatice Biket Month ago

    Really a very beneficial vid.


    I've had several confussions with would and others modal verbs. Please could you give us some tips and tricks to improve our english language in this case.

  • narender Negi
    narender Negi Month ago

    I will use Netflix and video and audios.

  • Jose Andres Pernia
    Jose Andres Pernia Month ago

    Hi Teela, your class are really softly, You make me fell really ok, because i am able to understand all that you explain . Thanks for your clases and advices¡ I am Andres and i am from Venezuela ¡¡¡

  • Ed Carlos
    Ed Carlos Month ago

    It´s my first time in your channel, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge !!

  • Wilmer Lopez
    Wilmer Lopez Month ago

    You're a great teacher....I will try to use your tips...

  • Adrián Ventura Rodríguez

    Hello, anybody want speaks spanish and english by skype?

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    Hi everyone my name is red and im looking for some who want to practice english welcome text me here or by skype "reda red" thanks

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    youtube will be my first tip to try :)

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    Thank You Teela, Very good, I'll try to listening to the TVclip my needs.

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    You are perfect, you are here. Thank you so much!

  • christiane schierer

    Your video on "How to better understand a native English speaker" is very helpful.
    When you say: Don't over-focus on every word they are saying", it's exactly what I do :(
    I understand the words but not the story!
    So, I'm going to change the way I listen to English speakers and try to get the gist of what they say.

  • jing lu
    jing lu Month ago

    Useful and beautiful!

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    Mas Amin Month ago +1

    I'd like to use tip : listening english in several different accents.

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    poor in grammer from c-i

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    Your advice are very interesting. Getting from Ecuador 🇪🇨

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      you have to repeat the film completely she s fine with me

  • Meera Devi
    Meera Devi Month ago

    i can understand English but no speaking.......i don't know that typing is wrong or right

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    Minh Ánh Dương Month ago

    I come from Viet Nam. I am intersted in watching your video. I want to improve my listening skill

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    EME corp Month ago

    very good this point i dont had thout to see socer show in differents accent thank very big and scuxme my grammar jejej

  • Dereke Tsao
    Dereke Tsao Month ago

    The tip of listening different accent is what I am going to focus on. This is the weak spot for me.