Ways to Improve English Listening Skills and Understand Native Speakers

  • Published on Dec 15, 2018
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    In this video, Teela explains some simple, but powerful ways to improve your English listening skills so that you can better understand native English speakers. This involves removing distractions, making English learning a necessity, the use of video and audio, along with listening to many different accents.
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    I like this video so much...it's very useful for me to improve our ability listening in English..

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    Bisu{shield} 2 days ago

    I am practicing english as a second language and i wish there are hologram that can show me subtitle in reality whenever people say

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    Following different accent is a great tips

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    I want to follow talk to those person who is native of English language so I want to talk with you please share your contact number

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    Hey Teela!
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    I really enjoyed this lesson.I ' ll try to implement all tips given for better listening.These will really help! Thanks.

  • Gloria Lin
    Gloria Lin 13 days ago +1

    My first choice is tip#2.
    I will make learning English a necessity!

  • Chung Jacob
    Chung Jacob 13 days ago

    How to improve reading skills, I’m a Taiwanese who really want to understand the essay in english.

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    Thank you! Your tips are really helpful and useful to improve not only listening to English but also understanding any other languages. At first It would be hard but I'm trying to practice in my lives. Have a good day!

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    These tips are very useful, except for the "google a recipe in english" one. I still prefer to google in my native Language, I don't want to eat a tiramisù with custard, or a pinapple pizza

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