Police raid innocent family because of indoor garden, spied on their purchases and dug through trash

  • Published on May 3, 2013
    LEAWOOD, KS -- Men with assault rifles raided a family who had been growing tomatoes and melons under grow-lights. The government agents thought that was enough probable cause to believe they were growing forbidden plants inside their home.
    "It was just like on the cops TV shows," Robert Harte told The Associated Press. "It was like 'Zero Dark Thirty' ready to storm the compound."
    Apparently all it takes to get raided is buying hydroponics equipment and materials for indoor gardening.
    Dogs entered the home. The armed agents belittled the family and implied that their 13-year-old boy was growing marijuana in the home.
    "If this can happen to us and we are educated and have reasonable resources, how does somebody who maybe hasn't led a perfect life supposed to be free in this country?" said Adlynn Harte.
    Police kept the father laying on the ground for 2.5 hours and his children huddled on a couch while the SWAT team tore through their home looking for forbidden plants.

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  • Knox
    Knox 2 hours ago

    A nigga can't even grow a tomato anymore.

  • DoNot Need
    DoNot Need 23 hours ago

    Somebody needs to buy new field tests or do a lot better gathering of evidence or both.

  • MastaSmack
    MastaSmack 23 hours ago

    I heard once that a lot of problems that happen in life because someone wants to "make a name" for themselves.

  • Brian Hamer
    Brian Hamer Day ago

    Sue their asses!

  • Teresa Perez
    Teresa Perez Day ago

    They use these same"TESTS" on people who are pulled over in the streets.

  • Bob Pants
    Bob Pants Day ago

    Low IQ stupid pig 🐖

  • Skyler McBride
    Skyler McBride 2 days ago

    Thanks for giving the law enforcement more power Obama

  • meme bigboi
    meme bigboi 2 days ago

    Someones getring fired

  • Phyllis Stein
    Phyllis Stein 3 days ago

    Police depend on field tests to give them probable cause. Police have no concern or interest in the accuracy of the field tests.
    If I were to develop a field test that was designed to yield positive results even when no substance is added a positive result is still obtained PD everywhere would buy them provided the price was within their budget. Police are not looking for anything other than probable cause.

  • Phyllis Stein
    Phyllis Stein 3 days ago

    Low lever police work is right. unfortunately that seems to be the only police work we get these days.....
    Used tea leaves testing positive for marijuana; hydrangea flowerbeds mistaken for marijuana; and as always, entire gardens of tomato plants ripped out and destroyed because 'Marijuana'

  • Margre Edholm
    Margre Edholm 3 days ago

    I am surprised that the police didnt kill them....

  • skywalkier
    skywalkier 7 days ago

    Idiots in charge is what allowed this, they were probably bored and wanted to ruin someone’s life.

  • asilem
    asilem 8 days ago

    All this for weed??? I hope this family sued them.





  • cpe111
    cpe111 10 days ago

    Field tests are notoriously unreliable.

  • Eddie Sloan
    Eddie Sloan 11 days ago

    I understand how this happened. Most if not all Johnson County Kansas city police forces have imbedded DEA agents and use these Nazi style tactics to create a revenue stream for their police departments. They get you in the system on paper and charge you monthly fees and urinanalysis test charges not to mention court fees and fines associated with the charges. They also employ seizure tactics to steal property to auction off. All of this lead my family to move to the northland after harassment for years by the Lenexa Police over minor marijuana charges. Was I stupid in my younger years? Yes. Was I ever a hardened criminal drug user that deserved to be treated like one? No.

  • Tony Linh
    Tony Linh 11 days ago

    Lawsuit..! Then a civil suit..!

  • Timothy Moran
    Timothy Moran 12 days ago

    A small bag of legally purchased goods

  • Cletus Clucker
    Cletus Clucker 12 days ago

    Im pretty sure they used this field test kit called narc. Its super unreliable. Theres news stories about people who got arrested because their cotton candy and fiber pilla shows positive on the kit but were negative in a real lab

  • crim somreaf5555
    crim somreaf5555 13 days ago

    Cops do anything to meet their quota

  • Hamfists Man
    Hamfists Man 13 days ago

    Cha ching. Pay up bitches.

  • Erik Iacopelli
    Erik Iacopelli 14 days ago

    And let me guess NOTHING AT ALL happened to the cops that did that shit?? There needs to be laws put in place for when shit like this happens the cops involved are held responsible. This way cops will think twice bout doing stupid shit like this. Cuz as it is now they know they will get away with it. Also with how they ransacked that house the cops should be made to go back in and fix everything n put everything the fuck back. Cuz if cops were held responsible then you know they aint gonna do even half the shit they do

  • Former  Marine
    Former Marine 14 days ago

    I would get the best lawyer in the state, and sue that police department!

  • CPacker 1183
    CPacker 1183 14 days ago

    Pigs shouldn't be aloud to dig through a person's trash just because their suspicious of something.

  • burn and fly
    burn and fly 15 days ago

    Stupid pot heads

  • burn and fly
    burn and fly 15 days ago

    Lol they were looking for marijuana to smoke it for FREE!!!!

  • Elliander Eldridge
    Elliander Eldridge 15 days ago

    "The April 20, 2012, raid would not furnish JCSO with the desired arrests and publicity (a news conference had already been planned for the afternoon.) But it would cause considerable embarrassment. Not only were the Hartes upstanding citizens with clean records, *they were also both former Central Intelligence Agency officers*. And they were not weed growers. Rather, the quick-trigger suspicion of law enforcement had snagged on - it would later turn out - tea leaves and a struggling tomato plant."
    So basically, the police wanted to use former federal agents with no criminal history and flimsy evidence to make themselves look good. They royally F'ed up.
    " The events leading to the raid began a year earlier, according to court documents. Starting in 1997, Sgt. James Wingo of the Missouri State Highway Patrol started pulling surveillance shifts in the parking lots of hydroponic garden stores around the state. The project's logic, as Wingo explained in a 2011 letter to other law enforcement agencies, was that the stores "sell items that are consistently found in indoor marijuana growing operations." As customers came and went, Wingo would note their license plate information and enter names into a database."
    Yeah, the problem here is that buying something that can be used to grow drugs is not in and of itself a crime. It's not even sufficient for probable cause to launch a serious investigation. On the contrary, creating a government registry of all persons who shop at a particular legal business is both a violation of privacy laws and can expose them to lawsuit by the store owner who's business will be affected by this.
    Speaking for MYSELF, I think I would be afraid to visit any gardening related businesses in Kansas city area next time I'm in the area. The risk of police retaliation is too great.
    "The raid turned up no marijuana. Before leaving the Harte house, police would only say the family had been targeted and surveilled because marijuana "seeds and stems" had been found on the property. The cops also suggested the couple's son was smoking pot, and told the Hartes to take him to a pediatrician for a drug test."
    They find nothing, and have the audacity to order the parents to have their kid drug tested...

  • Elliander Eldridge
    Elliander Eldridge 15 days ago

    We need to put a stop to field testing. Really, it's far too easy to misinterpret a negative as a positive. Beyond that, simply purchasing gardening supplies should not in and of itself be sufficient to waste public resource on a major investigation to begin with. This is just a waste.

  • UnethicalGamer
    UnethicalGamer 15 days ago

    wow all that for what they thought was weed Jesus man join Canada all weed is legal. that is stupid

  • castanza128
    castanza128 15 days ago

    They used to do this BS in my city. Police would hide across the street from the grow shop and take down plate numbers. Then they take your trash on trash day every week, until they find some stems or something, then they get a warrant and raid your house.

  • PuppyLuvU2
    PuppyLuvU2 15 days ago +1

    Now a days if they had been growing then it would be perfectly legal to an extent lol how times have changed

  • Unfortunate Son
    Unfortunate Son 15 days ago +1

    You do realize that they very well could’ve been growing drugs in there. No one was shot. Whenever the police do something right it’s discarded. Whenever they screw up it’s front page news.

  • JustJoshingYa
    JustJoshingYa 15 days ago

    Lol well those jackasses just made that family rich

    • JustJoshingYa
      JustJoshingYa 15 days ago

      +Grant Says Hi how is it their fault? It all started from a state trooper being nosy at a garden store. What do you know about ethics with police departments? We take an oath and this was clearly bs. The fact you think the police did nothing wrong here actually worries me quite a bit to the point where either you're trolling or you're just to dumb and naive to understand the rights every american has.

    • Grant Says Hi
      Grant Says Hi 15 days ago

      JustJoshingYa wasn’t illegal, broke no rights. The family lost the lawsuit because of their bullshit.

    • JustJoshingYa
      JustJoshingYa 15 days ago

      +Grant Says Hi yea my department isn't shady like them. They illegally raided that poor family and broke many of their rights. I'd never in my life break my oath to serve and protect the people, especially upholding the constitution and what it stands for. How are they protecting their community by doing that to an innocent family lying about finding weed in their trash without sending it to a lab and I'd put money on it they were just lying thinking they would look good, get a bonus, and promotion if they got lucky and there was actual weed in the house. They're corrupt.

    • Grant Says Hi
      Grant Says Hi 15 days ago

      JustJoshingYa how are they jackasses? They wanted to keep the community safe.

  • terry brady
    terry brady 16 days ago

    More lives disrupted because of this country stupid drug laws,
    Drugs at'n hurting most of these people , the law is hurting them
    Putting them in jail for smoking a little pot, A law that is only on the
    books so the Pharmaceutical company's can make more money.

  • Theo F
    Theo F 16 days ago

    Seems that a LOT of those field test kits are faulty, and give wrong readings - normally that something that is not illegal comes up illegal, but later lab bests show nothing illegal.

    • Grant Says Hi
      Grant Says Hi 15 days ago

      Theo F those tests are expensive, they want to save money that still works relatively well

  • Afreca Parks
    Afreca Parks 16 days ago

    JO Popo need I say shit else LMMFAO

  • lake Speed
    lake Speed 16 days ago

    Low level of police intelligence is normal. Police are military trained by the warrior cop program. Military doesn't want a person with a high IQ.

    • Grant Says Hi
      Grant Says Hi 15 days ago

      lake Speed police are usually very smart people, they have great situational awareness and willingness to die for others.

  • LittleRainGames
    LittleRainGames 16 days ago

    It never came up positive. They should all be charged with valsifying evidence.

    • Grant Says Hi
      Grant Says Hi 15 days ago

      LittleRainGames it came up positive, faulty detector tho

  • Andrew k Adams
    Andrew k Adams 16 days ago

    This is screwed up on so many levels I don't really know what to say except for... welcome to the status quo in America.

  • Adam Orick
    Adam Orick 16 days ago

    The family needs to see and make the police department fund thier early retirement

  • Kay
    Kay 16 days ago

    Oh my... even if it was weed, this is a waste of fucking resources.
    The world is gonna end because of a fucking plant.

  • Yarda Advance
    Yarda Advance 16 days ago

    That guy Buy fertilizing and dirt he must be a drug lord...... oh my weekends I buy some dirt and some seeds flower seeds in the Home Depot maybe one day they are going to raid me

  • Dark Fan
    Dark Fan 16 days ago

    Stupid incompetent corrupt cops. As usual.

    • Grant Says Hi
      Grant Says Hi 15 days ago

      Dark Fan the only corrupt cops are in LA and Chicago, with a few scattered about elsewhere.

  • 12stonesfuel100
    12stonesfuel100 16 days ago

    Land of the free .. right?

  • CrittingOut
    CrittingOut 17 days ago

    Police casted search
    *rolls 1*
    Police recasts search
    *rolls 1*
    Police recasts search
    *rolls 1*
    Police recasts search
    *rolls 1*
    Police recasts search
    *rolls 1*
    Police recasts search
    *rolls 20*
    Police casts arrest

  • Daniel Cronin
    Daniel Cronin 17 days ago

    Fuck the Police

  • David Lagarde
    David Lagarde 17 days ago

    Family should sue, at the very least.

  • ChibiNibi
    ChibiNibi 18 days ago

    The state's really need to get a handle on there police your country is seriously messed up

    • Grant Says Hi
      Grant Says Hi 15 days ago

      ChibiNibi it was a justifiable raid, and a very rare case of the police being wrong. The video shows the officers being kind and not wanting to hurt anyone.

    MTS BOUR 19 days ago

    so they made the first test look positive so that they can raid the house to look for drugs.
    they needed something to make the raid and, they just made that up.
    anyone with a brain can see that.