Police raid innocent family because of indoor garden, spied on their purchases and dug through trash

  • Published on May 3, 2013
    LEAWOOD, KS -- Men with assault rifles raided a family who had been growing tomatoes and melons under grow-lights. The government agents thought that was enough probable cause to believe they were growing forbidden plants inside their home.
    "It was just like on the cops TV shows," Robert Harte told The Associated Press. "It was like 'Zero Dark Thirty' ready to storm the compound."
    Apparently all it takes to get raided is buying hydroponics equipment and materials for indoor gardening.
    Dogs entered the home. The armed agents belittled the family and implied that their 13-year-old boy was growing marijuana in the home.
    "If this can happen to us and we are educated and have reasonable resources, how does somebody who maybe hasn't led a perfect life supposed to be free in this country?" said Adlynn Harte.
    Police kept the father laying on the ground for 2.5 hours and his children huddled on a couch while the SWAT team tore through their home looking for forbidden plants.

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  • Robert Gonzales
    Robert Gonzales Day ago

    The biggest criminal organization in the US is the POLICE DEPT..

  • Gerald Fourie
    Gerald Fourie Day ago

    Because of a super weak legal system.

  • g r
    g r 4 days ago

    the citizens in that neighborhood should have rallied and hanged those cops by the necks.

  • Reverse Thrust
    Reverse Thrust 5 days ago

    fuck America

  • John Wagaman
    John Wagaman 5 days ago

    I think everybody involved on the on the raid should be fired and should never be allowed to do police work again

  • Freda Childress
    Freda Childress 6 days ago

    Please, don't insult the real pigs. We need to imprison all of these dirty cops who think that they are above the law. This is exactly how the Nazis got started, and it seems to me like we have not learned from the past, so, we are repeating the same shit.

  • Mitch Swanson
    Mitch Swanson 6 days ago

    I hope you sue them!

  • Brad
    Brad 6 days ago

    Everyone in this comment section is cancer.

  • Steve Ascher
    Steve Ascher 7 days ago

    People in the past have been shot because cops they cant differentiate between a gun and a phone . They killed a man for whittling a piece of wood, as he had a knife. Shot a man for carrying a pineapple, thinking it was a hand grenade. So now we have cops that cant identify marijuana. I honestly think that many of these cops are complete imbeciles!!!!! These stories seem to be getting worse. We wouldn't hear of any of these stories if it wasn't for the net and youtube. Thank god we have access to all of their stuff ups!!

  • Peter Demerly
    Peter Demerly 7 days ago

    Adolf Hitler Academy law enforcement graduates

  • Matt Crocker
    Matt Crocker 7 days ago

    Did y’all know in Texas you can kill cops if they do a no knock warrant. Hahahah fucking dumbass pigs.

  • Terrie Cotham
    Terrie Cotham 8 days ago

    One could ask what kind of field test kit did they used
    Did the test kit have a EXP-Date
    Who was the officer that did the test and how much exp does he have using the test kit
    How much exp does the officer have in knowing what kinds of plants will show a false positive
    Dose the kit list all the things that could so a postive
    Let me get this right did I hear you say the police keep dad on the ground in cuff's while they search the house
    We need good police and they need our support 24-7 and good laws as well For when you have poor laws or police it open's the door for them to abuse you and when you have both it open's the door for them to molester you and walk off scot-free
    They had to sue for the report sounds like a Tula Texas rade were the police were more like monsters on the school playground and not someone who is supposed to serve the public.
    When you look at the cost in man-hours billed to the taxpayers it seems like it would have been cheaper to have the lab test done first Sad to sad to say but those police officers did a first class service to all that work in the Job-
    It could be- well past the time of letting the police have a free hand in how they run and service the community after all many of the city's and states have turned the street or beat officer into a tax collector in parts of the US with tickets
    After all each state or city and towns have school, airport, taxicab boards just to name a few it could be time for a police board in each state and made up of people who work for free and work for the taxpayers and put the word service back into police work for bad leaders help no one not the common man on the streets and not the person working hard each day as a police officer were he is young and push or thank's he is going to save the world all by his self and hurts other officers by doing a poor job
    Had to sue what type of leaders do you have in that city and should you fire or vote them out or retrain them in order to have a better police unit after all we all make mistakes in our job its some cost lifes or can destroy lifes and then you have to fight in the court system just to break even at times
    We all get it wrong at times and that's ok at times and at others not
    Just a note to thank on

  • dion smith
    dion smith 9 days ago

    Really..... All for weed!?!?

  • Robeon Mew
    Robeon Mew 10 days ago +1

    Cops are running out of black guys to shoot their now raiding scared white boy homes looking for drugs. Are we 100% sure cops dont arrest us because THEY want the drugs? they way they act I swear they're the stoned ones.

  • Edward Cranium
    Edward Cranium 10 days ago

    fuck the police

  • T.A. M.
    T.A. M. 10 days ago

    Hahaha fucken dumb sheriffs

  • Michael Z
    Michael Z 10 days ago

    If they had probable cause, they have a right

  • Stand Alone
    Stand Alone 10 days ago

    Dumb fucks wasted time and tax payers money while the real criminals get away!

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James 10 days ago +1

    1:35 Sorry, you are. You're in the US, not New Zealand. All those things you were told about the US being a free country, it was all lies. You are in danger.

  • What what In Da Butt
    What what In Da Butt 11 days ago

    Their “field tests” always come back positive....

  • What what In Da Butt
    What what In Da Butt 11 days ago

    I hope these businesses sue

  • Kevin Gouldrup
    Kevin Gouldrup 11 days ago

    The field test kit are very well known to show false positives and should not be used!

  • moxigen
    moxigen 11 days ago

    cuz of dangerous maryjay... how about taking a risc and invade the houses of real criminals?!? why not start with some banksters? some trumps, clintons, bushs and that list could go on and on...

    M A G A EARTH 12 days ago +1

    MALICIOUS MISCHIEF. find the person that tipped the police and arrest them now. as for the police...YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS..reeducate the police involved...if they refuse...TERMINATE THEIR EMPLOYMENT.

  • J Hogue
    J Hogue 12 days ago

    What would be so hard to go to him at his house and talk to him. He most likely would show the police what he was growing. Just stupid.

  • MFXdump
    MFXdump 12 days ago

    Well, that’s it. They’ll need to move. They’ll never be left alone now.

  • shah ghajar
    shah ghajar 14 days ago

    Declined to comment cos they are cunts....usa police are retards with guns...

  • Mucho Taco
    Mucho Taco 14 days ago

    What he was carrying a small bag of merchandise? Get'em boys

  • Mark Clark
    Mark Clark 14 days ago

    I hope to God they sued the fuck out of that department and got a huge huge settlement

  • John Santo
    John Santo 14 days ago

    10 million lawsuit.

  • Dennis Houle
    Dennis Houle 14 days ago

    I hoped they sued

  • Joseph Singer
    Joseph Singer 14 days ago

    Dumb cops. Marijuana is good for you!! Should know by now already!

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 15 days ago

    fire those police

  • Asap
    Asap 15 days ago

    Sorry to the family who was humiliated by these terrorist

  • efrainorozco1982
    efrainorozco1982 16 days ago

    Hope those cops die

  • Daniel Wymer
    Daniel Wymer 16 days ago

    Give up your guns and Trust the government sheeple

  • Toby Henderson
    Toby Henderson 16 days ago


  • IGOTAJOP America
    IGOTAJOP America 16 days ago

    Sounds like they suspected the store owner as being a dealer. Did they raid him??

  • Ronald Clayton
    Ronald Clayton 16 days ago

    That kid is gonna hate all cops for the rest of his life after what these dumbass out of control pigs done to him and his family.

  • Daniel Tabarez
    Daniel Tabarez 17 days ago

    Oh but I bet their captains will bitch about how the community needs to come together behind law enforcement. If people don’t like cops it’s because they’ve encountered multiple bad cops.
    Respect is earned not given just because you have a shiny badge and a gun.

  • Meneer Doeterniettoe
    Meneer Doeterniettoe 17 days ago

    Don't cops need a warrant to come on property and search the trash???

  • michael clarke
    michael clarke 17 days ago

    It's funny how I keep hearing victims of their government claiming that America is a free country and it's not a communist country. News flash you have been living in a police state your whole life and your freedom that you claimed you have is just an illusion and propaganda to keep the population in check. Which free democratic country you know that has the highest incarceration rate in the entire world and also profit from putting it's innocent citizen in jail?

    • F4ME VORTEX123
      F4ME VORTEX123 16 days ago

      michael clarke if you don’t break the law you won’t be imprisoned. Simple.

  • preston crofford
    preston crofford 17 days ago

    So when are the people going to address the fact that these field test kits should not be being used at all because they are not reliable. And maybe they need to learn to stop taking action just because of a field test positive. Maybe a field test is just a precursor to a lab test before any action is ever taken. But this is what happens when idiots breed. Eventually there will be so many idiots that they start making their way into positions of Authority. That is what's happening in America today, fucking idiots everywhere all the way up.

  • David Howard
    David Howard 17 days ago

    Police abuse in Inbred worst State in the Union Missouri.

  • Brian P
    Brian P 17 days ago

    In america its guilty until proven innocent

  • New Thought
    New Thought 17 days ago

    Had this been a black family it would go global.

  • Geoff Forgie
    Geoff Forgie 17 days ago

    Hmmm. Gee whiz, I can't figure out why so many people hate the police.

  • Juan Flores
    Juan Flores 17 days ago

    All police work is low level.

  • Umh Chud
    Umh Chud 17 days ago

    needs to happen to more americans.

  • GROUP 5 six
    GROUP 5 six 17 days ago

    Stupid people with tunnel vision do stupid things , and then more often than not try to cover up their stupidity .

  • Chip Altman
    Chip Altman 17 days ago

    the law is people that got there lunch money took while they were in school now they tryin to get there pride back.fuck the law corwds want got messed with the. Niggers

  • Brian Palmer
    Brian Palmer 18 days ago

    Lol PAY ME

    RVREVO X3 18 days ago

    Is it usual practice to do back ground checks on ppl?

  • TheLordbal
    TheLordbal 18 days ago

    Lawsuit!!!!! Dumb fucking cops think they can do anything, teach em a lesson.

  • Bill Sells
    Bill Sells 18 days ago

    Uh about living in a communist country. Albeit we may not have a communist government per second, we have a police state that East Germany could only dream of.

  • K P
    K P 18 days ago

    Police are always looking for an easy arrest to bump up their pay .Forget fighting real crime,that's to hard.

  • Tim Craft
    Tim Craft 18 days ago +1

    A judge should have ruled that the family go and tear up each of the residences of the officers involved... just like the officers did to their home. Then make the officers wear little maid outfits and clean the victims house top to bottom and reorganize and put away everything where it belonged...THEN take the video of the deputies in their little maid skirts cleaning house to every station in Kansas City and broadcast it 4 times a day for a week. I am former law enforcement and believe me, WE never made screw ups like these fools these days.. . A good guess is that half of the deputies involved would not have passed OUR selection criteria in the 70’s. Cops today are mostly an embarrassment to old law dogs like me, so much so that I don’t often let on about my former affiliation. They will keep fucking up until they get themselves or an innocent citizen killed. These departments had better come to the realization that it is within our rights to defend our homes and families against wrongful actions by law enforcement...one day they will attempt entry on a house that has a former law dog and former Navy Master at Arms in residence and they will never return home to THEIR families! Kids (present day cops), it is a dangerous, unforgiving “game” your playing...you had better stop. There are a lot of us old boys out here with the training, experience and skill sets that you just don’t have. LEARN your JOB! Live the OATH! Stick to CONSTITUTIONAL enforcement of the law and MAYBE you’ll make it to retirement with the rest of us.

  • Dredd Justice
    Dredd Justice 18 days ago

    Why we never trust cops and authorities. Instead beat them up and killing them would tone down their high and mighty attitude

  • JHNielson4851
    JHNielson4851 18 days ago

    So did they sue??

  • TheAggroShow
    TheAggroShow 18 days ago

    A wild pig digs in the trash and thinks it finds a marijuana leaf. Comes back with gang of pigs in search of more leaves, finds more of same leaves... Tomato..............leaves............

  • Harry Strickland
    Harry Strickland 19 days ago

    These police are worse then Nazis

  • Harry Strickland
    Harry Strickland 19 days ago

    Stop fishing you fucking Gestapo

  • Harry Strickland
    Harry Strickland 19 days ago

    Fuck there suspicion fuck there illegality bs fuck there NWO

  • Harry Strickland
    Harry Strickland 19 days ago

    Where the warrant ass holes

  • Miss Amazon
    Miss Amazon 19 days ago

    It makes ZERO sense that weed is LEGAL in one state....and then they will hound you to the ends of the earth in another state.......and lock you up potentially for LIFE.......if they see ANY signs that you might have even the slightest bit of weed!! How does this make sense to anyone??

  • Chet Gravatt
    Chet Gravatt 19 days ago

    Sue their ass off. This is why we need the second amendment for the right to keep and bear arms, the police are out of control and becoming just another Gestapo agency.

  • diamencik1
    diamencik1 19 days ago

    "information" they lying from the entry ..

  • Eduardo Ramirez
    Eduardo Ramirez 19 days ago

    Fucking pieces of shit cowards retards assholes bullies with badges and guns

  • Ryan Davidson
    Ryan Davidson 19 days ago +1

    Fuck the police. They too God fn busy going after some plants rather than rapist, murderers, theives and more. Like I said, fuck those pigs.

    That field test that came up positivite is a god damn lie, show you how crooked these pigs are. Tomatoes test positive for weed my ass.

  • Leggo My Ego
    Leggo My Ego 19 days ago

    Well that was a criminally shitty hydroponic garden.

  • Pamela Wright
    Pamela Wright 19 days ago


  • Robinsinpost
    Robinsinpost 19 days ago

    The field test was a police officer picking up the trash, looking at it and trying to smell what it was.

  • Luther V
    Luther V 19 days ago

    Fed tested for weed my ass. They obviously lied to get inside like dirty pigs do all the time.

  • Matt Baker
    Matt Baker 19 days ago

    Americans are no longer free! We live in a police state where we have lost all our rights!

  • Hiram Jr
    Hiram Jr 19 days ago

    All this for weed?! Lol

  • Fuck YouTube
    Fuck YouTube 20 days ago

    I mean it sucks but at the same time what do you expect when you're only buying stuff primarily used for growing weed and suddenly your hydro bill skyrockets and such. Perhaps the cops should have spent a little more time watching the suspect but come on.

  • David Brock
    David Brock 20 days ago

    I'm sure that nobody will pay

  • John Aguilar
    John Aguilar 20 days ago


  • 1885dr
    1885dr 20 days ago

    Excellent police work, and who was the judge that sign the search warrant with two negative results for marijuana. The system is broken !!!!!

  • Westchester Technologies

    Hope they sued the county. I support police but at the same time the police and the country have to compensate that family for the invasion of their home, the trauma caused and the poor handling of the case.

  • Jeffrey Witherell
    Jeffrey Witherell 20 days ago

    Your tax dollars at work, stop the war on citizens

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips 20 days ago

    No wonder people kill cops.Obama snitched out on them.

  • Big Bear Welding & Fab

    Good tax payer money at work. Lol

  • Ty Black
    Ty Black 20 days ago

    This is what fear of a plant causes

  • David Patton
    David Patton 20 days ago

    So has the police been sued for this??

  • dismembermeelmo
    dismembermeelmo 20 days ago

    the "field" test must have included smoking the leafy material

  • Daniel Maxwell
    Daniel Maxwell 20 days ago

    He was on the floor, not on the ground.

  • Sven Kikals-Hallstrom
    Sven Kikals-Hallstrom 20 days ago

    The American whacko society!

  • Ringo Garvin
    Ringo Garvin 21 day ago

    This is suspicious pig activity deserving of its own anal safari. See how THEY like it. Bet their homes r crawling with testable shit.

  • Craig Christ
    Craig Christ 21 day ago

    Hey dad remember that time when i was a kid that we tried growing organic veggies. But the cops raided our house, pointed assault rifles at us, and tried to take you to jail? Haha. Yeah, blue lives totally matter. Cops arent Nazis idk what these protesters are talking about, right dad?

  • Rod McDonald
    Rod McDonald 21 day ago

    Ban all SWAT teams nationwide and stop this stupid war on drugs.

  • spikefivefivefive
    spikefivefivefive 21 day ago

    What judge would be so stupid as to issue a search warrant based on a claim of someone buying legal merchandise at a store?

  • anthony campbell
    anthony campbell 21 day ago

    Why do they investigate they are stupidest ppl on earth dum pig cops

  • Yu Tu
    Yu Tu 21 day ago

    Pray all pigs get murdered in their sleep

  • PerpetratorX
    PerpetratorX 21 day ago

    It appears the police profession in the US is reserved for high-school drop outs.

  • baron hyatt
    baron hyatt 21 day ago

    Lawyer lawsuit I would have their ass

  • Nelly2150
    Nelly2150 21 day ago

    I didnt serve to allow shit like this to happen. Waste of fucking tax money.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 21 day ago

    holy shit...are you kidding me..was this in some small redneck town..I know they got paid for that intrusion of the law..if the dad bomb the department..I would say they asked for it..

  • Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish

    I put 💩 in my trash did away