Ali + Clare REACT to their 1st VIDEOS! 🙈

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
  • The Clare + Ali channel! 👫 Today we react to our OLD videos...!
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  • Clare & Ali
    Clare & Ali  Year ago +2525

    WE'RE BACK - Today we react to our SUPER OLD videos... Which is pretty embarrassing! 🙈
    ENJOY! 👫💙

    • e**dxzx gill
      e**dxzx gill Month ago


    • Lucy Clark
      Lucy Clark 4 months ago


    • T C
      T C 6 months ago +1

      YOUR ENGAGED NOW!!!! OMG YASSSSS😭😭😭💐💐💐💍💍💍🎉🎉

    • Orchidz
      Orchidz 6 months ago


    • Harry Wall
      Harry Wall 8 months ago

      Ali propose to clare

  • Maarten Bosmans
    Maarten Bosmans Day ago

    cool and difrend

  • Isabella White
    Isabella White 4 days ago +1

    Clare and Ali should do a Q & A video

    here is a question I have: how old are both of you?

  • Milo Blumberg
    Milo Blumberg 5 days ago

    0:35 there is no visible pusheen

  • TangyKetchup
    TangyKetchup 8 days ago +2

    I had my headphones on full volume by accident.
    Clair: ScReAmS
    My ears: omggggg

  • Emil Stefan Håland
    Emil Stefan Håland 9 days ago

    No hate but ali was mutch hoter befor

  • Dhaain Rafeeu
    Dhaain Rafeeu 11 days ago

    Bro i was born in 2008

  • Zen Yt
    Zen Yt 12 days ago

    Does Ali have makeup?!?!

  • Nathan pennington
    Nathan pennington 13 days ago

    Miss coming home from school and watching an Ali a bo2 vid

  • Fidelity Films
    Fidelity Films 13 days ago


  • Fidelity Films
    Fidelity Films 13 days ago

    Ha Ha Ha Ali-Bieber 😂🤣

  • Ok 10
    Ok 10 13 days ago +1

    Who else closed the add?🤔🤨 I like my comment because know one will

    • Harley-Jay
      Harley-Jay 3 days ago

      I beat you
      Idc if you were fishing for likes
      But wHATeVEr

  • Ok 10
    Ok 10 13 days ago

    Who else closed the add?🤔🤨

  • Christine Hartdegen
    Christine Hartdegen 13 days ago +1

    I didn't know Clare ever had a septum piercing!! And floofy boy Ali we stann 😂

  • Kobi Braden
    Kobi Braden 13 days ago


  • Gabriel Alfred
    Gabriel Alfred 16 days ago

    I have been watching Ali since his pixelmon with Vikk

  • Emily& Nikki
    Emily& Nikki 16 days ago

    Clare looks so much younger

  • Honorata Mazurkiewicz
    Honorata Mazurkiewicz 17 days ago

    U guys look SO young not lying

  • umbeo
    umbeo 18 days ago

    Is it just me or dose Ali’s face look like a girl

  • teem yeet
    teem yeet 18 days ago

    So cute!😘😍❤💙💙💙💙

  • Tyler Kimmel
    Tyler Kimmel 19 days ago

    Finally, a popular youtuber that likes cats
    Who else has cats and loves them

  • FrickDiscoMusic
    FrickDiscoMusic 19 days ago

    Ali looks like Ashton Kutcher lol

  • Cococola 666
    Cococola 666 20 days ago +4

    Who’s watching after Clare and Ali have Lexi😂😂

  • God Of Gaming
    God Of Gaming 21 day ago

    Dude i remember when i watched these videos and was like, OMG THIS IS AMAZING, and now im like OMG THIS IS STILL AMAZING!

  • Autumn Barclay
    Autumn Barclay 21 day ago +1

    So when Ali grew up, he went from Justin Bieber to Charlie Scene from Hollywood Undead.

  • Akhil Amaan Harripershad

    Ali a: I don't snipe much
    Me: you have gold camo on the sniper

  • MajorYT
    MajorYT 21 day ago +3

    Who else likes Happy Power and has watched him before 2019👍

    I’m gifting mŷ ñêxt 7 śübš.🎁🙏🏾
    Thank you for taking your time to read this!

    • Rishi J
      Rishi J 15 days ago

      @MajorYT I meant that you are cringey

    • MajorYT
      MajorYT 15 days ago

      Rishi Jeshram yes

    • Rishi J
      Rishi J 15 days ago

      Lol that's just so cringey.

    • Mitch Maher
      Mitch Maher 20 days ago

      MajorYT lol

  • Sarah Croad
    Sarah Croad 21 day ago

    Could you do some more forest videos please

  • Toxic
    Toxic 21 day ago

    there so young

    TOG JUMPSHOTS 21 day ago

    You looked like kid Justin bever

  • Zeeshan Malik
    Zeeshan Malik 22 days ago

    I was born in 2008

    RMB GAMER 23 days ago

    Where is the Ali-A intro

  • Connor Bannister
    Connor Bannister 25 days ago

    U look like DanTDM when you was little

  • Riley Hayward
    Riley Hayward 25 days ago

    Do Pokémon go video

  • NBNgotgame
    NBNgotgame 26 days ago

    claire: hot

  • Mr_ Testuo
    Mr_ Testuo 26 days ago +1

    Alia didnt want to show the videos of him cursing lmao

  • Blur RB
    Blur RB 26 days ago


  • Purex Luv
    Purex Luv 26 days ago

    Clare: OuR cHiLdReN wIlL hAvE bUm ChInS
    Ali: *Doenst notice*

  • 1000 subscribers with no shame

    Ali A: I love thumbnails
    Me: i can tell

    FAZE SWEATY TTV 27 days ago +1

    Ali-a has make up on

  • chloe B
    chloe B 27 days ago

    lol same reactions

    OMW2FYB 27 days ago

    Question, why do Claire and ali have weird eyebrows😂or is it just me

  • Juan Díaz
    Juan Díaz 27 days ago +10

    I’m seeing this in 17 November, 2019 omg haha

    • ッxNemesis
      ッxNemesis 21 day ago

      Mystic_ Meltrz even mine is on 17th!!!

    • Mystic_ Meltrz
      Mystic_ Meltrz 22 days ago +3

      I'm November 22 hahahaah lol
      Btw November 17th is my brothers birthday 🎉

    • Demi Munoz
      Demi Munoz 23 days ago

      I’m November 21 haha

    • Bryan Valdez
      Bryan Valdez 24 days ago +1

      I'm waching this in november 20 2019

  • King_Jayden 6737
    King_Jayden 6737 27 days ago


  • Dr_Trash_YT
    Dr_Trash_YT 27 days ago

    Ali why do u let ur girl guve u make up

  • 10k subs with no vids challenge

    These were the old days❤❤

  • PopcornCola
    PopcornCola 27 days ago +1

    He reminds me of a Jonas brother

  • Corgi 1001
    Corgi 1001 27 days ago

    Clare thank a kinda cute tho🥵

  • Milky-Way Gamer
    Milky-Way Gamer 27 days ago

    Cringe man

  • invisible Nova invisible Nova

    Junior Ali a

  • Brian Thomson
    Brian Thomson 28 days ago +1

    Maches claires personality

  • FrZitiツ
    FrZitiツ 28 days ago

    don't swear its bad

  • Danny Francis
    Danny Francis Month ago

    This is such a great video, lovely couple too!

  • H0AX
    H0AX Month ago

    Looks like Ali a is wearing makeup 😂😂

  • أحبك challenge
    أحبك challenge Month ago

    Hahahah loved it

  • CTG Calon the gamer

    Videos every week last video ali proposing "4 MONTHS AGO"

  • Hazzer Gaming
    Hazzer Gaming Month ago


  • AlienWarForce
    AlienWarForce Month ago +1

    Oh look, they’re reacting to his good videos!

  • Kobe Davidson
    Kobe Davidson Month ago +1

    Love you alia clare I wish I could game with you like if arguing