Godslayer To Be || HOLLOW KNIGHT blind run #12

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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  • cerberus0225
    cerberus0225 8 months ago +6

    Death Counter: 155 (+23)

    Bosses & Etc
    4:10, 8:41, 19:16, Pantheon of the Artist
    38:23, 42:33, 49:22, 53:40, 1:00:07, 1:07:13, 1:19:46, 1:33:07, 1:39:24, 1:48:27, 1:53:37, Pantheon of the Sage
    2:18:00, 2:20:14, 2:25:00, 2:34:26, 2:35:46, 2:37:56, 2:47:50 Pantheon of the Knight

    7:03 DEAD 133, cause: Soul Master
    19:08 DEAD 134, cause: Paintmaster Sheo
    27:57 DEAD 135, cause: Paintmaster Sheo
    37:43 VICTORY!
    41:41 DEAD 136, cause: The Collector's Baldur
    42:06 Hunter's Journal reading
    45:22 Yes Skyen, this is a boss you missed! They're at the end of the Trial of Fools.
    48:50 DEAD 137, cause: Troopmaster Grimm
    53:14 DEAD 138, cause: Troopmaster Grimm
    57:12 DEAD 139, cause: Do I give this one to God Tamer or to Skyen being dumb?
    1:07:06 DEAD 140, cause: Invincible Fearless Sensual Mysterious Enchanting Vigorous Diligent Overwhelming Gorgeous Passionate Terrifying Beautiful Powerful Grey Prince Zote
    1:10:42 DEAD 141, cause: God Tamer
    1:19:22 DEAD 142, cause: Uumuu's Ooma
    1:30:27 DEAD 143, cause: Great Nailsage Sly
    1:39:16 DEAD 144, cause: Invincible Fearless Sensual Mysterious Enchanting Vigorous Diligent Overwhelming Gorgeous Passionate Terrifying Beautiful Powerful Grey Prince Zote
    1:48:17 DEAD 145, cause: Hornet Sentinel
    1:53:08 DEAD 146, cause: Troopmaster Grimm
    2:04:32 DEAD 147, cause: Great Nailsage Sly
    2:16:13 Victory!
    2:19:52 DEAD 148, cause: Lost Kin
    2:24:46 DEAD 149, cause: Traitor Lord
    2:33:26 DEAD 150, cause: Markoth
    2:35:19 DEAD 151, cause: Lost Kin
    2:37:35 DEAD 152, cause: Lost Kin
    2:47:14 DEAD 153, cause: Watcher Knights
    2:53:47 DEAD 154, cause: Failed Champion
    3:05:23 DEAD 155, cause: Soul Tyrant

  • The 25th Baam
    The 25th Baam 4 months ago

    "if you can't heal, then don't get hit" ahaha

    except it wasn't a joke

    his priority is damage -> heal -> dodge while it should really be dodge -> damage -> heal. there are very clear healing windows anyways, trying to heal at the start of an enemy attack is super counter-productive.
    I know everyone has their own habits and I for example never use any spell at all, which is probably not considered a good strategy, but I feel like the priorities were a bit messed up during some of these boss fights

  • Qure
    Qure 8 months ago

    Not being able to relay criticism without being passive-aggressive (re 1:20:25 ) is what I like to call "online discourse syndrome". So many well formulated points going completely awry because we couldn't hold down that jab, the insult that guaranteed that our conversation partner would promptly ignore said point.
    A lot of people seem, myself included at times, to act under the false assumption that a conversation can be won or lost. Neighboring issue.

  • JRedNose
    JRedNose 8 months ago +3

    that Joda comparison is real...
    Suddenly I feel really sorry for Dooku :(

  • Benjamin E.S.
    Benjamin E.S. 8 months ago +9

    I would highly recommend doing the actual Lost Kin and/or Soul Tyrant, perhaps once you're done with this Pantheon.
    In other news, Uumuu's Godmaster version had to be nerfed post-launch because it was THAT awful.

  • Manic Dogma
    Manic Dogma 8 months ago +4

    tldw of the last third: "Oh no, not you! D:"

  • Tasty Castle
    Tasty Castle 8 months ago

    Dammit I slept tonight)

  • Dhonata Bayerl
    Dhonata Bayerl 8 months ago


  • Jojo Vs Art
    Jojo Vs Art 8 months ago

    I've waited so long for this ;__;

  • Jes Bendtsen
    Jes Bendtsen 8 months ago

    Why is the first hour of the stream not recorded here?

    • Jes Bendtsen
      Jes Bendtsen 8 months ago

      @T B Skyen Alright. Just found it weird that I, for some reason, couldn't skip back to the beginning of the stream while it was ongoing (only until where this video starts, just about), and the beginning of the stream is also missing here.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  8 months ago

      It is, but you need to give it time to process.