Coronavirus: The Economic Impact Of The Outbreak | TIME

  • Published on Feb 11, 2020
  • China’s economy is grinding to a halt as the government scrambles to stop the spread of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus, fueling fears that efforts to contain the outbreak will have worldwide economic consequences.
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    The Economic Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak

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  • Michele Pratt
    Michele Pratt 2 months ago

    Its almost like the government wants us to play dumb. That money doesny sound too promising given that people have already been in lock down for two month. By the time four months passes it'll be too late and he also stated he wants to open america back up by easter. If he shut anerica down and jud let us quarantine for 30 days it makes more sense than to quarantine one state at a time and hoping we have enough testing supplies. He doesnt even think about the greater good as our president. I sense danger coming.

  • Sed Muy
    Sed Muy 2 months ago

    COVID-19 impact is deeper than just economic: there are social, family and marital impacts as well!
    Couples will suffer forced separations and lose conjugal rights temporally or even permanently!

  • Lior Atia
    Lior Atia 3 months ago

    they eating bats mice bugs alive! god know what he is doing folks

  • Modern Ekonomist
    Modern Ekonomist 3 months ago

    time could not use microphone properly; such a shame

  • N95
    N95 3 months ago

  • Alex Montoya
    Alex Montoya 3 months ago


  • Rob Clay
    Rob Clay 3 months ago

    Never mind it being a weaponized virus ....Ya

  • M H
    M H 3 months ago

    Know a doubting Thomas, someone who doesn’t believe that Jesus died on the cross for their sins, and was resurrected from the dead? Do you have doubts yourself? Watch this and send it to whomever needs to see it:

    KIM JONG UN 3 months ago

    You stay ova there....we safe here....

  • Kevin PIERSON
    Kevin PIERSON 3 months ago

    If China's economy fails US is next and all because of the Virus let's see what the great and powerful Trump can do about that because we really don't manufacture shit any US anymore

  • mad world
    mad world 3 months ago

    They can handle this issue and get back to business but they want to show the world that they are needed

  • Cipher Crypto
    Cipher Crypto 3 months ago

    Time to bring manufacturing back to the USA 🇺🇸 Let China dissolve into a cesspool of communist viral pneumonia.

  • vinny vega
    vinny vega 3 months ago


  • Jeffrey Parks aka Jenasus

    The corona virus is a hoax
    2020 is the year of fear mongering propaganda.
    Do not get any poison vaccinations for anything

  • The Sneaker Scout
    The Sneaker Scout 3 months ago


  • Heather Milen
    Heather Milen 3 months ago

    In the bible it states there will be a disease that will have no cure..I wonder if this is it?

  • SYOTOS 88
    SYOTOS 88 3 months ago

    The Chinese government is providing free health care to those affected by the virus. Pay the whole bill to get to there recovery. America would never do that. Enough said.

  • Bank Robber
    Bank Robber 3 months ago

    I cant wait for stock prices to fall... So i can invest. Then when it rises again. I can cash out and make bank

  • gjp
    gjp 3 months ago

    The Coronavirus Will Not Cripple China’s Economy
    "Although the scope of the coronavirus outbreak exceeds that of SARS in 2003, current data suggest that the epidemic will likely reach a turning point in the next two weeks. That would mean China might conquer the virus in the first quarter, which is essential to mitigating the epidemic’s impact on overall growth in 2020."

  • E. B.
    E. B. 3 months ago

    This is why all of our jobs went there so we can suffer more?. Yes made in America does sound good.

  • Elise Cooper
    Elise Cooper 3 months ago

    China stated transfusions and HIV meds will save them.

  • Sheepdog Warrior
    Sheepdog Warrior 3 months ago

    78% of American antibiotics come from China itself.
    Now what????

  • Jae Moon
    Jae Moon 3 months ago

    Let's calculate the nominal value of a human life.
    Is it worth it to prevent death of 2% of population? Mostly elderly and people who will incur future burden on the government.
    How much is your grandpa's life worth? Based on GDP output loss and savings in future medical care.

    RVCS CAR HAULER 3 months ago

    BAT sou

  • biggboi1967
    biggboi1967 3 months ago

    The chismosa virus has been around for a very long time and nobody has done anything about it. History has it as being originated in the barrio among Latina females. It sparks a rage when females don’t like other females and quickly spreads in the barrio. Could it be that when you see Latina females in the corners they talking about a cure? Or are they spreading this virus? I personally don’t see a cure to this.

  • Narendra kumar Agarwal
    Narendra kumar Agarwal 3 months ago

  • Ross Harris
    Ross Harris 3 months ago

    If you manufacture "gloves"/"masks"/ or operate "Funeral burial services" Very good business, I imagine. Matthew 6:10; 25:31-40 will be a much better future.

  • ParaXposeR
    ParaXposeR 3 months ago

    This is the best time for India to reduce its Imports from China and actually Implement Government's Make in India slogan

  • Kristen Hawkins
    Kristen Hawkins 3 months ago

    Great 🥇

  • Evelyn Van Zale
    Evelyn Van Zale 3 months ago

    If China is on 'lock-down', why are flights from China still coming into the UK with inadequate screening on entry and now, a recently arrived Chinese woman confirmed as the first case in London! Maybe the powers that be aren't that keen on containing the virus after all - very odd!!!

    • Jae Moon
      Jae Moon 3 months ago

      2-4% of people dieing is preferred over shutting down commerce.

  • whoo else
    whoo else 3 months ago

    I think im spraying every product i get with disinfectant thats made in china from now on.

  • whoo else
    whoo else 3 months ago

    Well hey, america wanted to be the cheapskate of the world & outsource many of the manufacturing jobs to china. Now its starting to bite them in the azz.

  • JR
    JR 3 months ago

    Oh no! God forbid Starbucks starts to fail in China!

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose 3 months ago

    This is a wake up call for the rest of the world who thought depending their supplies from China was a good idea 🤒🤒🤒. It is time for a change, a big one for the rest of the world, especial the US 💪💪💪. MADE IN USA 🇺🇸✊✊✊.

  • RedCrim Chan
    RedCrim Chan 3 months ago

    The fact their super power back fire them by silent the doctor is very stupid thing you ever hear in history in human kind.

  • No Blood No Change
    No Blood No Change 3 months ago

    I don’t feel sorry for Walmart

  • T.D.M. More Than A Movement

    I'M AN AMERICAN LIVING IN SHANGHAI CHINA REQUIRED TO SELF QUARANTINE.The internet is literally all I have now. It's stressful, i'm doing everything I can to avoid becoming sick & my works been cancelled. I'm just a dance teacher in a small studio. Rent is not free nor is food. 1.Due to an epidemic, I have to stay at home. 2. I don't know when I will be able to work again & I'm not going to make any money any time soon. I'm trapped in my home and desperately trying to find ways to make money online now. Online is my only option. Guy's please help me out & subscribe to my youtube ok? I'M TRYING EVERYTHING. Everyday I hope this Covid-19 passes soon but it's just doesn't seem to be playing out that way. Thank you guys for taking the time to read my story & thank you for all of your love and support.

  • Xcross 7x
    Xcross 7x 3 months ago

    😂😂 China

  • Robbie Schlerf
    Robbie Schlerf 3 months ago +1

    even this was made in china

  • J Tay
    J Tay 3 months ago

    Trunp need not ignore this and argue with his economic adviser, Mr. Powell about its importance to our economy!

  • Phi Hoàng
    Phi Hoàng 3 months ago

    China: Invading south china sea and bully smaller countries, heavy debts on poor countries, cheating on economic, planning of dominating the world...
    Coronavirus: I'm coming for yo ass

  • Benny The Adventure Kid BTAK

    It ok china :) if you hit a wall there is always a way to push through it :)

  • 天天星系 天天爆笑 Daily GalaxyFun Channel
    Latest videos taken by foreign nationals, American, British, Swedish etc living in quarantined or semi-quarantined cities in China. Worth watch it. It is also kinda funny.

  • Michelle Griffin
    Michelle Griffin 3 months ago

    Better economy break down than me dying. Speaking for myself only folks

  • Left 4 the Dead
    Left 4 the Dead 3 months ago

    Look on reddit, the new "hospital" they built imports 200-400 people a day, they dissapear. there was a massive fire recently in a field outside wuhan, the footprint from the fire suggests it was from biomass or metal, and later that day a smog of ash fell over the city. I could tell you what I think, but the facts are so much worse than opinions, crematoriums report constantly burning 100 bodies a day- per-furnace. Due to the Tencent Leak that records the data but doesnt tell anyone currently the stats from Febuary 9th, 2020 are
    90,000 - 150,000 infected,
    30,000 - 50,000 dead
    400,000,000 under quarentine
    These are confirmed numbers, its not just elderly. be safe out there

  • Erin apple
    Erin apple 3 months ago

    Let's worry about money for the filthy rich when thousands could die.

  • Proctor’s Gamble
    Proctor’s Gamble 3 months ago

    If people are still getting infected on the ship that means the quarantine date will have to be continuously extended until a period of 14 days passes with NO NEW cases! No one has talked about this!

  • Meyagee Joe Karate
    Meyagee Joe Karate 3 months ago


  • bigtoad45
    bigtoad45 3 months ago

    I think we will see a lot more factories pulling out of China.

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 3 months ago

    It's probably 100 times worse than these number just released 30 minutes ago

  • mister m II
    mister m II 3 months ago

    So This Is Why The Gas Has Dropped Huh,,, Bring On More Baby Drop Down To $1 Again,,, If 20 Million Ppl Gotta Die So Be It

  • Cactus Sauce
    Cactus Sauce 3 months ago

    Does materials and money matter rn? Help them y'all!

  • Angelia Kay
    Angelia Kay 3 months ago

    Who else has had a deep chest cough ever since this coronavirus was discovered?

  • Francisco NunesC
    Francisco NunesC 3 months ago

    Great... :)

  • Dave Calvo
    Dave Calvo 3 months ago

    Hopefully this brings more manufacturing back to the US, this is the second time now. One would think that it's too risky to have a plant in China knowing their health standards are sub par to the US.

  • Ozcan Hasan
    Ozcan Hasan 3 months ago

    the Americans released this coronavirus now the Chinese will respond will start the War on Viruses,,,,,,,America always does this by first releasing viruses and then selling vaccines and drugs,,,

  • Political Fashionista
    Political Fashionista 3 months ago

    greta's dream came true.

  • Josef Lee-Baker
    Josef Lee-Baker 3 months ago


  • Feeber Izer
    Feeber Izer 3 months ago +1

    Just shows how fragile our world economies really are....

  • Amy Knorr
    Amy Knorr 3 months ago

    There are three theories:
    1. The British underworld by way of the House of Hanover / Windsor is the true faction of fallen family members that is involved in regular Contraband and smuggling with or without:
    a. Mongolia
    b. Norway
    c. China
    2. Both the Tudor / Gucci / MacLeod extended Royal Family faction and the House of Hanover work together as the fallen Royalty of Britain, as a whole, in Contraband / Smuggling.
    3. The Tudor / Gucci / MacLeod extended Royal family members that joined the underworld, work together in Contraband and Smuggling with or without Mongolia.

    Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are understood as being with the British underworld thus may be in Contraband via Britain. Associating Mick and Keith with the Tudor / Gucci / MacLeod / O'Reilly extended fallen Royal family members that joined the underworld, created the illusion that Contraband pertained to the Tudor crew rather than the Windsor crew.
    Mick Jagger could frame Julian Casablancas and Keith Richards could frame Fabrizio Moretti.
    From there, the Tudor crew may have been framed for the Russian Contraband worked through Mongolia.
    Rather than receiving a promotion or venturing on their own, Juliet Joslin may still be passing herself off to other operatives as a ground level Russian operative working as leader of the Nigerian hit squad. Beyonce Knowles is with the American underworld as previously stated. Thus Julian Casablancas is a hitman.
    While Julian Casablancas was having proper sexual feigning services, he could not be framed as the hitman assigned to murder Soulmate Amy Knorr. But as of March 2018, sexual feigning services went down hill to volatile punishment. At this point Julian Casablancas was being framed as the hitman hired to kill Amy Knorr.
    Juliet Joslin, actually an upper crust Russian operative, is indeed dispatching the actual hitman who may be feigning Marc Eskenazi and Julian Casablancas. Others at her service include members of the "Neighborhood Threat", and night shift staff at Leisure Vale in Glendale, CA.
    Julian Casablancas was hired to re-pattern the Egyptian President proposal of Rudolf MacLeod into a Russian President. Julian Casablancas was assigned to appear unaffiliated to Soulmate Amy Knorr.
    The punishment earned by Julian Casablancas in violating his Soulmate Union is the gravest of all, followed by facilitating the William Colby murder. If Julian Casablancas is knowingly altering his Egyptian plans to serve Russia, this ties in second place.
    Factoring in the guilt just for being an underworld operative and accumulative punishment, aiding and embedding Polita Barnes; Julian Casablancas' punishment card is full.
    Juliet Joslin takes orders from Polita Barnes, born Peggy Marks, bloodline descendant of Paula Howard, Soulmate of Vladimir Putin of Russia.
    Jessie of Norway may be facilitating the orders of Polita Barnes.

    Rounding things up:
    If Julian Casablancas, prior to March 2018, while he had proper perception and did not pertain to sexual feigning services, had only one volatile hit contract, the guilt level sits right.
    Those thought to have ventured out on their own Contraband scheme, must have joined the British underworld Contraband. These include:
    Matt Farrow
    Matt Lukin
    Phil Hollander
    Christopher of Switzerland.
    One member of what turned out to be the Windsor Contraband crew, is secretly with Japan.
    Ville Valo
    Adrien Brody
    Frank Savarino
    Jude Law.
    Deborah Friedman, regardless of position, is with Ben Sasse and America.
    Julian Casablancas is knowingly with Russia.
    Thus, Ville Valo, Ben Sasse and Julian Casablancas are in some way, traitors to Britain / Nigeria.
    Perhaps this is where the drug cartel in Hawaii comes in?
    The Italian underworld must include: Alan Arkin (double for Norway), David Mano, Frank Savarino, Ansel Elgort, Ursula Andress.
    The Vault Heist: Only Amy Knorr's account: Russia, China, Britain, Italy.
    The entire vault: Upper Crust Russia, Norway, Nigeria.

  • J Ing
    J Ing 3 months ago

    Hey times, what's "the Chinese dream"? I know you know and so does anyone who looks into it cause the Chinese government is open about their plans

  • courtney hughes
    courtney hughes 3 months ago

    Their under martial law over there basically!! 😩 imagine a martial law in the US

  • MrBtw999
    MrBtw999 3 months ago


  • MrBtw999
    MrBtw999 3 months ago


  • MrBtw999
    MrBtw999 3 months ago


  • Admiral BirdCrap
    Admiral BirdCrap 3 months ago

    Depends on sale at WALMART

  • Austin Lavey
    Austin Lavey 3 months ago

    China is attacking the world with this virus

  • truthful investigation
    truthful investigation 3 months ago

    The US should institute a lockdown on entrance to America until we have fully understood the virus implications.

  • Jae Moon
    Jae Moon 3 months ago

    You go back to work, you're screwed.
    You don't go back to work, you're screwed.

  • Jae Moon
    Jae Moon 3 months ago

    One company reopened. Immediately a suspected case was discovered. 200 people now under quarantine.

  • Tyrone Shoelaces
    Tyrone Shoelaces 3 months ago

    LIBERAL LOGIC= They should've been aborted so they wouldn't have to deal with this virus.

    • Kitu's Junkyard
      Kitu's Junkyard 3 months ago

      If the virus was real, their logic don't matter

  • Craig Bigelow
    Craig Bigelow 3 months ago

    Just spray some of that shit on it! That'll fix it!

  • Twine Autists
    Twine Autists 3 months ago

    I could have summed up this video without using words... title should have been "The economic impact of the outbreak = yes" then no one would have had to waste time watching this just to not get any details or answers

  • The Mahamushi
    The Mahamushi 3 months ago

    This was not engineered and released by anybody. Why are people telling this absolute horseshit? This is not a pandemic. And the death rate will be lower than any flue in recent history. But if you want to be frightened, be my quest.

    • Jae Moon
      Jae Moon 3 months ago

      China claims to have found source of the virus. But refuses to release data.
      We all know why.

    • Jae Moon
      Jae Moon 3 months ago

      Winnie the Flu!!!!

  • Shred La Vallie
    Shred La Vallie 3 months ago

    The only country that will be impacted by coronavirus is the chinese communists!

  • Austin Johnson
    Austin Johnson 3 months ago

    China's like a new girlfriend, whatever number they tell you- Multiply by 12.

  • PalatablePuddle
    PalatablePuddle 3 months ago

    my order is going to take 6 months now instead of 3 :(

  • Mike Ray
    Mike Ray 3 months ago

    This virus is not as bad as the regular flu that we have every year.Whats making it worse is the liberal media trying to use it to crash the economy.They dont care how they hurt America if they can do it and make Trump look bad.Dont beliieve what they are telling you.

  • IWashMyOwnBrain
    IWashMyOwnBrain 3 months ago

    Live bats delivered fresh to your door....special discount rate.....

  • 50 Shades Of Hand Grenades

    lol if you believe american media that NCOV is nothing to be afraid of. Why js china taking so many precaution. Media is JUST NOW starting to realize it, or be honest...but ofcourse everything is blown out of proportion until our news covers it huh?

  • Andrew Souther
    Andrew Souther 3 months ago +1

    To boost immunity, daily take Vitamin C (a first line of defense) and Ionic Silver Hydrosol (a sort of second immune system when present) and at the very first hint of a possibility of a symptom, take both HOURLY until the suspected symptom is gone.
    My preference is Ester-C because it’s buffered and for the ionic silver because of price and quality.
    Also, always be sure to breathe through the nose as it’s also a first line of defense for immunity, trapping pathogens. Mouth breathing is a wide open door to inhaling bugs deep into the lungs. Gently taping the mouth shut at night ensures nose breathing while sleeping. Sleep improves dramatically too which is helpful for immunity.
    Unless you live in the subtropics and get direct sunlight exposure, it’s critical to supplement with Vitamin D3/K2 drops as D3 is a big part of proper immune system function.
    If you’re the type to favor vaccines, you already know there is no vaccine so you’re stuck with the rest of us that seek to build the body’s immune system using nutrition.
    It’s not enough to trying avoid contact with others. Everyone’s body needs to be ready for any pathogen. With a robust immune system, there’s nothing to worry about except helping others make good choices too for their bodies now.

  • Alvina Davis
    Alvina Davis 3 months ago

    Stop having them coming to the San Diego damit

  • Corey Webb
    Corey Webb 3 months ago

    Checkmate, Mr. Bezos

  • Tyler Parisi
    Tyler Parisi 3 months ago

    I hope you all remember the poison ☠️ goods they shipped to us!!! Sheetrock, pet food, baby toys, etc!!!!! I hope they all die

  • Lady pilliwick
    Lady pilliwick 3 months ago

    China is doing their best. BUT. Its a lot worse then people think.
    97% of the US antibiotics are produced in china
    It will hit India soon.

  • Justin
    Justin 3 months ago

    Just skip to 1:29

  • Scott Kazmer
    Scott Kazmer 3 months ago

    Zika virus, swine flu, bird flu. Why are we all so concerned? If everyone did not live on top of eachother it would not be a problem. You have a HUGE country. Spread out and provide basic social services like water, sewage, electricity. You would not have these problems.

  • Lil Water
    Lil Water 3 months ago

    John Cena must be pissed

  • SoRena Dix
    SoRena Dix 3 months ago

    Get a better reader than this person with vocal fry!

  • Margie Cooper
    Margie Cooper 3 months ago

    Time to manufacture goods here in the US

  • CaliD0LL
    CaliD0LL 3 months ago

    - Wear N95 respirator masks NOT THE STANDARD PROCEDURE MASKS because the filter on N95 masks filter the micro virus particles BEFORE YOU INHALE.
    - Medical goggles prevent the micro virus particles from entering the eyes.
    - COVID-19 is resistant to bleach/disinfectants so best prevention is to wash your hands 20 seconds throughly throughout the day and NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. Shower and wash your clothes immediately at home if being around sick people.
    This virus will most likely spread and infect throughout the world. Mortality rates are higher to those who are mid >50’s/older and people who have a disease that causes their immune system to not work at it best. Diabetes, hypertension.
    (If you are generally healthy this virus only has 2% mortality rate and will only feel like having the flu. Your immune system will work at its fullest to fight out the infection.)
    Possible antivirals and therapies are being conducted in controlled human trials in China ( )so there is hope to find a cure but it’ll take time to see consistent results so in the mean time keep your body healthy by eating right and exercising so you give yourself the best chances of fighting off this virus.
    ⭐️Creditable TVclip medical channels, Doctors covering virus:

  • Rod Steel
    Rod Steel 3 months ago

    Well stop eating cats, rats, and bats!

  • Robert E
    Robert E 3 months ago

    The wealthy people would rather be dead than poor. We're doomed.

  • William Kievit
    William Kievit 3 months ago

    When will the radical rights lord and savior trump cure the sick and suffering?

  • Bucky Pinata
    Bucky Pinata 3 months ago

    Dems want open borders and sanctuary cities......

  • co2 hashoil

  • Sarcastic Fellow
    Sarcastic Fellow 3 months ago +4

    "TIME" one of many idiots who just cares about money!!

    • Unknown
      Unknown 3 months ago

      if you lost your job because of economic downturn, you wouldn't be saying this. This isn't just about some people losing money in the stock market.

  • r f
    r f 3 months ago

    Current Vaccine 💉 Technology will not help. A second infection is a death 💀 sentence. Vaccination only will cause death on catching this virus 🦠. This virus is nothing like we have seen before. Much worse than AIDS.

  • roger smith
    roger smith 3 months ago

    A banker scam lead by globalist.. For banking controlled by talmudic law is ending soon. So the new power china, russia. this will end credit ratings, and fake money.. So the grabbler needs a way to stop china lets make fake corona virus with a hint of lime.. 90 died very old people.. but 100 die a day from common cold when older. lets not look at that though.. lets draw fear and wonder to the masses of sheep. the day of the lie talmudic babylon is over.

  • roger smith
    roger smith 3 months ago

    A banker scam lead by globalist.. For banking controlled by talmudic law is ending soon. So the new power china, russia. this will end credit ratings, and fake money.. So the grabbler needs a way to stop china lets make fake corona virus with a hint of lime.. 90 died very old people.. but 100 die a day from common cold when older. lets not look at that though.. lets draw fear and wonder to the masses of sheep. the day of the lie talmudic babylon is over.