We Reached 1 Million Subscribers!! Watch Us Scream! | Office Goals | Mr Kate | Episode 14

  • Published on Feb 23, 2017
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    A Mr. Kate Production
    Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
    Shot by: Brad Etter, Tiro Rose
    Edited by: Drew Rosas
    Sound: Alfonso Cano
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  • Mr. Kate
    Mr. Kate  2 years ago +1593

    Creative Weirdos one and all! I really want you to know how much we appreciate and thank each and every one of you for being a sub! We do not take it for granted! It means the world! We are starting the process of picking a winner and it will take us a bit to be completely thorough but have no worries, we will choose someone and we will keep you all in the loop! Also you can submit to be on Breaking Beige! Email a video of yourself and your room to: Casting.BreakingBeige@gmail.com Thank you and love you SO MUCH!!!

  • Noor Barsik
    Noor Barsik 27 days ago

    When is season two?????? ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Viktoria B.
    Viktoria B. 5 months ago

    Ukraine says hi to Oleksii))

  • CB GB
    CB GB 9 months ago

    Why am I tearing up at the plaques you gave everyone? It’s so nice of you guys - my bf is an editor and I know how important the behind the scenes team are and how hard they work and rarely do they get the recognition so this is kinda beautiful!

  • sotto vocce
    sotto vocce 10 months ago +1

    where's sarah?

  • Khloe George
    Khloe George 11 months ago

    When is this show coming back?

  • Violet Schnepp Schnepp Violet

    Good job guys!!!

  • Dominique Chantrell

    Hopefully this is returning

  • Sneh Kriti
    Sneh Kriti Year ago

    Viona is so hot

  • Liela Cenabre
    Liela Cenabre Year ago +2

    That was the best reaction to hitting One Million subscriber!!😍😍

  • Jey Velos
    Jey Velos Year ago

    Fonzy is so cuuuuute

  • Annette Celia Rosemary

    Thats so nice of you guys to include that intern even though she was barely there ahahahaha

  • Cody Downing
    Cody Downing Year ago

    Were is sarah

  • Hannah White
    Hannah White Year ago +1

    I feel like this was a chic version of an All That opening scene and Vianna is absolutely freaking gorgeous

  • JAI C
    JAI C Year ago +2

    Leggit.. All the episodes are ssoooo, so awesome! 😱 i've finished it for like half of the day.. You are so, so inspiring! Mr. Kate! 😊😍
    Love your team! Especially brad and sofia! ❤
    Love you all!
    Creative weirdo, From the Phil. 😁😘

  • Alina Zhu
    Alina Zhu Year ago

    Where did Sarah go? :P

  • Anna Halvorson
    Anna Halvorson Year ago

    This came out one month before I turned ten years old

  • Sofia Marie Luce Pisano

    congratssss but i still don't understand synn's role and and where sarah went
    love ya guys you're the best

  • mabel mathew
    mabel mathew Year ago

    you can really tell who the newbies are
    they;re so cutely awkward amongst everyone else xD

  • Vishnunu Gador
    Vishnunu Gador Year ago

    Does 3m include

  • Khushi Hans
    Khushi Hans Year ago

    Where is Sarah?

  • Sis vs Sis
    Sis vs Sis Year ago

    I love all your creations. I love you!

  • Katy White
    Katy White Year ago

    Watching this when they have 2M subs

  • Rachel Chue
    Rachel Chue Year ago

    What happened to Sarah? Where did she go?

  • Erwan M
    Erwan M Year ago

    Wait! Where's Sarah? I love her!

  • Fatima Muratalla
    Fatima Muratalla Year ago

    Does anyone else just appreciate Tiros little moment after getting his award😭😭😂💕

  • Kassy Smith
    Kassy Smith Year ago

    Shoot, i guess Sarah didn’t last...

  • Koey Pace
    Koey Pace Year ago

    what happened to the other guy and the girl who sat next to the clear marker board

  • Macky Beaniza
    Macky Beaniza Year ago

    but I'm from the Philippines its to far i wish i can have a room make over:(

  • Carrie Tafoya
    Carrie Tafoya Year ago

    What happened to Sarah?

  • diana ran
    diana ran Year ago

    Zo mooi en lief

  • diana ran
    diana ran Year ago

    Gefeliciteerd joepie 🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁🎁

  • Ammaarah A
    Ammaarah A Year ago

    This have me chills ❤❤❤❤

  • maanya sheth
    maanya sheth Year ago +9

    Where's Sarah lol

  • Fatema Tabassum
    Fatema Tabassum Year ago

    They're almost at 2 million now! I hope they're as excited as when they got 1 million subscribers :P

  • GeekyGirl
    GeekyGirl Year ago +7

    Vianna though......how is no one talking about her?!

  • Meera Mothilal
    Meera Mothilal Year ago

    This video hit me in all the right feely places

  • Rose E.Q.
    Rose E.Q. Year ago

    I'm a subscriber

  • Ruby Paton
    Ruby Paton Year ago

    Aww this is sooo nice

  • Dori Bendetowicz
    Dori Bendetowicz Year ago

    Where is Sarah?

  • Valentine Angelo
    Valentine Angelo Year ago

    Congrats to mr.Kate and the other team members for the 1 million subscribers

  • Rayven Archer
    Rayven Archer Year ago

    Where’s Sarah

  • Anna Kauffmann
    Anna Kauffmann Year ago

    What happened to Sarah?

  • Arica Baker
    Arica Baker Year ago

    Can we buy a replica of the creative weirdo plaque

  • Mx Moe
    Mx Moe Year ago +10

    Vianna is a BABE.

  • fedupwithusernames

    omg that montage of vianna.

  • PastelPotato Peach

    I love you guys cause even with all the work you do you still have the time to reply to our comments. 😀

  • EllaMae Neaton
    EllaMae Neaton Year ago

    What happened to that one girl who wanted the whiteboard?

  • Jokah113
    Jokah113 Year ago

    5:03 Zarya coming in clutch xD

  • adultButterfly88
    adultButterfly88 Year ago

    What happened to all the other team?! Were they just off on that day?! :D

  • Chelsea Tv
    Chelsea Tv Year ago

    We’re is Sarah?

  • Giigiis Creations

    There's someone missing, so I'm rewatching to get more inspire and I noticed that Sarah is missing..
    What happened to Sarah???????

  • omomoification
    omomoification Year ago

    This was my favorite series of Mr Kate! Love seeing y'all working hard and goofing off bts!

  • cEaZaR cAiLiPaN
    cEaZaR cAiLiPaN Year ago

    I feel like joey didn’t get the memo of wearing black,white or grey

  • Brooke Justice
    Brooke Justice Year ago

    Vienna??? She looks sooo badass! Reminds me or Zarya.

  • Ben Phillips
    Ben Phillips Year ago

    Where did the other lady go? I forgot her name...

  • Molly Nuckton
    Molly Nuckton Year ago

    What happened to Sarah?!?!??

  • Eden Stevens
    Eden Stevens Year ago

    Where's Sarah at?

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez Year ago


  • Kiki Waka
    Kiki Waka Year ago

    I know this is really late but does anyone know what happened to Sarah?