The Regrettes perform 'I Dare You' live on 'GMA' l GMA

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • The rock band performs their fan-favorite hit, live in Times Square.
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  • Ngan Ho
    Ngan Ho 13 hours ago

    Audience sucks

  • Squish Bish
    Squish Bish 2 days ago

    Literally just wanna go to a concert not only because I love the regrettes but to show them what their real audience is like and jam the heck out

  • peterah7957
    peterah7957 2 days ago

    It's not great

  • Steph
    Steph 2 days ago +1

    Someone get the fucking audience out of there

  • Bradley Dulvarie
    Bradley Dulvarie 4 days ago

    Was certain I was going to hear a Strokes cover and it almost happened. 😐

  • Rubix Head The Shape shifter

    Well done I'd say

  • Ayra Cruz
    Ayra Cruz 6 days ago

    How dare they not jump when she dared them. I would fuckin lose my shit if i was there. I love that song so much. Dx

  • Amber Lamanna
    Amber Lamanna 7 days ago

    The audience suuuuucks

  • Fernando Flores
    Fernando Flores 7 days ago

    But that bass player is fire

  • Isabelle Haring
    Isabelle Haring 8 days ago +1

    Most. Underrated. Band. EVER.

  • Shannon Evans
    Shannon Evans 12 days ago +1

    They all sound amazing.

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes 13 days ago

    That song was meh

    • Rick Grimes
      Rick Grimes 13 days ago

      The drummer is the only one doing a decent job and her voice is good but the rest is pretty bad

  • Tonymusicmagic
    Tonymusicmagic 16 days ago +1

    The host looks like she’s lost. The audience is dead. They are playing the song that the band is going to play before they play it. The band was great but everything was bad.

  • Abbie Byrne
    Abbie Byrne 16 days ago

    when the crowd said : 💀
    i didn’t feel that because the regerettes deserve better smh

  • Kane Shapiro
    Kane Shapiro 16 days ago

    They deserve a mosh, not a bunch of prissy white women

  • rbl529
    rbl529 16 days ago

    Yo, audience, I Dare You to look alive for fucks sake... The Regrettes killed it!

  • 김경
    김경 17 days ago

    진짜 사랑해 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • 김경
    김경 17 days ago


  • FiatDuster
    FiatDuster 18 days ago

    I like this band and this is a really good song but the audience was like cardboard cutouts. Probably waiting for the "rap break" or some big assed chick to come out and say "What's up bitches?"
    What a terrible time to be young it is.

  • To Meme or Not To Meme

    Isn’t the crowd supposed to dance? Who mixed the audio? Why? Just. So many questions.

  • yoyocloud
    yoyocloud 18 days ago +1

    WTFFFF I never seen this. I’m so proud!!!!

  • Macy Skaggs
    Macy Skaggs 18 days ago

    2:22 that off beat clapping killed me

  • MarkB
    MarkB 19 days ago +1

    What's up with all the people from the police academy in the audience?

    CXMLO MUSIC 19 days ago

    2000s post - punk indie rock revival

  • Jarrod Dixon
    Jarrod Dixon 19 days ago +4

    Not many people know this fact, but Ganessa is my wife in the future.

  • Thee_jmarie
    Thee_jmarie 19 days ago

    They look so bored 😐 Tough crowd.

  • Britney Aroca
    Britney Aroca 19 days ago +6

    Honestly not their best performance but I still enjoyed the video

    • Mea Marie
      Mea Marie 3 days ago +1

      Im sure they were nervous, especially Lydia. How Do You Love is her bby, and the audio mixing is absolute shit on this performance /:

  • Matt Keltos
    Matt Keltos 19 days ago

    EXTREMELY underrated

  • amjamss
    amjamss 19 days ago +49

    what’s the point of having the crowd in the background if they’re just gonna stand there

  • Hope Hartline
    Hope Hartline 20 days ago

    my babiessssss

  • Lila 89
    Lila 89 20 days ago +138

    Why the crowd dance like their at a christian rock concert

    • Abi Hulme
      Abi Hulme 2 days ago +1

      Lol but a church aimed at Middle aged people isn't the same as a rock concert

    • Jodes
      Jodes 2 days ago +1

      Lila 89 i went to a friend’s church and this is very close to what the crowd was like lol

    • Abi Hulme
      Abi Hulme 4 days ago

      @Sailor Sirius m8 have you ever been to a Christian rock concert??

    • Sailor Sirius
      Sailor Sirius 16 days ago


  • Camilla Portillo
    Camilla Portillo 20 days ago +5

    Why tf is the audience on stage with them

  • chloe x
    chloe x 20 days ago

    the regrettes deserved better than this im sorry

  • Martin RC
    Martin RC 21 day ago +7

    Glad they decided to protect Drew with bulletproof glass barrier. Protect Drew at all costs!!!

    • Lind say
      Lind say 21 day ago

      They protected the audience... He is too powerful for them 😅

  • Martin RC
    Martin RC 21 day ago

    Cut everyone but Lydia's mic?

  • FranksGaming
    FranksGaming 21 day ago

    Music is dying... put Queens of the stone age or Tame Impala. Idk why this garbage was in my recommendations... FU youtube

  • Giovanna Ramos
    Giovanna Ramos 21 day ago +2

    this band is amazing, I love their music and I'm really happy to see them in GMA!!

  • Jin Oh
    Jin Oh 22 days ago +1

    Never heard of them but I’m a fan now

  • Enzo Sanchez
    Enzo Sanchez 22 days ago

    If The Strokes Went Pop

    JAIDEN BAGGETT 23 days ago

    i would’ve been actin a fool if i was there

  • 9288Savior
    9288Savior 24 days ago +3

    A female version of *The Strokes* , sweet *{::>_

  • Lexi lol
    Lexi lol 24 days ago

    the crowd really said 👏😐

  • Gerard Way
    Gerard Way 24 days ago

    Let’s go girls!!

  • Joe Butta
    Joe Butta 24 days ago


  • Joe Butta
    Joe Butta 24 days ago

    Luv the regrettes.......

  • Joe Butta
    Joe Butta 24 days ago +2

    YES ... Heard this on radio today ,,,, there is a GOD !!!!!😀

  • Malcolm Filichia
    Malcolm Filichia 25 days ago +17

    lmao what a terrible crowd and awful mixing, I know Id be living to be there

  • Jack Swift
    Jack Swift 25 days ago +2

    It's awesome to see these Girls actually playing instruments live. Great sound, nice upbeat tune, not depressive, that's a bit of fresh air, to much sad shit going about at the moment...As for the crowd? What's up with them?? Maybe they don't get the happy vibe and want suicidal music😂

  • Paul
    Paul 25 days ago +3

    Love this band, are they big in 'Merca?

  • oogabooga
    oogabooga 25 days ago +3

    damn been here since around 2016 it’s great to see them where they are

  • miked4309
    miked4309 26 days ago +1

    is this why sage and maxx left?

    i dont mean that in a mean way. kurt cobain didnt like being popular.

    NSPLG 26 days ago +5

    the more i listen to HDYL the more i'm tempted to do multiple dates for their UK tour

  • Beyza Cakir
    Beyza Cakir 26 days ago +1

    Their new album is dope.How do you love streammmm

  • Sweet Peaches
    Sweet Peaches 26 days ago

    For anyone curious the cloud outfit is by Lazy Oaf and you can buy it!

  • Samantha Foehringer
    Samantha Foehringer 26 days ago +2

    Love them! Crappy audience though.

  • Jacob Vela
    Jacob Vela 26 days ago +2

    what the hell is the mixing from the sound guy

  • Michael Burgoon
    Michael Burgoon 26 days ago

    that lead guitar is so fucking out of tune this is hard to listen to

  • Owl Recon
    Owl Recon 26 days ago

    I wish they came into my apartment when I'm depressed and can't get out of bed to give me a morning call. LOL The drummer can set his drums by my head and Genessa can hit my balls with her guitar after the song is done.

  • Low key No pressure
    Low key No pressure 26 days ago

    The gma crowds are normally dead af

  • Gillian B
    Gillian B 27 days ago

    they did amazing