Gordon Throws 'Chef Mike' Out of a Window - Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Ozzie Sheppard
    Ozzie Sheppard 4 days ago

    You know those commercial microwaves are about $1200 new- I hope people realise that.

  • Cameryn Gibbs
    Cameryn Gibbs 9 days ago

    I thought chef mike was a actual person and I thought Gordon was committing murder

  • Mr. Barnes
    Mr. Barnes 18 days ago

    RIP Chef Mike though

  • MIDI's, Jazz Trumpet and More with Fulford

    He defenestrated chef mike

  • Meneer Elisa
    Meneer Elisa Month ago +1


  • Meneer Elisa
    Meneer Elisa Month ago +1

    Press F to pay respect

  • Maelstrum yes
    Maelstrum yes Month ago

    I knew the Chef Mike,that Matty Matheson was referring to was familiar and this was it XD

  • HeetzrGrsk
    HeetzrGrsk Month ago

    chef Mike disconnected from the game

  • Kingyah Israel
    Kingyah Israel Month ago

    *Microcaves have left the chat*

  • Darkness Thing
    Darkness Thing Month ago +1

    0:40 ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  • Lord Shaxx.
    Lord Shaxx. 2 months ago +1

    Chef mike
    Ch 22: The betrayal.

  • Brian Dimaano
    Brian Dimaano 2 months ago

    The comments, man 😂 I love this fanbase

  • Cat Girl
    Cat Girl 2 months ago


  • Vodz_
    Vodz_ 2 months ago

    *_RIP IN PEPPERONI 2018_*

  • Raeziax Wolf
    Raeziax Wolf 2 months ago

    *Chef Mike has left the server*

  • xxlCortez
    xxlCortez 2 months ago

    This is how you treat a loyal employee?

    9,999,999,999 views 2 months ago

    Chef Mike was too good for that place he was better off dead

  • MGC 996
    MGC 996 2 months ago

    The most hardworking employee and he gets thrown out of the window.... I feel real bad for him.

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein 2 months ago

    Gordon Ramsey was then arrested for murder.

  • Pagman
    Pagman 2 months ago

    This is peak capitalism

  • rolf pudding
    rolf pudding 2 months ago +2

    *Chef Mike has left the chat*

  • TheRealJawad
    TheRealJawad 2 months ago

    Die... Is bad. My name jef.

  • Trashboat
    Trashboat 3 months ago +1

    Oh, his names Mike because he's a microwave! I get it

  • The Helper
    The Helper 3 months ago

    so sad alexa play despacito

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47 3 months ago

    Gordon can’t accept the fact that mike does a better job at cooking

  • Kolzr
    Kolzr 3 months ago

    F u_u

  • Moisture Boi
    Moisture Boi 3 months ago +1

    1 like=1 prayer for chef mike

  • Mank Deme
    Mank Deme 3 months ago

    Plot twist
    Chef Mike Jr was hidden in a dark room since his birth

  • Bari 36O
    Bari 36O 3 months ago

    Nobody in this whole comment section pressed F for my boy chef Mike.

  • captain dragon
    captain dragon 3 months ago

    chef Mike: "I don't feel so good"

  • Jodv
    Jodv 3 months ago

    Mike didn't deserve this...

  • Rafiki Of The Flock
    Rafiki Of The Flock 3 months ago +1

    *when your the only one in the restaurant that does there job, but you get thrown out a fucking window*

  • Roger Clayton
    Roger Clayton 3 months ago

    All these comments over several years and while i didnt bother to read them all it appears not one person said.
    Wave goodbye to chef Mike.

  • MrBlainev
    MrBlainev 3 months ago

    Nooooooo!!!! Say it ain't sooo!!! Why they gotta do it to you chef mic?!?!? 😭😭😭😭

  • Tulio Cedillo
    Tulio Cedillo 3 months ago

    Man slaughter

  • Dexter  Starling
    Dexter Starling 4 months ago

    Seems like a waste of a perfectly good microwave to me.

  • Conan Edogawa
    Conan Edogawa 4 months ago

    How prayers go to you chef mike.

  • Kevin 1337
    Kevin 1337 4 months ago

    R.I.P Chef Mike
    1 like= 1 Microwave

  • Schrade22
    Schrade22 4 months ago

    Poor mike

  • Joshi Oyabun
    Joshi Oyabun 4 months ago

    Nino can fix that microwave.

  • fatcat
    fatcat 4 months ago

    "The truth is....the game was rigged from the start." *Mike is pushed out window

  • Lily Mega Eevee
    Lily Mega Eevee 4 months ago

    i can't believe Ramsey is allowed to do that

  • Silver Adc
    Silver Adc 4 months ago

    Noooo chef mike !! he died a young age R.I.P

  • Symbol Guy
    Symbol Guy 4 months ago

    He really doesn’t like microwaves

  • Miguel Romero
    Miguel Romero 4 months ago

    A week later they bought another microwave

  • Luke Haave
    Luke Haave 4 months ago

    Nino has to clean that mess up now

  • Crusader Valor
    Crusader Valor 4 months ago

    911, I would like to report a murder

  • JouwMaatSenna
    JouwMaatSenna 4 months ago

    Why do I feel bad for a fucking microwave

  • Dave Smiling Coyote
    Dave Smiling Coyote 4 months ago

    86 Chef Mike

  • lemon Side
    lemon Side 4 months ago

    Hey Gordon I don’t think you took Mike to a vacation.
    I think you killed him.

  • Imma meme
    Imma meme 4 months ago

    Adios Amigos ........
    Chef Mike

  • The worst Channel
    The worst Channel 4 months ago

    0:52 "die is bad"

  • Fe22 _
    Fe22 _ 5 months ago

    Nice shot? They deadass want Gordon to be on his good side

  • Eric O.
    Eric O. 5 months ago

    We all just witnessed the murder of a well respected, hard working, chef.

  • AJ Productions
    AJ Productions 5 months ago +1

    I don’t even have a microwave because it gives of radiation which is bad for you

  • Lemon Nation
    Lemon Nation 5 months ago

    Rip Chef Mike,

  • Thomas McGill
    Thomas McGill 5 months ago


  • Oliwia Pstrągowska
    Oliwia Pstrągowska 5 months ago

    I'm happy that Gordon ramsay did that 😊😊

  • michael guev
    michael guev 5 months ago


  • Cheesuz Crust
    Cheesuz Crust 5 months ago

    "Toss me my keys."
    *microwave drops on concrete*
    "I said my keys."
    "I thought you said microwave."

  • gsx-r7502018
    gsx-r7502018 5 months ago

    1:32 I also walk weird until I realize someone is watching me.
    Then I straighten my back and puff my chest out like I wasnt walking weird.

    RAJDIP DAS 5 months ago

    R. I. P. chef Mike... U did so much...

  • Kūra
    Kūra 5 months ago

    I hope we never do the same to Nino.

  • Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    He fucking euthanized Mike

  • xzenitramx666
    xzenitramx666 6 months ago

    Gordon needs to do some workout he can barely lift that thing

  • Dark Reaper
    Dark Reaper 6 months ago

    R.I.P Chef Mike
    2014-Forever in Our Hearts

  • moco el mas coco
    moco el mas coco 6 months ago

    RIP chef mike

  • keith scott
    keith scott 6 months ago

    rip chef mike

  • 84k1986 84k1986
    84k1986 84k1986 6 months ago

    by throwing the microwave out the window he is now contaminated the ground and the people around the microwave and that is in a hazard Zone and will need a special team to come clean it up.

  • Espik 23
    Espik 23 6 months ago

    Think about how many Chef Mikes there are still out there in the world

  • cLeannyy
    cLeannyy 6 months ago

    Gordon pushed chef mike cuz Gordon was afraid chef mike could be better than him

  • Moose Odom 2
    Moose Odom 2 6 months ago

    I'll take Chef Mike. I could use a microwave at home.

  • Potato Boi
    Potato Boi 7 months ago

    *sad* *flute* *song* *plays*

  • Jean Marceaux
    Jean Marceaux 7 months ago

    Changes are nice, but why break a perfectly functional piece of equipment when they could have sold it?
    Have Gorgon sign it and you can cover your expenses for a year with the money you made off selling Chef Mike on ebay.

  • James Biong
    James Biong 7 months ago

    The Restaurant is great again but not the chef in black guy

  • Clock_Wolf94
    Clock_Wolf94 7 months ago +1

    Saw the title and though Gordon had finally snapped 😅

  • Gordon Schnick
    Gordon Schnick 7 months ago +1

    NOOO!!!!........R.I.P Chef Mike 😣

  • luce -
    luce - 7 months ago

    chef mike is gonna come back to haunt them

  • StarTrekk
    StarTrekk 7 months ago

    It's time you took a little vacation

  • Kasib Garcia
    Kasib Garcia 8 months ago

    Chef Mike.
    Grand chef, best microwave.

  • Kill me Please
    Kill me Please 8 months ago

    Rest in peace

  • Danicka Addams
    Danicka Addams 8 months ago

    Chef Mike's brother is waiting at the store if they ever need him.

    RUIDoso56 OFFICIAL 8 months ago

    *Alright, get chef Michael outta the closet*

  • Alistair Lacrosse
    Alistair Lacrosse 8 months ago

    RIP i feel sad for the microwave

  • Prisoner Paths
    Prisoner Paths 8 months ago

    Who's Mike😂

  • Noob ington
    Noob ington 8 months ago

    0:55 Oof

  • Mike
    Mike 8 months ago +2

    its hard to watch when your name is also mike

  • Your favorite British gamer duck!

    Which anime am I watching?

  • member of chat
    member of chat 8 months ago

    Chef Mike has left the server

  • Aiman Afif
    Aiman Afif 8 months ago

    What kind of drop test is this?

  • Sir Harradonna
    Sir Harradonna 8 months ago

    Can i get a rip in the chat?

  • Ace Kyubi
    Ace Kyubi 9 months ago +1

    Wtf dude like I get the symbolic gesture and all but come on... There's people in the world who would kill to have a microwave

  • C .I.A
    C .I.A 9 months ago

    RIP chef Mike

  • Aruka Kirigiri
    Aruka Kirigiri 9 months ago

    Chef mike is the chef that got fired after working overtime

  • Keep it one hunnid
    Keep it one hunnid 9 months ago

    Long live the legend, Chef Mike.

  • Jordan Martinez
    Jordan Martinez 9 months ago

    He yeeted the microwave

  • The Gaming Fox
    The Gaming Fox 9 months ago

    did he say chef mike or shit mike

  • puffs koko
    puffs koko 9 months ago

    The owner died inside a little XD

  • puffs koko
    puffs koko 9 months ago

    Poor chef mike XD

  • Ben Storm
    Ben Storm 9 months ago