What is this Instrument??

  • Published on Aug 29, 2019
  • The world of musical instruments is not going to be the same anymore.
    I created this new instrument never seen before...
    Any thoughts? Leave a comment NOW
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Comments • 10 038

  • Davie504
    Davie504  Month ago +15933

    *GuitASS* or *Guitass* ?

    JK GAMING 3 hours ago

    I like the way you slapp

  • JulianDotCom
    JulianDotCom 6 hours ago

    Im a guitarist but i love Davies videos what do i do?

  • nyx alone
    nyx alone 9 hours ago

    This is cool but what can you do with a wah pedal?

  • Nidhi Vanshal
    Nidhi Vanshal Day ago

    Guitass! You are an amazing player! Davie504 rocks! Slap like now

  • Epic Gangerx
    Epic Gangerx Day ago

    Why does your guitar has 4 strings, weird.

  • Dima Anikusko
    Dima Anikusko Day ago

    Very impressive but can you play Primus- My name is Mud with mud?

  • Emil Hultling
    Emil Hultling Day ago

    1:20 That chord progression is from some song... Which one? It's driving me crazy!

  • Jondarah Sabahan Borneo


    PROTOTYPE XD 2 days ago

    Not so epicc he was using pick THIS IS AN ILLEGAL VIDEO I WILL CALL THE POLICE

  • nika bregvadze
    nika bregvadze 2 days ago

    Ok but I have 6 strings bass😏

  • Chronicles
    Chronicles 3 days ago

    I feel bad for the truss rod. How is it still not giving in?

  • Mark Pisarchik
    Mark Pisarchik 3 days ago

    Slapp DAT
    🅱️ A S S

  • matheus dls
    matheus dls 4 days ago


  • Pikachu gamer45
    Pikachu gamer45 4 days ago

    it is ILLEGAL to play Guitass/GuitASS with a pick

  • Lawrence Mars
    Lawrence Mars 4 days ago +4

    Man who sale bass: Davie how many basses do you want?
    Davie504: YES.

  • Tee garcia Hare
    Tee garcia Hare 4 days ago


  • QuaticL
    QuaticL 4 days ago

    I think GetAss is the better one

  • Jackson Grimm Music
    Jackson Grimm Music 5 days ago

    we are almost to 4.20 M subs and no reveal plan? wtf? CHECKMATE

  • Frank X. Lozano
    Frank X. Lozano 5 days ago

    I want to make a guitass.. did you use a different nut or file the existing one?

  • BalaseHUNgary
    BalaseHUNgary 7 days ago +2

    Me:is it the small bass solo line?

  • Elver galarga
    Elver galarga 7 days ago

    Music name plis

  • JustOrdinary Alex
    JustOrdinary Alex 7 days ago


  • TheHackerBoy
    TheHackerBoy 7 days ago +1

    Davie can't play...

  • KB王大
    KB王大 7 days ago

    Wow you play very dope,and I'm fall in love with your "Guitass" now.

  • Disa Dimitrije
    Disa Dimitrije 7 days ago


  • andri riki
    andri riki 7 days ago

    Can someone enlighten me? I already knew the differences between guitar & bass,but i can't tell the difference between bass & ukulele.they look exactly the same for me.

  • Fast Discomfort
    Fast Discomfort 8 days ago

    Very impressive, but can you play meatloaf, with meatloaf?

  • scavbalevafgumcrighofterloppert

    Where your 2 strings on guitar?

  • Renz Gabitanan
    Renz Gabitanan 8 days ago

    Hes playing the GuitASS with a Bass backgroung music

  • Boshta Vlogs
    Boshta Vlogs 9 days ago +1

    Why do the guitar have only 4 strings

  • WarHero56
    WarHero56 9 days ago


  • Madison Barnes
    Madison Barnes 9 days ago

    Why are the strings so THICK on that GUITAR?!

  • TheRiff Writer
    TheRiff Writer 9 days ago

    I have a number of health problems, can't work. So I'd kill for that guitar. No, seriously. Send me an address (only if they live in Ohio) and I'll find them and...well, at least I'll slap them for you ;) Or maybe I'll just slap like. Either way. Must..have... guitar.

  • Drumplayer 2000
    Drumplayer 2000 9 days ago +1

    Get ASS Uh... I mean GuitASS

  • Anthony Cardoza
    Anthony Cardoza 9 days ago +1


  • Murray Moore
    Murray Moore 9 days ago +2

    get ass
    wait i mean nonononono

  • jtjt
    jtjt 9 days ago +1

    I am calling the police pick is illegal

  • Justine Fetilo
    Justine Fetilo 10 days ago +1

    Together we can change the zawarudo

  • Coin Finders
    Coin Finders 10 days ago +2

    I really can't *Pick*

  • Patris
    Patris 10 days ago

    @Davie504 You make baritone guitar

  • Esfirocapto
    Esfirocapto 11 days ago +1

    God damn, that fingerstyle part was an entire volcano.

  • Cheryl Fialkovic
    Cheryl Fialkovic 11 days ago

    Ok, but y is there a bass with 6 strings?

  • Jacopo 17
    Jacopo 17 11 days ago

    Oh no sto per suprare i 9999 conmenti...... sono bastardo aaaa

  • Boshta Vlogs
    Boshta Vlogs 11 days ago

    I bet you cant heart this comment

  • ctastrophe
    ctastrophe 12 days ago +1

    you are Bassist against other instruments

  • Ricois
    Ricois 12 days ago +1

    It's a Bastar. Like the word in español for "Enough".
    O Basta in italiano.

    • S s S
      S s S 8 days ago

      Bastar in spanish means that something is enough. Knowing that it ends in "ar" we can assume that it is a verb.

  • Zachray John Ninan
    Zachray John Ninan 12 days ago


  • Mac Meinig
    Mac Meinig 14 days ago

    SLAPP LIKE NOW so we can stop war and starvation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The random Whittling channel

    It's an electric ukulele

  • Dropek Hopek
    Dropek Hopek 14 days ago

    Very impressive but can you play on bass with guitar strings?

  • 2D
    2D 14 days ago

    Pronounce it get ass

  • Ranural
    Ranural 15 days ago


  • Glen K.
    Glen K. 15 days ago

    I guitass

  • Kian
    Kian 15 days ago

    Beginners bass

  • Phillipa Mallinson The Dumbass

    guit *A S S*

  • hey peter
    hey peter 16 days ago

    man i wish i have a bass but i have a guitar

  • Ascilto
    Ascilto 16 days ago

    That's a bass on diet

  • Rajiv Rai
    Rajiv Rai 16 days ago


  • Scandinavian Gamer
    Scandinavian Gamer 16 days ago +1

    next challenge, turn a bass into a guitar