Cast of 'Power' takes over 'GMA' l GMA

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • Omari Hardwick, 50 Cent, La La Anthony and Naturi Naughton discuss what fans can expect next from the hit show, live on "GMA."
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  • Clemens Angbe
    Clemens Angbe 9 minutes ago

    #Lakiasha is beautifull. Wahouu

  • MegaSkengman
    MegaSkengman 25 minutes ago

    So basically.ghost is gonna get shot in the dick

  • Renford Dennis
    Renford Dennis 10 hours ago

    Where is the boss Tommy

  • Namulemu Mwajuma

    I just love this movie

  • Kamora Pack
    Kamora Pack Day ago

    Ummm where is rotimi sexy ass😂😂😂

  • Kaadira LaGrier
    Kaadira LaGrier 2 days ago

    Yo everybody owe 50 Cent 🤦🏽‍♀️ he like the bank 😂😂😂 I wonder what type of interest rate he charge

  • Sade
    Sade 2 days ago

    I’m here for Lala

  • Nia Daniels
    Nia Daniels 3 days ago +2

    La La...That butt look terrible...Look like a school bus..

  • Ciapha Gray
    Ciapha Gray 3 days ago

    La La got ass shots

  • Brenda Sollers
    Brenda Sollers 3 days ago

    I love this show it's sad this the last one and Tasha is the one boy she ride so hard if it was me I would have keep the family together the best I could

  • Bree Sanco
    Bree Sanco 4 days ago

    I see tommy and ghost still not getting along 😏 why he not there 🙄

  • jevonk
    jevonk 4 days ago

    Naturi’s skin is flawless.

  • Born Beaut-i-ful
    Born Beaut-i-ful 4 days ago +1

    Dear God, Omari “ghost” Hardwick is finnnneee!!

  • mary tchoker
    mary tchoker 4 days ago

    naturi t'es tellement belle!le teint de ça !!

  • Roslyn Davis
    Roslyn Davis 4 days ago

    Where's Tommy?????

  • Ken
    Ken 5 days ago

    OMARI Why you so sexy!

  • MrHoldbrook
    MrHoldbrook 5 days ago


  • Shawn Clarke
    Shawn Clarke 6 days ago

    I thought 50 was dead 😂🤣 n Tasha was block mailing Ghost

  • Sharde Reynolds
    Sharde Reynolds 6 days ago

    Yes Naturi you better wear that yellow ❤️

  • Brit Gulley
    Brit Gulley 6 days ago +1

    She said she just became a mommy. Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉


    Админ где перевод

  • Regina Smith
    Regina Smith 6 days ago +1

    I finally played catch up with this series, just started watching it for the first time last week now on season 6 episode 3. This show is addictive love it !!! you always want to know what's coming up next. Thank goodness I saw it before it went off the air final season....

    QUEEN OF PENTACLES 7 days ago

    I know my girl didn’t wear panties with that dress🤦🏽‍♀️!! The front of her is beautiful 💕💕

  • YuNG SAVi
    YuNG SAVi 7 days ago

    They say anything for clout.
    they say anything for clout.
    Bitch watch your mouth.
    Niggas stay in your place.
    Bitch get out the way, the feds on your ass, don’t play.
    No disrespect, don’t trip on the fame
    But we love money.

  • Daquan Wright
    Daquan Wright 7 days ago

    Some of y’all dudes thirsty af smh

  • SocaSpice
    SocaSpice 7 days ago

    Lala talks too much. Naturi is a 💎!

  • Irina David
    Irina David 7 days ago

    Naturi's hair & DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellence!

  • Luis Escobedo
    Luis Escobedo 7 days ago


  • Almudena Carnero
    Almudena Carnero 7 days ago

    Se yo mys locuras así uy te de esto loco mía. Te. Call me espage así en otros y as ok grc grc grc esto ok

  • Sduduzo Shange
    Sduduzo Shange 8 days ago

    Power or Game of thrones?

  • M B
    M B 8 days ago

    I love seeing black people thrive in this crazy world

  • Mercy Thomas
    Mercy Thomas 8 days ago

    Omar looking like a snack dammmmn

  • Romeo Gallardo
    Romeo Gallardo 8 days ago +1

    La La is so gorgeous

  • Queen A
    Queen A 9 days ago

    That yellow on Naturi. 😍

  • LA Trina Noneofyourbusiness

    Why is Naturi sitting next to Omari? They are the leads!!!! I'm so sick of this 💩💩💩💩

  • Jawline bully blood kennels Wynn

    Lala ass is nice in the 🍊

  • don'3
    don'3 9 days ago

    That's POWER.

  • hamzah zziwa
    hamzah zziwa 10 days ago +1

    Damn Lara is gorgeous and yummy

  • adrienneclark62511
    adrienneclark62511 10 days ago

    They look stunning in those citrine colors!!

  • James Brooker III
    James Brooker III 10 days ago +1

    Love the (series),
    never miss (a)n
    episode.Bravo to
    its Production &Cast.
    The series,will be missed...😢😢😢

  • hhhh9579
    hhhh9579 10 days ago

    Sweet chocolate show me that shit baby🤤

  • Tonya Waddell
    Tonya Waddell 10 days ago +1

    I need more of the sex scenes. that's one reason why I watch to see omari nice ass across the scene

    KNCDCO 10 days ago

    real brown nosing for the boss boy...dwl

  • Zuri Mendoza
    Zuri Mendoza 11 days ago

    Yellow on brown and dark skin is GLORIOUS 😍 she looks amazing

  • Bebuz Wedro
    Bebuz Wedro 11 days ago +1

    Someone kill Keisha she’s such a waste of a character

  • Toni Hall
    Toni Hall 11 days ago +2

    Lala is the queen here...naturi nice skin. That all

    • Toni Hall
      Toni Hall 9 days ago

      Naturi is ok. Fake eyes and Fake hair She no kenya moore now that chocalate beautym.

    ERIC LOU 12 days ago

    I love LaLa to death, But the chocolate MF in that yellow dress. LAWD.........................

  • You What
    You What 12 days ago

    kiesha got cake for days

  • Mary Wanjiru
    Mary Wanjiru 13 days ago

    Omari Hardwick,omari Hardwick, Omari Hardwick..... How many times did i call you? Don't Ghost me now! I got only love for you man!

  • Andrea Brantley
    Andrea Brantley 14 days ago +2

    ; They all look good!...🙂👍🏼 / 50 can be a butt hole sometimes, but his oldest son looks just like him!...😏🧐

  • I Am NLJD #NoMore
    I Am NLJD #NoMore 14 days ago

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Yessss!! Whole crew 🔥🔥

  • Beauty For Ashes TV
    Beauty For Ashes TV 14 days ago

    Naturi looking wonderful

  • Brijan B
    Brijan B 15 days ago

    6:10 50 just spoiled that Tariq isn't going to die

  • kam ahmed
    kam ahmed 15 days ago

    No offence but lala didnt deserve to seated here. It should have been somebody else maybe Tommy or agent donovan the person who has had more contribution to the show .

  • quiiidaayy kiinngg
    quiiidaayy kiinngg 15 days ago +2

    Naturi in that yellow is the most beautiful thing ever ❤


    I love 50👍🏿✊🏿 I’m proud of em

  • Drea Baby
    Drea Baby 15 days ago

    Fabulous!!! Ready for Season 6 and Beyond. #50 you definitely did this right! Except for the song. Change the song Back. Tommy???

  • Ghosted
    Ghosted 15 days ago +2

    Lala a god damn goddess 😩😩❤️❤️

  • E-FOR 87
    E-FOR 87 15 days ago

  • Paddyslippers
    Paddyslippers 15 days ago

    50 cent is the fucking bomb.. after watching this show i struggle to understand how more black actors don't have Oscars.. This man is the breakthrough.. along with this unbelievable cast