Chef Shion Uino Is the Sushi World's Next Big Thing - Omakase


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  • Tosh T
    Tosh T 5 months ago +2385

    Saying that he now understands Mr. Saito's struggle was a nice conclusion to this excellent episode. Well done, usual. 👍

    • Huỳnh Tuấn Khôi
      Huỳnh Tuấn Khôi 17 days ago +1

      +Jw Wu thank you

    • Jw Wu
      Jw Wu 18 days ago +3

      +Huỳnh Tuấn Khôi Mr Saito is one of the top sushi chefs in japan, he is he owner of saito sushi. Mr Saito is this chef's mentor. This chef probably worked at saito sushi as an apprentice before he opened his own shop.

    • Huỳnh Tuấn Khôi
      Huỳnh Tuấn Khôi Month ago

      Tosh T I have seen this video a few times. And I still don’t know who is Mr.Saito. Could you tell me
      Is Mr.Saito his friend ?

    • Bhushan Kale
      Bhushan Kale 3 months ago

      Tosh T

  • Gurosama Bltch
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  • clip012
    clip012 2 days ago

    Do chef party at night like a rock star?

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  • C J
    C J 3 days ago +1

    Omg YUMM..

  • Sven Medyona
    Sven Medyona 3 days ago

    13:06 straight from anime.

  • 포레스트라이프 Forest Life

    Wow .. I like this high quality video ! I have to try harder👍

  • Richard W
    Richard W 3 days ago

    When was sushi first introduced to the U.S. I never heard of eating raw fish growing up.

  • Eduardo R.
    Eduardo R. 3 days ago

    Is it or do these chefs think thier Gods lol

  • Arnel Jimileo Osing
    Arnel Jimileo Osing 3 days ago

    Argh. Those crab meat!
    Even though I have an allergy to seafoods.. I can't resist that

  • fufufuaru
    fufufuaru 3 days ago

    i love the content but that camera movement is too much

  • Akhilesh Rai
    Akhilesh Rai 3 days ago

    Love from India. You have a lot of knowledge and take into account the most miniscule of details

  • Ramya Chinna
    Ramya Chinna 3 days ago


  • No Restrictions
    No Restrictions 3 days ago

    Why r they in such small portions

  • 박사랑
    박사랑 4 days ago

    I know this is random, but we have the same shirt. oof-

  • jon sneeu
    jon sneeu 4 days ago

    Isn't abalone illegal?

  • Andri Supirman
    Andri Supirman 4 days ago

    It is okay to eat uncooked fish?

  • a a
    a a 4 days ago


  • Darkhound1116
    Darkhound1116 4 days ago

    I like this but on a serious note I have never had it before so if anyone can enlighten me, the quantity of food you get seems really small, is it really?

    ALI PAMBUDI 4 days ago

    13 minute and i just hear how passionate he is, great job chef

  • Avinash Patil
    Avinash Patil 5 days ago

    Test kam dikhava jada

  • Семья в японской деревне.

    Это профессионал и мастер своего дела❣️

  • Ley Laicey
    Ley Laicey 5 days ago

    Taking much time to prepare food for no reason..

  • Bored Kid
    Bored Kid 6 days ago

    i have never once in my life eaten sushi why because i’m poor as hell.....

  • Bang Bokir
    Bang Bokir 6 days ago

    No one complain bout barehand 😂

  • Arceus Eevee The Shiba Inu

    Inspiring... I wish i have enough fortune to visit this man's sushi place and eat there 😭😭😭

  • Asuka Sheridan
    Asuka Sheridan 6 days ago


  • Emilie Financier
    Emilie Financier 6 days ago


  • jayaram vinay
    jayaram vinay 6 days ago

    Very bad camera man

  • Rene Descartes
    Rene Descartes 6 days ago

    I want him to peel my crab for me. I love crab but always hurt my fingers tryin to get the meat out. T.T

  • ExOdeRuDeJuNiOr _
    ExOdeRuDeJuNiOr _ 6 days ago

    I love his speech♥️🤩

  • 広島サンフレ
    広島サンフレ 6 days ago


  • amasha putri
    amasha putri 7 days ago

    Ora enak 👎👎

  • Silvaretha
    Silvaretha 7 days ago

    Better than that Europoor Gordon Ramsay.

  • fran fabio
    fran fabio 7 days ago

    Esto está bien 😁 pero ande este el pescaito frito 😵

  • Mivft Black
    Mivft Black 7 days ago

    iwak mentah

  • xian weber
    xian weber 7 days ago

    What a talent!

  • Jdm Outlaw
    Jdm Outlaw 8 days ago +1

    All japanese take pride in everything they do, taking things beyond expectations.

  • Hancheng Qian
    Hancheng Qian 8 days ago

    Japanese food is all about the quality of material and mastery of the knife. However, they are just the basic aspects of Chinese cuisine and food culture, which requires much higher precise control of heating and overall mastery of the whole cooking process. Wish more Chinese cooks can show their talents and the beauty of Chinese cooking to the world here.

  • Slinky Doge
    Slinky Doge 9 days ago

    and yet some people somehow think that being a sushi chef is just putting a piece of fish on top of some rice.

  • Hentai with Senpai
    Hentai with Senpai 9 days ago


  • Sym Sam Ali
    Sym Sam Ali 10 days ago

    Totally raw yaaakhhhhh

  • rogermocca
    rogermocca 10 days ago

    What master don't Japanese have? They even have drinking water master.

  • おつん!
    おつん! 10 days ago

    Who is Saito?

  • Trevor Senaha
    Trevor Senaha 10 days ago

    Blueface baby

  • 陳牧禾
    陳牧禾 10 days ago


  • Amanda Hirschfeld
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  • tuan nguyen
    tuan nguyen 11 days ago

    I like it

  • MUTSUKI NAKAYAMA【Javelin throw】


  • Jan Seuea
    Jan Seuea 12 days ago

    I like it how they make it look like hes cooking up the pyramid . I can do this with out the sound effects and 9 out of ten my sushi would taste better

  • Rustic Bobber
    Rustic Bobber 12 days ago

    All those cutting boards are impressive.

  • CaLiStA YeOh
    CaLiStA YeOh 12 days ago

    Love the music

  • Winnie Ibanez
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  • Slo Slo
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  • 514 STM
    514 STM 13 days ago

    False LA Bay Area rapper blue face is intact the next big thing.

  • Простой Человек

    Так вот как желтый полосатик к пиву делают

  • Joseph Hinlanjegaardien
    Joseph Hinlanjegaardien 13 days ago +1

    So simple, so sophisticated.

  • Nessilian
    Nessilian 13 days ago

    hmmm, I`m watching Sushi videos but in fact, I hate fish :) Well it has to be the craft :)

  • blueredtan
    blueredtan 13 days ago

    Great vid Eater!
    I really hope that the "Omakase" series will help westerners understand why "real" sushi is so expensive; it's far more than a slice of fresh filleted fish on a ball of rice.
    A huge amount of sushi's tastes are made behind the curtains; preparation is everything.

  • Mike Clayton
    Mike Clayton 14 days ago

    He mixed the guts with the crab meat that's nasty af

  • Ângelo Ferreira
    Ângelo Ferreira 14 days ago


  • パイナップルボーイ


  • kathryn hewett
    kathryn hewett 16 days ago

    I'm gonna go shop for a sushi making kit for beginners on Amazon now

  • mortal orphan
    mortal orphan 17 days ago

    Fish filet so fresh, the heart's still beating!

  • Ryohei Watanabe
    Ryohei Watanabe 18 days ago


  • kou tnka
    kou tnka 18 days ago

    what a great and inspiring movie

  • maplefreak64
    maplefreak64 18 days ago +1

    He's very young.
    But I want you to think. His 20 years later.
    The person who doesn't know in the world will be the top chef who isn't here.

  • Aj Wo
    Aj Wo 20 days ago

    What's the deal?

  • barondorado
    barondorado 20 days ago

    IRL Saitama

  • Eenie Mangubat
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  • denny ground
    denny ground 21 day ago

    Aquaman in real life😁😁

  • navarrolevel7
    navarrolevel7 22 days ago

    Anyone here hates sushi and japanese food in general?

  • Sana Khan
    Sana Khan 22 days ago

    I have no idea of some fish .and he is talented

  • Khanh Tran
    Khanh Tran 22 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like Picklejoe from MHW

  • Дальнобой США.


  • DollarClix BD
    DollarClix BD 23 days ago

    free money

  • Mkr 94
    Mkr 94 23 days ago

    Cheff of japan

  • bell
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  • 桜吹雪
    桜吹雪 25 days ago

    🇯🇵🍣🍵m(_ _)m🍣🍵🇯🇵

  • Dio Zhimzohn Abadi
    Dio Zhimzohn Abadi 25 days ago

    Everytime i see someone make a sushi for me this is just like art of food. How they prepare just beautyful skill

  • 陳靜玉
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  • I D
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  • すず
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  • allanah bc
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  • chileyork
    chileyork 29 days ago

    Abalon is from Chile, South America

  • Владимир Кубраков

    Это прекрасно

  • Dionisius Masetia Raharja

    This is truly an art 🐟👩‍🍳

  • CoPi-studio
    CoPi-studio Month ago

    이준긴줄 알았네

  • owelic
    owelic Month ago

    Canadian salmon is better ….

  • MUT
    MUT Month ago

    This guy is an artist.

  • その心笑ってるね


  • Omar El Rifai
    Omar El Rifai Month ago

    Okay everything is perfect but why the heck he is adding "sssssssss" to the end of every word he said to the client?

  • V Crown
    V Crown Month ago

    Please accept shokugeki with saito somei

  • Anju Galih Chrisanty

    Accidentally came here. And no regret to find another passionate person in this world. I'm always inspired by this kind of integrity. Wish to try your sushi one day, Mr. Master!!!

  • Connor Coury
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  • Hasan Alfardan
    Hasan Alfardan Month ago

    he has a hidden snake pet

  • HeronOfHeaven
    HeronOfHeaven Month ago

    All these hype for top Sushi chefs is because their monopoly of best quality fish that the big shot won all of the auction in fish market. And then there are some nice cutting skills......

  • Macintosh Mechi
    Macintosh Mechi Month ago

    I wanna deep fry Everything I just🍲🍥🍛🌯🍕🍕🍕nice video, never had sushi, but watching him makes me wanna give it a go! Doesn't look like the sushi I'm use to seeing.

  • David Boson
    David Boson Month ago

    sushi is not the same in Australia as it is in Japan.