Chef Shion Uino Is the Sushi World's Next Big Thing - Omakase

  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
  • Shion Uino left Sushi Saito, a restaurant many consider to be one of the best in the world, to chart his own path in New York. Welcome to Sushi Amane.
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Comments • 2 119

  • Maida Jutt
    Maida Jutt 3 days ago

    I can not understand how people eat uncooked fish

    • 0COOL
      0COOL 2 days ago

      It's not too hard, just gotta make sure it goes IN your mouth and THEN you chew.

  • Peter pemrich
    Peter pemrich 5 days ago

    I guess when he serves the food he turns into a slithery sneeeeeeek

  • Tina Zhang
    Tina Zhang 5 days ago

    I feel that when you process fish, abalone, crabs, it feels less brutal than land animals...i enjoy watching, and eating seafood

  • SpartanOdyssey
    SpartanOdyssey 5 days ago

    One question I have is... why on Earth did he mix the clean grab meat with the nasty guts and poop? ewwww.

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee 6 days ago +6

    "what you learn easily you forget easily too"
    time to get off TVclip me thinks...

  • Tania Odesho
    Tania Odesho 8 days ago

    It's really inspiring to watch someone do what they love

  • Is sa
    Is sa 8 days ago +1

    Asian food looks taste like cowsht

  • Modniy Bishkek
    Modniy Bishkek 9 days ago +2

    Why people disliked the video like what did he do yo yall? He is so neat, clean and has such a great attitude towards his job

  • Gazia
    Gazia 9 days ago

    i came at least twice watching this

  • フォートナイト日本一下手くそなたくみ。


  • Noam Emerson-Fleming
    Noam Emerson-Fleming 12 days ago

    Yoo this is in the Mifune restataunt!

  • ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose

    It's all in that last sentence.

  • Ptera Zyic
    Ptera Zyic 13 days ago +2

    People who are great/master at sth would never boast let alone claim. But the incompetent ones are the opposite. It is true actions speak louder.

  • Devito Chandra
    Devito Chandra 14 days ago

    I really love this omakase series, watch them all, please make more, good video guys

  • Lâm Đỗ
    Lâm Đỗ 16 days ago

    He is look like saitama ,normal face

  • Jiminy Lummox
    Jiminy Lummox 19 days ago

    The soundtrack would be better suited to a space crew being launched into orbit as a last-ditch effort to save all of humanity from an asteroid.
    It just didn't seem right having overly dramatic string sections playing while this guy casually talked about different types of fish.

  • tone
    tone 19 days ago

    10:00 30$ please

  • Drew Wood
    Drew Wood 20 days ago

    Scrolled down to comments wondering what ppl thaught of the sssssss😂

  • Squirrel
    Squirrel 20 days ago

    ssss sssss ssssss ssssss ssssss

  • pohpho yours
    pohpho yours 21 day ago

    Can I meet you chef?

  • devil's advocate
    devil's advocate 21 day ago

    I just wanna know how does a sushi really taste like , i haven't tried it ever and does it really taste good when compared to indian foods like chicken tikka ahd stuff like that indians make

  • Teesta B.
    Teesta B. 22 days ago

    The way the video was shot makes me head ache. Really doesn't match the calm demeanor of the sushi chef and the gentleness with which all of sushi is made. The classical music in the background feels so distracting like it really takes away from the content of the video. Such a pity.

  • Froz Blue
    Froz Blue 22 days ago +3

    That sushi must be very expensive

  • psk blog
    psk blog 23 days ago


  • Daniel Popchuk
    Daniel Popchuk 24 days ago +5

    @6:02 when you are doing something else than catching fish.😂🤣

  • bonbondesel
    bonbondesel 24 days ago

    From the shore to the kitchen.
    From a waterman to a chief.
    A real artist and a true example of how sea products must be worked.

  • Rabin Ranjit
    Rabin Ranjit 24 days ago

    RM is quaking all way long

  • Rabin Ranjit
    Rabin Ranjit 24 days ago

    RM will protecc the crab but moreover he will quacc

  • kry
    kry 24 days ago +6

    I held off on watching this cause I felt like I really didn't care but..
    His character is inspiring and he is so humble and passionate its really motivating.
    Maybe it's time I started working harder on my goals too

    • Gunny
      Gunny 21 day ago

      kry - Inspiration can come from unexpected places. Follow your heart and you will achieve your goals!

  • glasslinger
    glasslinger 24 days ago

    What's the big deal? We have this at the local grocery store! (JOKE!)
    I sure wish I was in the same city as this guy! I'd go broke eating at his place!

  • January Studios
    January Studios 25 days ago +3

    Kinds of Sushi
    Nigiri(お寿司)-Toppings fish on top of rice
    Tuna,Shrimp,Salmon,Eel,Octopus,Sea Urchin...
    Sushi Roll(巻物)
    Rainbow Roll,California Roll,Tempura Roll,Vegetable Roll...

    • Devboi
      Devboi 24 days ago +2

      January Studios + gunkan

  • LukeyPukey
    LukeyPukey 26 days ago

    obvioulsy this guy is extremly talented and has worked hard to get where he is, but all i thought was Eeeeeeww!! everytime he served something xD

  • John Thomson
    John Thomson 26 days ago

    So many mistakes, are you sure hes the next big thing 🤣

    • John Thomson
      John Thomson 24 days ago

      Ive been a sushi chef for as long as this guy . I will tell you; hes very rough with the fish and his stuff looks kind of amateur. Goes to show you can look a lot more famous with a good name and knowing the right people and you don't even have to really have great talent. This guy is very basic with his skills there's nothing extraordinary about him

    • glasslinger
      glasslinger 24 days ago

      When you say "mistake" it is because you don't understand. You should consider that each chef has his own way of making something wonderful. Go by the end result, not what you "think" is the "right" way to do something.

    • Kinton Ho
      Kinton Ho 25 days ago +1

      John Thomson what r the mistakes then?

  • Fusion Mask
    Fusion Mask 26 days ago

    His name is shino uno?

  • Rick Cruz
    Rick Cruz 26 days ago

    What do you do with the parts of the fish not used in sushi & sashimi ?

  • pantelope
    pantelope 26 days ago +2

    I don’t even like seafood, why am I watching?

  • Fish World
    Fish World 26 days ago

    Excellent video

  • ADAM
    ADAM 27 days ago

    Amazing art.

  • Ric Rovey
    Ric Rovey 27 days ago

    Fish 🌶️🐟 tastes best battered and fried

  • hello fine
    hello fine 27 days ago


  • Cotorro Kramer :v
    Cotorro Kramer :v 28 days ago

    Ches! Platitos pa morirse de hambre !!

  • paul wall
    paul wall 28 days ago

    Love Abalone.

  • El Chapop
    El Chapop 28 days ago

    Where is the Sauerkraut and the beer? I thought is a traditional Japanese restaurant.

  • Aliciathegreat Aguilar

    One day I’ll eat proper Japanese sushi

  • Hans Koffijberg
    Hans Koffijberg 28 days ago


  • Lan Phung
    Lan Phung 28 days ago

    I don't get whats the deal with sushi. Seems like a way-past-its-welcome fad that people blew up because its exotic. There is almost no cooking involved except rice. If I have such top-dollar fishes available I can make tasty sushi too. Everytime I went to sushi restaurants i feel like being ripped off

    • Lan Phung
      Lan Phung 26 days ago

      @eliteplayer 333 which is grossly overpriced anyways. Idk how do you gauge the price od the chef' skill levels? It can't be arbitrary of course, but totally not transparent to us customers

    • eliteplayer 333
      eliteplayer 333 27 days ago

      @Lan Phung yeah i agree

    • Lan Phung
      Lan Phung 28 days ago

      @eliteplayer 333 i believe the meat of it is that we are paying for the sushi chef's networking for ingredients and his/her prep techniques. There is not much cooking involved, thats for certain.

    • eliteplayer 333
      eliteplayer 333 28 days ago

      Do u see the preparation and training these chefs go through everyday? Also, try skinning and cutting fish, its a very hard task to do. Theres a reason these chefs go through years of training to get to where theyre at.

  • kang alfazzz
    kang alfazzz Month ago

    Klo mentah..... Apa enak?

    Lidah indo

  • anthony serrato
    anthony serrato Month ago +16

    One day I'll eat sushi of this caliber.

    • Harumi Kagaya
      Harumi Kagaya 20 days ago +1

      😂better buy a car or something else rather than super expensives omakase😆😆

  • Denny Nasrullah
    Denny Nasrullah Month ago

    Yang orang indo like nya mana

  • Fauzi Trinanda
    Fauzi Trinanda Month ago

    it's a raw fish...

  • Roblox's Playzz
    Roblox's Playzz Month ago

    Anyone else read union

  • akash sarkar
    akash sarkar Month ago

    I can't eat raw fish

    • baxtyr
      baxtyr Month ago +1

      i can't tell why you commented this

  • Raj Patil
    Raj Patil Month ago

    Him and the maker of this video, artists.

  • Md Shajid
    Md Shajid Month ago

    eating raw mit and fish is not good for your helth

    • Md Shajid
      Md Shajid Month ago

      Boss_TTV by ranking in world dose not mean anything...they loosing there population...the are going to wipe out from the world soon...look at the countrys population every thing you do it left a efect on your life..there are many more reson and many more to know my english is bad thats why i cant explain it to you i hope you got my point...and another one is alcohol is not good for your helth too🙂

    • Boss_TTV
      Boss_TTV Month ago +1

      Md Shajid I wonder why the Japanese is ranked 2nd in life span across the world.................

  • wiki firdiyana
    wiki firdiyana Month ago

    i cant eat raw fish.... but if i saw people eated sushi... I wanna try it...

  • patrick ledford
    patrick ledford Month ago

    What was that green brown stuff he removed from the crab and then mixed with the meat?

  • Mario
    Mario Month ago

    Art 1st everything else comes last.

  • Fenixz Filip
    Fenixz Filip Month ago

    no, this is how you end up with worms.

  • JWC
    JWC Month ago

    I remember as a child I thought only one sushi chief existed in the world, lololol

  • Sarah Riedel
    Sarah Riedel Month ago +2

    Amazing craftsmanship but the music is absolutely breathtaking.

  • Arunabh Awasthi
    Arunabh Awasthi Month ago

    One thing that awestruck me about this video is how religiously and respectfully the chef was doing his work. With full undivided attention and utmost respect to his job.
    No wonder Japanese craftsmanship is at another pedestal altogether when compared to rest of the world. They go about their business as if their lives depend on it and if action is born out of their traditional, time honed wisdom.
    No wonder it has maximum michelin star rated restaurants in the world and the entire country, in general, feels 100-120 years ahead of rest of the world in evolution curve.
    Respect 🇯🇵

  • Checka Minute
    Checka Minute Month ago

    that horse mackerel is very abundant in our place. we sometimes cooked it for our dogs.

  • Naroth Bo
    Naroth Bo Month ago +2

    high end foods with expensive cost plus less quantity. after i eat them, then i boil mama noodle at home.

  • Gorilla Chilla
    Gorilla Chilla Month ago

    Eat raw poo

  • Andrej Hallder
    Andrej Hallder Month ago +1

    I never tried sushi, must be good, but whats up with those extra tiny portions? Do you get 30 different kinds of sushi when served?

    • krillon203
      krillon203 Month ago

      To high of a count then again u suppose to chase every bit afterwards with ginger so you'll be able to enjoy the element of great sushi

  • ScrypTic
    ScrypTic Month ago

    It’s amazing that talented people like him exist and I’m here searching how to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

  • 24 GAMING
    24 GAMING Month ago

    Subscribe aku dong nanti ku subcribe balik

  • Bear GAMING
    Bear GAMING Month ago


  • Ascendio Cygon
    Ascendio Cygon Month ago

    I finally decided to watch this after 5 months kept showing up in my recommended video list

  • Farhana Fathima
    Farhana Fathima Month ago +1

    OMG, how I love these people. They don't know English and care not to give it any attention or learn. The importance they give for their language, culture, traditions, life style and way of living. That for me is such a breath of fresh air. And his humble style was so so so fab👌👌👌

  • 愚民長老
    愚民長老 Month ago


    YAMRAAJ FromYT Month ago +3

    American sucks, they dont even know how to prepare sandwich

    • Anthony Yang
      Anthony Yang Month ago

      Oof, couldn't you have framed your statement a bit more coherently?

  • Shmevan Riceballz
    Shmevan Riceballz Month ago +3

    That is the Japanese mindset that Americans should have

  • DragonBALL Animes
    DragonBALL Animes Month ago

    They could create a sensor ring that activates when approaching the faucet, this would not only diminish the waste of water, but also the time of it to turn on and off the faucet.

    I really appreciate this video.

  • milo itu lo
    milo itu lo Month ago

    Semua orng bisq kl potong2 ikan kayak gitu....orng mata sipit sllu di besar2kqn

  • Kimberly ann Tugagao

    his voice sounds like saitama

  • virozツ
    virozツ Month ago

    This fish said I'm the next big thing...

  • Ts K
    Ts K Month ago

    how come no female sushi chef? it's always male?

  • greasemonger29
    greasemonger29 Month ago

    He cut his finger in the thumbnail 🤣

  • NPC -30
    NPC -30 Month ago

    sssssssss sssssssssss ssssssssss

  • Reb0rnKnight
    Reb0rnKnight Month ago

    Does anyone know the song used towards the end of the video? Or just the whole video in general

  • Zhacky Ibrahimovic
    Zhacky Ibrahimovic Month ago

    mentah begitu apa ya enak 🤔

  • Silent Monster
    Silent Monster Month ago

    Jadi lapar njir

  • mizo
    mizo Month ago


    EVIL UNICORN Month ago

    I can smell it

  • Andreyan YKT
    Andreyan YKT Month ago


  • Yuya
    Yuya Month ago

    He make art

  • Indra Saputra
    Indra Saputra Month ago

    Saitama..... Ia that you???

  • 匿名希望
    匿名希望 Month ago +2


  • Tawson7
    Tawson7 Month ago

    How many girls does it take to make the smell In there?😂

  • John Park
    John Park Month ago

    스시 만드는 빈지노

  • Willie Nash
    Willie Nash Month ago

    Raw fish has worms

  • The Fixer
    The Fixer Month ago

    Where was the rice and rolling

  • detteny SAWARA
    detteny SAWARA Month ago +4


  • Bill Gates R.I.P.
    Bill Gates R.I.P. Month ago

    Who rated poorly, Objectively no grounds there .
    Stupid People . you have no idea about Food. You only Eat McDonald, "Kentucky Fried Chicken". I have to Puke Puke Puke

  • indah permata
    indah permata Month ago

    g tau knp?? video ini tiba2 muncul di beranda gw.

  • Scyan
    Scyan Month ago +67

    When this channel somehow manages to make folding tin foil look elegant

  • Ezgi Açma
    Ezgi Açma Month ago


    Maria DUMITRESCU Month ago

    I love this series with Japanese chefs. Great choice of music everytime.

  • Muhammad Ridwan
    Muhammad Ridwan Month ago

    it's art