Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets are BACK!!

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • Wendy's recently made the promise on Twitter that they would bring back their Spicy Chicken Nuggets - now that they have returned, I determine if they're just as good as they used to be!
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Comments • 1 895

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  Month ago +421

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  • Volkstoyking
    Volkstoyking Day ago

    Yess🤘🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 missed these

  • Local Writer
    Local Writer 4 days ago

    That's a really good tie! :)

  • emani donaldson
    emani donaldson 5 days ago

    They're amazing

  • David Gibson
    David Gibson 6 days ago

    He's an 80 pound weakling and the camera added 10 pounds.

  • icedoutdoinks
    icedoutdoinks 10 days ago

    the nostalgia when i took the first bite of one

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James 12 days ago

    I like dunking the nuggs in my frosty. 😋

  • Hyper Controlz
    Hyper Controlz 12 days ago

    I was eating the spicy nuggets while watching this lol

  • Jeff
    Jeff 13 days ago

    That tie is straight fire !!!

  • David Banks
    David Banks 13 days ago

    Ship me a nugget

  • Vintage Vga
    Vintage Vga 15 days ago +1

    Spicy chicken nuggets with out honey mustard dipping sauce is fucking blasphemy!

  • Vintage Vga
    Vintage Vga 15 days ago +1

    This reminds me of the day i found out hardees had taken curly frys off their menu. A sad fucking day indeed...

  • espie
    espie 15 days ago +1

    okay cool. now tell wendys to bring back the old bbq sauce!

  • ROBLOX Stef
    ROBLOX Stef 15 days ago +2

    Why are u 🥺so cute

  • G Cater
    G Cater 16 days ago +2

    Is he talking about a chicken Nugget or is he talking about his Religion

  • eduardo
    eduardo 16 days ago +1

    How aren’t you fat lol love your videos

  • TunDra boy
    TunDra boy 16 days ago +1

    Greatest fast food critic!!

  • Mack Haddock
    Mack Haddock 16 days ago +1

    FOR-EV-ER it takes you...They were cold the day prior.

  • aKu_SneakySnake TTV
    aKu_SneakySnake TTV 16 days ago +3

    I haven't watched you long but I can tell these truly made you happy!

  • Derek Floers
    Derek Floers 17 days ago +1

    The thing on the back is bacon

  • Kingx_7229
    Kingx_7229 17 days ago +1

    He was so stupid when he said McDonald’s survalince team

  • lilmoris1
    lilmoris1 17 days ago +1

    No wonder why Wendy's stocks went up

  • Vanessa M.
    Vanessa M. 18 days ago +3

    Why is no one talking about him saying McDonald’s surveillance team🤣🤣

  • Tyrelle Davenport
    Tyrelle Davenport 18 days ago +1

    Who the hell takes more than one bite for a nugget?

  • Jonathan Lyndaker
    Jonathan Lyndaker 18 days ago +1

    he makes everything sound important

  • tacticalbacon 77
    tacticalbacon 77 18 days ago +1

    5:19 I do that all the time , make a bad joke then realize how bad it was a few seconds later

  • dabingisfun 1
    dabingisfun 1 18 days ago +1

    Me after watching this

    What do you guys want from wendys?

  • Elmer A. Mares
    Elmer A. Mares 18 days ago +1

    I tried them for the first time yesterday. They were very average. McDonald's regular nuggets cannot be beat.

  • gabrielrb101
    gabrielrb101 19 days ago +1

    Reviewbrah - you never disappoint!!!! 😎🙌

  • Niki
    Niki 19 days ago +1

    Wendy's nuggets are horrible, spicy or not.

  • Dorian Mcnab
    Dorian Mcnab 20 days ago

    Your straight out of area 51

  • VVannaPlayAGam3
    VVannaPlayAGam3 20 days ago

    Yo eyes red brah!! Mine as well review a Cannabis Brownie ahahaha hell yeah.

  • VVannaPlayAGam3
    VVannaPlayAGam3 20 days ago +1

    Keep up the great work my Sir. You are blessed with the golden heart. Much love from Lexington, Kentucky

  • Star_killer _0815
    Star_killer _0815 20 days ago

    Dang those look good I honestly don’t like the spicy nuggets just because the Wendy’s that are in like a 10 mile radius of my house the spicy nuggets are dry and taste bad but I bet they are good

  • Oleg Rubchinski Greu Bass

    me: this is why you are so skinny, because you eat only fast food
    reviewbrah: te molla

  • Hyp3S4v4g3
    Hyp3S4v4g3 20 days ago

    Holy moly dude you cracked me up when you said “McDonald Surveillance team

  • Nathaniel Sisneros
    Nathaniel Sisneros 21 day ago

    Does anybody remember the old Wendy's b4 they changed there beef patties the big bacon classic was exactly that a classic now they've changed there nuggets awful now same for u burger king whopper meat isnt the same then.u took away ur old tenders and the original chicken sandwich is different sad

  • Richard A. Rivera
    Richard A. Rivera 21 day ago +2

    Thanks for the review, I'm picking me up some spicy nuggets after work

  • Spencer Hazelett
    Spencer Hazelett 21 day ago

    Anyone's stomach and hole get destroyed from Wendy's spicey nuggets. Me, everytime.

  • Heavy Metal Kitten
    Heavy Metal Kitten 21 day ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life ...than when I learned their spicy nugs were back! Also, I’m pretty sure I cried when they removed them off the menu and stopped eating Wendy’s in protest. Lol

  • flz_5848
    flz_5848 21 day ago

    This made we want to try their spicy nuggets. I wasn’t disappointed.

    • Elmer A. Mares
      Elmer A. Mares 18 days ago

      To be honest I was. They are no where near as good as McDonald's nuggets. I don't think any fast food place could ever beat McDonald's nuggets.

  • Jack Finn
    Jack Finn 21 day ago

    this makes me very awkward

  • White Wolf 87
    White Wolf 87 21 day ago

    Got them a few days ago and my cousin got the regular ones, the regular ones looked so sad to me 😂

  • M Jackson
    M Jackson 21 day ago

    I have to agree with you. It is a good thing that we can enjoy them again. I ordered the $5 Biggie Bag bc I was craving a Burger..but wanted Nuggets as well. So at first I ordered a 6 pc Nugget and then realized the Biggie Bag came with a Double Stack w Cheese..a Fry..4 pc Nugget (you could get regular or Spicy) & a Medium drink all for $5 was a bargain! I ordered through Door Dash..so some things are a bit more..but not that deal. Now my husband got the Spicy Chicken Sandwich meal and that was $9.10. We have no tax in Delaware..but that meal seemed pricy to me. It's cheaper if you get 2 (6 pc Nuggets) rather than the 10 pc. Plus 2 more Nuggets lol. Thx for the review.

  • Dante Bors
    Dante Bors 21 day ago +1

    5:49 thank you for this.

  • mrsmullin
    mrsmullin 21 day ago

    I've got good news! That chicken nugget you like is going to come back in style.

  • Joseph Summers
    Joseph Summers 22 days ago

    The lines are meant to be bacon

  • Firripu Uzumaki
    Firripu Uzumaki 22 days ago

    Made me actually inspect my nuggets.

  • Isayaah Parker
    Isayaah Parker 22 days ago

    I don’t get the hype

  • Kenz
    Kenz 22 days ago

    To me they don’t taste the way they used to

  • Michi Melody
    Michi Melody 22 days ago

    Spicy chicken sandwich was always my go to anyway. Nugget form? Yes please. I eat like a toddler... i could live on chicken nuggets. It's so sad.

  • Bryan Gomez
    Bryan Gomez 22 days ago +1

    The lines are supposed to represent bacon btw

  • br4dy
    br4dy 22 days ago

    Do you play video games?

  • Tommy Day
    Tommy Day 23 days ago

    I can't wait to try some. Good review.

  • NAME 01422
    NAME 01422 23 days ago

    I love you (no homo tho)

  • The K Beat
    The K Beat 23 days ago

    I’ve been looking for your channel. What a legend

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez 23 days ago

    “We will open the flood gates , UnLeAsh them and you can have at it” 😂😂🤡

  • Mikehail Prod
    Mikehail Prod 23 days ago

    The brown lines are bacon -_-

  • Ricky Rick
    Ricky Rick 23 days ago

    Wendy’s fucking sucks .cant believe they are still in business

  • Dark Alchemist
    Dark Alchemist 23 days ago

    They are even better when dipped in ranch. The spicy nuggets should be permanent.