My Ex-Girlfriend Spent the Night in my House & I Had No Idea... (24 HOUR CHALLENGE)

  • Published on May 21, 2019
    So my ex girlfriend Kaelyn thought it would be a good idea sneaking into my house without me knowing, and she caught me doing this...
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Comments • 9 621

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  6 months ago +10156

    Kaelyn was so SNEAKY!!!

  • karyme Gomez
    karyme Gomez 5 hours ago +1

    OMG I love your video

  • PoppinPopcorn
    PoppinPopcorn 8 hours ago +1

    😂😂😂😂 This is like 1/2 channels that make my laugh

  • Iron Shot
    Iron Shot 12 hours ago

    How is she recording with his TVclip Chanel

  • STW giveaway
    STW giveaway Day ago

    She Looks so old

  • jelena kayy
    jelena kayy Day ago

    her and mama rug have the same nail colour

  • Omni Phantom
    Omni Phantom Day ago +2

    So nobody gonna talk about how white she is she look like she rubbed sidewalk chalk all over herself

  • xana alves
    xana alves Day ago

    Get back together 💕💕you guys seem still into each other 😊

  • thekawaiiunicorn redpanda

    Your makeup honey 😭 it’s honestly way too much and looks super cakey. You’re a gorgeous female but that just isn’t cute.

  • Paula Moses
    Paula Moses 2 days ago

    This has to be set up

  • talkingyeti allen
    talkingyeti allen 3 days ago

    His ex is so weird why did he even date her

  • Milica Mericka
    Milica Mericka 3 days ago

    15:25 you have a hickey omgggggg

  • Original Senpai
    Original Senpai 3 days ago

    Not to be rude but kaylen where’s to much makeup and it’s like powder

  • Alyssa Bowman
    Alyssa Bowman 3 days ago +1

    Brian singing Burning Up is a whole mood😂

  • Eplaxin flx
    Eplaxin flx 3 days ago

    He has a hickey 15:50secs in

  • EXO_ Rampage
    EXO_ Rampage 3 days ago

    You are the. Eat youtuber

  • Monica Turner
    Monica Turner 4 days ago +2

    y did u guys break up, if u don't mind me asking.

  • Gurman Sandhar
    Gurman Sandhar 4 days ago

    Did you just see her makeup

    SINOFSLOTH YT 4 days ago

    A lot of makeup

  • Charles Charnock
    Charles Charnock 5 days ago

    Kaylen id really ugly

  • Andrea Osi
    Andrea Osi 5 days ago

    Omg couple of videos was brian still liking kaelyn but now kaelyn likes him omggg

    CURRY'S ONLY 5 days ago

    can't hate rug # Best TVclip

  • Clapz Bandz
    Clapz Bandz 5 days ago

    Who else thinks she looks like like the joker from the new joker movie

  • Christopher Zelasney Jr.

    Bruh how much makeup

  • Keith Sousa
    Keith Sousa 5 days ago

    I am sorry brian

  • Erika Medina
    Erika Medina 5 days ago

    you guys should be boyfriend and girl friend kaelyn is so pretty and funny and nice and a good person

  • Mini Mathew
    Mini Mathew 6 days ago

    Why is she jealous if there not even together

  • Emanuel Perez
    Emanuel Perez 6 days ago +6

    This is how many times she said “oh my god”

  • jacobs vlog
    jacobs vlog 6 days ago

    You crazy

  • Akeelah Christian
    Akeelah Christian 6 days ago


  • Andrew Beighley
    Andrew Beighley 6 days ago

    U are going to get caught

  • MTB Barrett
    MTB Barrett 6 days ago

    Anybody else notice her lips

    BTR SUPREME 7 days ago

    Snitch gang snitch on my whole city uh yeah JK

  • smh_ozzy YT
    smh_ozzy YT 7 days ago

    Her face when she was in the car

  • Brenden Robeson
    Brenden Robeson 7 days ago

    Kaelyn is so ugly

  • Cody Hamilton
    Cody Hamilton 7 days ago

    Why should she care

  • chrissš š
    chrissš š 7 days ago

    ohhhh hell naw you just want money😂

  • Alexis Flores
    Alexis Flores 8 days ago

    Good job face rug ex girlfriend jealous

  • Chekelito Orellana
    Chekelito Orellana 8 days ago

    She's so awesome great beautiful young lady

  • Rebecca Churchwell
    Rebecca Churchwell 8 days ago

    I think you will get halfway through the then get caught

  • Alexa De santiago
    Alexa De santiago 8 days ago


  • Neaz Playz
    Neaz Playz 9 days ago

    Who else saw the hickey on faze rugs neck at 15:08

  • Clarinet 101
    Clarinet 101 9 days ago


  • Jonas Van Twembeke
    Jonas Van Twembeke 9 days ago +1

    be back togeter

  • Lilly LaRosa
    Lilly LaRosa 10 days ago

    I see were they broke up lol!!

  • ClapzYT- DAY
    ClapzYT- DAY 10 days ago +1

    Fuck momy rug

    MAI OWENS 10 days ago +1

    How did she get the camera 😞

  • TTVJAMES_321
    TTVJAMES_321 10 days ago +12

    When she was in the back of the car it looked like she was naked

  • OP ThX
    OP ThX 10 days ago

    5:00 to 5:13 why does it look like there having sex

  • Tashfia Koeal
    Tashfia Koeal 11 days ago

    Bro do more with molly

  • Tea Laila
    Tea Laila 11 days ago

    I love kaelyns eye colour like i wish I had that colour eyes 😄

  • It’s Gabriel Torres
    It’s Gabriel Torres 11 days ago

    Who else thought Kalyan was topless in the beginning of the video

  • Rob Holmes
    Rob Holmes 11 days ago

    Brian u should do another 24 hour challenge u haven't done one in aaages

  • Mega Gabriola
    Mega Gabriola 11 days ago


  • Franky Cepeda
    Franky Cepeda 12 days ago

    Why do you even careta about what he does whatever he does is his choice

  • Mini Oscarito
    Mini Oscarito 12 days ago +1

    What if he busted a nut

  • xdcruz
    xdcruz 13 days ago

    I would have farted in the back of the car

  • bruh nutty
    bruh nutty 13 days ago

    fifty shades of gray man that dude SAVAGE that got sex and sh&t all in it yo

  • Anni Niemann Henriksen

    You are so cute together!

  • Grace Milton
    Grace Milton 14 days ago

    Why would you want to go to your ex boyfriends house like that’s weird