Alexander Skarsgard On 'Big Little Lies' | Los Angeles Times

  • Published on May 15, 2017
  • The actor loves making the show but knows his very-bad-boy character has raised eyebrows

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  • Jenn Hoff
    Jenn Hoff 22 days ago

    Hahaha, he's such a dork! I wasn't expecting that. "I just binged this series called Big Little Lies. I didn't like the end of it...." Lol. Well I'm glad he's nothing like that character. :)

  • Jenny Sieck
    Jenny Sieck Month ago

    Actually conflicted and repeatedly apologetic is a common role for abusive husbands...the stereotype of the uncaring arrogant abuser is only one version. There is a great book about men who abuse which characterizes them as a pitbull or a German shepherd...the German shepherd is the conflicted type...

  • PnkStar12
    PnkStar12 Month ago

    God he is so handsome

  • jonas smith
    jonas smith Month ago

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  • Gustaf Söderling
    Gustaf Söderling Month ago

    Very rare that they spell his last name correctly, with an Å.

  • Asmaa Arafat
    Asmaa Arafat 4 months ago

    Really iam not dead man

  • Asmaa Arafat
    Asmaa Arafat 4 months ago

    Not the series in real life

  • Asmaa Arafat
    Asmaa Arafat 4 months ago

    Iam so dead after the beautiful lie the great death

  • Asmaa Arafat
    Asmaa Arafat 4 months ago

    After all. Iam not Muslim world relax as well. They just raised me

  • marex318
    marex318 5 months ago

    Does anybody else get the feeling that Alexander loves Nicole Kidman in real life? The way he talks about interesting, and when he excepted an award he gushed about her so much! God I love him 😍

  • Shawnda Dupree
    Shawnda Dupree 5 months ago

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  • Shawnda Dupree
    Shawnda Dupree 5 months ago

    He’s beautiful.

  • Shawnda Dupree
    Shawnda Dupree 5 months ago

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  • Shawnda Dupree
    Shawnda Dupree 5 months ago

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  • R
    R 6 months ago

    he is so sweet and handsome

  • mixtapemystic
    mixtapemystic 7 months ago

    can you loan me a few bucks? lmao

  • Harsha Ghungurde
    Harsha Ghungurde 7 months ago +3

    This guy could play bond, Christian grey, name it and you'll have it. Pls give him epic roles, he deserves them

  • maria parton
    maria parton 7 months ago +1

    I like that he keeps wearing the same shirts over and again for interviews like this. Kinda shows his lack of affectation.

  • Nik
    Nik 8 months ago

    I bet he smells good.

  • Nancy Nnebe
    Nancy Nnebe 9 months ago

    He’s Swedish but sounds southern

    • EnigmaDrath
      EnigmaDrath 27 days ago

      He worked extensively with an accent coach while filming Generation Kill

  • Rosie M
    Rosie M 9 months ago

    Alexander, please do a Rom-Com!

  • amit nagpal
    amit nagpal 10 months ago

    He sounds so different???

  • Malone and Sloan
    Malone and Sloan 11 months ago

    God bless Sweden 😍

  • Malone and Sloan
    Malone and Sloan 11 months ago

    How is she sitting next to him... I would jump on him. 😋 he’s so cute and his Swedish accent comes out when he says “and” 💋

  • Melanie Ann
    Melanie Ann 11 months ago

    Veep? is that what he said.

  • Thiago neto oliveira
    Thiago neto oliveira 11 months ago

    a beautiful gay man, no doubt!

  • kstreet
    kstreet Year ago

    He's referring to Barnsdall Park, where there's a Frank Lloyd Wright house, nice view, art museum and art classes. It was funny to me that when I finally got around to watching Big Little Lies, I had just been there the previous day and walked UP the exact (kind of hidden) stairs that his character falls down to his death. I don't think I can ever take those stairs again without thinking of him.

  • Terry
    Terry Year ago

    great interview :)

  • Valerie J
    Valerie J Year ago

    He’s soooo hot!!!!

  • Blue
    Blue Year ago +2

    He should be Aquaman

  • Blue
    Blue Year ago

    *He should be Aquaman*

  • Blue
    Blue Year ago

    *He should be Aquaman...*

  • Some Like It Thot


  • Feren Fadilla
    Feren Fadilla Year ago +1

    "A couple scenes when I was with Shailene..." oh no spoiler D:

  • Grey Spears
    Grey Spears Year ago

    are they fake ears

  • Thepomafame
    Thepomafame Year ago

    I should visit Sweden

    • bkt kpr
      bkt kpr Year ago

      Thepomafame you should see his little brother Bill Skarsgard

  • Cheryl B
    Cheryl B Year ago +10

    His portrayal was frighteningly brilliant, which goes to show what a truly gifted actor he is.

  • Jane Grey
    Jane Grey Year ago +7

    He's an ACTOR and a damned good one. He did an incredible job on a very complex and insane character.

  • Savana.B
    Savana.B Year ago +1

    She said I - 8 it’s 1 - 7 lool

  • Mariana Cordeiro
    Mariana Cordeiro Year ago

    Great interview! Great questions. Really got to understand more about Alec's process on acting and behing the scene stuff about the show. And Alec's so chill, and has a cheeky sense of humor. The interviewer is really comfortable. Nice job!

  • erinbickler
    erinbickler Year ago +70

    My sister knows a makeup artist who has worked with him and she said that working with him is so wonderful because he's nothing less than a gentleman to everyone, especially to women. It conveys how amazing of an actor he is.

  • Jessica Munn
    Jessica Munn Year ago +2

    As physically gorgeous as Alexander is, it's his talent, depth and genuineness as an artist and person that make him so incredibly appealing. This was such a great interview as Yvonne built such casual rapport with Alexander and I felt like I was chatting with him up close and getting to better know the mind and personality of the true artist and cool guy. So great!

  • Deepa Lall
    Deepa Lall Year ago

    He's too hot to be straight.He will come out of closet soon.

  • Pavla Trojanová
    Pavla Trojanová Year ago

    Thanks for the interview..I do however have to say that those are some awfully worded questions..alle of them are basically "so would you say that....this and that?" basically leading him into a specific answer without him sometimes ever knowing what he's being asked..

  • Marilyn M. R.
    Marilyn M. R. Year ago +1

    Watched Big Littler Lies. Nicole and Alexander did an awesome job. They deserved awards.

  • adianne9311
    adianne9311 Year ago +1

    I really hope people don’t see Alexander in a negative light and can differentiate between him and the character. He’s a wonderful actor and a good person.

  • Kandice Jones
    Kandice Jones Year ago

    He’s so sexy

  • Mud and Chocolate
    Mud and Chocolate Year ago +2

    All the actors were fucking AMAZING!!

  • Habesha Fįrst
    Habesha Fįrst Year ago +4


  • Filmstvandlife
    Filmstvandlife Year ago

    I think he was brilliant on the show, it was a very good dynamic between him and nicole, Nicole was brilliant as well. It was disarming to watch they were like animals and it is some of the best acting I have ever seen. In fact it was the only dimension to the show that I enjoyed the other characters were kind of extremely boring.

  • Dottie Ndots
    Dottie Ndots Year ago

    that's exactly how i reacted to him after that movie... i knew he was just a good actor doing his job, but i couldn't even look at him anymore. It's ok Alex; thanks for taking one for the team. A lot of movies glamorize abuse. You put people off hot abusers. Can't thank you enough for it!

  • A G
    A G Year ago +11

    The interviewer is fantastic, so confident but relax and he’s easily giving deeper insight of the creative process

  • MsB inSYDNEY
    MsB inSYDNEY Year ago

    This interviewer seems too star struck, it's a little cringe-worthy. I'm not normally into blondes but Alexander is truly gorgeous!

  • Amber Pavon
    Amber Pavon Year ago

    His part as well as Nicole's part was so phenomenal yet complex and I have to say I have never experienced such incredible acting. Their talents on this show thanks to this show has now been put on blast and I have so much respect for them as actors. Each cast member as well, incredible incredible show. I cannot wait for season 2 ✌🏼❤️❤️👏🏻

  • Denise Layne
    Denise Layne Year ago +4

    Really good interview, with Alexander Skarsgard Big Little Lies, HBO series. Great character portrayals of someone with textbook narcissistic personality disorder and the domestic abuse that goes along with it. In particular, the mind and control head games. Well done Alex and all the others, very believable! Keeping this kind of abuse a dirty little secret is so dangerous, and it's truly not the victim's fault.

  • rooseveltnut
    rooseveltnut Year ago

    I was married to one of the abusive ones. I was so glad when he, Alex's character, died. I hate that I still feel that way but a part of me always will. My abuser hasn't died yet but he soon will (I hear he's quite sick) and I'll be glad then too. Anyway, he did a good job on the role. Bravo!

    • Aro Olsson
      Aro Olsson Year ago +1

      Sorry what you had to go through, but dont want to stomp on your story of life - but put a Spoiler warning please!!! :)

    • bkt kpr
      bkt kpr Year ago

      rooseveltnut I am sorry for what you lived.. I was in the same shoes. It is great to get our strength and joy again, isnt it? You are not alone ❤

  • Rita Pompana
    Rita Pompana Year ago +5

    Yeah! People should be complementing him on doing a great job instead of getting spooked. Mixing the actor with the charachter IS spooky!

  • Nana Noonie
    Nana Noonie Year ago +1

    I would like to undo his shirt buttons

  • Kathy D
    Kathy D Year ago +8

    why they hate Alex , he's an amazing actor , they should hate men like Perry

  • miss 305dale
    miss 305dale Year ago +6

    They need to put him on Game Of Thrones idc who

    • bkt kpr
      bkt kpr Year ago +1

      miss 305dale rhaegar targeryan

  • miss 305dale
    miss 305dale Year ago +29

    He did it so well, because as a watcher you totally understand why celeste stays because it’s alex, being such a charmer but so scary at the same time. You totally understand celeste. Its not the whole “bitch leave him its so obvious r u dumb” no you absolutely understand her. He did it so damn well. He was so hot but so scary, i hated it which meant he was so perfect & good.

  • FlickerFlame
    FlickerFlame Year ago +1

    This was really enjoyable :)

  • Moriarty
    Moriarty Year ago

    It's great to see how well prepared the interviewer is and at the same time sensitive in her way of questioning.

  • charmedlilsis1
    charmedlilsis1 Year ago +32

    Instead of porn, I came here. Works the same. 😘

  • Anna Bella
    Anna Bella Year ago +2

    Alexander, du är bäst!!! Så värd att vinna!!

  • Hope Emch
    Hope Emch Year ago +2

    What has me confused about the show is Jane first identifying a man who looks nothing like Perry. How could she have made such a mistake? Another thing : About Perry's trips out of town. Are we to assume they were mostly about looking for women to charm and then brutalize?

    • Nicole Perkins
      Nicole Perkins 8 months ago

      bkt kpr exactly but then she got there and observed and smelled him and did her stuff and left, she realized it wasn’t him. Until she finally saw HIM HIM in the end, god it would be nice if she has a daughter instead and he goes “you have my daughter” and she goes “you will never see my daughter and shoved into the stairs, lol.

    • bkt kpr
      bkt kpr Year ago +2

      Hope Emch because of the trauma she lived she didnt remember the guy's face.. when she saw the guy her friends found on internet she thought he might be the one. She couldnt think he lied about his real name and job.

  • Insomniac
    Insomniac Year ago

    I still haven't seen this show! I loved him in Trueblood. Great actor... hot too.

  • Christine Chao
    Christine Chao Year ago

    This was a good interview indeed. It's questions that Alexander had to think about and wasn't sometime repetitive to talk about. Bless. Good work, and great show

  • jennifer stewart
    jennifer stewart Year ago +13

    He should have played Mr. Grey on 50 shades of grey

  • jennifer stewart
    jennifer stewart Year ago

    Only cuz alex is on

  • Meow91
    Meow91 Year ago +14

    She is a good interviewer in terms of eloquence and creating a comfortable atmosphere but I feel like the questions were very similar and could have been more diverse.

  • lila-rose
    lila-rose Year ago

    Great interviewer

  • Soani Velez
    Soani Velez Year ago

    Just finished this show today and I kid you not, I started screaming when they revealed who it was and what happened. I could not believe I didn't predict it. Absolutely incredible show. Goosebumps everywhere.

  • ersteerste
    ersteerste Year ago

    Great interview! Very interesting. His performance in BLL is outstanding. And very, very disturbing.

  • TrumpSucks Biggly
    TrumpSucks Biggly Year ago +23

    Nicole and Alex. Their performances were perfection. I hope they both receive an Emmy.

  • vino deepu
    vino deepu Year ago

    Big Littlе Lieеeеs full mоoviеeее hеreеeе =>

  • Christie Weber
    Christie Weber Year ago +23

    He's definitely a Virgo dissecting his performance 😂

  • Kelsey Sutton
    Kelsey Sutton Year ago +45

    I'm so confused by his accent. Some interviews he sounds Swedish but here he sounds American/southern. I'm confusedddd

    • Jenn Hoff
      Jenn Hoff 22 days ago

      Yes, he DOES sound Southern! I was thinking the same thing! I wonder if part of it is that he mumbles.... but still. It's really funny!

    • Anna Wixom
      Anna Wixom Month ago +1

      He defiantly sounds Texan. If I didn’t know he was from Sweden I 100% would have been positive he was Texan. Crazy.

    • mixtapemystic
      mixtapemystic 7 months ago +3

      I think I also heard that he came to live in Texas as a teenager/young man so perhaps his earliest experience speaking English was southern accent.

    • BRANDY Mesa
      BRANDY Mesa 7 months ago +1

      Malone and Sloan Gah! Now, as another Southern native I’d love to know where you are from because I don’t hear “south” either! Admittedly, I have lived most of my life in rural areas so as you said I may be used to more pronounced dialect!

    • Malone and Sloan
      Malone and Sloan 11 months ago +10

      Lol how does he sound southern. I live in the south, he does not sound southern!!! Or maybe I’m just too southern to notice 😂

  • Jenna Z
    Jenna Z Year ago

    tarzan was boring as sht but he did so well in this show. i was so scared of him

    • bkt kpr
      bkt kpr Year ago

      Hello Pumpkin Try his character named Eric in True Blood. He was really scary in that series too. Also he was charming as usual

  • xuefensweden
    xuefensweden Year ago

    Great host and handsome Swede! Thanks for the interview!

  • Lacey Langton
    Lacey Langton Year ago

    Is it me or is the audio kinda low on this video? Not low where you can't hear it at all but pretty low-like the voices are coming from out of a tunnel...

  • tatilaai
    tatilaai Year ago

    This girl is amazing! She is a great interviewer!

  • Petros Georgiadis
    Petros Georgiadis Year ago +1

    He is so damn cute!

  • tay farr
    tay farr Year ago

    My man I like him 🖕☝👆🤓

  • i-love-the-rain
    i-love-the-rain Year ago

    That's right , to Alex], I agree. If you are going to try to develop something, the journey is long. I like the way he said that. I literally have been 'mulling' something for two years.

  • X9OX
    X9OX Year ago

    "Way too big" 😅😅

  • coronaflo
    coronaflo Year ago +11

    The comments, half praising the interviewer the other half calling her the worst. That's TVclip for you.

  • Jose Ramon Alma-Cubero

    He was fantastic in this role and I hope he wins the Emmy

  • Carol Moshi
    Carol Moshi Year ago +1

    I like this girl a lot, such a nice interview. I also watched the other interview with Josh Charles (Good Wife's Will Gardner) and it was brilliant.
    Alexander is gorgeous too.

  • Morgaine Swann
    Morgaine Swann Year ago

    What a great interview! It was almost like watching him talk to a fan who knew every detail of the project. Alex was really sweet and patient and he did beautiful work in Big Little Lies.

  • Countfoscolikesmice

    Interviewer is AWFUL.

  • hallmark
    hallmark Year ago

    The interviewer is absolutely braindead.

  • alimotshadiat
    alimotshadiat Year ago +3

    How many times does she say "what was it like"

  • adham elkerdany
    adham elkerdany Year ago

    Big Littlеее Liеееs mооviеееe hеrее =>

  • nicolastarsky
    nicolastarsky Year ago

    Really enjoyed this interview.. she made it interesting and relevant. All about the acting.knowing the preparation and the process of his fantastic acting abilities was a rare insight in most of actors interviews.. fabulous interviewer. Thank you for allowing a fan to appreciate his acting skills rather than lusting after a character.

  • Amber D
    Amber D Year ago

    Yvonne wants the D. He's not that funny

  • devilundercover
    devilundercover Year ago +12

    Talented man, and so very handsome. Very handsome.

  • Violet Daisy
    Violet Daisy Year ago +57

    Tarzan ;) gosh I hated him in BLL. He scared me and every time he came in the room, it almost felt like I was the one being attacked. That's how raw and real it was. It was a great show. But gosh, I was shook.

    • Jenna Z
      Jenna Z Year ago +8

      ME TOO. The finale scene when they were in the car, i was STRESSED AF. I was so scared about the stuff he was gonna do in the car to her

  • Nina torco
    Nina torco Year ago +9

    He blew my mind, probably the best character in the show.

  • Lala AC
    Lala AC Year ago +280

    I was in an abusive relationship years ago and I can relate a lot with Celeste and Perry's relationship. The first few months was wonderful. My ex was so romantic and loving and passionate. He did everything for me. Then few months later there would be moments when he snaps and become so aggressive and violent and he would do things that would really hurt. Then e goes back again to his sweet and romantic self when he calms down. He would cry and apologize and beg me to stay. It was confusing. It almost felt like I was with two different men. I wanted to leave him several times but then again I will feel sorry for him cause I know he has been to a lot of trauma in the past and that he is also struggling inside. I thought I could save him but in the end it was not my responsibility to change him. I had to love myself first and save myself from a toxic relationship. A lot of people don't understand how complex abusive relationships can be and why even smart and seemingly strong women remain with abusive men. I'm with another man now and thank God he is nothing like my ex and I am happier now.

    • Mary Clark
      Mary Clark 10 months ago +1

      My dad was very abusive to my mom, I have his temper, I got help as a kid, but there are definitely times when I still lose it andyell and scream(I’m small so I never dare get physical as that’s a fight I would surely regret starting) but I find myself doing that “oh I’m so sorry, I love you”, cycle. Thankfully these times are much rarer now
      My control over my temper is much better than it used to be and I never want to be like my monster of a father. But it’s definitely hard I get angry and don’t know what to do, afterwards I always feel so bad for hurting my moms feelings. She has bipolar and takes care of herself really well, I’ve never met anyone who was able to tell. She gets really depressed which can be really annoying for me after like 2 months of her barely speaking I get pissed off, which just can sometimes trigger my anger even though I know she can’t help how she feels. She’s also been through so much, having had 2 abusive husbands and a really difficult childhood and my sister was even physically abusive to her at times(I blocked those memories out, but I was told that she physically hurt her) I agree though from what I’ve read about abusive relationships( knowing my fathers behavior always peaked my interests in women’s rights and domestic abuse cases) it’s not easy to walk away, it took my mom 2 yrs to leave my dad

    • 2wild Barrette
      2wild Barrette Year ago +7

      Lala AC also, what you said about people not understanding, yes! I do consider myself smart and strong and never imagined I would end up in an abusive relationship, let alone have a hard time letting go of a person abusing me..(but I did, thank gods) It is so complex and I feel there is alot of shame attached to it. People don't get it. I've even been ridiculed recently for not getting over him fast enough ..was awful! I said to this person, this is why women / men have such a hard time speaking out to begin with. I'm glad this show was made. We need more awareness (domestic abuse))

    • 2wild Barrette
      2wild Barrette Year ago +3

      Lala AC is like we dated the same man. I'm glad you are doing well now. I'm still recovering but mostly ok. I don't think of him anymore but I'm taking my time before being in another relationship. This show, Alexander's character was spot on & their relationship. The passion, confusion, hate, darkness, 'love'..all of it. It was well captured.

    • M Ra
      M Ra Year ago +3

      this is what narcissists do - listen about "gas lighting" on youtube and "relationship with a narcissist" and you will understand why they behave this way. the aim is indeed to confuse you and take advantage of your weaknesses

    • Lori Linard
      Lori Linard Year ago +4

      My ex was the same way. It was like someone would flip a switch, and he would be another person, a violent, scary person. Alexander does a great job. Being in that kind of relationship is very complicated!!