MY OLD SKETCHBOOK TOUR! !! #15 (Watercolors, Pens, & Markers) | DrawingWiffWaffles

  • Published on Jun 2, 2017
  • It's finally time to take a look in my newest sketchbook! I'm actually almost done with Sketchbook 16 as of upload time. So hit that like button if you want to see that! Share this video with your friends if you really like it!
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    Music: Get Outside by Jason Farnham
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Comments • 903

  • Catherine Levison
    Catherine Levison 5 days ago

    Two years too late, but I’m glad for 2 things. That YOU hit an art wall. That makes me feel better. I always know “what” to draw but I can have bad execution days. Than, you liked the line art with watercolor wash. Me too. It’s nice. Almost always works which is good for slumps. I’m very detailed about drawing.

  • Finch Evard
    Finch Evard 6 days ago

    the girl with the blonde hair and shawl in the snow reminds me so much of Cosette from Le Miz

  • Cara Eskins
    Cara Eskins 10 days ago

    the sketchy ink and watercolor suits your skills so much

  • SKScrafter
    SKScrafter 11 days ago

    At 15:11, you could name her May. Since you draw mermaids on Mermay, and Spiderman's Aunt's name is May.

  • Elena Corrales
    Elena Corrales 15 days ago

    I love the drawing at 4:52 so realistic!

  • Maria Guevara
    Maria Guevara 15 days ago

    6:13 That girl on the left page, in the top right corner.... *tHaT nOsE tHoUgH* She looks like a cross between a monkey and a fish!! I'm not trying to be rude though, that was probably just one of those sketches that she draws to warm up. But still... 😂😂

  • Ella Plummer
    Ella Plummer 19 days ago +1

    would Lilia be a good name?

  • yuki nono
    yuki nono 23 days ago

    the impressions were so cute!

  • drigodamus draws!
    drigodamus draws! Month ago

    cameron has pencilled some

  • WolfGirl
    WolfGirl Month ago


  • PinkieSwirl
    PinkieSwirl Month ago

    Waffles: Pause to read depressing emo thing
    (Not the same)
    Ummm I read it before she said that oops did I break the rules also I am terrible at are soooo.....

  • Rossi Morey
    Rossi Morey Month ago

    Here for the octopus 💮

  • Mariam Changezi20010
    Mariam Changezi20010 2 months ago

    I wish i could have a normal sketchbook but my sister always finds her way to a pencil and ruins my most prized drawings!!! I HATE HERRR

  • Splithoof Rivera
    Splithoof Rivera 2 months ago

    Re: good Disney movies. I had the same problem with disliking pocahontas as I got older. I guess I internalised it as a kid, but I'm native american and now it's like "wow this movie is kind of an asshole to us" now that I know so much more about my people. The song savages savages is really really bad...

  • Luna WildFlower
    Luna WildFlower 2 months ago

    What do you mean manga girl? Youre not drawing anime

  • It's me Tray!!
    It's me Tray!! 2 months ago +1


  • It's me Tray!!
    It's me Tray!! 2 months ago


  • Bella Twilight
    Bella Twilight 2 months ago

    Her name should be peony

  • Aruna Fenando
    Aruna Fenando 2 months ago +1

    2019. Anyone?

  • pollimolli22
    pollimolli22 2 months ago

    *Fifty Shades Of Grey*

    TIGERCRUSH16 2 months ago +1


  • Beca Bunny
    Beca Bunny 2 months ago

    do you still draw people? I've always wanted to see a drawing of myself and you're so dam talented ♥

  • Whitu - Foxu c:
    Whitu - Foxu c: 2 months ago

    me when i TRY to do make-up xD

  • TheWildArtist
    TheWildArtist 2 months ago

    You should call your mermaid character Bubbles! I know I'm VERY late... :(

  • Jinxy 79
    Jinxy 79 2 months ago

    You need a viewfinder you can make one [DIY] or buy one. Helps you focus, lets all that noise/overwhelming images you get from outdoors. Oh you could always take a picture with you phone for reference/viewfinder.

  • Summer Lamaak
    Summer Lamaak 3 months ago

    10:36-10:40 is me in a mirror

  • Miracle _
    Miracle _ 3 months ago

    2:38 My name is Cheyenne.. but that's not me. XD

  • AyBayBay and the Llamas

    That Sherlock person you drew. It reminds me of Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beast

  • Shynie Shyfly
    Shynie Shyfly 3 months ago

    You know, listening to your voice in this video.. it reminded me of Zendaya. Like dang.

  • Elizabeth Childers
    Elizabeth Childers 4 months ago

    ooh the mermaids name should be bubbly(lol) or Liane (lie*ann*) idek it just clicked when I saw her❤️❤️

  • sandra bermudez
    sandra bermudez 4 months ago +1

    You draw amazing,I am a begginer and use your videos as a reference and for tips

  • Melody Beiery
    Melody Beiery 4 months ago

    I love all of your sketches, the animals were anazing (I have trouble with drawing animals)! I love chow chow dogs, too! Never thought of drawing one. You've given me great drawing ideas and even more inspiration! Thank you.

  • Cover girl Hunter
    Cover girl Hunter 4 months ago

    11:28 Hello neighbor or what hehe

  • *MochiCookie*
    *MochiCookie* 4 months ago +1

    I’m going thru your tour and I just finished a sketch book and the feeling is in-explainely great! Now I know how you feel. I’m waiting for my next sketch book to arrive tomorrow and I’m just sooo exited!!! I hope everyone is improving on drawing and you ahem a amazing day ;)

  • Traumfr3sserchen
    Traumfr3sserchen 4 months ago

    Now that I look back to this I gotta say, you improved alot gurl! Honestly I love your art style how it is now. Its so full of movement and the anatomy looks perfectly (especially at the hands and the belly/cheast part, I think its a difficult part to draw but it looks great in youre drawings!)

  • Lily’s Pandas
    Lily’s Pandas 4 months ago

    11:57 the girl kind of looks like Queenie from fantastic beasts

  • Felicity Katerle
    Felicity Katerle 4 months ago


  • Alison Dempsey
    Alison Dempsey 4 months ago

    I'm really uncomfortable with my art at this point in my life... sorta hate my style. }:

  • nimrod sus
    nimrod sus 4 months ago

    I think the mermaids name should be Serena

  • Marah Scribbles
    Marah Scribbles 4 months ago

    Omg she has gotten so much better.... I mean she is still better than I would ever be but...

  • Jaqueline Grace
    Jaqueline Grace 4 months ago

    I love how she shows you all her drawing the good and the bad, it really inspires you and it makes me feel like even the best artists have drawings that even they don't think are the best

  • Kyra Newton
    Kyra Newton 5 months ago

    the "twinkle twinkle little star" doodle was done on my 18th birthday and it kinda looks like me! i thought that was pretty cool lol

  • Arya Kalathil
    Arya Kalathil 5 months ago

    Charmander reminds me of envy's true form of fma

  • Kyleigh Bee
    Kyleigh Bee 5 months ago

    You should name the mermaid sephora❤😍love you btw

  • Kitty Lord
    Kitty Lord 5 months ago

    That octopuss gives me life 🐙💕

  • Bethany Jewel
    Bethany Jewel 5 months ago

    I literally just finished drawing the girl on the left at time 11:37 when I saw this, and I was like whoa... cool. I accidentally just drew something that one of my favorite artists did without knowing.

  • Christy Augustine
    Christy Augustine 5 months ago

    You finished your sketchbook on my B DAY!!!!!!

  • Butt Cream
    Butt Cream 5 months ago

    Can you tell me the scetch book names?

  • Lu Draws
    Lu Draws 5 months ago

    You finished this sketchbook on my birthday 😂😅

  • Yasmin Aktar
    Yasmin Aktar 5 months ago

    I dont like the color skeme in 11:56

  • Yasmin Aktar
    Yasmin Aktar 5 months ago

    I read your thought by the way

  • Lil Forky
    Lil Forky 5 months ago

    How about goldy

  • JustJess
    JustJess 5 months ago +1

    Who is this great waffles 🤔 have I not searched hard enough?

  • Elizabeth Stephens
    Elizabeth Stephens 6 months ago

    I just NOTICED WE ARE AT 1 MIIIILLLIONNN!!!!!! Congraaats!!!! You deserve it!

  • Alley Haynes
    Alley Haynes 6 months ago


  • NightOwl
    NightOwl 6 months ago

    The editing at 14:31 is so satisfying

  • hi i'm bored whatsup
    hi i'm bored whatsup 6 months ago

    you can see the full image of the octopus at 14:33

  • Gabrielle Mansour
    Gabrielle Mansour 6 months ago

    11:34 that's Newt Scammander

  • Gabrielle Mansour
    Gabrielle Mansour 6 months ago


  • tiki_ruru 1
    tiki_ruru 1 6 months ago

    how do I sketch like you !!!!!

  • Bec Nebo
    Bec Nebo 6 months ago

    With the second giraffe watercolour, there’s an Australian wildlife artist -Steve Morvell- who does that sort of thing in his sketchbooks. I don’t think he’s published them, but I went to his studio and got to flick through and there are some really cool ones with that sort of style. The majority of his art is more large canvas boards and pastel artworks, which are still good, but I personally prefer his sketchbooks!! It’s very hard to find photos of his sketchbook pages though, which is a shame.

  • Ariarna Colgrave
    Ariarna Colgrave 6 months ago

    I love u, u are amazing, you’re an inspiration ❤️❤️

  • rigley.elizabeth
    rigley.elizabeth 6 months ago

    I feel so special! Aka excited, because... I HAVE THE SAME SKETCHBOOK!!!!

  • Amna Zaim
    Amna Zaim 6 months ago

    Really love your sketch book tours and your art style

  • II Fangirl II
    II Fangirl II 6 months ago

    Wow, im only on my 4th sketchbook

  • Zoeys World
    Zoeys World 7 months ago

    You should name your mermaid bubbles

  • Bill Ackerman
    Bill Ackerman 7 months ago

    Love your drawings girl

  • Strange Birds
    Strange Birds 7 months ago

    So far I’ve learnt she watches Star Wars and Sherlock... think I’m falling in love a little

  • chio and lala productions


    Its because all these star wars movies kept me destracted from the real world.😣

  • Zoe Willis
    Zoe Willis 7 months ago

    oh hey jasmine is my favorite princess! I was in a Aladdin play hehe

  • Rebecca Rebe
    Rebecca Rebe 7 months ago +1

    I’m watching you since you started your channel and I tried to recreate some of your drawings, but the conclusion is that you can draw, I can’t❤️😂

  • Shannon Peavoy
    Shannon Peavoy 7 months ago

    I use my skcechbook as a scrapbook to so i ues the back to put things i like so all that is covered

  • Serenity diebel
    Serenity diebel 8 months ago

    I play Pokemon moon 🌙

  • Suka Thunder
    Suka Thunder 8 months ago

    oh my gosh she is sooo cute

  • V Linares
    V Linares 8 months ago

    On Sun and Moon did you get a FruFru by any chance? Since you have a poodle and everything.

  • Alicia Harding
    Alicia Harding 8 months ago

    Marina :3 ( Mermaid girl )

  • •• Zeaos ••
    •• Zeaos •• 8 months ago

    6:32 when I look outside my window all I see is a WALL yes for sure so much I can draw when there is a wall😂😂😂

  • Eva Gibson
    Eva Gibson 8 months ago

    "I splurged on myself" *only spent $5 extra*

  • Gazelle Tanglao
    Gazelle Tanglao 8 months ago +1

    Your art style has improved so much

    ADRIANA 8 months ago +1

    Thank you now i am trying yo make my own skechnook! And it so much fun!

  • Rinns Corner
    Rinns Corner 8 months ago

    14:23 was so cooooot!❤️❤️❤️

  • Grace Celeste
    Grace Celeste 8 months ago

    11:33 The guy on the left looks like JD from Heather, but a different version.

  • Heron Hernandez
    Heron Hernandez 8 months ago

    I love how she loves her dog

  • Blackpink Lisa
    Blackpink Lisa 8 months ago

    Screen recording a bunch of your vidoes and using it for my up coming plane trip! :) already recorded 40 mins on your vids.

  • Gray Draws
    Gray Draws 8 months ago

    Octopus at 14:37

  • Amanuel Kifle
    Amanuel Kifle 8 months ago

    Name teh mermaid *Golden*

  • aung moe
    aung moe 8 months ago

    I think u skipped a page cause on the page where u drew two draw me with waffles the marker spillage is a blue and green tones but the page up showed right after didn't have those colors.

  • Angie just angie
    Angie just angie 8 months ago

    i'm sorry i cursed you! the day you were slipping was my birthday & its cursed!

  • Kashlyn Kap
    Kashlyn Kap 8 months ago

    I love it

  • Kassie Harman
    Kassie Harman 9 months ago

    The guy that you drew with the long coat looks like newt Scamander from fantastic beasts and where to find them.

  • Shre Ok
    Shre Ok 9 months ago

    I think the girl that you didn’t know what she meant. She kinda looked likes. Indiana Jones

  • Luxiette Lux
    Luxiette Lux 9 months ago

    I even can't draw one line😭
    18:42 is that Hau?

  • IDEAL LIFE Hacks
    IDEAL LIFE Hacks 9 months ago

    13:24 just ameera

  • Ashlyn Metcalfe
    Ashlyn Metcalfe 9 months ago

    u should name ur mermaid character coral :)

  • TenshouGetsuga
    TenshouGetsuga 9 months ago

    Why do you make big noses?
    Tho i like them but i just want to ask

  • Ally Flanders
    Ally Flanders 9 months ago

    11:38- WAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIITTTTTT do u know/watch sherlock with benedict cumberbatch? if u do u r my new favorite person

  • Ava Mello
    Ava Mello 9 months ago

    I think her name should be Amina

  • The Savage Girl Gammer
    The Savage Girl Gammer 9 months ago


  • Katerina Wuchnick
    Katerina Wuchnick 9 months ago

    When you say Pinterest references, can you specifically say what you're looking up to get these references? I am also an aspiring artist and I need to know what you're drawing so I can follow in your incredible footsteps!!!!!

  • mikayla brasil
    mikayla brasil 10 months ago

    I love your personality. You are very joyful and happy and I can tell that you are a great person to be around.