Is this the FASTEST flipbook animation EVER MADE?

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
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  • Weddlz
    Weddlz 3 days ago

    He's like a kid; I love it.

  • Chloe Baker
    Chloe Baker 3 days ago

    I Loaf It, It Is Beutiful 🥳

  • DJMaster Savage
    DJMaster Savage 3 days ago

    ATTENTION: I AM NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE TO YOU JAZZA, I LOVE U AND UR CHANNELS But I think this video was just an Andymation video with Jazza taking over.

    I still luv u jazza, don't hate me plz.

  • Choco Coffee
    Choco Coffee 4 days ago

    Kirby has a freaking gun!

  • Jason Willows
    Jason Willows 4 days ago

    I made a faster flip book. It was 2 pages with a dot that moved slightly.

  • brian hunsinger
    brian hunsinger 5 days ago

    Littel girl: I have kameameah'ed you
    Clowd: I hate you

  • PL Logan
    PL Logan 5 days ago

    Yes plz do it

    ZENMALLOW 5 days ago +1

    Amazing 👌🏻

  • Vicky H
    Vicky H 6 days ago

    I would have named the second book Bounce back, ATTACK !!

  • ScrubbaDubDub
    ScrubbaDubDub 6 days ago +1

    This is how much people remember Andy Animations

  • Nicholas Hamilton
    Nicholas Hamilton 6 days ago +1

    2:11 Last Prism vs. Angry Nimbus haha

  • Prima Octa Risiana Anggraini

    I saw your underwear Jazza is colored green

  • John Allen Jolly
    John Allen Jolly 7 days ago

    Nope i made four in one hour mine is fights thay arnt to long but there good

    JUSTINE YOUTUBE 7 days ago

    he mention andymation really love jazza

  • Rehana Byuiyan
    Rehana Byuiyan 7 days ago

    How did you get that flipbook kit

  • Maddox Glassner
    Maddox Glassner 7 days ago

    ur copying andymation

  • Maddox Glassner
    Maddox Glassner 7 days ago

    hey, u noob, andymation made grumpy cloud, not u

  • GamerTots TV
    GamerTots TV 8 days ago

    Selling replay buttons
    Cost 1 like ! Very cheap

  • Jeremy Kreiger
    Jeremy Kreiger 8 days ago

    Oh I hate

  • Pualani Knapp
    Pualani Knapp 9 days ago

    Bounce-agedon !!!

  • bogdan d
    bogdan d 9 days ago

    Super Sayian + Girl + Cloud = The perfect Kamehameha of Goofiness with kiddy fart noises XD

  • Enzo batista games
    Enzo batista games 10 days ago


  • Zahidha Aboobakuru
    Zahidha Aboobakuru 10 days ago +1

    Lol this person is hilariouse. And I was like a big fat lol.

  • RedBear
    RedBear 11 days ago

    I’m at college studying stop motion animation like nick park

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio 11 days ago

    Yes... YES... *YESS!!!*

  • Wil Hudson
    Wil Hudson 11 days ago +1

    I’m waiting for the third one

  • Killerthezombie KTZ
    Killerthezombie KTZ 11 days ago

    we want bouncegedan

  • Caroline Valdes
    Caroline Valdes 12 days ago

    I honestly thought that after he kicked the ball it was going to voom in because his head is a ball

  • Rick Nelson
    Rick Nelson 13 days ago


  • fikreterten 83
    fikreterten 83 13 days ago

    Andymation is better

  • Izzi Gisi
    Izzi Gisi 13 days ago


  • River Glenn
    River Glenn 14 days ago


  • NadhirRancho
    NadhirRancho 14 days ago


  • kate 0529
    kate 0529 15 days ago

    He is using andymation's flipbook kit . Like if u agree.

  • Paleygdmin Bub
    Paleygdmin Bub 15 days ago


  • nootle
    nootle 15 days ago

    I’m genuinely concerned about jazza

  • Jackson Newton
    Jackson Newton 15 days ago

    Does anyone else get muselk vibes from jazza

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 16 days ago

    Jazza: time to see the awesome 1 hour thing
    universe: it’s gonna be trash!
    Me: omg how u do that! That is awesome
    Universe: ughhhhhhhhhh i faild!

  • Shayna Peds
    Shayna Peds 16 days ago

    YOU BOUGHT ANDYMATION’S FLIPBOOK KIT!??! I WAITED FOR MONTHS and it came while I was in Sixth grade

  • Codeey GOD
    Codeey GOD 16 days ago


  • Poppy Gloria
    Poppy Gloria 17 days ago

    Yes. Youre my favorite art youtube channel. Why? You are effing hilarious xD

  • Will Clark
    Will Clark 17 days ago

    You are fat and annoying

  • Lana Morse
    Lana Morse 17 days ago

    A Pixar related story? TOY STORY 4 boissssssssssss

  • autisticegg111
    autisticegg111 17 days ago


  • my cat ELSA
    my cat ELSA 17 days ago

    U weird

  • Bella Games
    Bella Games 18 days ago

    I wold not call the person a *stick man*

  • JaylenTaylen
    JaylenTaylen 18 days ago

    The part when jazza flipped his flipped the second time and his guy got hit with the ball 14:52

  • Zaniah Townsend
    Zaniah Townsend 18 days ago

    Right now I drew link

  • Vianne Lopez
    Vianne Lopez 19 days ago

    this is literally the funniest video ever

  • Core 667
    Core 667 19 days ago


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger 19 days ago

    Bounce hard

  • Blox Gaming
    Blox Gaming 19 days ago

    The bounce fight revenge

  • Jourdan Midlleton
    Jourdan Midlleton 20 days ago +1

    Your vids are OK but so bad😑😣😫

  • London cutie
    London cutie 20 days ago


  • Yvonne Ziehdorn
    Yvonne Ziehdorn 20 days ago

    I like your video I love it haha

  • Jonah Bowers
    Jonah Bowers 20 days ago

    You should have made the ball splat on him more dramatically it didn't look very what's the word smooth

  • Isla Hudecek
    Isla Hudecek 20 days ago

    I want a third one

  • The GreenSpiderDragon


  • jazzy hehe cosplay girl

    Sorry I can't spell I have dyslexia

  • Joshua Zientara
    Joshua Zientara 21 day ago

    Bounce ageden