We Got Picked For The KISS CAM IN FRONT OF 20,000 PEOPLE...

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
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  • Simon Sampson
    Simon Sampson 16 hours ago

    Anthony scared of Papa Rug Brandon scared of Anthonys DAd

  • Isaac Garza Escobar
    Isaac Garza Escobar 2 days ago

    You can see booker in the like what the hell is happening

  • Chad Irwin
    Chad Irwin 2 days ago

    If u want a viral video, help a vet with teeth. Ill give u my email. yochad1127@comcast.net

  • Kyuubi San913
    Kyuubi San913 4 days ago

    Anthony was so cute when he was like what.. in 10th grade?!

  • Boom Magic
    Boom Magic 4 days ago

    Idk why but brandon is using jackie for views

  • Avaya Shakoor
    Avaya Shakoor 4 days ago

    Brandon's laugh got me dead!!😂

  • Kelly Elsaadi
    Kelly Elsaadi 11 days ago

    Who else got clickbaited cause if you look closely on the other side of kiss cam it’s a other couple

  • Carolina Gonzalez
    Carolina Gonzalez 11 days ago +1

    Papa rug😂 when he threw the cup of water at Anthony😂😂😂

  • Stacy Castaneda
    Stacy Castaneda 12 days ago

    you guys are so fkn cute together

  • It’s Vero’s life
    It’s Vero’s life 13 days ago

    @13:55 well damn

  • Do It Decent
    Do It Decent 14 days ago

    Her scream is soo fucking annoying

  • Catherine Roble
    Catherine Roble 16 days ago

    Brandon you're thumbnail is in sneakercon long ago

  • Michael Pinzon
    Michael Pinzon 16 days ago

    This was so long ago

  • Josiah's place
    Josiah's place 16 days ago

    Anthony looks so good shaved!!!!
    Like if you agree👍

  • ItsRickySan
    ItsRickySan 18 days ago +3

    2:27 says Pluto isn't a planet, but later says there is 9 planets🤦 lmao

  • mrsminnie dunn
    mrsminnie dunn 18 days ago +1


  • More Eonnie
    More Eonnie 18 days ago

    Papa rug hit the dog in the head

    FORTNITE PRO 21 day ago

    Not even funny fell sorry for Bosley

  • Mohsen Dahham
    Mohsen Dahham 21 day ago

    Why is this vid so old

  • Alan Castaneda
    Alan Castaneda 22 days ago

    They are friends with benefits

  • Jayce Hodges
    Jayce Hodges 22 days ago +1

    Make this blue if u agree with Ronch


  • NJFUChemical
    NJFUChemical 23 days ago +5

    Jackie: Who was the first "HEAVYWEIGHT"
    Anthony: Mayweather
    Brandon: Mayweather


  • GaMiNgWiThJoSe !!
    GaMiNgWiThJoSe !! 24 days ago

    13:55😂😂😂im weak

  • Harrison Official
    Harrison Official 24 days ago

    Thanks but don't talk to my girlfriend 😁😁😁

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 25 days ago +1

    It’s ranch not ranch

    I bet y’all read those differently

  • Cheese boss
    Cheese boss 25 days ago

    Outro song

  • Ali
    Ali 25 days ago

    There dating again????

  • King Lolita
    King Lolita 26 days ago

    Your dad is HILARIOUS!

  • mayra fraire
    mayra fraire 27 days ago

    And where was the part of the kiss

  • Trill Elijahhh
    Trill Elijahhh 27 days ago

    That was a good vlog tbh😂

  • Alan Ibanez
    Alan Ibanez 27 days ago

    I find Brandon’s laugh annoying huh huh uhh huh huh ughh

  • Natalia Garcia
    Natalia Garcia 27 days ago

    my dog can match booker and lolas energy smmmm

  • Kid drex
    Kid drex 27 days ago +1

    Tell me why Brandon’s child hood pics makes him look like d book

  • Eshan Rajan
    Eshan Rajan 27 days ago

    we got clickbaited hardddd

  • GaMeS Striker
    GaMeS Striker 27 days ago +1

    its so funny

  • ItssKhaosss
    ItssKhaosss 28 days ago

    16:45 man this sort of shit really makes me sad and makes me wish I was able to have a bond with my dad.

  • Christopher Harmon
    Christopher Harmon 28 days ago

    Nice ass Jackie 😂😂.
    Mom responded “OMG”

  • Jc Vallejo
    Jc Vallejo 28 days ago

    15:43 😂😂
    “It’s supposed to be looking at me”
    Ron: “Fuck you Anthony”

  • Marco Palafox
    Marco Palafox 28 days ago +1

    Mayweather ain’t a heavyweight boxer lmao

  • de la casa
    de la casa 28 days ago

    your family is so dope

  • Charlene Hayashida
    Charlene Hayashida 28 days ago

    This is Brandon's BEST video EVER!!!!!!!! I was crying from laughing so hard!!!! 💕

  • Dharmik Patel
    Dharmik Patel 28 days ago

    Keep up these funny videos between your dad and anthony

  • Dharmik Patel
    Dharmik Patel 28 days ago +1

    One of the funniest videos on this channel in a minute

  • Hi Low
    Hi Low 28 days ago +1

    17:03 thank me never

  • Michelle Gutierrez
    Michelle Gutierrez 28 days ago +1

    Why does Jackie kinda look like Desiree Montoya 😂

  • Giselle
    Giselle 28 days ago

    Anthony is soo good lookin!!

  • Brianna Alfons
    Brianna Alfons 28 days ago

    damn . i remeber that vlog 😂

  • fortnite yassin
    fortnite yassin 28 days ago

    how you don't know floyed money maywether tmt

  • OPG CappSubToMe
    OPG CappSubToMe 28 days ago

    Screw u dawg I’m unsubscribeing

  • Mi name is Dylan duh
    Mi name is Dylan duh 28 days ago

    These are real vlogs not where you start click bating

  • Sarina Rubio
    Sarina Rubio 28 days ago

    go suns!!!

  • paitonswade __
    paitonswade __ 28 days ago

    Papa rug "jupiniter" 😂😂😂

  • bcy k
    bcy k 28 days ago

    jackie and rug try the jowa challenge for 24 hours- jowa means boyfriend girlfriend for a day..

  • Franko 661
    Franko 661 29 days ago

    how tf did i no china💀

  • Snatch Back
    Snatch Back 29 days ago

    Papa rug got some fuckin aim bro

  • jack Watson
    jack Watson 29 days ago


  • jack Watson
    jack Watson 29 days ago

    The beginning of this video was funny because brawadis said that his base got raided

  • jdm gaming4life
    jdm gaming4life 29 days ago

    Where can I get that hoodie with the bear

  • jamieserrano14
    jamieserrano14 29 days ago

    🙅Ugh! I'm so sick😡 of seeing anthony in your videos!!! He has his own darn channel! *sigh 😔