Gordon Ramsay most funny moments

  • Published on Dec 10, 2017
  • Gordon Ramsay most funniest moments ever. Sponsored by Marley Spoon: www.marleyspoonfoodguide.review/marley-spoon-voucher-code/
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  • Jamish Mcquo
    Jamish Mcquo Day ago

    this is the what

  • Kalman Kovacs
    Kalman Kovacs 5 days ago

    Hulu has most of these episodes but they'll all censored ): how can I enjoy the uncensored glory that is Gordon Ramsey?

  • Miguel Lavoie
    Miguel Lavoie 10 days ago

    Fuck it...(gives your gonna die gesture)....you got no chance....Ramsay has balls of steel.

  • CBR Blunt
    CBR Blunt 12 days ago

    Nino is so cringey

  • edward entwistle
    edward entwistle 12 days ago


  • Hã Nî
    Hã Nî 12 days ago

    when i see hime i remember irina sama from Shokugeki no souma lol !!!

  • Erik Mc
    Erik Mc 13 days ago

    From texas. Lmao god bless this britt. I love him. No homo. Sorry not pc

  • Smoke-This
    Smoke-This 13 days ago

    Gordon is a fuckin idiot... Lol i can cook good derr... So what, can you act like a human being?

  • k0lynce7
    k0lynce7 14 days ago

    "I'll stick a go pro up your fucking ass, so you can see how fucked you are" That had me dead.

  • J Hern
    J Hern 14 days ago

    That one dude shoulde 2 pieced ramseys scary ass😂

  • luckyrobot games
    luckyrobot games 15 days ago

    12:25 fuqing fgot can only say two words....
    "fuck" and "bitch"....
    this kid needs to learn some english from a guy in texas

    • luckyrobot games
      luckyrobot games 15 days ago

      but srsly the bitch needs to stop being a fuqing fgot

  • Charlie Puth Fan page
    Charlie Puth Fan page 15 days ago

    the 2nd one i wouldve been like this: *puts bread on the sides of the dudes head* WHAT ARE YOU?!

  • Dremsilruth
    Dremsilruth 15 days ago

    A lot of these just make me upset.

  • Orkhan Ahmadov
    Orkhan Ahmadov 15 days ago

    the guy at 10:40 is right . First of all nobody can fucking dare to insult you in front of your colleagues and there are ladies standing there. Respect to them at least you shite :D

  • uzagona
    uzagona 16 days ago

    "I ain't no bitch"

  • Aidan & Sylus Gaming and Vlogs

    “He’s from Texas”

  • crimson scarlett
    crimson scarlett 16 days ago +1

    Sure I'm no chef but that was absolutely pathetic

  • Brian Chen
    Brian Chen 16 days ago

    Most funniest moment? Most funniest moment?? Most funniest moment???

  • Batman M
    Batman M 17 days ago

    So this is a count up rather than a count down? Unbelievable!

  • Claire Angeline Santander

    For me i think gordon is not that mean, he just dont want to embarrass the culinary carrer of a person like hes not been studying or dont have experience,if i become a chef one day it would be my pleasure to serve him

  • Robert Rodent
    Robert Rodent 19 days ago

    " Ebonics" , or as it is pronounced. in Ebonics , Ibonics , at its best ! " I ain't no Bitch " ! Anyone that says that more than once , just shows a lack of intelligence.

  • ConnorW07 TheSirenHunter

    *rips paper* Take you and yourself back to fucking Belgium.

  • BYTFS _
    BYTFS _ 19 days ago

    16:24 when that shit flew in the air

  • todaXPTO
    todaXPTO 19 days ago +1

    15:54 You certainly don't care about the children!

  • Muhammad Fikri
    Muhammad Fikri 20 days ago

    You should wear diapers

  • Almighty Yellow curvy.

    When I was young, I thought Gordon ramsey reviewed random restaurants, but then I realized he had to fix problems at satanic restaurants, hence the name "Kitchen Nightmares".

  • Stiky3000 Anderson
    Stiky3000 Anderson 20 days ago

    The first clip was a funny moment, but the rest was not, so stop click baiting us.

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis 21 day ago

    You know they know who they are and why like men

  • V3NoM StOnE
    V3NoM StOnE 21 day ago +1

    16:24 I bet everyone was hoping he got hit

  • kamakazi Demon
    kamakazi Demon 21 day ago

    Copyrighted.. why have you claimed this ? Huuhh...huuuuuhhhhhhhh.. piss off

  • DR. MORSE greek wellville

    That Gordon has too much pride, I'm glad he hit some ''walls''.

  • Tobias Sanders
    Tobias Sanders 22 days ago

    He's not just in denial

    He's in denial about being in denial.

    Is that 2(denial) or (denial)^2? I cannot comprehend this man's denial.

  • Maeleigh
    Maeleigh 22 days ago

    i had to pause so i had time to laugh;
    "ill stick a go pro up your ass so you can see how full of shit you are"

  • Gage Martin
    Gage Martin 22 days ago

    Gordon almost threw hands on that little shit 12:00

  • BananaNinja
    BananaNinja 22 days ago

    "sEe how loud they are"

  • Ima GOAT
    Ima GOAT 23 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey is arguably the best chef in the world an he knows what what he’s talking about but... he can be a dick sometimes

  • Dumb Ass
    Dumb Ass 23 days ago

    I started giggling a lot after he said “i know but he’s from texas” 🤣

  • God
    God 23 days ago

    11:41 when someone tells you to show some respect

  • Guido Mazz
    Guido Mazz 23 days ago

    NINO joke

  • chichimode
    chichimode 23 days ago

    that chef is a tipical englishman idiot, he dont need loud in front of the other people, he think because is good cooking can insult to the oher guys

    • Stellar Aevum
      Stellar Aevum 14 days ago

      These are people that say they deserve to be 3 star chefs.
      And yet many of them show that they do not care about the art.
      He also has a lot of touching and encouraging moments, but that isn't what you look for on youtube now is it?

  • AJgrimE
    AJgrimE 24 days ago

    ''watch the step'' LMAOOOO

  • Alex Vendetta
    Alex Vendetta 24 days ago

    1:18 who's that bald headed ##@ 😂😂.I've searched his name,but nothing came out..

  • Nation
    Nation 24 days ago

    11:26 Momma din't raise no bitch!

  • FBI
    FBI 24 days ago

    I’m honestly surprised Gordon Ramsey has never gotten into a physical fight

  • Franswa 46
    Franswa 46 24 days ago +1

    I didn't even realize that this was a funny moments i thought this was like gordon freak outs

  • Munif A.
    Munif A. 24 days ago


  • Troy's Tutorials
    Troy's Tutorials 24 days ago +1

    Lmao 2:15 he popped out like bill cosby would

  • Kevin C.
    Kevin C. 25 days ago

    Gordon: I am shitting myself, The Che-
    Bald guy: THen wHere a DiAper...
    Bald guy:😶

    • Maclain Trepanier
      Maclain Trepanier 22 days ago

      That’s not just any bald guy that’s NINNNNNOOOOOOOOOO

  • H L
    H L 25 days ago

    10:00 what an actual brat. Given an amazing opportunity that chefs all around the world would give just about anything for, and makes an absolute fool of himself. He doesn’t have an ounce of decency, respect or humility in him. I’m sure his family was so proud to see him on screen behave in such a way. Wow. Just wow.

  • Rob92
    Rob92 25 days ago

    watch your step lmfao

  • Iya Mariano
    Iya Mariano 25 days ago


  • Ze keffstien
    Ze keffstien 25 days ago

    In the 2nd clip it he was acting like child

  • Thomas K
    Thomas K 25 days ago

    5:16 literal oof

  • Grell Sutcliff
    Grell Sutcliff 25 days ago +1

    I'm in culinary at school and we would never let the kitchen get as bad as what I have seen on here oh my God..

  • 23000hiimawesome
    23000hiimawesome 25 days ago +1

    one like=plus one cringe every time you see Nino

  • Allan Green
    Allan Green 25 days ago

    “I’ll stick a go-pro in your ass and you can see how fucked you are” 😂😂

  • Willy 0815
    Willy 0815 25 days ago

    Jeder DrecksDönerladen in Berlin besitzt mehr Hygiene als die hier gezeigten "RESTAURANTS"

  • pengoon 3961
    pengoon 3961 26 days ago

    The guy at number 5 is both retarded and skinny and he's acting so tough to gordon ramsay with huge security guards in front of him what an idiot...

  • Bill Zussman
    Bill Zussman 26 days ago

    15:02 "If I hear you talk about a fucking camera one more time, I'll stick a gopro up your ass so you can see how fucked you are" I'm fucking done with how amazing his insults are.

  • CherryCherry Five
    CherryCherry Five 26 days ago

    OMG There should be a show of Gordon startling people, just popping out of places yelling foods at people! "BEEF WELLINGTON!"

  • Oh Wow
    Oh Wow 26 days ago +1

    5:08 i love that Gordon rolled the meat back 😂

  • R1_Rebe1
    R1_Rebe1 26 days ago +5

    These aren’t “funny” moments. These are most Tragic.

  • Annie M.
    Annie M. 26 days ago

    He says he's insulted because the other chef doesn't want to taste his plate. How does he think these chef feel when he insult them?

  • Mr BoopDoop
    Mr BoopDoop 26 days ago +1


  • FemalePointofView
    FemalePointofView 26 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is rude and obnoxious! He sounds and looks like TRUMP. I wonder if he talks to his wife and kids like that.

  • Doctor It
    Doctor It 26 days ago

    "you need to where diapers"

  • Desen Hasra
    Desen Hasra 27 days ago

    WhAt A fUcKIng DONUT

  • TrueShot Gaming
    TrueShot Gaming 27 days ago

    There was only one funny moment in this, wtf dude? Fix the title

  • n0zebl33d
    n0zebl33d 27 days ago

    K R U P A

  • Wickedelic MK
    Wickedelic MK 27 days ago

    Jon Taffer > Gordon Ramsay!

  • Jay P.
    Jay P. 27 days ago

    What a dingleberry buddy at #2 was

  • josie hahaha
    josie hahaha 28 days ago

    okay but gordon speaks his mind without thinking and thats what makes him gordon but these people overthinnk what theyre going to say and end up sounding like a complete retard like at 4:28

  • Pauline DuLacy
    Pauline DuLacy 28 days ago

    "what a f&*#)^g donut"

  • Beto Martinez
    Beto Martinez 28 days ago

    He looks like a little bitch without those bodyguards.

  • Big E
    Big E 28 days ago

    The first guy will have a very short miserable life I bet

  • Woable Attack
    Woable Attack 28 days ago

    1:35 If that fucking happened to me I would just drop my jacket and *_RUN_*

  • Micheal Kazar
    Micheal Kazar 28 days ago

    I’ll shove a GoPro up your ass so you can see how fucked you are lmaoooo

  • Damaged262
    Damaged262 28 days ago

    #2, I love it. Ramsey comes to the guys place to try to save his business and claims the 1 day that Gordon is there' that he's the problem with the guys restaurant. He's there for at most a few hours, but HE'S the reason the man is going broke. Wow, he really put Ramsey in his place. I'll bet Gordon can use his ATM card without an issue, Mr Mouth probably can't pull a $20 from his account. Totally Ramsey's fault though, lol. Top of the Pops with his comebacks too. I hope Ramsey could get to sleep that night!
    PS: The man is from Texas, of course there's a language barrier, even Americans have issues with a simple conversation, lol. Poor guy is from Belgium, I'm surprised he could understand anything Van had to say!

  • Game X PUBG -TV
    Game X PUBG -TV 28 days ago

    is this funny moment

  • Jareth Harrell
    Jareth Harrell 28 days ago

    I'll stick a go pro up your ass so you can see how fucked you are xD

  • Aidan Burley
    Aidan Burley 29 days ago +5


  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 29 days ago

    13:05 dude chill lol

  • Romanus
    Romanus 29 days ago

    Two most terrifying words coming from his mouth: “Come here”

  • Liquid Mind
    Liquid Mind 29 days ago

    most funny? Most embarassing i would say

  • Courtney Tuxford
    Courtney Tuxford Month ago

    2:14 tho 😂

  • Courtney Tuxford
    Courtney Tuxford Month ago

    Number #1 had me dying 😂

  • Roland Schlösser
    Roland Schlösser Month ago +2

    *WATCH THE STEP* God, I love Gordon~

  • Roland Schlösser
    Roland Schlösser Month ago +1


  • Qoop Doop
    Qoop Doop Month ago

    Wasn't expecting that lightshow @ 2:04


    Suck my obama

  • l JK l
    l JK l Month ago

    10:10 "Who is the first nominee of the men ? ...... three names ... HAHAHA "

  • Forged2one
    Forged2one Month ago

    I love the last part. Gordon tries so hard not to laugh

  • Fabian Cruz
    Fabian Cruz Month ago

    he aint no bitch dawg

  • ScareHalo5
    ScareHalo5 Month ago

    That 16:31 part had me LMFAO man... and im from texas. There is definitely a language barrier....

  • Ayan Kolachi - Churchville PS (1436)

    Gordon doesn’t say fucking he says foucking lol

  • Aflay
    Aflay Month ago


  • TarazMadnezz
    TarazMadnezz Month ago

    Damn Gordon Ramsay is that strict

  • Dangerdave21 Dumb
    Dangerdave21 Dumb Month ago

    May of this are like from hotel hell and kitchen nightmares

  • Consequence No. 62
    Consequence No. 62 Month ago +1

    12:33 I love it when people square up and then do nothing....

  • Consequence No. 62
    Consequence No. 62 Month ago

    Asshole: You shouldn't be shitting yourself

    Gordon: Are you okay?
    Asshole: *yEa i'M fiNE*