Create your own Optical Illusions with Strobotop

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Point the Strobotop at your drawings, and they come to life as spinning optical illusions!
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    Point the Strobotop Lightphase Animator at your drawings, and they'll begin to move!
    The Strobotop Animator set includes a handheld strobe light with an adjustable flash and a spinning top with ring-shaped cards.
    Point the light at the cards, give the top a spin, and the blur of images on the revolving card become a clearly focused looping animation. Follow the instructions to make your own animations and optical illusions.
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  Year ago +282

    Did you ever have a pet with a unique or funny name?

  • thu Nguyen
    thu Nguyen Day ago +1

    Now this is what I will buy

  • WeirdBird Playz
    WeirdBird Playz 8 days ago +1

    *Jon: You know you want to~*

  • FKD Reviews
    FKD Reviews 17 days ago

    FPS drop

  • Dasiy Potterhead
    Dasiy Potterhead 18 days ago

    Mc hamster

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen 23 days ago +1

    0:55 the new guy

  • briankulbaba
    briankulbaba Month ago

    My first pet was a cat called Midnight he sadly passed away last year

  • Naomi Psalm Manito
    Naomi Psalm Manito 2 months ago

    You forget to say pun city

  • Fox Fable
    Fox Fable 2 months ago

    If I get a hamster I’ll name him Mc Vatster

  • Holly Lamovsky
    Holly Lamovsky 2 months ago

    This is making me unconscious

  • Garrett's Corner
    Garrett's Corner 3 months ago +1

    0:54 Yes Yes your getting veeery sleepy good good now subscribe to Vat19 and like my comment

  • Thomas Michaud
    Thomas Michaud 4 months ago


  • Mr. Yus Gamer
    Mr. Yus Gamer 4 months ago

    Reminds me of Shinkenger's swords

  • toh liu mian
    toh liu mian 7 months ago

    Its just like Busy Body!

  • King Cherry Blossom
    King Cherry Blossom 7 months ago

    Poo poo

  • Sir Luke
    Sir Luke 7 months ago

    Its half illusion, half toy, ... -and half fun.... Wait...

  • Cookie Theorist
    Cookie Theorist 8 months ago


  • gif universe
    gif universe 8 months ago

    And this is called a jif. Or gif?

  • Jyoti Singh
    Jyoti Singh 9 months ago

    My cats name is savanna

  • dodo games
    dodo games 9 months ago

    You are the best

  • James Gloria
    James Gloria 9 months ago


  • Amy the neko Chan
    Amy the neko Chan 10 months ago

    The colurful one really made me a headache

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas Wilson 10 months ago


  • Game God
    Game God 11 months ago

    so like a zoetrope?

  • Toughyeet
    Toughyeet 11 months ago

    Ha ha ha ha

  • Crab Trick
    Crab Trick Year ago


  • Generic Username
    Generic Username Year ago

    You know what "the real cost"? Maybe I'll smoke JUST BECAUSE you keep telling me not to!

  • Creepercrafted
    Creepercrafted Year ago

    MC Hamster was his pet, look at him now, he has his own TVclip Channel.

  • Connor Lome - Hillcrest MS (1256)

    waiting for someone to say they would rather acually animate because this item is expensive.

  • Connor Lome - Hillcrest MS (1256)

    i am waiting for someone use the strobotop to hypnotize people.

  • Kyla Browne
    Kyla Browne Year ago

    Mc hamster

  • rock angel Studios

    People always say Bridget (my dog) was my first pet but there wrong my first pet was a fish named jade sadly jade lived a two day life span in our home and then angel the fish came to our home and my parents dog was also my first per but I don’t remember her much since I was a baby when she was alive

  • Andy T
    Andy T Year ago

    MC Hamster sounds like MC Hammy (which is a hamster) from LOL Surprise

  • Claudio Salgado
    Claudio Salgado Year ago

    I just got that exact Strobotop in a Vat19 box!

  • Marjorie Tanquilut

    Do you still sell these?

  • bunny thing
    bunny thing Year ago

    0:11 eyy Indiana Jones font yayyyyy!

  • Chris Bartz
    Chris Bartz Year ago


  • HatchetHaro
    HatchetHaro Year ago

    Fun fact: it's a phenakistiscope, a predecessor to the zoetrope.

  • Traci Davis
    Traci Davis Year ago

    Mom still live in a tent

  • sierra davis
    sierra davis Year ago

    STRANGEr things

  • Louie Bueno
    Louie Bueno Year ago

    Who would buy a flashlight and a disk for $19.99

  • Sharkyplayz games


  • Sally's Dolly Days Connie Pritchett


  • Wa Zarudo
    Wa Zarudo Year ago

    nice voicecrack at 1:16

  • ylime nonac
    ylime nonac Year ago


  • leanna smith
    leanna smith Year ago

    Your company is the best

  • Themo
    Themo Year ago

    Ben says that his first pet was MC hamster, that is a reference to the waterproof fire video

  • L7 Gaming
    L7 Gaming Year ago


  • mir saad hussain
    mir saad hussain Year ago

    ( your getting sleepy 1:02) yeah I’m getting so sleepy maybe I should head to bed now!!😎😜😂 I just can’t believe that actually happened in real life yo! Hahahah😜😂😱

  • R B
    R B Year ago

    vat 19 is the best

    HEM SHAH Year ago

  • Xiukui Huang
    Xiukui Huang Year ago

    what are you 2006 ha

  • Techno Spyform1
    Techno Spyform1 Year ago +1

    *Y E S Y E S Y O U R E G E T T I N G V E R Y S L E E P Y*

  • stickbotz studios

    thi thi is my dogs name it's weird

  • -Chitto- -Boi-
    -Chitto- -Boi- Year ago

    *M.C Hamster* xD

  • Vida Corpuz
    Vida Corpuz Year ago

    All in its $19 glory

  • Asma Happy
    Asma Happy Year ago

    Kyutie can use this!

  • KevinMatic
    KevinMatic Year ago

    At 0:10 did anyone notice the Strobotop named is writen out like the DuckTales style?

  • Dalton W.
    Dalton W. Year ago

    “What’s the name of your 1st pet?” “MC Hamster.” That part kills me!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zane Roote
    Zane Roote Year ago


  • Jonas Star
    Jonas Star Year ago

    This cost probably like 100 dollars

  • Edgyteenager420
    Edgyteenager420 Year ago

    Mc hamster XD

  • OzoneKK
    OzoneKK Year ago +1

    p Strobotop made by robtop confirmed

  • Naresh Kumar Patel

    Vat 19 is awesome

  • Will Lectar
    Will Lectar Year ago

    Yeah, but does it have a bottle opener?

  • Unicorn Gang🦄
    Unicorn Gang🦄 Year ago

    Am I the only one who came here for John's hypnotic character?

  • TRGOTI - That Random Guy On The Internet

    I’d draw the tardis and make it disappear

  • Catflower and the Piggies

    Vat19 when a company discontinues a product and you still have more could you sell the, until they are sold out or do you have to give them back to the company.

  • surger cupid
    surger cupid Year ago

    let's call the hypnosis character illusion man

  • rensky !!
    rensky !! Year ago

    heyyyyyyy I have like a 5 year old super cheap version of this

  • Omar Obaid
    Omar Obaid Year ago


  • watsup studios
    watsup studios Year ago

    My kittens name is coco. Like it right

  • M&B Realty
    M&B Realty Year ago

    You could make bendy with this

  • Dominic Michael
    Dominic Michael Year ago +1

    Bored LORD
    When i see it... it so BUTIVUL
    Then i buy it i just know... I CAN'T DRAW

  • Withdime117
    Withdime117 Year ago

    Am C hamster 😂

  • Thar Bu
    Thar Bu Year ago

    Call him craze-Ma-daze #Mullet

    MLTO is KAWAII Year ago +1

    Can I make my friends not call me crazy if I use this?

  • Audacious Fellow 101

    What if the batteries of the light phaser runs out?

  • Giggity Mods
    Giggity Mods Year ago +1

    I was getting sleepy while watching this lul

  • Jackster Noodle
    Jackster Noodle Year ago

    My first time on and I already have 30 things in my cart

  • לביא גלזמן

    MC hamster 😂

  • LameName Syebot
    LameName Syebot Year ago

    MC hamster?! 1:08

  • Maggie Millina
    Maggie Millina Year ago


  • Hailey Schulz
    Hailey Schulz Year ago

    That's not how hypnotism works. Suggestive hypnosis only works if you want to do said action. Giving away personal information is probably something you wouldn't want to do. Still, cool top.

  • NoahChannel
    NoahChannel Year ago +1

    a flat version of busy body?

  • Zenek Guwienko [GD]

    my husky was cola but she is dead :(

    i want her back :( :(

  • i cant think of a name

    I would make the stickman DAB......

  • Yoyogamer 11
    Yoyogamer 11 Year ago

    What happens if you spin the strobotop really fast with compressed air and as it’s spinner really fast poor some paint on it

  • Sakonema
    Sakonema Year ago +1

    Woow. I could play months or years by spinning that disc. Really.

  • Castillo Kiddos
    Castillo Kiddos Year ago

    Hay vat 19 hi don't you make ice pruf putty

  • Gage Mills
    Gage Mills Year ago


  • Minh Ngoc Do
    Minh Ngoc Do Year ago

    I want thing! I NEED thing!

  • Javier Silva
    Javier Silva Year ago

    My cats name was melquiades xD

  • FireyPotato
    FireyPotato Year ago

    Mc Hamster 🐹

  • MDbA04
    MDbA04 Year ago

    Lol the magician looks like penguin from Gotham

  • Kayagorzan
    Kayagorzan Year ago +1

    Y the word / title of strobotop's font looks like Indiana Jones's Font

  • Philip Nguyen
    Philip Nguyen Year ago

    Like if I tricked you

    Read more

  • Tally120
    Tally120 Year ago

    "MC Hamster" 😂

  • Leonel Posada
    Leonel Posada Year ago

    That guy is evil

  • sucky
    sucky Year ago

    my gummy pepper and pizza and breakfast gummys have bean back ordered for 5 weeks and still have not came