Will I Raise a Son Like Harvey Weinstein?

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Hey everyone! Mayim Bialik here from The Big Bang Theory and Blossom! Be sure to subscribe to my channel for video updates. This week's vlog is about this Harvey Weinstein thing. It's gotten me thinking about how I raise boys. How do we as a society raise boys? I thought hard, freaked out hard, and made this video. Please, please share this and comment below. Let's start a conversation here.
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  • patricia Liu
    patricia Liu 3 days ago

    You saved me...I was on the edge of killing myself... But your show, stories, speeches..etc. Give me the courage get back on my feet! Just wish Hollywood stop being so stereotype of Asians.. Besides, martial arts, we can act too! And we can be extremely funny as well!

  • Danielle Crouch
    Danielle Crouch 5 days ago

    These are great lessons you've taught your boys. We need many more parents to teach their children these things, which I consider basic musts in interacting with other people. While I agree with other commenters that these lessons are important for all children to learn, I would argue that they are especially important for boys, who often learn much different behavior from societal cues and popular media.
    I would add to the point about porn, though, that not all porn is bad. Don't get me wrong, the majority of it is absolute trash and misogynistic to boot, but if you know where to look you can find good, ethical porn which models consent, diversity and equal pleasure for men, women and everyone in between. Erika Lust's work is a good place to start.

  • james harm
    james harm 8 days ago

    This video should be titled "How to Raise a Son Like Harvey Weinstien"
    That would be much more accurate

  • Incognito774
    Incognito774 10 days ago

    Well, Weinstein is Jewish, so...way higher chance of your kid ending up like that with weird fetishes that may be linked to that whole circumcision thing. Oh, and he did go after the so called shiksas, not sure you'll tell your kid not to rape the goyim women given that they're worthless, right?

  • G Margenka
    G Margenka 11 days ago

    I read some of the comments...uhhh just keep doing what you are doing. Here is what I say...treat people the way you would want to be treated. If you do that, the details don’t matter. You are right to say keep yourself in a safe space. I understand those that think: I can wear what I want and go where I want, but it WILL put you at risk. Avoid it to protect yourself. If we all watch out for each other, we will become stronger together. I really appreciate your perspective!

  • Meo Ovandez
    Meo Ovandez 11 days ago

    can u stfu please, ur trash , trump won with ease, hillary clinton is going to jail
    big bang is trash too

    KARINA SANTOS 13 days ago

    This subject will always be difficult to talk about. Here in Brazil, there are several assaults, so should I walk with my cell phone in the middle of the street alone? of course not. Rapists, pedophiles, psychopaths do this because they want to. They know it is wrong, but do not care about society's opinion. They are criminals. So, what short or long clothing does it matter? My opinion is yes! The very short clothes catch the attention of these criminals, it is like putting your life in danger, because no one knows where these criminals are. It's okay if you disagree but remember the danger is real and we must be cautious.

    KARINA SANTOS 13 days ago

    Este assunto sempre será difícil de falar. Aqui no Brasil, existem vários assaltos, então devo andar com meu celular no meio da rua sozinha? claro que não. Estupradores, pedófilos, psicopatas fazem isso porque querem. Eles sabem que é errado, mas não se preocupam com a opinião da sociedade. Eles são criminosos. Então, será que roupa curta ou longa importa? Minha opinião é sim! A roupa muito curta chama a atenção desses criminosos, é como colocar sua vida em perigo, porque ninguém sabe onde esta esses criminosos. Está tudo bem se você discordar mas lembre-se o perigo é real e temos ser prudente.

  • Turquoise Cheetah
    Turquoise Cheetah 14 days ago

    Women can act like this too, so I'd rather the title be "how not to raise a CHILD" to be like him.

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams 15 days ago

    Oh lord...If you got her order wrong at a restaurant. I shutter at the the thought.

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams 15 days ago

    Well he is Jewish so one part will be raised like him.

  • Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith 16 days ago

    Women are deluded if they think how you raise your son is how your son will be. I was raised by liberals, I'm proudly right-libertarian. I was told tobacco was evil, I smoked for many years. I was told you can't be happy unless you marry and have a family, I'm 42, single, no kids.
    Personally, I don't know what's wrong with Harvey. I'm perfectly happy hiring prostitutes, watching porn, getting a lap dance at the strip bar, or finding a bootie call on my own. I have never harassed a woman in my entire life, at work, while traveling, etc. If I grab you by the pussy, you're already in my apartment, so it's assumed you want sex. If you don't, you can tell me.
    My point is that Harvey is a very different type of man. He's like a Peeping Tom, those who lust for what is forbidden. I don't know what made him that way, maybe it was money and power, maybe it was being able to get away with it, maybe it was all those women that suffered him and said nothing.
    However, I don't think Harvey was raised to do those things. I don't think his father told him, "hey son, women love to see a man masturbating in front of them."

  • fuck you google
    fuck you google 17 days ago +2

    If you're raising him Jewish then he will be like Harvey and then whine about the Nazis when caught. Someone who will cry about the pain he feels in his hand as he strikes you

  • Sevens Secret
    Sevens Secret 17 days ago +2

    Your son is doomed!

  • Hope Springseternal
    Hope Springseternal 17 days ago +2

    Yeah you probably will. It's a jewish thing.

  • Shiniji Kudo
    Shiniji Kudo 18 days ago

    Good nurture is a good start, but it doesn't prevent men nor women from becoming a predator.
    I was raised by a conservative christian family. Just lets say old school. Nevertheless i raised to what i would call a liberal man who treats almost everyone equaly (there are genes, there are prejudices - can't help it).
    My point is - that can go the other way round too. Liberal / strict parents can raise authoritarians, predators....
    Get your daughter a bunch of bad friends and wait for the police's call.
    I saw good people gone bad, just because of the bad circumstances. They weren't able to process a family member's death, etc..
    There are so many ways people can join the dark side that claiming "I won't raise a Weinstein" is just impossible (for me).
    Sorry no native speaker..

  • Barney R
    Barney R 18 days ago +2

    She is raising two hyper- violent schizophrenic communist homosexuals.

  • Charles Tarr
    Charles Tarr 18 days ago +1

    Chosen people doctrines cause this.

  • Alex Reddy
    Alex Reddy 18 days ago

    what about your genocidal rabbis and rabbis who suck babies dicks after slicing the foreskin off, did you let the rabbi suck your sons? he might have herpes www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2304793/Two-babies-stricken-HERPES-ritual-oral-blood-sucking-circumcision-New-York-City.html

  • Alex Reddy
    Alex Reddy 18 days ago

    what about all the paedo child trafficking jews?

  • Gustaf Paulson
    Gustaf Paulson 18 days ago


  • Gustaf Paulson
    Gustaf Paulson 18 days ago


  • GMX Dist
    GMX Dist 18 days ago +1

    If your a female, protect yourself from male and females..both like sex, not only men.

  • GMX Dist
    GMX Dist 18 days ago

    Harvey is a jew..power driven human

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 18 days ago

    Fuck off

  • 3rd Street Pictures
    3rd Street Pictures 19 days ago +1

    Mayim is a misandrist because she was raised to hate and fear men.

  • iu li
    iu li 19 days ago

    No... your son will be gay and vegan. This is a contradiction but for sure you will manage to rise him in this way.

  • H0000K
    H0000K 19 days ago

    1:29 / 1:45 i'm a guy and sex is not my primary motivation

  • Pepe Topkek
    Pepe Topkek 19 days ago

    You Jews sure do love to indulge in degenerate behavior.

  • cloeyhandro
    cloeyhandro 19 days ago

    100000000000000000% agree. Everyone needs to start taking responsibility for themselves and their own safety. As much as I believe in not blaming someone for being assaulted in any way(be it physically, sexually or otherwise), I do believe in people taking preventative measures in order to avoid such situations. I wholeheartedly believe that nobody has the right to touch you without your explicit consent, but I think people should educate themselves on protecting themselves.

  • fluffy burger
    fluffy burger 19 days ago

    God help any cuck who would actually procreate with you, and I hope you never raise children it would fucking suck to grow up feeling shamed about their sexuality

    PESTIL3NCE 19 days ago

    Treat everyone with respect but Specifically pay special attention to, women, people of colour, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people. I love listening to morally superior millionaires droning on. She says treat everyone with respect? Unless they are biological men right, then it's fine to paint them all as sex crazed maniacs, who are only after one thing, & will do anything to get it. So basically all men are sexual deviants and rapists. Unless women make YouTube videos & train us how not to be rapists. WOW thank you so much, I was just about to go out for a spot of raping, but thanks to your massively condescending video, I now know raping is wrong.

  • Someonez Mom
    Someonez Mom 19 days ago

    ...and you wonder why you are divorced? LOL

  • Allan Bacon
    Allan Bacon 19 days ago

    Adolf was right.

  • Jamie's YouTube Videos

    You're man hating moron. Patriarchy doesn't exist, matriarchy does. The vast, vast majority of boys are amazing people. Who do not just want sex you absolute disgusting human!!

  • Erwin Rommeow
    Erwin Rommeow 19 days ago

    Spoiler alert: yes you will because you, Harvey and the other sexual predators are Jewish

  • Bitch Niggas
    Bitch Niggas 19 days ago

    Men deafinitly don't want you....

  • Claire Edmonds
    Claire Edmonds 20 days ago

    Well said Mayim. Beautiful words from a beautiful woman. Xx

  • mynthecooldude
    mynthecooldude 20 days ago

    Why are people so sex-negative, I know some lady friend that works in pornography and she doesn't like when someone talk shit about her job. As an atheist, I don't see any justification for saying that pornography is degrading, you sound just like a Christian, stop the sex-negativity, our homoerectus ancestors would be ashamed.
    P.S. I don't have a problem with the rest of the video.

  • chen grace
    chen grace 20 days ago

    I was basically raised the same way as you were, though I'm Chinese. And now I have a sweet little boy that I need to think hard every now and then to raise him to be a decent, nice man. God help me.

  • 0801
    0801 21 day ago

    Patriarchy doesn't exist

  • Arvid
    Arvid 21 day ago

    Great speech, thanks Mayim. Wish we all could stop hurting each other and behave as one people.

  • Sean Wade
    Sean Wade 22 days ago

    well I'm not gonna say that a problem dosen't exist because it does exist and is big in many levels but I honestly believe that men are hurt the most by this, we have to grow up with this kind of things being persecuted by society because your sex just for being you, because you were born being what we are and I think that is wrong because this does not happen with women even when Men are more affected by sexual aggression by our own sex that is the case with jail. I belive that we have to be respectfull with women but that dosen't mean that womencan be victimized. you not gonna raise your boy to be degraded because if a women rape a man it's not gonna be seen like it's seen when a man do this, if a women hit's a man it's dosen't matter we can't be always politicly correct we have to be equals, I don't think that we have to treat other with more benefics than anybody else actually that's other kind of racism.
    just because they have been hurt by the system like lgbt and black people etc we have to teach that we are all equals that nobody is more is special than someone that nobody deserve a preferencial treat no one even if is a women or a man.
    we all are free to judge everybody if we want it's no law who says that we can't be whatever we wanna if that's dosen't broke the law you can do it even if that is offencive you can because you are free. that what we have to teach that they can choose in what they gonna be.

  • UToobUsername01
    UToobUsername01 23 days ago

    There is nothing wrong with what Weinstien did. He boosted the careers of opportunistic women and it was consensual. Sure it may go against your morals but they could have walked away. Stop assuming it wasn't the women that seduced him in thier quest for fame and power just because he is an ugly guy. If the roles were reversed would femi-tards even defend the man? You are seeing news stories of female teachers taking advantage of male students but nobody makes a fuss over this. You don't give a shit about real victims. You just want attention and to use this to boost your social status by virtue signaliing. If you are getting raped ring the fucking cops and let them handle the case! Stop talking about a criminal activity on social media so that the investigation can be done and you catch the bad guy. The only reason you are doing this stuff is for attention not to catch criminals that might be guilty of something. Don't you dare say your boys are automatically going to be sleazy perverts just for being boys. Do you know the damage you are doing to children by making them feel guilty for something they haven't done? You are demonising innocent people to boost your status. Stop doing it. Let the police handle it. You are not helping by going into social media to push your feminist agenda. We don't give a shit if you are a celebrity or famous person. Let police handle the case. Stop interfering with things and messing up the ability to obtain the truth and gather any evidence which could put the bad guy behind bars. And stop being SEXIST. Your boys are not Harvey Weinstein. Just because they have a dck. Stop making innocent people feel guilty for something they haven't done. Your governments are the most corrupt out there and your movies encourage immoral behavior with characters that are reckless and have no common sense in them. You need to start looking at why you work in entertainment and what influence it is having on kids who see adults doing irresponsible things and broadcasting this message to their minds. Not pushing for feminist nonsense. The patriarchy has nothing to fucking do with this. Men got to power because women are not as talented. They are only valued for looks and not skills. It's because sex sells. But tha'ts got nothing to do with your father conspiring to prevent you from attaining power. It is just the market. Like how fast cars are considered more sexy and valuable than slow cars which are safe.

  • MrPerla2005
    MrPerla2005 24 days ago

    Wow!   Mayim:  I see SO many comments that reject your video, and only very few ones that agree with your stupid statement. You have given a "heart" with your approval to those who agree with you, but mostly ignored the ones that disagree. No wonder you are quite unpopular.

  • Aries Girl 4 Life
    Aries Girl 4 Life 24 days ago

    I have a 15 year old nephew. My sister and I have talks with him about respecting woman and treating others the way he would ant to be treated.

  • Kaalyn - OPG
    Kaalyn - OPG 25 days ago

    Wow. Somehow this video (particular the intro) was just as bad and almost more dismissive than your article. God you were a small hero in my world, and you've reduced yourself into a fraud who is sickeningly insensitive. "Well, it doesn't affect me, so I didn't care" and "Well, I did it this way, so they did it wrong" "I was raised this way and that's why I was fine" bullshit. Utter fucking bullshit. I honestly can't imagine how the champion rational, intelligent thought can be this blind to her own ridiculous ways of thinking about those affected my sexual assault. It only mattered to you when you thought about your sons, but the victims? Your friends? Nah. "Wellll, they don't get this industry or ours". Fuck that. Fuck all this. It only got worse and you've yet to make any sort of amends for it in any true, meaningful way.

  • Sara Brothern
    Sara Brothern 25 days ago

    Yes yes yes! Thank you for the comment you made about porn!!!!!

  • Veldrin on Mirror’s Edge

    Actually i was very surprised about the wide range and involving. I still almost dont want to believe it, because it is so shocking.
    I as a men myself can not understand how a person can do this to another person or more specifically how men can misbehave like this to women and am heavily ashamed about all that and shocked that the list is so long.
    Are there difference in the age and ratio? I am very curious about it.

  • Chunk Lars
    Chunk Lars 25 days ago

    I agree with 99% of what you are saying but circling back to porn - almost all men look at porn and telling your boys to just not do it may not be realistic. To add to your conversation maybe dealing with how to find/watch porn that is made by, for and with consenting adults. The biggest problem with porn isn't that people watch it - it's that it has become the easiest route to child sexual exploitation.

  • Chunk Lars
    Chunk Lars 25 days ago

    FYI - closed captioning is reading Grok nation as Crack nation... 😂😂😂

  • Diana Nicole
    Diana Nicole 28 days ago

    Bravo 👏

  • AlnoeWolf
    AlnoeWolf 28 days ago

    i will have to be misogynistic with this coment but why would ANY human being not presue the opposed gender if it wasnt for sex, with this i mean that we are still animals that have the basic instinct of reproduce. especially males all i am saying that it human nature to loking for sex i hope you will teach you kids this.

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis 29 days ago

    I love you in the view of how you have chosen to live your life and embrace your jewish heritage. And trust me when I say that you have way more positive points than negative points about you. I don't worship or lift you up to be more than you are. But neither do I take away from what you have accomplished. You are a great example to everyone. Now I say all that to say this... to label all men both good and bad nice and not so nice as being driven by sex is both right and wrong. God created us with a drive that sometimes gets out of control. And yes women have those same drives, and its not always about men taking the advantage, its also women that cross that line. but who calls them out for you to say with a very narrow view that all men are driven to act bad. Is not right, your special and gifted , just as I am special and gifted. Have I gotten drunk and could have had sex with what I deem is a goddess, sure but I did not. Because in many cases I felt God gifted me with common sense to look at the situation through the eyes of the other person. Mayim your gifted and special, and you have such a unique way of looking at life. Don't give up and don't read too many of these negative comments read enough to better yourself and pray about the change your potentially going to go through. Christ called us to not judge but to love one another. As to the abusers and users they will get what is owed to them. I will choose to not hang out with them but I do from afar love and care about their growth in God as we all have been there and have been ashamed of what we did or did not do. So your heart is good and God so loves you.

  • LastKnownBeer
    LastKnownBeer 29 days ago +1

    If you have a penis in Hollywood it's open season

  • Salomon Saavedra Grandes

    You are very beautiful, damn

  • aggin swaggin
    aggin swaggin Month ago +1

    I am a 16 year old guy, and I want to wait until marriage.

  • YorickReturns
    YorickReturns Month ago +1

    Why do feminists oppose MGTOW?

    • NJGuy1973
      NJGuy1973 17 days ago

      You can't demonize someone who isn't around.

  • Just A Guy
    Just A Guy Month ago

    Men truly need to just segregate themselves from women, do not do a damn thing for them, do not help them in any way. Need a person to play a female role on a show, dress a man up as the female. Men need to turn their collective backs on women in society. No more hand outs, no more stopping to help them change a flat tire, no more paying for diner on dates, no more dates, no more wealth transfer to women via government/court orders. No more marriage, no more children, no more cohabitation. Men no longer have to take on the moronic hero/provider roles, feminism has seen to that. Women are strong and independent now and do not need a man for anything, so women, leave us alone already. Stop using us men for our utility value, for the money in our bank accounts, for a place to live and then turn around and take the house from us. I know that one is going to be hard as it is female nature. Stay the hell away from us men.

  • eli
    eli Month ago

    you are very right in many ways but there is one thing that separates men from women.You said that we are equal in chemistry no we're not we produce more testosterone which makes us males.We are more aggressive we have to learn to control that hormone just like anything else in life that is our destiny as males.

  • eli
    eli Month ago

    you are very right in many ways but there is one thing that separates men from women.You said that we are equal in chemistry no we're not we produce more testosterone which makes us males.We are more aggressive we have to learn to control that hormone just like anything else in life that is our destiny as males.

  • eli
    eli Month ago

    you are very right in many ways but there is one thing that separates men from women.You said that we are equal in chemistry no we're not we produce more testosterone which makes us males.We are more aggressive we have to learn to control that hormone just like anything else in life that is our destiny as males.

  • eli
    eli Month ago

    you are very right in many ways but there is one thing that separates men from women.You said that we are equal in chemistry no we're not we produce more testosterone which makes us males.We are more aggressive we have to learn to control that hormone just like anything else in life that is our destiny as males.

  • Apoit V
    Apoit V Month ago

    Free Harvey! this is a god damn witch hunt!

  • Michele Nakamura
    Michele Nakamura Month ago

    I agree about some of your views but not all. The inference that a women or man is to be blamed for being somewhere you believe is bad is irresponsible. The vibe of any party (get together) can change in a heartbeat. Rape survivors are usually raped by someone they know. People who go to strip clubs or who pay for sex usually don't rape. Most men who watch pronographic material don't go out a rape someone.
    Rape can happen anytime and anywhere. A woman was raped on a trailhead. Another in the library.
    If you do other videos like this, use RAPE instead of sexual assault. Using sexual assulted makes people feel safe. Using RAPE leaves no wiggle room. It make you uncomfortable. You know exactly what happened. It's not sugar coated. Call it what it is. It's not sexual assulted, it RAPE.
    Thanks for this video and your opinion. Read your comments. There are some that I believe you should address.

  • Aj Anaya
    Aj Anaya Month ago

    All that years majoring in Gender Studies led to this.

  • Justin Burton
    Justin Burton Month ago

    The most fool proof plan is to raise your son to be a looser and not make alot of money so a bunch of gold digging whores wont want to use him for his resources. Then lie later about being assaulted when they in fact agreed could have walk away but chose to engage, so they can make it that much harder for real victims of assault.

  • Justin Burton
    Justin Burton Month ago

    So sex is bad? How the fuck are we supposed procreate? Women are annoying as fuck, weak and complain too much. The only reason men tolerate them is because fucking them creates a very addictive chemical process in the brain. No straight man would tolerate another man acting like women do.

  • Duine Outis
    Duine Outis Month ago

    While I don't doubt Ms Bialik's sincerity, her views strike me as ridiculously naïve.  She seems to interpret the problem with Weinstein et al as personal failings by individuals and ignores the structures within which they operated.  Yes she does say "power and patriarchy" in the first 30 seconds, but then she prattles on about "equality" and other such nonsense and never mentions it again.  Simple question:  if Harvey Weinstein was a postman in Brooklyn would he have acted the way he did?  It may sound like silly question, but I am merely pointing out that Weinstein's position of power is the most important thing to consider, and yet in this film it is not considered at all.  The Weinsteins of the world are not products of "patriarchy" but of hierarchy, and it's the latter people are unwilling to challenge or even acknowledge.

  • Iamyourmaid
    Iamyourmaid Month ago

    seriously why does this video have more likes than dislikes??

  • Iamyourmaid
    Iamyourmaid Month ago

    but you know what's most interesting? you look like an OLD HAG anyway and you still think people are so attracted to you that you can stop all traffic. why don't you kill yourself instead OLD HAG?

  • Iamyourmaid
    Iamyourmaid Month ago

    wow, you have kids? omg I bet they're on their way to emasculation!!!

  • Iamyourmaid
    Iamyourmaid Month ago +1

    muh patriarchy!!!

  • NO MA'AM
    NO MA'AM Month ago

    It's hilarious all these harlots conspiring with the likes of Weinstein via decades of their silence are blaming everyone but themselves for the mess that is Hollywood. Teach your kids whatever you want, you still reap what you sow. You really think "Oh I knew this was going on all along but never called the cops over a 20 year period because it hurts my bottom line" is the least bit convincing? P.S. according to YouTube feminists your shitty show is misogynistic so try working on that.

  • Keyhre
    Keyhre Month ago +1

    You sure said a lot of nothing.

  • SpaghettiandSauce
    SpaghettiandSauce Month ago +1

    Wow. 6:47 of solid, non-stop SJW virtue signaling. I genuinely pity her boys growing up being told all day every day how evil and wicked they are, and how their desires are disgusting and abusive. (Does this silly woman have any idea how absurd it is to tell her sons to call the police every time they pass a strip club?) And if you really think they're never going to want to look at naked women on the internet, you really are a deluded fool.
    I'm increasingly discovering that there is no way whatever for a man to express sexual/romantic interest in a woman that feminists do not consider to be "unacceptable". Every single form of heterosexual expression is condemned, and all ways in which male heterosexuality might be expressed are classified as "patriarchal". Feminists have sought to establish an ever shifting minefield
    Honestly I think the best thing men can do in the 21st century is to just avoid women as much as possible. Interacting with a woman in any context is taking a large risk for little gain.

  • Bombay7676
    Bombay7676 Month ago +1

    Your son may not be like Harvey Weinstein, but many people will treat him like he is no matter what you do.

  • Jonathan Camacho
    Jonathan Camacho Month ago +2

    Some of this was interesting, some of it was on point, some of it was misguided, and some of it was fucking stupid. I can respect what she's trying to get at but she has a complete lack of understanding of how guys in general see and understand things.

  • Rich X
    Rich X Month ago +1

    Typical feminist BS. Only men with power rape. Patriarchy. Rape culture. Well women in power can be just as bad. Below are a few links. These are examples of women raping. And those are the cases that we are aware of. Just imagine all the rape that we don't know about. Also the difference between a male rapist and a female rapist is women get away with it.

  • Raizel M
    Raizel M Month ago

    I raised two sons as a single parent. My sons would NEVER do the despicable things he has done. My sons have beautiful., educared, intelligent women as wives who are out-spoken and socially conscious.

  • Zen Maintenance
    Zen Maintenance Month ago +2

    Imagine waking up one day to find out you were married to fucking Blossom.
    Now wipe the sweat off of your brow and Thank God for mgtow.

  • linuxman777
    linuxman777 Month ago +2

    Men only want sex from women because that is all you are good for. We have better substitute now for women such as Hentai and Robots so men today want nothing to do with women.

  • Ant Village
    Ant Village Month ago +1

    Stupid cunt...

  • The Answer 42
    The Answer 42 Month ago +2

    I think it's hilarious that Hollywood and the media has been cramming their liberal garbage down our throats for years. The pervasiveness of their rhetoric has been the most coercive, invasive, disease imaginable. Now they're being forced to consume themselves in a fury of hypocrisy. I'm delighted! what a wonderful time to be alive!

  • MGTOW Lite
    MGTOW Lite Month ago +2

    Well done Mayim Bialik - you are as intelligent as you are beautiful...

    • MGTOW Lite
      MGTOW Lite 24 days ago

      Sarcasm is either lost on YOU or your mastery is greater than mine.

    • MrPerla2005
      MrPerla2005 24 days ago +1


  • assid a
    assid a Month ago

    Just because you chose to not discipline your king with your hands doesn't mean other people agree with you which means opposite of your hole equal representation of people but I love your show and I love you as your actor job

  • assid a
    assid a Month ago

    So you said people does that mean your husband does not have to live with his wife and pay everything for her and take care of her if she doesn't work and she doesn't pay 50% of the bills and raise the kid cuz you said equal right0

  • Ken Barlow
    Ken Barlow Month ago +1

    Why do you single out men? Why not talk about women who sexually abuse men and boys? Furthermore women are motivated by sex as well. Women have sexual desires too. The person in the video is fairly intelligent. He has a pdh in neuroscience. But people can be good at maths and have no emotional intelligence or common sense.

  • peedinkus
    peedinkus Month ago +1

    Pornography provides a way for men to remain sane while avoiding the toxicity of relationhip with women. What passes for feminism these days (which has *nothing* to do with equality) has created the gynocentric weakening of the Western world through chronic demonization of everything masculine and the pussification of males to the point of no return. Good men are going their own way and avoiding relationship with women because the system is rigged by feminazis and their mangina servants in the courts. Have fun when the Muslim men are running the world in a few decades. You'll see what actual "patriarchy" is.

  • Ge Zim.
    Ge Zim. Month ago +1

    Yea now go teach young women not to be whores.

  • terminate with extreme prejudice

    Men want sex from Mayim Bialik?

  • Merel Verhulst
    Merel Verhulst Month ago

    You are such a beautiful person! I love watching your videos because you articulate your opinion so well and I totally agree. I really feel we should have more people like you in this world.

  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael Santos Month ago +1

    A jew ratting out another jew? How are you people suposed to run the world if you don't stick toguether?

  • Mr305Maxxx
    Mr305Maxxx Month ago +1

    Men wanna have sex? Wow how dare they. Cut his penis off immediately so he's not a threat.

  • hogensan
    hogensan Month ago

    Well that has destroyed my interest in the big bang theory.

  • hogensan
    hogensan Month ago +1

    Sex for resources is the way the world works. Now that government has taken over the male role women are destroying men through government.... End of civilization........ Women do not respect the nice guy until they have hit the wall of the bad boy cock carousel and even then they throw them away after a couple of years.... Legal system is anti-male.
    Women now are just STD carriers who will scream rape to destroy men. Promiscuous women are totally toxic.
    Go MGTOW and lead a full filling life. Be your natural independent self and leave/ refuse the bullies whom destroy themselves like communist always does.

  • Janice Mines
    Janice Mines Month ago

    If it is part of there in born nature can I assume it has the possibility of being a healthy motivating factor. Yes you mentioned how to explain what not to do and what is inappropriate and wrong. But if you're sons will soon be extremely sexually motivated though I am thinking some are asexual or at least only mild interested. How are they supposed to use this internal motivating Force for good. What are they supposed to do with it are they to pursue loving monogamous relationship are you going to guide them in this. Have you looked into the link between pusuing romantic and or sexual interest and the stop of pursuing higher education. Personal I see a very strong link once a person male or female begins to pursue relationships the acedemic side plays second fiddle or stops. Once passed honeymoon if in a place of stability it can start up again have you looked at this in your work

  • stlgtrace
    stlgtrace Month ago +1

    How about a video on how to raise daughters not to be whores, sluts and women who trade their pussys for career advancement?

  • johannes
    johannes Month ago +1


  • Thomas Lehmann
    Thomas Lehmann Month ago

    Feelings are not facts!