Will I Raise a Son Like Harvey Weinstein?

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Hey everyone! Mayim Bialik here from The Big Bang Theory and Blossom! Be sure to subscribe to my channel for video updates. This week's vlog is about this Harvey Weinstein thing. It's gotten me thinking about how I raise boys. How do we as a society raise boys? I thought hard, freaked out hard, and made this video. Please, please share this and comment below. Let's start a conversation here.
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Comments • 2 528

  • intaction1
    intaction1 11 hours ago

    You mutilated your son's genitals and now wonder if he will abuse others in turn?

  • Seth Reign
    Seth Reign 12 hours ago

    You're gross & extremely hypocritical.

  • meowow
    meowow 16 hours ago

    can you stop saying "drugs and alcohol" please you are feeding into the idea that alcohol is not a drug

    • meowow
      meowow 16 hours ago

      while it literally is more dangerous than about 7/10th of illegal drugs

  • Anne Abbott
    Anne Abbott 21 hour ago

    Circumcision. Consent. Respect. Protected. None of the above. Betrayal. Trauma. Shame. And youre giving advice? Oh boy.

  • Anne Abbott
    Anne Abbott 21 hour ago

    Did you circumcise your sons?

  • quarlo2
    quarlo2 22 hours ago

    Colossal hypocrite. You mutilate helpless baby boys (and hang the skin like a fucking trophy) and then have the nerve to lecture on consent? Just wow.

  • Martha Jackson
    Martha Jackson 3 days ago

    I support you! It´s not a surprise at all because this not only happens in the entertainment industry, it happens in everywhere! It´s very very sad but we have to do something and fight together!!

  • Nathalia Volpi
    Nathalia Volpi 5 days ago

    I grew up with a father that was constantly talking about sex in front of me and my brother. It was so harmful that I could never trust him near me or my mother. Thankfully nothing bad ever happened to neither of us, but the fear itself caused me to not trust any men. I never commit to a relationship because I´m afraid they may be just like my father. Thank you for the video, really wished everyone would watch it.

  • The Playhouse
    The Playhouse 6 days ago

    Prostitution has existed for as long as complex societies have. Just like going to the dentist to fix a broken tooth, you may go to an Escort to take care of your needs. In fact, doing so is far better than hooking up with a drunk person. I think every country should follow the examples set forth by The Netherlands and New Zealand, and legalise the selling and buying of sexual services.

  • jack g
    jack g 7 days ago

    Great video. The comments are cancer

  • A M
    A M 8 days ago

    Bbt sucks its really not funny.

  • A M
    A M 8 days ago

    Go and google that every one claims to be a jew but in reality is American with their hearts in Israel like you #zionistbabykillers.

  • A M
    A M 8 days ago

    By the way H.W is a zionist just like you and like the other guys bret Ratner etc who are exposed recently maybe u guys are related too.

  • Gregory Becker
    Gregory Becker 10 days ago

    If you circumcised your sons you are a hypocrite forever.

  • Marta Larsen
    Marta Larsen 10 days ago +1

    I was all for this until she mentioned the patriarchy. I was like 'aand i'm outta here'.

  • Laura Spilde
    Laura Spilde 11 days ago

    I don't believe it is "patriarchy" that is the problem. Because there are VERY GOOD godly "single fathers" out there. Some very good men have been ripped away from their children because of excessive feminism. One very good indicator of "misogyny" is if that son (or even daughter) does not respect the disabled people in the society. They think that the disabled person deserves to be "punished" in or out of a marriage. Love can exist outside of a "marriage" but it would always be godly sort of love: raggedycottagegarden.blogspot.com/2018/02/godly-love-exists-outside-of-marriage.html

  • Yazzie
    Yazzie 11 days ago +1

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 YOU GO GIRL!

  • James Barnes
    James Barnes 15 days ago

    Wow! The comments on this video are out of control. I'd like to emphasize that there is a difference between pornography and erotica. I believe erotica, the creation and consumption of art that visualizes desire is very healthy and important to ourselves and our culture. And also, though there is an abundance of pornography, there is much less erotica circulating in our culture. I'd also like to recommend a book called Conflict is not Abuse by Sarah Schulman. I think she addresses some of the conflicting opinions on what is consent, what is abuse, and the responsibilities that all people have to take ownership of.

  • Joshua Ehl
    Joshua Ehl 16 days ago

    I tried to read through the comments on this video and vomited a little in my mouth.
    Wow people are jerks. Hey, Mayim, this was a great video. You are absolutely in the right in how you address the issue from a point of experience and in this very particular place you have perspectives that we don't. You are in the industry the light is shining on showing the horror. You are a mother with a son. You get to speak and be heard on this and I am so grateful for you doing so.

  • M Balazs
    M Balazs 18 days ago

    2:54 To quot one of my faw teacher (fun fact she was a woman) "We are not equal even in our mother womb" and this has not even do to gender its just the fact and reality of life, we all start with different cards and end with different ones based on our choices all who ignores this only will end up making poorer choices.

  • M Balazs
    M Balazs 18 days ago +1

    1:47 in relationship i want to be loved and companionship dont care for sex (porn can handle that need ...completely and literally :D)

  • Klaus Rasmussen
    Klaus Rasmussen 19 days ago

    Hypocrite. Not giving your boy the opportunity to consent to being mutilated, and then teaching him that he musn't touch others bodies without consent?
    That is the pinnacle of hypocracy.

  • heyzeus023
    heyzeus023 19 days ago +1

    This has to be the stupidest title for a video on TVclip.

  • Father Joe
    Father Joe 19 days ago

    Change the title to :Will I Raise a kids Like Harvey Weinstein?

    • Father Joe
      Father Joe 6 days ago

      :) yep personal responsibility yet no one talks about all the female teacher pedophiles....
      Heck one sued a former student for child support that she rapped and won....
      Statutory rape victim forced to pay child support

    • brendan russell
      brendan russell 7 days ago +1

      Father Joe the video would be 2 seconds long and she would just say no

  • Graeme Evans
    Graeme Evans 20 days ago

    "strip clubs and places people pay to have sex, dont go there" where did that come from? was that edited in from somewhere else because it made no sense in the "you are responsible for your location" part. it was just a "i dont like strip clubs so i'm telling you not to go there" rant, just jammed in wherever. weird

  • Bethany Sykes
    Bethany Sykes 20 days ago

    Hey..just wanted you to see this video. Lots of good points. Love you guys either way..but wanted to share.

  • Diana Nicole
    Diana Nicole 21 day ago

    Fantastic !

  • Amanda Robinson
    Amanda Robinson 22 days ago

    Wow! I can't understand how someone would think you're not raising your boys you be good people.

  • Xorn Xenophon
    Xorn Xenophon 23 days ago

    I am not so sure that Harvey Weinstein was an ####### at age 20. Maybe he developed into it with time, given enough opportunity, simpy by learing that he could get away with it. Even Hitler had a time when he dreamed about becoming an artist, after all.

  • professor captain Dr. Mr The Sandwich

    trannie pulling the Hollywood agenda of destroying genders for population control

  • Tom Godders
    Tom Godders 24 days ago

    Hate to be that guy, changing one “boy” at a time is a bit harsh, women are not just the subjects but can be the abuser too, just putting it out there. Other than that, quality video

  • May Ling Gallow
    May Ling Gallow 24 days ago

    I like this video. There is some good advice and points to think about on raising gentlemen.

  • Brian W
    Brian W 24 days ago

    No man wants you, so don’t worry about it

  • NPCmiro
    NPCmiro 25 days ago

    I disagree with you about both porn, and sex work. While its very possible it's bad for the people that are in it, its easy to find cases where this is untrue. My girlfriend is a stripper and finds her work rewarding and empowering. Don't paint all of it with the same brush.

  • daaiisy princess
    daaiisy princess 25 days ago

    This is so amazing. I totally agree❤️

  • Karen Jenkins
    Karen Jenkins 26 days ago

    Awareness does not mean labeling everything and over analyzing relationships. Just be kind and don't assume anything, (it's the mother of all f#$k ups for a reason).

  • Rachael Ruder
    Rachael Ruder 26 days ago

    How do you not have more subscribers. You will. Just keep going

  • brooke lynn
    brooke lynn 26 days ago

    Not particularly on topic of this video, but do you feel like the way we end up is out of our control? Nature and nurture do impact us, but is there more. Why can siblings be so different in their own ethics? That's my big question, why do some kids end up being "liberals" while being raised by super conservative parents?

  • Brian  Ballard
    Brian Ballard 26 days ago

    Love you 😘

  • Anon
    Anon 27 days ago

    4:26 doesn't hold up IRL. This is how we get trials against guys who were equally as drunk as the female counterpart.... moreover, why are feminists obsessed with being against porn and, seemingly, sex in general?

  • Teencat
    Teencat 28 days ago

    I have a feeling that I will be referencing this video in the future with my kids :3

  • Alexander the Ordinary

    The horrifying issues we hear in Hollywood are matters of violence and misuse of authority. These rules are cute but irrelevant to the issue. Also it is a logical contradiction to say "period!" after a sentence with a tentative statement preceded by "likely". Finally the phenomenon of sex trafficking in strip clubs is largely a result of corrupt political / government actors developing it for indirect money and power...30 years ago non-consensual employment was not occurring in strip clubs like (I hear) it is today. Like illegal drugs sex trafficking fuels the politicians.

  • Whisky DV
    Whisky DV 28 days ago

    Next time i go to a doctor i 'll tell him i have right not to be touched so hands of my ball's you creep

  • Pwn3r37
    Pwn3r37 28 days ago

    As much as I agree with nearly everything you say in this video, your use of male-gendered language for a majority of it only serves to add to the growing, unjust fear that all boys and men are potential rapists. Men are not the only people who can rape, and speaking as if they are actively reinforces patriarchy.
    While I don't have personal experience with this subject, I have more than one friend who has been either taken advantage of by women in situations that would be called rape if their sexes were reversed. One of them was drugged in a bar, taken to the woman's car where she raped him. The next day he went back to that bar and asked the bartender if they knew the woman. The bartender said he didn't know the woman, and laughed as he explained that he had seen her spike my friend's drink. A year later that woman came after my friend for child support, and when discussing it with his lawyer, he was told not to bring up the sexual assault as she could easily turn it around on him and claim he had raped her, and would likely win. He agreed to pay child support to her, and eventually was able to get split custody of his son. He loves that kid to death and seems to have forgiven the mother, as they have a good friendly relationship.
    While I'm glad that he's found a way to make a positive out of a negative, it disgusts me that he was raped, and then discouraged from seeking justice simply because the society we live in sees men as the only people who can rape, and women as the victims of this.

  • Marc Johnson
    Marc Johnson 28 days ago +1

    And I was told by My Mother not to Trust Women so why should I all of the sudden Trust You and most boys are raised by there Mother's so where did Mommy go wrong

  • Pablo A
    Pablo A 29 days ago

    Remember consent is sexy...
    Wait did I say sexy I meant MANDATORY!!!

  • Pablo A
    Pablo A 29 days ago

    I'm a teenager yet the idea of sex is the most disgusting loud uncomfortable action ever
    Also I'm a male
    Ps I relate with sheldon

  • James Moore
    James Moore 29 days ago

    I got news for you ladies at some point in almost every man's life they are going to say or do something sexually inappropriate to a female that is how we are wired

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall Month ago

    And now I've watched it all...BANG ON.

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall Month ago

    This is great, the channel... Also the subject of this post is VERY INTERESTING ...THANK YOU.

  • Fan Tastik
    Fan Tastik Month ago

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a woman of science
    Thank you Mayim

  • David Rivera
    David Rivera Month ago

    Yes lord, you know my heart Mayim. Growing up in my neighborhood, and as the skin tone that I am I know whay it is too be on the wrong side of right. I hope teach my son eight from wrong. Unlike your 7 teachings, I have over 25

  • Freckle Face
    Freckle Face Month ago


  • K G
    K G Month ago

    You're dad was a wise man. Men want sex. Lot of it. With lots of women. If they ever invent the "holodeck" men will lock themselves inside one for months and screw every woman they have a FaceBook picture of they are "friends" with. Yes, it's true. And we'll do all the things that we have fantasized about doing to you. Much of which will involved you naked with your other friends in various scenarios and positions. Yep, all true. But for you to then say this somehow makes men turn into Harvey? And that women and "queers" need special attention? What the fuck is wrong with you. No. No. People be it gay or having a dick or vagina should all be treated the same in the same unbiased way in shown respect until they show otherwise they don't deserve it. And that should not be dependent upon them belonging to a this-or-that class but on an individual bases. Fuck, the problem with an "educated" person like you Bialik is that you don't see people but classes. Individuality is lost and differences are really erased. Try as desperately as you do to prove how smart you, you prove simplistic and ignoring of nuanced diversities of our humanity in forcing your world order of "equality" with this whole big bad boy "Patriarch" to slay. As a wise old Greek once said the "worse form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal." And that is what you are doing: trying to make things more equal by just clumping different things (people) into terms like "female" and "queer" and saying they deserve to be treated better. Better than what? Or more to the point who? Hmm... Doesn't sound like "equality" to me. How you went to men and sex to that fucking stupid conclusion requires a certain level of crazy stupid that I just don't have. Me wanting to fuck all four of my sister's best friends-at the same time-doesn't mean I would rape them or think less of them or want to hold one back from even being say a delusional neuroscience graduate thinking her mostly no-shit commentary are insights punctuated by astounding leaps of illogical conclusion. It just means we as guys are horny fucks that love to fuck and can have a discriminating mind to really loath a person, regardless because they are female or "queer" and that I don't have to go out of my way with the pretense of being nice to them when they're really assholes. Do you get it Ms. PhD? All these variables are not correlatively link. You can be gay and female and a Republican with a nice personality and I cannot stand your political views but respect your right to express them and still want to fuck you despite our sexual misorientations and not once thinking about raping you. Or you can be an obnoxious egomaniac whose lack of common sense is a slappable offense but who I would still respect her right to being stupid but nonetheless not value her the same way as another female with better logical reasoning abilities. And... And this is the clincher... Still not once having this mythical "Patriarchal" impulse to rape. You seriously have some fucked-up sex and bigoted gender issues going on. You should look into that.

  • Georgia
    Georgia Month ago

    Mayim has answered the question, “will your boys be like Harvey Weinstein?” She didn’t need to involve any other topic other than this. We already know she is an activist for equality so why do we need to beat her down for not including it in this video?
    At no point did she say women aren’t capable of this, she was simply addressing current events.
    The video was direct and answered the question concisely, nice one Mayim 👏🏻

  • alyssium99
    alyssium99 Month ago

    Yeah mostly all men want sex, even nice ones that's true. But I would argue more women would action sexual desire if they we're more tune with their sexuality, and as the gender divide between social expectations and norms in relations sex becomes less over time. I actually think without the influence of these social norms you would find most women and men to be almost equally horny.
    And okay even though I said a lot of women aren't" in tune" with their desires or whatever it's obviously not true for every more reserved woman as there are a lot of people, both women and men who just do not have strong sexual desire. Which is totally okay.
    I think the thing I learnt about being a horny woman and relating to a lot of horny men, is to distinguish the sex brain to the rational brain. We often in the background have the sex brain ticking away making regular situations lewd (especially in our modern hyper-sexualised society), but it doesn't mean we'd actually act on it with our rational brain. For a woman who seems more sexually reserved, to hear some guys perspectives on sex must seem like a poor reflection of their character, but you have to consider that a lot of decent men have an active sex brain but won't act on it rationally.
    The same guy who might fantasise about his co-workers naked in his spare time, might also genuinely love and respect women in his everyday interactions. The ones that you're talking about that you have to be more careful for are the ones whose sex brain is ultimately more genuine part of themselves than their rational brain, and therefore the motivations for sex will always win over respect for the opposite gender. For other men they might have an active sex brain in the background but are ultimately of rational mind and principle, and those values will win out in the end. And for a lot of men they are a mixture of both depending on the situation , as no person, male or otherwise tends to be that simple.
    But I just don't think you should necessarily equate "all men wanting sex" as an automatic negative thing.

  • Albert Dunisch
    Albert Dunisch Month ago

    There's no sex in the champagne room!

  • E M m A v A R i
    E M m A v A R i Month ago

    i never want to have kid of my own neither do i married bc of that, but seeing your videos kind of tempting me to have kid and like i kind of have ideas of raising good kids for helping the society to be better place...

  • Blobbejaan Blob
    Blobbejaan Blob Month ago +1

    Did you mention the ethnicity of the majority of these abusers ? 37 (!!) of them were Jewish and 13 of another ethnicity. You should be ashamed but obviously you blame it on men in general. Patriarchy is the only system that works, matriarchy obviously doesn't. Just look at the birthrates in western countries but obviously you don't have a problem with that right ?
    Fortunately more and more people are waking up to the JQ. #openborders4israel

  • Holly Clark
    Holly Clark Month ago

    I have chosen not to have children. But that wasn't always what I planned for my life. I used to fear having sons, specifically because of what you're addressing today. I feared for raising one more man who would abuse and push down others.
    Thank you for this video, thank you for speaking the conversation.
    Tikkun Olam

  • GirlHatesWorld
    GirlHatesWorld Month ago

    I am a 20-year-old woman writing to express my concern over the actions of Mayim. After her Harvey Weinstein op-ed, she promised to work harder and do better but I do not see this happening.
    Frankly, that op-ed was disgusting and basically her stroking herself to the idea that someone will love her despite her looks. Which was not what the piece should have been about. No one asked if someone had every hit on her and that should not have been the topic. She could have talked about possibly being uncomfortable or her experience with sexual harassment. She seems to forget that sexual harassment is NOT a compliment.
    As someone who has done a lot of activist work, I'm not surprised that a woman of her race would make such a blunder. She ignored people of color who usually are not seen as attractive but as easy victims.As someone with a Ph.D., Mayim should have done much better. She made the piece about her and not feminism. Feminism in the time of Harvey Weinstein should be checking in with friends and keeping each other close and looking at how you interact with people and if you cross any lines.
    I was not very disappointed though consider Mayim is on the big bang theory which is an inherently sexist show that I could only stand a few minutes watching. Absolutely disgusting for a self-proclaimed feminist.
    I will be posting this on her youtube as well.
    Plamedi Makelela

  • Jbonejacon
    Jbonejacon Month ago

    Mayim, you are just so awesome!

  • Lewis Arthur
    Lewis Arthur Month ago

    Look im I guy and I'll say something, and I don't feel that it's fair to say that I only want sex in a relationship. Because that's not true Harvey Weinstein is scum but he doesn't represent all men ok.

  • Marc Johnson
    Marc Johnson Month ago

    No comment

  • Caitlin Tsarouhas
    Caitlin Tsarouhas Month ago

    Being totally honest, I agree with everything you said in this video to a certain degree and I believe others in the comments might be taking what you said the wrong way. You touch on the underlying issue that was presented you to as if all boys are like this and how can we prevent them from being the monsters we see today in our society. You did exactly that, you explained yourself fully but I see people not being satisfied with what you said about him specifically. You didn’t talk about the issue specifically and that seemed to upset people. You didn’t come here claiming things about him or the entire population of men. You didn’t use stereotypes or generalized men, you simply spoke from experience. You were very unbiased and I applaud you on that. I bet some of these angry people in the comments can’t say that for themselves. I enjoyed this video a lot.

  • Diabolic Daddy Gaming

    I felt as if I just got the sex lecture from a mom... who's younger than me. This felt pretty bloody awkward!

  • Sil
    Sil Month ago

    I really believe that although "everyone" has a need for acceptance and the need to feel like we belong somewhere specific; men are naturally wired differently than women. "When is comes to sexual matters most men are focused self serving and resourceful hunters" Quote me... and yes we have the responsibility to teach our sons to respect themselves as well as others and yes we have to raise our voices and point fingers to the predators (men or women) of the world.

  • expreshayne
    expreshayne Month ago

    I'm disappointed with the double standards in this video.

  • Kristy Joy Schoyen
    Kristy Joy Schoyen Month ago

    Oh amen sister-friend! From the moment I found put i was pregnant with a boy (nearly eight years ago), I became terrified of raising "The Man". We are a white, middle class family - my son can't help that he has blond hair, blue eyes, and that his college tuition will be paid for (because we've saved since before he was born). But he can help it if he's an asshole! And I guess that's where I come in as his Momma. I'm the one who needs to give him the building blocks to ensure that that never happens, to ensure that he doesn't adopt an attitude of "white privilege" and that he can go into the world as a citizen of the planet, rather than a product of a sick social cycle. One thing that we've always done in our home is to include anti-rape language in our play and conversation... Things like, "if your friend doesn't like it, you stop" and "if you both can't agree, you don't force them to do it your way". It doen' t sound like much, but underneath, there's an attitude switch that promotes respecting that autonomy of the other and understanding consent. As my little guy gets older, we will eventually add in the sexual component, but for now, we want him to have that base layer of respect for himself and others to build on.
    Thanks for the Share Mayim!

  • Beth Gerrard
    Beth Gerrard 2 months ago

    Well for the record, I agree with everything you said.

  • SkepticalFilmCritic
    SkepticalFilmCritic 2 months ago

    Mayim i love you but how can you speak from a feminist perspective when you work on the big bang theory?

  • Wayne Holmes
    Wayne Holmes 2 months ago

    Mayim Bailik, what about doing a episode of the Big Bang theory here in Australia?. Wayne from Sydney, Australia. P.s Harvey Weinstein is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

  • John Wyskochil
    John Wyskochil 2 months ago

    Who would want to impregnate this troll?

  • Bubba Lou
    Bubba Lou 2 months ago

    1. Not everyone is equal, thats why most of us arent in the NBA, 2. If we talk about rights, then we need to talk about responsibility.

  • tj d
    tj d 2 months ago +1

    Cringe as fuck. Shut up Jew

  • Conor Corrigan
    Conor Corrigan 2 months ago +1

    Quiet everyone, this Jewish Princess who cut off both her sons' foreskins would like to condescendingly lecture all of you about consent and bodily autonomy.

  • Jade-Marie Atkins
    Jade-Marie Atkins 2 months ago

    I wonder if Harvey was abused when he was a child? Just because you are from a 'nice' middle class family doesn't mean that you don't get abused.....in fact it goes on just as much in wealthy families as it does in poorer class families........

  • Василиса Вашина

    why so much hate in comments

  • patricia Liu
    patricia Liu 2 months ago

    You saved me...I was on the edge of killing myself... But your show, stories, speeches..etc. Give me the courage get back on my feet! Just wish Hollywood stop being so stereotype of Asians.. Besides, martial arts, we can act too! And we can be extremely funny as well!

  • Danielle Crouch
    Danielle Crouch 2 months ago

    These are great lessons you've taught your boys. We need many more parents to teach their children these things, which I consider basic musts in interacting with other people. While I agree with other commenters that these lessons are important for all children to learn, I would argue that they are especially important for boys, who often learn much different behavior from societal cues and popular media.
    I would add to the point about porn, though, that not all porn is bad. Don't get me wrong, the majority of it is absolute trash and misogynistic to boot, but if you know where to look you can find good, ethical porn which models consent, diversity and equal pleasure for men, women and everyone in between. Erika Lust's work is a good place to start.

  • james harm
    james harm 2 months ago

    This video should be titled "How to Raise a Son Like Harvey Weinstien"
    That would be much more accurate

  • Incognito774
    Incognito774 2 months ago +1

    Well, Weinstein is Jewish, so...way higher chance of your kid ending up like that with weird fetishes that may be linked to that whole circumcision thing. Oh, and he did go after the so called shiksas, not sure you'll tell your kid not to rape the goyim women given that they're worthless, right?

  • G Margenka
    G Margenka 2 months ago

    I read some of the comments...uhhh just keep doing what you are doing. Here is what I say...treat people the way you would want to be treated. If you do that, the details don’t matter. You are right to say keep yourself in a safe space. I understand those that think: I can wear what I want and go where I want, but it WILL put you at risk. Avoid it to protect yourself. If we all watch out for each other, we will become stronger together. I really appreciate your perspective!

  • Meo Ovandez
    Meo Ovandez 2 months ago

    can u stfu please, ur trash , trump won with ease, hillary clinton is going to jail
    big bang is trash too

    KARINA SANTOS 2 months ago

    This subject will always be difficult to talk about. Here in Brazil, there are several assaults, so should I walk with my cell phone in the middle of the street alone? of course not. Rapists, pedophiles, psychopaths do this because they want to. They know it is wrong, but do not care about society's opinion. They are criminals. So, what short or long clothing does it matter? My opinion is yes! The very short clothes catch the attention of these criminals, it is like putting your life in danger, because no one knows where these criminals are. It's okay if you disagree but remember the danger is real and we must be cautious.

    KARINA SANTOS 2 months ago

    Este assunto sempre será difícil de falar. Aqui no Brasil, existem vários assaltos, então devo andar com meu celular no meio da rua sozinha? claro que não. Estupradores, pedófilos, psicopatas fazem isso porque querem. Eles sabem que é errado, mas não se preocupam com a opinião da sociedade. Eles são criminosos. Então, será que roupa curta ou longa importa? Minha opinião é sim! A roupa muito curta chama a atenção desses criminosos, é como colocar sua vida em perigo, porque ninguém sabe onde esta esses criminosos. Está tudo bem se você discordar mas lembre-se o perigo é real e temos ser prudente.

  • Turquoise Cheetah
    Turquoise Cheetah 2 months ago

    Women can act like this too, so I'd rather the title be "how not to raise a CHILD" to be like him.

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams 2 months ago

    Oh lord...If you got her order wrong at a restaurant. I shutter at the the thought.

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams 2 months ago

    Well he is Jewish so one part will be raised like him.

  • Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith 2 months ago

    Women are deluded if they think how you raise your son is how your son will be. I was raised by liberals, I'm proudly right-libertarian. I was told tobacco was evil, I smoked for many years. I was told you can't be happy unless you marry and have a family, I'm 42, single, no kids.
    Personally, I don't know what's wrong with Harvey. I'm perfectly happy hiring prostitutes, watching porn, getting a lap dance at the strip bar, or finding a bootie call on my own. I have never harassed a woman in my entire life, at work, while traveling, etc. If I grab you by the pussy, you're already in my apartment, so it's assumed you want sex. If you don't, you can tell me.
    My point is that Harvey is a very different type of man. He's like a Peeping Tom, those who lust for what is forbidden. I don't know what made him that way, maybe it was money and power, maybe it was being able to get away with it, maybe it was all those women that suffered him and said nothing.
    However, I don't think Harvey was raised to do those things. I don't think his father told him, "hey son, women love to see a man masturbating in front of them."

  • fuck you google
    fuck you google 2 months ago +5

    If you're raising him Jewish then he will be like Harvey and then whine about the Nazis when caught. Someone who will cry about the pain he feels in his hand as he strikes you

  • Sevens Secret
    Sevens Secret 2 months ago +2

    Your son is doomed!

    • N C
      N C 28 days ago

      Sevens Secret how? By teaching common sense? What kind of idiot are you?

    • N C
      N C Month ago

      how? bc she believes differently than you? thats a harsh judgment for a mere difference in opinion. a parent can be a horrible warning to a child and that sets them on a productive path, knowing what not to do. hope you didnt strain your brain on that one..idiot.

  • Hope Springseternal
    Hope Springseternal 2 months ago +3

    Yeah you probably will. It's a jewish thing.

  • Shiniji Kudo
    Shiniji Kudo 2 months ago

    Good nurture is a good start, but it doesn't prevent men nor women from becoming a predator.
    I was raised by a conservative christian family. Just lets say old school. Nevertheless i raised to what i would call a liberal man who treats almost everyone equaly (there are genes, there are prejudices - can't help it).
    My point is - that can go the other way round too. Liberal / strict parents can raise authoritarians, predators....
    Get your daughter a bunch of bad friends and wait for the police's call.
    I saw good people gone bad, just because of the bad circumstances. They weren't able to process a family member's death, etc..
    There are so many ways people can join the dark side that claiming "I won't raise a Weinstein" is just impossible (for me).
    Sorry no native speaker..

  • Barney R
    Barney R 2 months ago +2

    She is raising two hyper- violent schizophrenic communist homosexuals.

  • Charles Tarr
    Charles Tarr 2 months ago +1

    Chosen people doctrines cause this.

  • Alex Reddy
    Alex Reddy 2 months ago +1

    what about your genocidal rabbis and rabbis who suck babies dicks after slicing the foreskin off, did you let the rabbi suck your sons? he might have herpes www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2304793/Two-babies-stricken-HERPES-ritual-oral-blood-sucking-circumcision-New-York-City.html

    • SarahBev
      SarahBev Month ago +1

      Alex Reddy How can anyone expect better from Jewish men like Weinstein when they all get a nice blowjob welcome to the world? Sickos

  • Alex Reddy
    Alex Reddy 2 months ago +1

    what about all the paedo child trafficking jews?