Will I Raise a Son Like Harvey Weinstein? || Mayim Bialik

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • This week's vlog is about this Harvey Weinstein thing. It's gotten me thinking about how I raise boys. How do we as a society raise boys? I thought hard, freaked out hard, and made this video. Please, please share this and comment below. Let's start a conversation here.
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    You ​might know me as Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory or from Blossom​ but there are so many other parts of me that you might not be aware of​!​​ I’m trained ​as a​ neuroscientist, ​I'm ​a passionate activist, an observant Jew, a​ perfectly imperfect​ mother, and ​I'm a complicated human being​ like many of you​. This is the place where I wear ​all of those hats - and none of them have a flower on them! ;)
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  • AA Productions
    AA Productions Day ago

    ...Well then, all men besides me, must be fucking crazy. Is this really what you believe? That we're all about sex?
    I promise you that I am no more about sex, then you are. My attraction itself, actually, only develops through relationship.
    I actually care for the person that I'm in love with, and want to make them happy. Actually, I want them to BE happy, even
    if it means they want another man. I would of course rather they tell me that, than to hide it from me. And of course I would
    then have to find someone else, but hey, that's my problem. I cried for two years after my last relationship, and I promise you
    that it wasn't "the-sex" that I was missing. For one simple reason: WE NEVER EVEN HAD ANY SEX! So again, I'm really quite
    shocked to hear, that I'm the only normal guy in the world (according to you). It is just insane, that all other men are so horrible.

  • AA Productions
    AA Productions Day ago

    Well, do we know what caused him to become Harvey Weinstein? I don't think so.
    Do we know what caused Hitler to become the terrible person he was? I don't think so.
    Well then, the correct answer to the question is: I DON'T KNOW.
    But more importantly, why the hell would you even think that she would raise a son like that?
    There's a million things in the world that her son can become, why don't you ask about all of them?
    I mean, the whole concern here just seems quite stupid, to be honest. You have absolutely no reason
    at all, to be concerned that her son will be anything like him. I don't see why you should worry about this.

  • Dr. Megan Aldridge, Au.D.

    Where is the LOVE button! Saving this to show my son! Thank you!!!

  • Axis
    Axis 3 days ago

    That pig should be castrated.

  • Fer Nanda
    Fer Nanda 4 days ago

    Thank you

  • SheBrat Patterson
    SheBrat Patterson 9 days ago

    Well said! Bravo! We don't have to agree with everything said (even tho I think I do) for her to have said this very well and to be correct either. One can never cover every single tiny possibility no matter how much one might try but I find absolute truth here and am glad to hear it said.

  • Pattie Hadfield
    Pattie Hadfield 10 days ago

    Well said!

  • Bruce Ferrell
    Bruce Ferrell 10 days ago

    I love that you exactly captured the message I got growing up "Men, by their sex alone, makes them weapons for hurting people and no one will trust them." Incredibly corrosive to self.
    Sometimes when we don't have just the right way of expressing a thing, it's very easy to misunderstand what someone else is trying to say, and I think we've all become bad lawyers, only excepting the exact words and not trying for the meaning behind them.
    Thanks Mayim!

  • Beth .Garfinkel
    Beth .Garfinkel 16 days ago

    One thing you could also do that you didn't mention: make sure that your sons know that they can get affection from other sources than their lovers.

  • Mariale Delgado
    Mariale Delgado 17 days ago

    I was raise like that too, that man only want sex, and they’ll say and do anything to have it...

  • Cabal Paxiarch
    Cabal Paxiarch 18 days ago

    Another preachy video that doesn't reflect the title. You can't say most of this stuff to kids, they won't understand concepts like consent, rights and personal safety for quite a while. Also preaching about porn won't do anything. Teenage boys will watch porn. You making them feel bad about it won't stop it or make them less likely to become Harvey Whinestein. Finally it's just offensive and ignorant. Do you think Whinestein's mother wanted to raise an abusive sociopath? The audacity to think that your kids are beyond corruption or amorality isn't just ridiculous it's dangerous because it will blind you to any character flaws they might develop. You are not the ultimate moral authority or have any power to guarantee raising decent humans. In fact, preaching about porn and rape in the same video shows an overzealous self-righteousness and universal rejection of even the slightest wrong-doing which your kids are eventually going to stop taking seriously because no one is a saint and saying that all bad behaviors are equally bad is just as pointless as saying that none of them are bad.

  • Soul Whisper
    Soul Whisper 21 day ago

    Great video. My son is 25 years old now, and I am so impressed by him. He amazes me. He must be an old soul. I know men twice his age who don't have the natural sense of morale that he does. He talks to me a lot and is very open, and I know from his community that he is nothing but respectful to women. We absolutely can raise good men. I was only 16 when he was born also, and most would have terminated the pregnancy at that age - I was 15 1/2 when I got pregnant. I'm so glad he exists. We need more men like him in the world.

  • Georgie Shuttle
    Georgie Shuttle 21 day ago

    Omg I’ve only just watched this and I relate so much to it. Even in my secondary school I was touched by boys I didn’t want touching me and the school would ignore it because boys will be boys and I should shut up about it because I should just deal and I’m only 17 yet i have experienced it lots of different times. Thank you for speaking up x

  • Max Edelstahl
    Max Edelstahl 21 day ago


  • Max Edelstahl
    Max Edelstahl 21 day ago

    yes, disgusting just like mothers who let their infant boys be tortured and ruined for life.

  • Donna Walther
    Donna Walther 24 days ago

    Thank you for talking to about him.

    DBSSTEELER 25 days ago

    You keep saying Patriarchy when you mean civilization.
    Its amazing that you crucify Harvey Weinstein and say nothing about the actresses that willingly traded their bodies for fame and fortune. But introspection is the blind spot of feminism. You are an actress that built a career without prostituting yourself on the casting couch so you know from first hand experience that it is possible to do.

  • David Pietarila
    David Pietarila 26 days ago

    This is way too complicated, and in my opinion, you missed a fundamental point on raising boys. Raise them to be MEN. I appreciate all of the points that you made but you started off talking about being raised to not trust men, then you went on to how you thought you should raise BOYS. A great many things that you discussed are encompassed in being a MAN, and you are not wrong in your road map, but the destination needs to be that your boys, become MEN. Being a "MAN" should be a title that a male should be PROUD of, not a watchword for wary women. Integrity, Character, Honor, Duty, Commitment, Sacrifice, Self Respect, Courage, these words all mean something and they should be words that are used frequently in raising boys to become MEN. Now I'm not just talking about straight heterosexual men in the classical state, There is no reason that gay men cant be MEN, or Transgender men can't be MEN.
    Secondly, yes, boys want sex. Sorry... that's just the way it is. You are a scientist, and you know that is a fact of life. It's only horrifying if YOU make it so. Stigmatizing boys for something nature bequeathed upon them is no different than stigmatizing homosexuals for being gay. All it will do is create confusion and shame over a natural desire they have no control over, and this will ultimately erode their self confidence and their understanding of themselves. Dealing with boys wanting sex is where those words that we talked about come in.
    Unfortunately our society has spent decades devaluing the importance of the father in the raising of children, and especially in sons. What we have adopted in a feminine ideal of how boys should be raised. Again, you're a scientist, boys brains don't speak female. Now we end up with a generation ow women saying "where are all the real men"? We are here, and we were just as appalled by Weinstein... and believe it or not, even more so. Because he violated the code of what it means to be a MAN.

  • Nanaco Nano Yoga
    Nanaco Nano Yoga 26 days ago

    #3 consent is actually one which I think is really great to teach boys at a young age. Of course girls too. I taught English in Japan, to kindergarten aged students. I see how boys can be all up in the girls face, which made the girl uncomfortable and me actually. So I reckon that’s something to teach, if that person isn’t liking your affections, touch, even if it’s friendly. Just back off and let them be!

  • AA Productions
    AA Productions 27 days ago

    Uh, hello, here I am Mayim, here I am. You have found me.
    You were saying that you have yet to find a guy who isn't just all about sex.
    Well, here I am. Here I am. You know, I'm really quite surprised that you think I'd be the only one.
    I haven't been in the dating world, but you definitely have, and I'm shocked to be the only decent guy in this crazy world.

  • Sean
    Sean Month ago

    The notion that all guys just want sex is a myth.....because you clearly haven't met a man like me.....I just need one women!!!!!!

  • Intuitive Health: Birth/Healing/Performing Arts

    Hey Mayim! I grew up in a family of mostly girls and have three girls of my own and gave birth to my first and only son in March of this year. The women in my family have deep generational trauma (including me) when it comes to sexual and domestic abuse. I grew up suffocated by that trauma and fear as well as ridiculed (and physically abused) for my religious standards and background. Obviously, this subject is first in my mind when raising daughters and a son. It is thru my own life struggle to heal the deep personal and generational trauma in my life that I became a healer and activist for helping women tap back into their intuitive feminine selves. As much as possible I pray and meditate on how I can have that conversation throughout my girl's and son's lives, starting as soon as they can understand. Sometimes I get really worried about not being able to impart the best wisdom and be the best example. But being in touch with my intuition helps me be in touch with when the opportunities present themselves and finding the words! Thanks so much for this video! Anshin Kelly

  • Jamie Daigle
    Jamie Daigle 3 months ago

    I love you

  • The Devil's Advocate
    The Devil's Advocate 3 months ago

    The desire of sex is not the problem, and paralleling it with rape is very misleading. “Even nice guys have the desire to have sex” and your point? Who doesn’t? Sexual desire is natural, not having it would be considered abnormal, hence the existence of urologists. You know what nice guys don’t have? The desire not to force their sexual desires on an unwilling partner. A guy with a little common sense or fear despite having a rape fetish would not act on it. Even “nice girls” have the desire to have sex. SMH.
    Not to say there is anything wrong with being asexual, you do you. And if you’re not asexual than well pleasing tell me you don’t have “desires.”
    But this kind of language makes feminism unpopular and puts men as villains.
    1. Men are not the problem. Gender norms are. It is known that men can be and have been victims of sexual abuse and they are not encouraged to report the way women are. Not to take away from the multitude of unreported cases by female victims.
    2. Sexual abuse is not related to sexual desire. Period. Just don’t.
    3. Moralizing and implying that sexual desire is immoral (the quote) is half the problem.
    4. I have sexual desires for my man, so am I a deviant now?
    5. Consent is consent. And No is bloody No. The subtle slut shaming is frankly put disgusting. If I sleep with the boss, it may be mistake (it might not be), it’s up to me to decide and either way I’ll deal with it. I could naked as a new born babe, still no one has the right to put a finger on me. It’s my body, it’s my temple or my trash, no has the right to kiddie for it unless I’m committing a crime.
    6. Statistically vast majority of men are not rapists (all of whom have sexual desires). But those that are are repeat offenders.
    So disappointed.

  • Noey Tindol
    Noey Tindol 3 months ago


  • Viviane B
    Viviane B 3 months ago

    I know that not all men are motivated solely by sex. This is an old fab passed down from generation to the next. We can't achieve equality if we don't have faith in people and if we don't have an unbiased opinion. I know personally a man who I chose to marry and I know his heart well enough. He was not motivated solely by sex. He saw my personality, the things in common with him, the spiritual connection and sex was not the only thing in mind. So I don't believe that "men are solely driven by sex". That's not being fair to men.

  • Mo Eckersley
    Mo Eckersley 3 months ago

    You rock! Great person,great mom!

  • Sally
    Sally 3 months ago

    My dad said the same thing. I didn't listen and he was right.

  • Paula Trech
    Paula Trech 4 months ago

    Does anyone know if there's a version of this with spanish subtitles? I need to share it with every mom I know. Thanks!!! And if there isnt', any nice soul out there who knows how to add them? I offer myself to type the monolog in spanish, but i don't know how to add them and stuff.

  • ryan
    ryan 4 months ago

    You haven't really thought things through. You find it stimulating to preach and moralize. You want to fix the world? Start with examining your own flaws. Think about why you find genital mutilation acceptable.

  • Momma Michelle
    Momma Michelle 4 months ago

    Equality, rights, consent, common sense.....you violated each of those things BIG TIME when you had your boys' foreskin cut off and hung them on your wall. You paint everyone else as a sort of victim of the patriarchy but your boys have started out life as victims.

  • matthew frost
    matthew frost 4 months ago

    While you make some good points in this video I take issue with your closing statement of “one boy at a time”. As a person whose witnessed first hand the effect an abusive woman had on a male friend I feel the ending should be “child or person”. Men are not the only people who cause abuse either physically or sexually. But as I’ve seen, if it is happening to a man people either greet the news with humour or general disbelief...a woman abusing a man...no way...he needs to man up. NO. Do not create a video where blame for abuse seems to be solely focused as a product of men. Make your point but make a balanced point.

  • AxelSituation
    AxelSituation 4 months ago

    Bravo Bravo Bravo!!! For this video, you get a Subscribe :)

  • IceNixie0102
    IceNixie0102 4 months ago

    4:00 YES
    My son is 22 months old, and we're already working on this. He does talk yet -- AT ALL -- but knows how to shake his head if he wants us to stop tickling him. Consent is important at every age.

  • epovarich
    epovarich 4 months ago

    Amen, sister! All you said is true. 🙏🏻❤️

  • Ñam Ñam Gummy Yum
    Ñam Ñam Gummy Yum 4 months ago

    Agree , education

  • Hannah Weaver
    Hannah Weaver 4 months ago

    Props to you for being real about the harm porn causes.

  • a tribute to Yeah, Sure

    I can safely say as a male I would NEVER want to have sex with Mayim Bialik.

  • Macario Patrick
    Macario Patrick 5 months ago

    Possibly. Men are mother fuckers. Don't fuck with a man. Go gay. After you go gay, you realize it's both genders.

  • Rory Triscuit
    Rory Triscuit 5 months ago

    Consent is definitely a newer word. I've been watching a lot of older shows lately, often exclaiming "don't they need consent!?" About children, most of the time. In the olden days, kids were seen as property. In even older days, women were seen as property. Same with black people. So on and so forth. Consent is so much the core of respecting other humans. If you don't have consent, back the eff off.

  • Sarah Lewis
    Sarah Lewis 5 months ago

    I have been binge watching your videos and only disagree with one stance, pornography, because I believe it can be responsibly sourced and vetted, tasteful, and a healthy tool in exploring your own sexuality as a teen and adult. However, I can agree to disagree, and I urge you to run for president in 2020. Please. You have my vote and I will be your first volunteer if I get so lucky, lol. :)

  • Helen Camara
    Helen Camara 5 months ago

    You're awesome. That´s it. Thank you.

  • Karen Crutchfield
    Karen Crutchfield 5 months ago

    THANK YOU!!! I cannot tell you how great it is to hear someone say this, especially someone who can reach so many! Thank you!
    I have a young son who I have already started talking with him about these things. One question for you to maybe discuss on a video, how do you address human sexual health with your boys? Especially with the saturation in our culture of sex sells. I struggle to keep my son from getting desensitized to things that should be shocking. Our culture likes to keep raising the stakes. Thank you from one fatigued mother to an outstanding and refreshingly Honest Woman!

  • Adriana Mari
    Adriana Mari 5 months ago

    What a great example you are Mayim. I'm still not a mother but this really opened my mind.
    Greetings from Venezuela : )

  • Keihndeth
    Keihndeth 5 months ago +1

    A bit sexist, to be fair. To say all men only want "one thing" is really unfair and unjustified. Sex is a biological impulse that all living creatures have. Consider this: "all women only want one thing" or "all blacks only want one thing"... sounds pretty unfair doesn't it? Making blanketed, generalized statements is almost always unfair. As a fellow liberal, the hypocrisy of liberals really hurts our causes. To blame men or boys for womens problems doesn't address the heart of the issues. If we want to solve these, we need to change our approach. The problem is unmitigated power in the hands those who wield it with no checks or balances. I've seen this from both genders as a male nurse.

  • ampoules1
    ampoules1 5 months ago

    If a kid want to run in the middle of the street, a parent has a duty to physically stop them even if the kid doesn't want to be touched.

  • Anuradha Palta Kohli
    Anuradha Palta Kohli 6 months ago

    Very well said... from the heart!

  • terminate with extreme prejudice

    There's been some trouble on the Blossom set.

  • Rose Chinchilla
    Rose Chinchilla 6 months ago

    Thank you for this, thank you deeply

  • Dowlphwin
    Dowlphwin 6 months ago

    Just wanted to drop the name "Harvey Einstein" in the hope that it cannot be unheard. ^^
    But there's a point to the allusion to deeply rooted attempts to make oneself unattractive to filter out the superficial womanizers. Even these days I cannot get myself to play some of the likeability games that I seemingly would have to play to build a nourishing basis. I have experienced how easy it is to attract people who pretend and deceive and through that eventually cause hurt.

  • Gene Rodriguez
    Gene Rodriguez 6 months ago

    I think your boys will be ok They have a mother whose head and heart are in the right place. Good Luck

  • Naru H
    Naru H 6 months ago

    Mayim, please run for president.

  • Edward Shore
    Edward Shore 6 months ago

    I am disgusted but not surprised by all the commenters that use this video to hate on others. Mayim, this is one of the reasons that I have no faith in American society and trying to believe in it has proven to be a waste of time.

  • Sharon Jensen
    Sharon Jensen 6 months ago

    Mamas (and Papas) don't let your boys grow up to be like Harvey Weinstein. One way to prevent this is to drop the "boys will be boys" mantra, used whenever boys or men behave inappropriately. "Oh, he grabbed and squeezed your breasts? Well, boys will be boys!" "Oh, Prince Harry got caught playing pool in the nude? He's just being a lad!" I think not. So much for what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But yes, it is up to all of us, regardless of our race or gender. Raising well-adjusted, responsible human beings who aren't afraid to call out bad behaviour is our responsibility.

  • david jurado
    david jurado 6 months ago

    Extremely patronizing. You are stating your opinions as fact Amy, even Sheldon knows that's something you should not do. You are just describing the way you live your life, and sure that might be a very reasonable way to do things, but you can't absolutely expectfor people to do exactly as you do, which is the impression you give in this video. This video doesn't help really, a all, you are not going to convince anybody with this that doesn't already agree, anybody at all, specially since your arguments are so weak an so badly constructed.

  • oli godendrocyte
    oli godendrocyte 6 months ago

    ask your girl friend if they have had a stalker... if they said no they are a lucky few. the consent part is hard to parse if youre both intoxicated no one can make a good decision but it will happen

  • Pita Ariel
    Pita Ariel 6 months ago +2

    I think you should mention that "guys just want sex" is just a social construction, girls also love sex! and boys also want to be loved.

  • Marina Ruiz
    Marina Ruiz 6 months ago

    I have two daughters of 8 and 10 years old. Since I remember, I instill in them that they are equal, in their differences, to men. As well as people of other religious beliefs, other ethnic groups, other nationalities ... Hopefully, when the time comes, find boys as your children! I would have liked to have a son to inculcate exactly what you mention in this video. Thank you for giving voice to a thought that many mothers share.

  • Gio Salamanca
    Gio Salamanca 6 months ago

    For the way you talk, I could understand the way you were raised, it seems that you were really scared as shit and vulnerable, like if someone was trying to play with plutonium or even, if boys were a natural born rapist and try to play and show their plutonium dicks. Well, I don't blame you, this is so north american. But I have to say I'm overwhelmed about this. You know what Mayim, relax, girls like sex too, in fact, no matter if you are a girl or a boy, being hornie is not a crime, it depends about the curiosity, sex is not an alert for a nuclear bombs, or an anthrax attack, your speech in fact encourage the balls hate syndrome, even so, you can erase all the Weinstein, Trump, Kardashian or Sasha Grey in the world, still nature goes raw. So speak through love and respect, not this shitty fear commercial that your father forced you to believe in. Roll a joint or drink a glass of wine.

  • Kelly KitKat
    Kelly KitKat 6 months ago

    Eugenics - calling persons jews because of their genetic heritage, is a false teaching (religion) and idiotic (science). Scripture calls them midianites merchantmen when they sold Joseph to the ishmaelites. But later joseph would once again affirm them to be his brothers, when they saw him in the visage of an Egyptian governor. The point being, your behaviour defines you. Think of all as being jewish, and it being a matter of degree, as in, some have more light in them than others. A lositive correlation between two variables does not imply causality. Jesus said the seed is the word of God. Truth is a light - by hearing, one sees. Weinstein belongs in prison. But because he is labelled "a chosen one" by eugenicists, he is being given a special pass. Theodr Herzl - was he not a Nazi? Isaac noted of Jacob when Jacob came disguised as Esau, that his voice was that of Jacob, but he was hairy like Esau. .. It is who you are on the inside that matters, and not a matter of genetics. But eugenicists, scientists, would say otherwise. There is no "holy land" mentioned in the bible, kjv. .. I should write a book. But would it be published, and by whom? It took centuries before the kjv came to be. And many were put to death for their efforts to make it happen. The war continues..

  • KyleW
    KyleW 6 months ago +1

    Most boys are not going to end up like Weinstein. Most men are not sexist and perverted.

  • terry mcginnis
    terry mcginnis 6 months ago +1

    honesty i raised by a single mother she taught me to work hard and also be respectful towards basically to act the complete opposite of harvey weinstein

  • Edisonapple
    Edisonapple 7 months ago +1

    Harvey Weinstein is a product of this idea: to have a beautiful woman is a reflection of how powerful and beautiful you are.
    That women want to have sex with beautiful men. If you’re not beautiful then you need to overcompensate with something else.
    Most men use humor and charm. Other men use what they have. Money and power. If you’re a man that doesn’t want to jump through hoops and do a dance for a woman’s attention or affection what else can you do. You can use money and power. Money makes a person in need to what they have to do to get it. When you have the ambition to be an actress and the man that has the control to make or break your career takes an interest in you..... what do you do. This all goes back to what society deeps as valuable. My mother raised me that what you’re capable of and how smart you are, determines your value. The world taught me that beauty determines your value. That beauty equals power. Yes ultimately, what I know and my work ethic determine the ultimate outcome, but beauty gets you to the front of the line. Even to a mans heart.
    This all goes back to how we raise men.
    Mayim if you’re son has a crush on the prettiest girl. And your son is maybe not her esthetic equal.
    We teach boys that funny boys get girls too.
    Harvey Weinstein was raised to work hard so you can become a caretaker and get a pretty wife. Because that’s what women want! So he did. And we liked or took interest in a girl he presented his peacock feathers.

  • Nan
    Nan 7 months ago

    I have watched many of your videos and as a fellow attachment parent I can find a lot of common ground. Some things are just a bit tricky to me if not a little hypocrite. You (as I ) in this video advocate bodily integrity. Your sons are allowed to decide who gets to touch them (as they should be). But didn't you violate that that right about the second they were born? I'm not religious myself so no, I don't understand an argument as 'yes but that's for my religion'. How does that work? And how do you reconcile this with your sons? Some parents give their babies earrings, I wouldn't they cannot consent to you modifying their bodies for a non medical reason. So however nice this video is, I can't help but feel it's a little unfair.
    Second, as a feminist I also cringe at the notion only boys want to have sex. Girls want to have sex too. As a society we do a great job of denying female sexual pleasure and its about time we stop that. Step one, by teaching our children that girls also have sexual desires as do boys. And they should not be ashamed of those feelings, boys don't have to be! So why our girls?

  • Sharon Schlicher
    Sharon Schlicher 7 months ago

    Sorry, you will not make any money off me. My daughter worships you, I wonder how she would feel about your son's foreskin on your wall considering her brothers are intact. Hyprocrite, much?

  • Emma Mc Donald
    Emma Mc Donald 7 months ago

    Ur amazing

  • Anne Abbott
    Anne Abbott 7 months ago

    Circumcision. Consent. Respect. Protected. None of the above. Betrayal. Trauma. Shame. And youre giving advice? Oh boy.

  • Anne Abbott
    Anne Abbott 7 months ago

    Did you circumcise your sons?

  • quarlo2
    quarlo2 7 months ago

    Colossal hypocrite. You mutilate helpless baby boys (and hang the skin like a fucking trophy) and then have the nerve to lecture on consent? Just wow.

  • Martha Jackson
    Martha Jackson 7 months ago

    I support you! It´s not a surprise at all because this not only happens in the entertainment industry, it happens in everywhere! It´s very very sad but we have to do something and fight together!!

  • Nathalia Volpi
    Nathalia Volpi 7 months ago

    I grew up with a father that was constantly talking about sex in front of me and my brother. It was so harmful that I could never trust him near me or my mother. Thankfully nothing bad ever happened to neither of us, but the fear itself caused me to not trust any men. I never commit to a relationship because I´m afraid they may be just like my father. Thank you for the video, really wished everyone would watch it.

  • The Playhouse
    The Playhouse 7 months ago

    Prostitution has existed for as long as complex societies have. Just like going to the dentist to fix a broken tooth, you may go to an Escort to take care of your needs. In fact, doing so is far better than hooking up with a drunk person. I think every country should follow the examples set forth by The Netherlands and New Zealand, and legalise the selling and buying of sexual services.

  • jack g
    jack g 7 months ago

    Great video. The comments are cancer

  • A M
    A M 7 months ago

    Bbt sucks its really not funny.

  • A M
    A M 7 months ago

    Go and google that every one claims to be a jew but in reality is American with their hearts in Israel like you #zionistbabykillers.

  • A M
    A M 7 months ago

    By the way H.W is a zionist just like you and like the other guys bret Ratner etc who are exposed recently maybe u guys are related too.

  • Gregory Becker
    Gregory Becker 7 months ago

    If you circumcised your sons you are a hypocrite forever.

  • Marta Larsen
    Marta Larsen 7 months ago +1

    I was all for this until she mentioned the patriarchy. I was like 'aand i'm outta here'.

  • Raggedy Cottage Garden
    Raggedy Cottage Garden 7 months ago

    I don't believe it is "patriarchy" that is the problem. Because there are VERY GOOD godly "single fathers" out there. Some very good men have been ripped away from their children because of excessive feminism. One very good indicator of "misogyny" is if that son (or even daughter) does not respect the disabled people in the society. They think that the disabled person deserves to be "punished" in or out of a marriage. Love can exist outside of a "marriage" but it would always be godly sort of love: raggedycottagegarden.blogspot.com/2018/02/godly-love-exists-outside-of-marriage.html

  • Yazzie Mah
    Yazzie Mah 7 months ago +1

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 YOU GO GIRL!

  • James Barnes
    James Barnes 7 months ago

    Wow! The comments on this video are out of control. I'd like to emphasize that there is a difference between pornography and erotica. I believe erotica, the creation and consumption of art that visualizes desire is very healthy and important to ourselves and our culture. And also, though there is an abundance of pornography, there is much less erotica circulating in our culture. I'd also like to recommend a book called Conflict is not Abuse by Sarah Schulman. I think she addresses some of the conflicting opinions on what is consent, what is abuse, and the responsibilities that all people have to take ownership of.

  • Joshua Ehl
    Joshua Ehl 7 months ago

    I tried to read through the comments on this video and vomited a little in my mouth.
    Wow people are jerks. Hey, Mayim, this was a great video. You are absolutely in the right in how you address the issue from a point of experience and in this very particular place you have perspectives that we don't. You are in the industry the light is shining on showing the horror. You are a mother with a son. You get to speak and be heard on this and I am so grateful for you doing so.

  • M Balazs
    M Balazs 7 months ago

    2:54 To quot one of my faw teacher (fun fact she was a woman) "We are not equal even in our mother womb" and this has not even do to gender its just the fact and reality of life, we all start with different cards and end with different ones based on our choices all who ignores this only will end up making poorer choices.

  • M Balazs
    M Balazs 7 months ago +1

    1:47 in relationship i want to be loved and companionship dont care for sex (porn can handle that need ...completely and literally :D)

  • Klaus Rasmussen
    Klaus Rasmussen 7 months ago

    Hypocrite. Not giving your boy the opportunity to consent to being mutilated, and then teaching him that he musn't touch others bodies without consent?
    That is the pinnacle of hypocracy.

  • Father Joe
    Father Joe 7 months ago

    Change the title to :Will I Raise a kids Like Harvey Weinstein?

    • Father Joe
      Father Joe 7 months ago

      :) yep personal responsibility yet no one talks about all the female teacher pedophiles....
      Heck one sued a former student for child support that she rapped and won....
      Statutory rape victim forced to pay child support

    • brendan russell
      brendan russell 7 months ago +1

      Father Joe the video would be 2 seconds long and she would just say no

  • Graeme Evans
    Graeme Evans 7 months ago

    "strip clubs and places people pay to have sex, dont go there" where did that come from? was that edited in from somewhere else because it made no sense in the "you are responsible for your location" part. it was just a "i dont like strip clubs so i'm telling you not to go there" rant, just jammed in wherever. weird

  • Bethany Sykes
    Bethany Sykes 7 months ago

    Hey..just wanted you to see this video. Lots of good points. Love you guys either way..but wanted to share.

  • Diana
    Diana 7 months ago

    Fantastic !

  • Mandy Robinson
    Mandy Robinson 7 months ago

    Wow! I can't understand how someone would think you're not raising your boys you be good people.

  • Xorn Xenophon
    Xorn Xenophon 7 months ago

    I am not so sure that Harvey Weinstein was an ####### at age 20. Maybe he developed into it with time, given enough opportunity, simpy by learing that he could get away with it. Even Hitler had a time when he dreamed about becoming an artist, after all.

  • professor captain Dr. Mr The Sandwich

    trannie pulling the Hollywood agenda of destroying genders for population control

  • Tom Godders
    Tom Godders 7 months ago

    Hate to be that guy, changing one “boy” at a time is a bit harsh, women are not just the subjects but can be the abuser too, just putting it out there. Other than that, quality video

  • May Ling Gallow
    May Ling Gallow 7 months ago

    I like this video. There is some good advice and points to think about on raising gentlemen.

  • Brian W
    Brian W 7 months ago

    No man wants you, so don’t worry about it

  • NPCmiro
    NPCmiro 7 months ago +1

    I disagree with you about both porn, and sex work. While its very possible it's bad for the people that are in it, its easy to find cases where this is untrue. My girlfriend is a stripper and finds her work rewarding and empowering. Don't paint all of it with the same brush.

  • daaiisy princess
    daaiisy princess 7 months ago

    This is so amazing. I totally agree❤️

  • Karen Jenkins
    Karen Jenkins 7 months ago

    Awareness does not mean labeling everything and over analyzing relationships. Just be kind and don't assume anything, (it's the mother of all f#$k ups for a reason).