How To Make a Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit

  • Published on Dec 11, 2014
  • How to make rockets that shoot over 40 feet, with aluminum foil and a match.
    Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:
    [✓] Safety Matches:
    [✓] Aluminum Foil:
    [✓] Tea Light Candles:
    [✓] Bamboo Skewers:
    Because of the popularity of this project, I've put together a detailed 28 page PDF ( with step-by-step instructions, Fun Facts, Helpful Hints, and loaded with pictures. I'm selling them to help compensate for my time. You can get the Project PDF here if you're interested:
    Free template:
    Endcard Links:
    Paper Plate Speaker:
    Fire Piston:
    Smoke Flares:
    Water Pump:
    See What Else I’m Up To:
    Business Inquiries: For business and sponsorship inquiries please contact us directly:
    Although these rockets are only fueled by one match head, they do get hot enough to burn fingers, and leave scorch marks in carpets. This project should not be attempted without adult supervision, and if done indoors, safety precautions should be in place to mitigate any fire hazards. Misuse, or careless use, may result in property damage. Use of this video content is at your own risk.
    Music By: Scott & Brendo (“Fire” - Instrumental)
    Project Inspired By:
    A video by Marek Hayward I saw over a year ago. ( If you check out the link, please share the love and let Marek know that Grant Thompson sent you. :) Thank you!
    Project History & More Info:
    After seeing the video by Marek Hayward (which had 10,000 views at the time, and is now over 1,000,000!) I dropped everything I was doing to try this experiment.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t get much success with it. The rockets only seemed to work about half the time, and the needle they were launching from would get coated in carbon and tar residues after only a couple of launches, which seriously affected the performance.
    In addition, the rockets weren’t balanced, so once they fired, they wouldn’t shoot very straight.
    It’s taken me over a year of prototyping and testing, and playing with different ideas to get the result you see in this video. I developed the idea into a full-on matchbox rocket launching kit, which I’m super proud of, and excited to share in the project video.
    These rockets shoot consistently between 20-40 feet, and one of the biggest factors to whether the rockets work or fail, depends on how tight the crimp is on the rockets nose. Any rocket that has failed on me has almost always been because the crimp wasn’t done right, or wasn’t tight enough.
    The rockets will propel the furthest if they're launched from a stable base that has little to no give. If there is any give on the launchpad, that will absorb some of the energy and the rocket won’t go as far.
    Multiple tests in my house confirmed that if the rockets land on the carpet, they need to be moved within 1-2 seconds, or they will begin to melt into the fabric. The aluminum casings are heated in a flame until they reach the auto-ignition temperature of the match head, so you can expect them to be very hot, and may want to be wearing gloves when you recover the spent rocket casings as well :)
    This is an awesome and exciting project whether you're a kid or and adult. It’s impressive to fire a rocket with one match head and see such power, and the smoke trail it leaves in it’s wake is extremely satisfying as well.
    I’m giving away the template I made for free, all I ask in return is that you please share this video :) You can get it here:

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    I used to do this as a kid.. this is over complicated for no reason...

  • Known Industries
    Known Industries 21 day ago

    Please scale this up. Use multiple match heads together to maybe pencil size or maybe go bigger with a larger wooden dowel.

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    James Cummens Month ago

    Very cool, thanks

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    Eric Stephany Month ago

    I made like 30 , none of them worked

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    Rocket scientist

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    Archer 07 Month ago

    QUESTION: Has anyone tried using two or more match heads and if so, does it work??

  • Owen Strain
    Owen Strain Month ago

    In from the future also
    I've acquired a very particular set of skills, I've gained the ability to snap match heads straight off and the ability to light a match with a lightbulb (not that hard)

  • final frontier
    final frontier Month ago

    Mine ignited and smoked but never flew😟

  • Saiprasad Bojjalwar

    Doesn't work for me

  • Jamie Reinke
    Jamie Reinke Month ago

    I am doing this for a science experiment

  • Ash the Snowman
    Ash the Snowman Month ago

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    Avoid the temptation to point them at people and property
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    M A T C H B O K W E A P O N R Y

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    It's 4th of July for kids give them firecrackers, sparkler, and what ever you have

  • Doom2pro
    Doom2pro 2 months ago

    Add a little visco fuse between match head and a single crackle ball at the rocket tip, heat lower on rocket to get it started, visco fuse will create a small time delay, if you cut it the right length it will pop the crackle ball at the apex of the flight.

  • CreeperPlays_MC
    CreeperPlays_MC 2 months ago

    It doesn't work for me. It goes up a little bit like 1mm and nothing happens. Or it burns the foil. Pls help

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    Amazing and cheap.

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    Super fun, I am going to use this as a fun learning project that I can do with my children.

  • DriveOnParkway ParkOnDriveway

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    h a h a.

  • Talha Ahsan
    Talha Ahsan 2 months ago +1

    I made a lot of them and they are perfect for small battleships with my friend

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    North Korea fires nuclear missile

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    i made 10 and none of it will fly just burst the aluminum foil on the side the tip etc...

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    You can use paper matches

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    Flaming wheels

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  • andrew robert  bell
    andrew robert bell 7 months ago

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    The rocket works awesomely

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