Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus - Unboxing and First Impressions

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus - Unboxing and First Impressions
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  • Flossy Carter
    Flossy Carter  Month ago +1528

    #Squad Roll Call

  • Rafal Zelazny
    Rafal Zelazny 2 days ago

    I live in the UK guys but if I was to purchase note 10 plus from us a snapdragon version will tht work in UK? :/

  • Real X
    Real X 2 days ago

    Cute cat, I love cats

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell 2 days ago

    Is samsung becoming apple with no headphone Jack

  • Dave Kemp
    Dave Kemp 3 days ago

    This dude said it got the infinity stones

  • King Kunta
    King Kunta 3 days ago +1


  • XxFasTMaxwellxX
    XxFasTMaxwellxX 4 days ago

    Best unboxing channel! I'm getting mine this weekend. 9/14/2019

  • سختزنی دیرکش

    Ppl cant afford to buy one, but Flossy has more then 200 fucking cellphones, Good on u Floss

  • Jacob Pena
    Jacob Pena 5 days ago

    I liked it better when Samsung's note series had a better processor than the S series and more ram and all the newer features. Even though it's not that way anymore I still prefer the Note over the S series.

  • Aaliyah Fly
    Aaliyah Fly 5 days ago

    I'm swallowing my spit in the middle of the night, not for the food, for Note 10+

  • Tamara Mckenith
    Tamara Mckenith 6 days ago

    Thee best freaking video for the note 10plus yessssss just got the same phone today and same color.

  • Saunn Dogg
    Saunn Dogg 6 days ago +1

    The unboxing starts at 4:10. Thank me later 😉

  • Andrew Peedin
    Andrew Peedin 7 days ago

    I always check out your vids before I get a new device! I just picked up one of these monsters! Thanks for everything you do!

  • Genesis
    Genesis 7 days ago

    You don’t need a mirror when you got a phone with that back that can reflect anything

  • ikigai
    ikigai 8 days ago

    i hate samsung, but that thing is a fucking monster.

  • Chuck Nguyen
    Chuck Nguyen 8 days ago

    Im watching this on a note 5

  • Beauty In You
    Beauty In You 8 days ago

    Why the note10 plus come with headphones but no jack

    • Elena Goldstein
      Elena Goldstein 7 days ago +1

      @Beauty In You no. It plugs into the same hole as your charger. You can use wired headphones but it has to have a USB C and not the typical headphone Jack or you can buy a dongle which plugs into the USB C port so you can use normal headphones. I believe the one you ordered is the same as the one in the video. When I bought mine the guy just called it silver. Its absolutely the best android device I have ever owned.

    • Beauty In You
      Beauty In You 7 days ago

      @Elena Goldstein
      Also, I ordered in aqua glow. Is that the color he has In the video?

    • Beauty In You
      Beauty In You 7 days ago

      @Elena Goldstein
      Please explain
      So, does it have an earphone Jack or not

    • Elena Goldstein
      Elena Goldstein 7 days ago

      They got rid of the rack. The head phones are now USB C. It's what apple did for their headphones

  • Akshay Kaylaser
    Akshay Kaylaser 9 days ago

    Flossy, I need you to roast a phone please. 🤣🤣

  • Kiya Harris
    Kiya Harris 10 days ago

    Love the comparison of the other samsung phones. Good Review!

  • Sergio Martinez
    Sergio Martinez 10 days ago

    Wow I wish I had this

  • 《 Engineering TRAV 》


  • Kiya Harris
    Kiya Harris 11 days ago

    Hey I found the doggle or USB connection in my note 10 plus. I know you mentioned that they need to include it since they don't have the headphone Jack. It's in the box. It can easily be missed though!

  • ItsmeAeriel
    ItsmeAeriel 11 days ago +2


    Flossy: It doesnt "reflect", it "REFLECTS" big difference. Lol

  • Orlando Delgado
    Orlando Delgado 11 days ago

    Yo floss, does the ghostek atomic slim case have a nice grip or is it slippery??

  • N0.C1TY.D0N559
    N0.C1TY.D0N559 12 days ago +1

    How's Samsung gonna sell you a phone with no headphone jack and throw in a pair of wired earphones?! 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    • Maria Martinez
      Maria Martinez 11 days ago +1

      Because the headphones have a type-c Jack.

  • rafid sadman
    rafid sadman 12 days ago +1

    White shoes takes no days off XD
    Man, I'm dying here.

  • Alexandru Chiciuc
    Alexandru Chiciuc 12 days ago

    It charges my gear s 3... When no other wireless charger (other than original dock) does. And that pos dock is easy to forget and you're screwed without it... Until now...

  • jackt mark
    jackt mark 12 days ago


  • Kamikaze 987
    Kamikaze 987 12 days ago

    When I watch and imagine have that phone but realize taht I have a Samsung J3 2016 ;( (3 years that I keep the same phone and don't have the money to buy a new one)

  • joy cadiz
    joy cadiz 12 days ago

    Has anyone else seen a pixel issue on the top by the front camera when making calls?? It only happens when I'm making calls. Just noticed it today and I've had my phone since the 23rd.

  • aaron collier
    aaron collier 12 days ago

    a nice black box GIGGIDY !

  • BulldogAG
    BulldogAG 13 days ago

    Is it true I can hook up two diferente Bluetooth devices at the same time???

  • Saige Sharp
    Saige Sharp 13 days ago

    But I'm wondering why did it come with wired headphones and not the Samsung Buds? Phenomenal review as always

  • James Wright
    James Wright 13 days ago +3

    I'm watching the Note 10+ review on a Westley Snipes Black Note 10+! Shout Out to Flossy Carter! Love your vids Bro!

  • Venitha Herarth
    Venitha Herarth 13 days ago

    Malik>Floss, Is that how you spell it?

  • PeACe 051
    PeACe 051 13 days ago +1

    My man✊🏾
    Ya call it thee 5 Gangster 😎 putting some 22s on it😂
    Support from South Africa bro🇿🇦🤝🏻

  • Enea Ανδρέας Gjordeni

    Hahahahah u’re the best man! Top unboxing video ever! 👍👍👍👍

  • ADKIc3mAnXYT
    ADKIc3mAnXYT 14 days ago +4

    He seriously said Westley Snipes black... I think I just pulled a muscle laughing.

  • Vincent Nadalini
    Vincent Nadalini 15 days ago

    Just picked up the unlocked Dr. Manhattan!

  • Epi ono
    Epi ono 15 days ago

    lphone could never.

  • Fluffy 2dimaxx
    Fluffy 2dimaxx 17 days ago

    Awee your cat is so sweet it's like "I wanna be in the video ,show me some love damnit!! Don't ignore me love meee" 🥰🤣😂awesome review getting this phone tomorrow can't wait!!

  • Ernesto Amigacho
    Ernesto Amigacho 17 days ago

    My galaxy Note 10 plus says it is made in Vietnam, does it say in all of them ?

  • Aldo Escalona
    Aldo Escalona 17 days ago

    I like the phone and all but damn that girl is beautiful, her skin glows to the moon

  • Unkown Unkown
    Unkown Unkown 17 days ago

    Not making this an Apples to Rainbows comparison but damn, after 3 generations of iphones I switched to this device and HOLY! There's not one single thing I can say is better on iPhone over this beast. So many settings to adjust to make this phone your own, it's crazy.

  • chandan prasad
    chandan prasad 17 days ago

    Flossy is hero...loveu bro...from India

  • Ice bjorn
    Ice bjorn 17 days ago

    I got my s9 and the battery is so bad right now, it gets very hot when i use it for like 30 min and then the battery goes down fast. If i got 15% left and turn off my s9 it instantly die, so i will get the note 10 plus 👍

  • k brooks
    k brooks 17 days ago

    Same colour as I ordered brilliant phone. I use the s pen slot, so I wouldn't consider the s 10 plus. Upgraded from note 9 on Samsung upgrade program. I hope they push the screen to 7" or more for the note 11

  • Turbo Brony
    Turbo Brony 17 days ago

    Secure Folder=Thot Protection

  • Turbo Brony
    Turbo Brony 17 days ago

    I love this reviewer

  • 501 HEMI
    501 HEMI 17 days ago

    Floss, when you do the real review, do me a favor if you don't mind. Compare the Note 10 to the Note 9. I've had my Note 9 since like November, battery drains faster, but still runs like new. Camera is no different then the rest, good speakers, and still have the headphone jack. This phone is uninjured not a scratch on it. Make me a believer in the Note 10! Why should I buy? If you can do that, then I can dig it!

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 17 days ago

    And what screen protectors work with fingerprint

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 17 days ago

    When will you do the real review?

    DAHAXXXFTW 18 days ago

    You sound like Marcellus Wallace and I love it.

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter  18 days ago +1

      I'm pretty fucking far from ok😂😂😂

  • Liz Poison
    Liz Poison 18 days ago

    Those purrs are life!!!!!

  • Amir Omar
    Amir Omar 18 days ago

    3:03 the a$$..

  • Ryan Wall
    Ryan Wall 18 days ago

    It is a good phone, but I'm watching this with my Note 9 at work with my headphones plugged into the aux jack. I feel like ultimately the Note 10 & 10+ is a phone with less of the everyday features that asks for more money, but they try to replace features with some gimmicks that most people won't use often.

  • enddog 335
    enddog 335 18 days ago

    I'm cheesed about the head phone jack

  • Bruno Bensaid
    Bruno Bensaid 18 days ago

    Hats off to your daughter, Boss. Now seems she could make more money vlogging than you at one point. Talented girl!

  • leoric21
    leoric21 18 days ago

    Thanks for the video flossy.
    Sorry for being late to the party.

  • Adi Mart
    Adi Mart 18 days ago

    Aura CD