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  • Davyd Teather
    Davyd Teather Day ago

    I really enjoyed this movie. Definitely one of the better Stephen King adaptations.

  • the lost journal of inception

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  • Jetto Scranda
    Jetto Scranda 7 days ago

    It looks like shit! Also the whole movie was shit. Biggest overrated pieco of... I ever saw.

  • Matt Scarpace
    Matt Scarpace 12 days ago

    Love the way you described Finn as an actor. He definitely makes shit good

  • Mighty Kamina
    Mighty Kamina 12 days ago

    IT made me hate clowns even more than before.

  • Jnpunz
    Jnpunz 12 days ago

    A lot of people (not all) say it was the first movie to show violence toward kids: Sicario, the maze runner, Terminator 3, the hitmans bodyguard, jaws, and more.

  • Dutch Courage
    Dutch Courage 16 days ago

    "The movie had heart." lolololololol

  • Dutch Courage
    Dutch Courage 16 days ago

    Minus five stars.

  • Angie McIntyre
    Angie McIntyre Month ago

    Anyone here read the book before movie?

  • Stan Sergiu Gabriel

    Just saw it last night. Tim Curry character killed it with his villain charm. This new Pennywise seemed lobotomized or like a nutty squirrel.

  • Toriana Palacki
    Toriana Palacki Month ago

    If you jumped when it was a jump scare, which I did 90% of the time through the movie, then it is a good scary movie. People forget that scary movies should be judged off how SCARY it is, like how freaked out you are when you go to bed alone, and this movie definitely did that to people.

  • Cody Nonnemacher
    Cody Nonnemacher Month ago

    I own it on blu ray and I have the book

  • BadNews Bear
    BadNews Bear Month ago

    Pennywise looked awesome but the movie wasn’t as good as per usual with most Stephen King’s movies vs books. Never liked “It” as a book or the older movie. The acting was really good. It did seem like Stranger Things. I liked the lead and I liked each individual character. I agree about the violence towards kids comment. I was surprised. It helped with the depth. I liked Pennywise, he was creepy. I liked the actors. They were great. I felt meh about the resolution and it was a little slow. It seems like there’s always a lot of hype surrounding Steven King movies and I’m always disappointed by them. With the exception of Misery and Pet Cemetary. If you like Steven King books you probably don’t like the movies. The books are always better.

  • Raul Medina
    Raul Medina Month ago

    You’re a talentless hack!!!!!!!

  • Jenna Walkinshaw
    Jenna Walkinshaw Month ago

    As a horror movie enthusiast I was actually disappinted with this movie. All the scares where to cheap to even give me the nostalgia feel, the cgi was terrible in some parts, simple details that just werent taken care of production wise, barely any characters developed, and overall just a boring movie that couldnt get me to feel for any of the characters. Hell the dad was the creepiest part of the movie. Essiently 2 hours of my life I wish I could get back.

  • Michael Watson
    Michael Watson Month ago

    A good film but very disappointed by the lack of dread and tension. I dunno, the kids are going through serious trauma but there was never a point where you felt terrified or worried about them. They all just went about happy, cracking jokes, having fun like any other kid through to the very end. Compare this to the highway scene in "Nocturnal Animals", that is real horror right there. Why didn't I ever feel that kind of tension whenever Pennywise showed up?

  • Thandie
    Thandie Month ago

    IT was sooo bad, Jeremy sometimes you’re spot on but boy were you wrong about this one

  • elisabeth moss
    elisabeth moss Month ago +1

    i thought it was a good movie and enjoyable but not scary at all in my opinion. it relied on jump scares and effects to deliver the “scares”

  • blah blah
    blah blah Month ago +1

    I liked it, but it was'nt scary at all...

  • andersenkalle
    andersenkalle Month ago

    This movie looks pretty good and the kids are great. But it wasn’t one bit scary. Very few disturbing scenes. The horror parts are pretty much just filled with music that tells the audience how to feel. A bunch of loud noises and typical horror build up. Also, i don’t even understand how Pennywise is considered scary. Looks ridiculous. It’s certainly not a bad movie, it has good things in it (especially the child actors) but when it came to the horror i was really, really bored. Fine film but also highly overrated in my opinion.

  • Kyd Kaide
    Kyd Kaide Month ago

    Why WatchMojo ever deemed Jeremy Jahns the no. 1 asshole of movie critics is beyond me.

  • Jacqueline Waugh
    Jacqueline Waugh Month ago

    I loved the movie

  • Overwatchgotv
    Overwatchgotv Month ago

    Im 11 year old kid just saw this movie because it was one redbox and its terrifying and what he said about your kids cursing up a storm its very true i do all my friends do its very true

  • altruistic Assassin

    Seriously the new it movie made me laugh more then scared me. Penny wise was nothing like the original! For me it was like a nightmare on elm street remake just horrible why remake a movie when they were already great millennials may disagree but oh well

  • Raul Medina
    Raul Medina Month ago +1

    Just shut up! You suck at making movie reviews. This movie was a piece of shit. I hated everything in the movie.

  • Neil Tomlinson
    Neil Tomlinson Month ago

    This movie was absolutely amazing ! Loved it.

  • Lorioyama Emma-o
    Lorioyama Emma-o Month ago

    Was cute.

  • Alexander Harnar
    Alexander Harnar Month ago

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  • Seth PRG
    Seth PRG Month ago

    IT was a horrible mess of political correctness and vulgarity. What kids in the 80s curse that much, like what? If you're looking for something to make you laugh with your friends, this is the garbage movie meant for you. Lmao.

    What a piece of shi-

  • Joe Luckett
    Joe Luckett Month ago

    Its not scary at all

  • Milk Just Milk
    Milk Just Milk Month ago

    I’ve been a horror fanatic for years, since I was 3. I can say that this movie wasn’t that scary but I did appreciate the disturbing images, the acting was great at the beginning but got iffy nearing the end, the effects and lighting were amazing, and the clown himself was (in my opinion) portrayed much better in this remake than the original. I’d say this is a huge step from the usually cliche bull crap and I can’t wait for IT chapter two.

  • Mark Marquez
    Mark Marquez Month ago

    Awesome review, man. Could we get an IT 1990 review?

  • Albedo Yuriev
    Albedo Yuriev Month ago

    I thought this is overrated, bad, and it's just plain generic.
    Pennywise looks scary, but he's not scary at all. Even looking scary is already raises the red flag. One might think that the goal would work best if he would actually look inviting and friendly.
    Everytime he charges after the kids he constantly seizes out. I mean why does he have to jerk around so much?
    The scene where Pennywise kidnapped Beverly is out of character for him. Pennywise wouldn't do that. I don't recall him ever doing that in both the book and the mini series. What he would have done was quickly kill then eat her, and create an illusion of her, just like he did with Gorgie; not use her as bait. Like I said, out of character.
    When the loosers club went into the house the first time, how well could they have expected things to go? They just strolled right in without any sort of protection. Thats not realism nor being smart, that pretty much asking to get killed. I seriously doubt bitch slapping an ancient godlike entity is going to do much good.
    So many opportunities for Pennywise eat the loosers clubs, but he spends nearly the entire movie just playing around. The scene down in the well, Pennywise had his mouth on...Stan I think, but he just let go and took off. He had plenty of time to bite his face off, let alone his head.
    Everytime the kids where trying to have a serious discussion about the tragedies and whatever else was going on, Eddie constantly just ruins the mood by saying sex jokes.
    The scene when all the kids went swimming...I can't the only one that thought it was very disturbing and uncomfortable to sit through.
    At the end of the movie when Beverly was floating in the air...I couldn't believe that happened just to push the poor excuse for a love triangle. It's not even brought up afterward, only to end it Bill and Beverly, not with Ben. The whole damsel in distress thing was just pointless. Like I said, Pennywise doesn't kidnap and bait his victims.
    Henry Bowers looks tough one minute, but the second his father is around he's nothing more than a bitch.
    Where was the werewolf? Where was the mummy? IT relys too much on his clown and leper forms, so there's not much on the variety department.
    Mike's character is butchered. Mike and Bill are the two most important characters in the loosers club. In the book, Bill serves as the leader because he's the one with the strongest imagination. Mike is suppose to be the one that helps bring hold the group together, but here he's just...there, and barely says or does anything at all.
    The 90's mini series film is far superior because it was able to stay in touch with the book. The 2017 remake is a cheap parody knockoff that strayed too far from the book. I just don't understand why people think this movie is good at all.
    Yes, I do agree that the mini series had it's flaws as well, but it still did better.

  • Echadh
    Echadh Month ago

    It is like a long episode of goosebumps.

  • The Rave Music Archive

    Didn't like this. Much prefer the original 1990 version.

  • hostilityy
    hostilityy 2 months ago

    this movie was pretty fucking stupid. they tried to bridge science fiction with horror and it failed. people with simple brains think it was scary and good. it was terrible. it would've been good if they made it only a scary movie and not thrown in weird shit that defied science.

  • Carlito1085
    Carlito1085 2 months ago

    Majorly disappointed after watching the remake.
    To me it lacked the character, pacing, flow, and tension (a lot of which came through the great score) of the original, not to mention some of the characters in the remake served no purpose what so ever other than just being there to make up the numbers. In my opinion, Bill, Eddie, Eddie's mother, Henry, and Belch didn't come remotely close to their 1990 counterparts, while Tim Curry as Pennywise was one of the best acting performances I've ever seen, period. I think Beverly and Ben, and even Mike for what he had, those 3 did a really good job in the remake so credit where it's due.
    The remake was basically a pick and mix of jump scares thrown in all over the place, with them going to the well way too much.
    To those criticizing the original, part 2 of the mini-series deserves its criticism, but part 1 was masterfully done and full of charm and character. It really captured the look and feel of the 1950's-1960's from top to bottom.

  • Jacob Grimsley
    Jacob Grimsley 2 months ago

    it was an amazing horror movie in my opinion. too many “horror” movies are just 2 hour long tropes filled with cheap and loud jump scares whereas movies like It are what horror really should be. the horror in this movie was truly unnerving and disturbing and made you say wow that is truly terrifying to think about like being in that situation. honestly probably one of if not my favorite movies ever

  • Searching 4 humens
    Searching 4 humens 2 months ago

    Naaah, it's dummb movie

  • Gerann Gerber
    Gerann Gerber 2 months ago

    I loved this movie. I absolutely loved Richie's character!!

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas 2 months ago

    Add review

  • TheCopperhound84
    TheCopperhound84 2 months ago

    I Dont Want Jump Scares I Want Eerie Make Me Feel Alone And The Clown Bein At Far Away Distances

  • Maleficus
    Maleficus 2 months ago

    For me the difference between this Pennywise and Tim Curry's one is that this one is scary while the previous one was creepy.

  • aaron lao
    aaron lao 2 months ago

    its a mehh

  • Six Strings
    Six Strings 2 months ago

    I'm a couple months late but looking at the just can't enjoy things these days, huh?

  • Dementix
    Dementix 2 months ago +1

    Honestly, the last "good" adaptation of a Stephen King book-to-movie was "Misery". Before that, "The Shining". Everything since has been horrible.

  • Dementix
    Dementix 2 months ago +1

    IT (2017) was worse than IT (1990). And IT (1990) sucked balls. If you want to be scared by clowns, I would suggest the movie "Killer Klowns from Outer Space".

  • Edwin Palacios
    Edwin Palacios 2 months ago

    The thing with the crazy lazy eye thing pennywise does . The actor actually knows how to control his eye to do that. No cgi

  • JCvideos
    JCvideos 2 months ago

    The scariest part of the original was when pennywise turns into a dog....😐

  • A, Tahboub
    A, Tahboub 2 months ago

    Fuck people who likes it and who rate it as good. Fuck Stephen king and fuck the director , fuck the producer and fuck all actors and everyone who worked in this movie . I rate it -100

  • Asante Xaba Xaba
    Asante Xaba Xaba 2 months ago

    The movie is terrifying but l'm eight years old

  • Samaddar Shubham
    Samaddar Shubham 2 months ago

    I liked this movie not because of the scares, although it was scary. I loved it cause it's so different than any other horror movie I've seen in my whole life. Some of the actors were just terrific, the ending couldn't be better, and it was just amazingly done. This movie is not just another low budget money grabber like most of the movies out there, this movie has heart.

  • I T
    I T 2 months ago

    I think he was salivating

  • The New Tide
    The New Tide 2 months ago

    The clown ruined the movie for me, whenever he was in a scene i was just like, are you serious? This is pennywise? Totally ruined the great work done by the rest of the cast.

  • Ahmed Habichuela Adam
    Ahmed Habichuela Adam 2 months ago

    I liked the Clown in the movie, they did a good job with that. And his Character, The modern humor was funny. But i expected to see Pennywise More, I enjoyed the Original a bit better. The original was Very Good. This movie was just Okay.. Part 2 should be better probably.
    But the Top Horror movies for me that are better than IT, are the Conjuring, Annabel, & Insidious

  • Gigglez Don
    Gigglez Don 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that got really bored watching this movie? it was intense for like the 1st half but as it dragged on it just lost its interest

  • Alan Brown
    Alan Brown 2 months ago

    There's no full stops in your reviews fucking tires me out

  • Carl Jarlskov
    Carl Jarlskov 2 months ago

    I loved the movie! But the green mile is still my favorite stephen king movie and just my favorite movie overall :-)

  • Mr.M
    Mr.M 2 months ago

    Jeremy what are you really afraid of? Answer before "IT" becomes a thing.
    Edit- Don't say Bumble from Rudolph

  • Italian Stallion
    Italian Stallion 2 months ago

    Movie was garb

  • Liya Lene
    Liya Lene 2 months ago

    Is there a website or something I won’t have to pay money to watch IT

  • What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism?

    The kids swear too much... sad

    • Seth PRG
      Seth PRG Month ago

      Louis McLean are you for real bud? How the fuck do kids from the 50s or 80s know what even HALF OF THOSE WORDS MEAN LMAO. Half of those phrases weren't even created until the 21st century... It's so sad to see people being okay with 10 year old kids being so vulgar. Can't wait to hear the word fuck 100 times in the next pixar film

    • Louis McLean
      Louis McLean 2 months ago +1

      What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism? Kids do swear..... children of that age don't have a PG mouth the parents think. It felt very real.

  • Nathaniel Burks
    Nathaniel Burks 2 months ago

    Jeremy, were you trying to do Pennywise’s smile in your thumbnail? Lol

  • Tsum tsum Show
    Tsum tsum Show 2 months ago

    Really people thought it was scary? I thought it was freaking hilarious I laughed through all the scenes so did my mom 😂 I think we have issues 🤣

  • Diego Aguirre
    Diego Aguirre 2 months ago

    Best movie ever

    JUGGERNAUT KI11 2 months ago

    Pennywise is an alien

  • Yaya White-Farrell
    Yaya White-Farrell 2 months ago

    I only liked it because Finn wolfhard is in the movie

  • Feras Nj
    Feras Nj 2 months ago

    i just watched the movie and felt a bit disappointed. (spoilers alert)
    this movie was fucking scary af and disturbing in the first 1 hour or so, and this is coming from a guy who watched alot of horror/thriller movies. it was creepy but then it started slowly to turn into some kids adventure to beat the living crap of a weak ass clown.
    non of the "losers" group died.. srsly ? everyone survived expect for poor goerge who had a disturbing death at the start of the movie, a much not needed romance bw billy and the girl but that was not the problem here. we also don't see what happened with the floating kids ? did they come back alive ? imo there should've been some of the kids killed and at the end 2 or 3 at most survives. it would've been more intense than wtv the last 40 mins of the movie was all about.
    this could've been an awesometacular but they kinda ruined it. nd that's probably why it has so many mixed reviews.

  • Aaron S.
    Aaron S. 2 months ago

    I liked the movie however I felt the CGI was a bit corny and obvious.

  • joeinferno23
    joeinferno23 2 months ago

    Was looking forward to this but then thought it was shit. Got to the point where I just wanted the movie to hurry up and end. 👆

  • Shape Mommy
    Shape Mommy 2 months ago

    I laughed at this movie, it wasn't scary to me and frankly I didn't like the movie in general. It seemed like they tried way too hard to be edgy and scary. That is just what I think though.

  • grundyboy
    grundyboy 2 months ago

    Nice inserting that little self-compliment there, Jeremy :)

  • Tyler Morgan
    Tyler Morgan 2 months ago

    I love this movie and I love the book as well as the old special 2 parter aka Tim curry. however I wanna talk about the scare factor because I feel most people don't think about this. it's 2017. It is a horror standard and something you've seen before in terms of jump scares and gore and disturbing stuff in general. you can play video games where you watch people die in horrid ways and you can kill people and torture animals even. its so commonplace now. in other words everyone is desensitized to it. imagine if this same movie had dropped in the 80s. I bet that generation would still be freaked out about it. I'll even admit it didnt really scare me, the book not much either, but rather it built an amazing story around characters that I cared about and built tension with them. that's why I love it. I was startled and felt on edge throughout but for the characters. I think that's where it succeeded in the end. but yeah, its not scary for a lot of people and I believe that's due to the fact that in 2017 not much is new. not really.

  • Conscious Reminders
    Conscious Reminders 2 months ago

    I didn't like the movie. The story execution was weak and slow paced.

  • SsilenceTv
    SsilenceTv 2 months ago

    i think this movie was shit but bill skarsgard whas fucking good as pennywise

  • 3choBlast3r
    3choBlast3r 2 months ago

    I fucking loved this movie ... I liked that it wasn't full on horror but more about the kids overcoming their fears ...
    My only small critique .. is the red head (Rebacca) In the movie they have made her look so damn mature .. it's kinda FUCKED UP. I mean I looked up this girl after watching the movie (I was under the impression she was like 18/20 playing a 16/17 yo and already kinda felt she was maybe a little old for the role) .. then I found out she is 15 and in her regular real life fotos she looks her age (like a KID) .. WTF film makers?
    That said .... she was 10/10 her performance was amazing and she REALLY fit the role of the "pretty, & insanely cool girl, that hangs out with the "losers" because she knows how it feels to be shunned, bullied and have people make up all sort of lies about her.

    Not sure what to feel about the rape undertones from her father ... they could just had him be an ultra conservative and physically abuse father .. but went a step further. It made me sympathise even more with the girl but also felt kinda fucked up ...
    This girl was going trough a nightmare LONG before the clown. She didn't care about the bullies or what people said about her because she faced a worse monster at home everyday ...

    DAMN this movie is good.. how the fuck does it have a 7.2 on imdb?!

  • Van Hub Gaming
    Van Hub Gaming 2 months ago

    There were several unaddressed plot points though. Like are there no repercussions to the characters that killed people?

  • Tren979797
    Tren979797 3 months ago

    Good Movie. Much better than the TV version. Just was not a fan of the CGI. Was overly used and took me out of it. No pun intended

  • Rally SA
    Rally SA 3 months ago

    Jeremy, Dude, The views for this matches the Subs on your channel

  • aprilryan2
    aprilryan2 3 months ago

    shitty movie

  • Mijo Cee
    Mijo Cee 3 months ago

    Where's your Jumanji review?? Haha still waiting

  • okir rama
    okir rama 3 months ago

    Tim Curry was great in IT 😂😂😂😂

  • okir rama
    okir rama 3 months ago

    IT is stranger things made into movie 😂😂😂😂

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 3 months ago

    I just watched the movie and it was so well shot and well acted. But it was not very good

  • Unboxing Deutschland
    Unboxing Deutschland 3 months ago

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  • Darbell 115
    Darbell 115 3 months ago

    Just to say it to all the fuck boys who are triggered for it not being Awsometacular he gave it awsometacular in the spoiler talk your welcome Jeremy

  • Sickandtired
    Sickandtired 3 months ago

    They over cook it very very well shit they burned the house down. Hated the kids only liked fatty i hated this movie so much i rewatched the original thinking id hate it too after two hours i was pissed off amd realised the ogs problem its too fucking long lol i never watch the 4 hour movie i watched the edited one. And i loved the og so much more than the remake. The remake does gave good acting but everything else falls short. The og was more of a play on dark humor i found my self laughing alot never scared besides one part and loved it. I didnt like this new pennywise at all they made him weak and the basically exaggerated the og film everything was two steps further. Dont get me started on the cussing kids and i hated the stranger thing its trash. And the actor couldnt stand his role he was a prick and douche bag so annoying the movie wouldve been beter if he talked less. Overall did not like it it was horrible but the cursing was a major turn off i was not cursing like that and at theyre age was it 12 to 13? I looked like i was 17 and me and my friend yeah we werent good actualky the bad kids nothing to brag about butvwe werent cursing that fucking much this is like seeing 5 year olds saying fuck and shit and people finding it entertaining it adds nothing to the film but unnecessary vulgar. The violence was weak the scares were no existing. At this point i discredit critics and lately i dont see eye to eye with alot of youtubers they fall right with the tomatoes and everything else

  • Lovely Petty
    Lovely Petty 3 months ago

    4:08 i go to a school were for 2 years we went undetected for sreawing until to is year in the 7th grade this new kid as soon as the teacher was oit the room started yelling watch your f*cking language loud enough for the teacher to hear. But all the teachers at my school expect like 3 dont care and my homeroom teacher being one of them. So all we got was a stren scolding if you would even call ot that

  • Five Stars
    Five Stars 3 months ago

    9.25/10 or A or AWESOMETACULAR

  • M03 Smith
    M03 Smith 3 months ago

    Disappointment if you compare it to the book. But is still good even though it gets bits wrong probably on purpose to make it shorter. And wasn't that scary.

  • Duran Ryan
    Duran Ryan 3 months ago

    Just watched It again the second time... Still came up with the same conclusion... #boring ...

  • Weird Fumes
    Weird Fumes 3 months ago

    Everybody is complaining about cgi but I guess I was used to the old movie that I didn't noticed

  • uptempo
    uptempo 3 months ago +1

    Just came back from theaters and had to vent. This movie was abysmal, I don't know if I was watching the same movie as the rest of you but the acting was nothing special the effects were not scary the "jumpscares" were predictable and the overall "disturbing themes" that people raved on about were nothing more than stupid. This movie took everything away from the original IT which isn't necessarily a bad thing, except in this case it is. The very core of this movie is that Pennywise is a simple clown who looks like an everyday clown but has a disturbing demeanor, this pennywise in the 2017 film looks nothing like a normal clown and does not share the same spooky lingo the older version did. The older version was simple and thats what made it so freaking creepy this one was stupid and not even scary or remotely "creepy" I was leaning on one arm in boredom and it took everything in me to not just get up and leave the film the moment I saw that stupid jig he did towards the end. Terrible film ruined the core values of the story won't be watching the follow-up

  • The Lottery
    The Lottery 3 months ago

    Not scary, dumb comedy for the most part, the gruesome parts weren't realistic like when Georgie lost his arm it looked to fake, eh movie

  • Irene Sinople
    Irene Sinople 3 months ago

    It was amazing

  • Daniel PEASE
    Daniel PEASE 3 months ago

    I loved this. Mum and I went to see it. It gave us the creeps. Still, I prefer Tim Curry.

  • crazydog266
    crazydog266 4 months ago

    not really scary but still much better than most horror films lately

  • ,
    , 4 months ago +1

    A lot of people don't understand what a good horror movie is.
    It's not determined by the quantity of jumpscares, bit the effectiveness of our own realization of our fears.
    Therefore, a good horror movie has a good message, bit it is rarely easy to find.
    It had an insanely good plot and message.

  • Crave88evarC
    Crave88evarC 4 months ago

    You dont have to do hand gestures with every fucking word.

  • Tyler White
    Tyler White 4 months ago

    I was one of the ones who hated the new PennyWise look when it first came out. I now retract my statement.