Thanos Infinity Gauntlet IN MINECRAFT!

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • thanos x minecraft.
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Comments • 12 419

  • Kayla Smokes
    Kayla Smokes Day ago

    When dan snap his finger
    Meanwhile in Minecraft story mode: Reuben died


    Dan: This isn't actually a mod.
    Also Dan: Thanks for watching this mod review.

  • Foxypiratefox Fnaf

    Dan: *snaps*
    Trayruaus: Dan!!!!!-
    Trayruaus: *disintegrates*

  • Jaxon Xavier
    Jaxon Xavier Day ago

    She had been sick since her last day every year right next door from home now she’s really good got cake can’t believe

  • Brandon Roopchand
    Brandon Roopchand 2 days ago

    I wander how many copys of the lab he has

  • Dylan Wardle
    Dylan Wardle 2 days ago


  • Iixakkkthegamer
    Iixakkkthegamer 2 days ago

    There is one thing that can distort thanos uno reverse card

  • Karen Dolat
    Karen Dolat 2 days ago +1

    i love you dan!
    | anybody else agrees

  • Tropical Galaxy
    Tropical Galaxy 3 days ago

    Scarlet: you took everything from me!
    Dan: I don't even know who you are

  • Dean Burson
    Dean Burson 3 days ago

    why didn't you you the time stone to save grim

  • Dean Burson
    Dean Burson 3 days ago

    why didn't you use the time stone to bring your pigs back

  • Josue Trujillo
    Josue Trujillo 4 days ago

    I have Soul Reality space power time Mind SNAP

  • Gill Young
    Gill Young 4 days ago

    I love Grimm 2

  • Supernovagaming
    Supernovagaming 5 days ago

    Dan:I thought I was going to blow up the whole entire lab but all I did was kill my dog
    Me: nothing big this is gri we are talking about

  • Skye-marie Morrall
    Skye-marie Morrall 6 days ago

    The end is near 😲

    MEEPTESHEEP 7 days ago

    Mr trayorus... I not feel so good

  • BranAdamMNG v
    BranAdamMNG v 7 days ago

    Who heard the villager sound at 7:32?

  • Ronak Sharma
    Ronak Sharma 8 days ago

    The swords name is the Infinty blade

    LEGEND GAMER 1203 8 days ago

    Im from the furure or 2048 .... YEAH

  • DrizzMc Fizz
    DrizzMc Fizz 8 days ago


  • DrizzMc Fizz
    DrizzMc Fizz 8 days ago

    It’s not just you who used the mod

  • Breanna Roe
    Breanna Roe 9 days ago

    Can’t you use the reverse and get grim back

  • Max
    Max 9 days ago

    How do you install it it aint letting me do it on 14.4.4

  • w o o m y
    w o o m y 10 days ago

    Well... RIP Grim II...

  • Mutilate a doll Dream worriors


  • Kittendevil1109 Wendt
    Kittendevil1109 Wendt 12 days ago

    DanTDM: I don't know what it means... BUT it's awesome
    Me: What?! How does the ALL MIGHT THANOS not know what a data pack is???
    DanTDM: ...
    Me: It's a PRE MADE database that can be fed to a software!!!
    DanTDM: What?

  • the blazie007
    the blazie007 12 days ago

    DanTDM: I only killed my dog nothing big.
    Grim 3: Am I next?!?!

  • NotmyFace YT
    NotmyFace YT 13 days ago

    DanTDM: And a real big sword!
    Me: Spoilers!!!!!!!

  • The Stopmotion Kid
    The Stopmotion Kid 13 days ago

    9:37 DanTDM:Because I'm Thanos, I Survived!
    Me:Or Your Just In Creative Mode.

  • Shoop da woop
    Shoop da woop 13 days ago


  • Scorpion CEO
    Scorpion CEO 14 days ago

    Poor grim I guess thanos is too strong

  • Znurbo Z
    Znurbo Z 16 days ago

    In The universe

  • Terranesia Server
    Terranesia Server 16 days ago

    Wow Super Awesome! how about elements version?
    1) Desert = Rains Desert Shards & Summons a Sandstorm
    2) Fire = Fireballs & Meteors
    3) Sky = Skybolt & Fallen Stars
    4) Frost = Frost Shield to freeze & knockback enemies
    5) Water = Turns projectiles into bubbles, summons Rain & Tsunami
    6) Void = Vanish enemies & summons blackhole

  • Samuel Elam
    Samuel Elam 16 days ago

    Villager: DanTDM, I don’t feel so good.
    DanTDM:It’s OK.

  • Paul Spencer-Clark
    Paul Spencer-Clark 16 days ago

    There's only one person stronger than thanos scratch editor remove. Thanos kills one by one scratch kills 500 pencils in one tap of the keyboard

  • Karen Bradshaw
    Karen Bradshaw 19 days ago

    Ender Pearls in Minecraft or circle Iceland so slime glow the new new item in in Minecraft update aquatic ok Dan TDM you know about it now so never ever tell the worst people about the best things that aren't supposed to be in Minecraft

  • baby fox
    baby fox 20 days ago

    Hi dan

  • Fireninjaz
    Fireninjaz 20 days ago

    DanTDM:Imma snap you

  • fummy
    fummy 20 days ago

    Its datapack

  • Finnegan G
    Finnegan G 21 day ago

    The blue one is space stone the purple one is power stone the green one is time the red one is reality the yellow one is mine and the orange one is sore

  • Mom said its my turn on the Xbox

    You could just type the /kill @e

  • James Clatworthy
    James Clatworthy 22 days ago

    Villager: Uh Dan I don’t feel so good

  • Mario Fiesta
    Mario Fiesta 22 days ago

    You Better Get Grim Back By Next Video Or Will Have Some Serious Words With You.

  • Piotr Brooklyn
    Piotr Brooklyn 22 days ago

    more tabs

  • Teddy Calma
    Teddy Calma 23 days ago

    Then why Thanos used the stones for evil the original word we marvel fans know this line *comes with great power comes with great responsibility* we know it

  • Teddy Calma
    Teddy Calma 23 days ago


  • Riley gamer Minecraft and more

    Awesome video :D

  • M Taha
    M Taha 24 days ago

    WHT he got his own ending song LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Splash Ent.
    Splash Ent. 24 days ago


  • 053 the Rockstar Bonnie Fan

    Hey Dan I want to buy your old lab!

  • Dacanay Gamers 2
    Dacanay Gamers 2 25 days ago

    1919: We will have the infinity gauntlet in the future!

    2019: *flying cars*

  • Ferida Chopra
    Ferida Chopra 25 days ago

    Purple = power
    Blue = space
    Red = reality
    Orange = soul
    Green = time
    Yellow = mind

  • Tristan Dorrough
    Tristan Dorrough 25 days ago

    i namde my dog grim too ruff ruff dude

  • Demon Bendy
    Demon Bendy 25 days ago

    You reialise 4 plus 2 is 6 we dont Have 6 fingers

  • Neil Price
    Neil Price 26 days ago

    fat boi

  • Zane Parks
    Zane Parks 27 days ago


  • anyelo
    anyelo 27 days ago +1

    how do you get you mods

  • Jessie Coleman
    Jessie Coleman 27 days ago

    You shod craft the iron man infinity gontlit

  • W1 Wolf
    W1 Wolf 27 days ago +1

    dan all i did was kill my dog nothing big.'' grim so i am nothing to you aaaaaaaa.'' me backing away .''

  • dearmrtoblerone
    dearmrtoblerone 27 days ago


    (Proceeds to jump off a roof)