‘Big Brother’ 21: Jack Matthews | EXTENDED

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Incoming “Big Brother” season-21 houseguest Jack Matthews sits down with ET Canada’s special correspondent Ika Wong who reveals if he’s open to a showmance. Catch the two-night season premiere on Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.
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Comments • 266

  • Yasuko Yokurazi 横倉康子

    Jack is so disrespectful and disgusting, especially when they closed the door on Nicole.. And I hate how he tries to use everyone's hoh when he didn't win it

    Jack you may be a superfan but hope u get backdoor... Oh wait it's not gonna happen... Half the house is sleep and won't wake the heck up

  • blkncutvibe1970
    blkncutvibe1970 20 hours ago


  • vloging gizmo
    vloging gizmo 2 days ago

    Jack reminds me of aqua man and thor

  • Tee1167
    Tee1167 4 days ago +1

    He has a very ugly personality

  • Nessa Va
    Nessa Va 9 days ago +1

    Jason Momoa is a true beauty! With long hair or short. Beard or no beard. Cut the hair and clean shave this guy and he’d be busted. The neck down kind of guy.

  • Annointed Care
    Annointed Care 11 days ago +2

    Racist at its worst! Him and the other "Jack ass" CBS should be ashame for allowing him to continue his racist shenanigans.

  • prettyfa3000
    prettyfa3000 11 days ago

    Well money with no respect is definitely a strong possibility in ur future bruh cuz u SUCK as a human!!!

  • Dallas Stone
    Dallas Stone 12 days ago +5

    At first, you see him, you think, oh he looks nice. But then, you hear and see all the uglyness coming from him on the live feeds. Of course, prod won't show it the the show, and won't just ****** kick him out. Come on BB, no place for this in 2019. Kick him out.

  • eritreasunshine
    eritreasunshine 13 days ago

    Her “ sexy look” is nauseating

  • Seneca Evans
    Seneca Evans 13 days ago

    What is his nationality

  • Susan Haynes
    Susan Haynes 13 days ago +23

    He’s the Biggest JACK ASS. For sure. Christy should have gotten him out while the gettin was good. Now he’s HOH,! 🙄

  • Eric Awesome
    Eric Awesome 13 days ago +4


  • La Isla Bonita
    La Isla Bonita 13 days ago +7

    He is a sick evil man CBS failed bringing him on. Even his voice is different here he is being ‘smiley’ and fake. This host was in danger and didn’t realize.

  • Zulkafly Marsasiah
    Zulkafly Marsasiah 14 days ago +2

    Jason momoa need to stop doing fillers to his face.

  • Bunni Boo
    Bunni Boo 14 days ago +4

    I hate this guy so much

  • I'm unsubscribing.
    I'm unsubscribing. 15 days ago


  • Doll Lillian
    Doll Lillian 15 days ago +25

    After watching big brother, I HATE him

  • Sahiry Gnobehi
    Sahiry Gnobehi 16 days ago +7


  • Maolo Noggi
    Maolo Noggi 16 days ago +54

    why do people compare him to jason mamoa they really don't lookalike he tries to look like him but he is not nearly as attractive

    • Girl On Fire
      Girl On Fire 7 days ago +1

      I think in the very first episode, with his hair down, there was a resemblance... BUT, after seeing him over the past few weeks and seeing his vile personality come out, you try to compare the two and, well you just can't because Jack is a disgusting piece of trash inside and out, and Jason Mamoa seems to be a genuinely good person (who also happens to be very hot!)
      This sort of thing happens with tons of attractive people. You think that they are really good looking, and then you see their personality, and suddenly they literally become very unattractive physically... It's weird how your brain works that way... You can see someone as attractive, but once you see the ugly on the inside, you perceive the ugly on the outside. It's kinda crazy! And the opposite happens with people who aren't what you would "typically" see as attractive, but once you see the good on the inside, you become more physically attracted to them as well.. It's all one big mind fuck. I think it's your brain's protective mechanism so that you don't stay with an asshole just because they're attractive. That's my completely uneducated theory.

    • Nessa Va
      Nessa Va 9 days ago

      Thank you! Someone finally said it!

    • Nikki Williams
      Nikki Williams 11 days ago +4

      Jason Mamoa isn't a racist piece of shit either. This is insulting his name.

    • immaculate peter
      immaculate peter 15 days ago +7

      I kNOW I am genuinely insulted for Jason Mamoa who is much more attractive and an amazing person unlike this dumb ass

  • Aaliyah Jones
    Aaliyah Jones 16 days ago +105

    After watching the live feeds.. I can confirm he is a horrible person

  • Sebring Superlative
    Sebring Superlative 16 days ago +16

    Funny...his deep dark secret is Nutella...wonder if theres any connections to him wanting to stomp a "MUDHOLE" in Kimis' (only black girl in the house) chest....hmm

  • Benjamin Albers
    Benjamin Albers 17 days ago

    He reminds me of jack from mr beast

  • Pies Gaming
    Pies Gaming 17 days ago +3

    Jack : im gonna win big brother cause im the good guy faints

  • f quint
    f quint 19 days ago +64

    Well, my thoughts on him have changed SIGNIFICANTLY.... as I put my clown mask on.

  • Ava Langrin
    Ava Langrin 20 days ago

    Is Zika and Demetri still together?

  • bobbyc912
    bobbyc912 21 day ago +1

    He seems easygoing. Got social skills. Good luck!

  • Alisha Seer
    Alisha Seer 21 day ago

    He's boring so he's gonna have to win comps

  • fizz
    fizz 22 days ago

    Less go Jack! Everyone is supporting you!!

    • sana stans IN YOUR AREA
      sana stans IN YOUR AREA 15 hours ago

      fizz all of them are rats

    • fizz
      fizz 3 days ago

      @sana stans IN YOUR AREA Lol not happening anymore... Jack michie bella final 3!!

    • Vanessa Agyei
      Vanessa Agyei 14 days ago +2

      Nobody’s rooting or supporting him rn😗

    • sana stans IN YOUR AREA
      sana stans IN YOUR AREA 16 days ago +2


    • Jacob Doyle
      Jacob Doyle 16 days ago +1

      fizz He’s a asshole..

  • supermilkguy
    supermilkguy 23 days ago

    He’s beautiful

  • Night Frost
    Night Frost 23 days ago +1

    Daenerys Targaryen liked this video

  • San Junipero
    San Junipero 23 days ago

    He looks like a cleaner version of Jason Momoa

  • Kie Weston
    Kie Weston 24 days ago

    "I can't cry on demand"
    *HG in another video can cry on demand at anytime*

  • Cam
    Cam 24 days ago

    Don’t tell him Caleb shaved his head for a veto

  • blue
    blue 24 days ago +1

    The UK has Kate and Will. In Canada we have Ika and Demetres. We stan our Queen!!

  • Emelina Rosario
    Emelina Rosario 25 days ago

    Am I the only one that is excited to see him shirtless this summer in the bb house?😍🥰

  • loverofsunflowers
    loverofsunflowers 25 days ago

    Hes so cute and interesting to watch.

  • It’sApplePuffs
    It’sApplePuffs 25 days ago +1

    He looks like AquaMan, he’s pure, he’s amazing. I think I’m in love.

  • Irish Leprechaun
    Irish Leprechaun 25 days ago

    We got Jason mamoa ladiessss!!!!

  • Crissy San
    Crissy San 25 days ago

    I can see him and holly maybe in a showmance but who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️...

  • Ken Shows
    Ken Shows 25 days ago

    He reminds me of Austin

  • Alexis Nicole
    Alexis Nicole 25 days ago

    He seems like he has a pretty cute personality

  • Nujhat
    Nujhat 26 days ago +1

    He looks like he's Dorthraki 😂

  • Future Houseguest
    Future Houseguest 26 days ago

    They actually have cut hair in a challenge before I remember they did in BB7

  • Dirt Beard
    Dirt Beard 26 days ago

    if Austin and Justin had a son....

  • Jeff Phillips
    Jeff Phillips 26 days ago

    I went to school with him back in Libertyville, IL

  • jae a
    jae a 26 days ago +1

    He articulates his speaking and gives me real Adam Lambert vibes.

  • Roy Garcia
    Roy Garcia 26 days ago

    Jason mamoa& Chris Hemsworth just had a baby.

  • Krystal Clear
    Krystal Clear 27 days ago

    😍😍😍 he is HOT AF!

  • ryan
    ryan 27 days ago +1

    Love how down to earth he is

  • ryan
    ryan 27 days ago +5

    He's hot and will be in a showmance

  • SARA
    SARA 27 days ago

    My panties got wet when I heard him speak...

  • Panda On Steroids
    Panda On Steroids 27 days ago +1

    This guy is waaaay to attractive for this show. Y'all relating him to Austin the only thing they got in common is the hair, voice, and big body. Austin was a loser and a crybaby. I feel like this guy could maybe end up being lame. Maybe too much of a follower, but we'll see. He's honestly too atractive. LOL. Guys and Girls will like him easy because he's so easy on the eyes.

  • TJ Tampa
    TJ Tampa 27 days ago +9

    Is this Jack (Mamoa 😉) or is this Adam Lambert?? Mannerisms 100% Adam.

  • tim
    tim 28 days ago +4

    boring but he will be my favorite if he takes it all off on the live feeds

  • BandstarMRD
    BandstarMRD 28 days ago +1

    anyone notice him and David are photographers from near same area of Tampa and Atlanta.......hmmmm

    FIZZY JECADO 28 days ago +5

    This guy is tooooooo good looking!

  • Tanner Nelson
    Tanner Nelson 28 days ago +5

    Anyone getting a mix of victor and fessy from him?

  • R W
    R W 28 days ago +1

    Please grow your hair back

  • chris krall
    chris krall 28 days ago

    “ALL the GIRLS want to know!”. super annoying interviewer. gonna assume its a bb canada contestant or something. of course only the female viewers want to know about him.

  • bazzingaification
    bazzingaification 28 days ago +4

    My favourite thing about this interview is that he called her honey and dude in the same two minutes lol

  • brownskingoodness gold
    brownskingoodness gold 28 days ago +1

    Why he remind me of fessy

  • Albert Harless
    Albert Harless 28 days ago +1

    Brendon shaved his head in bb12

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 28 days ago +3

    I see him and Analyse as a showmance

  • Claire Olivia
    Claire Olivia 28 days ago +4

    He is so gosh darn beautiful! 😍

  • New Dawn
    New Dawn 28 days ago +1

    #AquaMan 😍😍😍😍

  • DylansWrestlingShelf
    DylansWrestlingShelf 28 days ago +2

    Aquaman looks great!

  • breenewi
    breenewi 28 days ago

    I like him! Seems cool

  • Chuck Smith
    Chuck Smith 29 days ago +3

    He sounds like The Kevin Martin

  • simone Luv
    simone Luv 29 days ago

    He gives me Jason Momoa 😌

  • Wombo Chrombo
    Wombo Chrombo 29 days ago +10

    Omg he's fine af. Please don't leave the first week.

    • Yasuko Yokurazi 横倉康子
      Yasuko Yokurazi 横倉康子 14 hours ago

      @kobra sorry not to start anything but hope they backdoor him. Cause he's disrespectful as heck... Especially when he runs everyone else's hoh :/

    • kobra
      kobra 6 days ago

      @Luckys Happy so? black women love ghetto gagging , perfect match.

    • Luckys Happy
      Luckys Happy 11 days ago

      He's racist