Gordon Ramsay Appalled By 'English Style Fish & Chips" | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • Bawlmer? Bawlmer. Bawlmer? Bawlmer. Bawlmer? Bawlmer.
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  • Loobylu ;g
    Loobylu ;g 8 minutes ago

    which series epi is this?

  • Succy
    Succy 2 hours ago

    god damn that waiter is adorable 😍

  • Larry Larry
    Larry Larry 3 hours ago

    that's the first time I heard gordon say something other than "DRYYY" or "MICROWAVEDDDD"

  • yellowkai
    yellowkai 4 hours ago

    as someone who lives in baltimore, you know that if you DONT HAVE GOOD CRAB WHY HAVE A RESTURANT IN BALTIMORE

  • Ashwin
    Ashwin 7 hours ago

    The waiters n waitresses instantly turn on the owners in this series

  • Tim Hannam
    Tim Hannam 9 hours ago

    Mr Ramsey, 6 weeks ago i had fish n chips with mushy peas at your restaurant in HKs Victoria Peak. Dreadful, the mushy please were the worst i have ever had. Thankfully i was not charged for this meal.

  • Can't draw straight lines Cause I'm not straight

    Isnt fish and chips already English anyhow?

  • Glpi lpi
    Glpi lpi 14 hours ago

    If I was instructed five or six times by the waiting staff on the correct way to pronounce a word on the menu I would get up and walk out , a ten year old could cook better chips than that.

  • Are you really feeling it now Mr. Krabs?

    I have lived in Baltimore my whole life, fairly close to the Hon Cafe in fact. However, I've never gone there because I'm not a hipster schmuck. But maybe if Gordon didn't eat that first dish like an autistic alien farmer from Venus discovering a sandwich for the first time maybe he'd like it more.

  • carlwinslo
    carlwinslo 17 hours ago

    Why is Post Malone in the kitchen?

    UNDEAD R ME 17 hours ago

    That head chef Greg is a good lookin' guy!

  • RC Adventure
    RC Adventure 17 hours ago

    Who's the biggest pompous ass on earth? Gordon Ramsay

  • Montage Matador
    Montage Matador 18 hours ago

    the waitress is hot af

  • Sarah Brown
    Sarah Brown 19 hours ago

    denise needs to be fired

  • Sarah Brown
    Sarah Brown 19 hours ago

    white ppl just do anything to there hair

  • Timothy McKane
    Timothy McKane 19 hours ago

    I like Fish 'n Chips as well, and I wouldn't touch that.

  • Jacob Idy
    Jacob Idy Day ago +1

    For once Ramsay gets criticized

  • Leanna Cruz
    Leanna Cruz Day ago

    *fries 5 minutes overfried*
    Denise: "mushy?! Thats weird"

  • 評価する
    評価する Day ago

    disrespectful bitch doesn't know the man has a damn Scottish accent he cannot say words like you. smh

  • VillainousRashid ツ

    The food looked really good man.

  • Cocoa The Clown
    Cocoa The Clown 2 days ago

    As an Englishman that dish insults me, that belongs in the bin

  • eanna connolly
    eanna connolly 2 days ago

    The crab is delicious
    *a surprise to be sure but a welcome one*

  • Dor Shlush
    Dor Shlush 2 days ago

    Fun fact: Every frame in this video has a FUCKING FLAMINGO in there

  • Omni Wolf
    Omni Wolf 2 days ago

    lol retarded American sluts

  • squishy paws
    squishy paws 2 days ago

    Gordon: this is disgusting..........wanna try?

  • Brendan Clinton
    Brendan Clinton 2 days ago

    What a shame

  • KoH Chris
    KoH Chris 2 days ago

    This woman actually placed blame with the consistency of potatoes.

  • Nudedragon
    Nudedragon 2 days ago

    Holy mackerel, he thinks he's cute

  • Nudedragon
    Nudedragon 2 days ago

    That is literally the worst shade of green imaginable

  • Donald Wagner
    Donald Wagner 3 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay is the best chef .

  • Oliver Murphy
    Oliver Murphy 3 days ago



  • Randell Phillips
    Randell Phillips 3 days ago

    Who's that on the front cover.....NINO!!!!😂😂

  • Danielle Vince Alingod

    When I herd Ramsay say this is good my reaction. Impossible

  • RpdrDrugAddict
    RpdrDrugAddict 3 days ago +1

    *Denise looks like a drag queen*

  • Jamie Thunder
    Jamie Thunder 3 days ago

    Americans preaching to British people on how to pronounce English.. like a Mexican ripping on a Spaniard about how he speaks

  • Christopher Arnold
    Christopher Arnold 3 days ago

    As a native Baltimorean, at least they got the Balmore pronunciation right

  • hey its me
    hey its me 3 days ago +1

    Yo that one chef looks like a walmart tom hanks

  • Castle Coatl
    Castle Coatl 3 days ago

    I feel like if gordon had herpes he b an outbreak monkey with always giving ppl his fork to taste food.

  • 2faced
    2faced 4 days ago

    Wait, isn't he from a country that sells horrible versions of all American food?

  • Illyana Martinez
    Illyana Martinez 4 days ago

    Lmfao he better never come to Texas asking why the portions are so big 😂

  • Hurricane Nila
    Hurricane Nila 4 days ago

    Does anyone know what happened to this restaurant?

  • ZombiePlays Games
    ZombiePlays Games 4 days ago

    6:00 tf are those sounds?

  • TheJediSonic
    TheJediSonic 4 days ago

    *He's British he doesn't know shit about Fish and Chips*

  • Mysticlover Fairy
    Mysticlover Fairy 4 days ago

    Don’t call fish and chips English style or British style and serve it to a British person unless you have a chef who is from England or knows how to cook fish and chips the way they do in the UK.

  • Peter Rutan-Jorgensen


  • Richard Wicks
    Richard Wicks 5 days ago

    I wonder how many people watching these clips has ever gone to a Ramsay owned restaurant. Guessing almost none. I have. Waited a fucking long time to get a reservation at The Maze and I will never go back. Everything was really salty, my gf's salad was served in a puddle of plain olive oil they claimed was a "classic Greek dressing" and my "grilled to perfection" steak was overcooked. I sent it back, then got it served right back with the reply "Chef does not cook "blue" steaks" We walked without paying. 0* Yelped it, and got the review removed! Apparently, we were abusive to the staff & the restaurant had already informed them a negative review might be on its way.

    3 months after that, the news broke that ALL of the food he served there was pre-prepared, frozen and shipped out, catering style.

    Ramsay claims to be Scottish, so I will say this in terms he will understand. Get ter fuck yer cunt

  • Ben Mcdonald
    Ben Mcdonald 5 days ago +11

    “Tower of seafood”
    And this man says
    “Holy mackerel”

  • Are Zim
    Are Zim 5 days ago +1

    Gordon:Wow The crab is delicious
    *chilling music comes on*
    Gordon:The Shrimps is cold
    *intense music comes out of nowhere*

  • HappyPie 101
    HappyPie 101 5 days ago

    Honestly, Gordon is fng hilarious

  • hellonpluto
    hellonpluto 5 days ago +1

    the dramatic music is sooo annoying. UK Kitchen Nightmares is the best please bring it back the US one is garbage.

  • BenCol
    BenCol 5 days ago

    1:22 For a split second there it looked like a disembodied head without a body.

  • Faixth Chxan .
    Faixth Chxan . 5 days ago +20

    Manager: "She doesn't even listen to me."
    -Me getting triggered-

    • The_Drop Bear
      The_Drop Bear 20 hours ago +1

      You can't fire the owner

    • Jimmy Wallace
      Jimmy Wallace 2 days ago +1

      《 Ashie 》 how is a manager supposed to fire the owner?

  • White haired badass
    White haired badass 5 days ago +3

    Gordon : eats crab
    What he says in my mind: "Dreadful, What a shame"
    What he actually says: " ThE CRaBs deLiCIOuse"

  • White haired badass
    White haired badass 5 days ago

    lol feels like dude purposely didn't mention that the crab was delicious to the owner.

  • John
    John 5 days ago

    why are the portions all so big wtf, no wonder there's obesity problem in USA

  • John
    John 5 days ago +1

    Imagine giving "English style fish and chips" which looks nothing like the real thing to a British person

  • deIlluminati
    deIlluminati 5 days ago +3

    I was kinda shook when he said "delicious"

  • Shire Plays
    Shire Plays 6 days ago

    Gordon: I'l have some Fruit Salad please
    Waiter:Here is our Special Fruit Salad
    Gordon: Its F*cking Raw!!!!!

  • Lucas Chng
    Lucas Chng 6 days ago +1



  • Robert Browning
    Robert Browning 6 days ago +1

    Fries a little dark,I like it. I think he means over done and burnt.

  • David N
    David N 6 days ago

    Gordon rhamsey just became a minecraft villager

    BURBON 6 days ago

    Thank You *HOE*

  • Stale toast TV
    Stale toast TV 6 days ago

    Just get your gob round the sandwich you pussy

  • Turtlejerks
    Turtlejerks 6 days ago

    You better have good crab in Baltimore or you are a disappointment

  • martijns ark15
    martijns ark15 6 days ago

    i feel bad for the head chef he was like oh their bad owner great ill take em chef n no? owner thx him wha what?

  • Stupid pigeon
    Stupid pigeon 6 days ago


  • Laura Leicester
    Laura Leicester 7 days ago +1

    "who's that in the front cover there?"

  • Sunny G
    Sunny G 7 days ago +3

    *Sips water*
    Gordon: It's dry!

  • Sweelen Simpson
    Sweelen Simpson 7 days ago

    That sandwich looks good

  • lytebrown75
    lytebrown75 7 days ago +1

    It tastes like they're a week old...try it. 😁😁😁

  • Norman Fernèe
    Norman Fernèe 7 days ago

    The end tho wtf 😂

  • Robodubby
    Robodubby 7 days ago +1

    omg 0_0 is it me or does every food that gordon eats i want to taste and i know ill love it 0_0 (im not fancy nor a critiq just being truthful)

  • William Akiu
    William Akiu 7 days ago

    Denise is crap

  • Autumn Equinox
    Autumn Equinox 7 days ago +1

    _Holy mackerel_

  • Austin McFarlane
    Austin McFarlane 7 days ago

    That fish looks like fried chicken

  • Austin McFarlane
    Austin McFarlane 7 days ago

    Cameraman is a shoe-in for the next Bourne movie

  • M K
    M K 7 days ago

    Why does every owner think their food is a 10/10

    • Fleppa
      Fleppa 5 days ago

      M K because they’re trying to hide the fact their food is shit

  • Raven Hines
    Raven Hines 7 days ago

    That cook is cute.

  • James Santos
    James Santos 7 days ago

    I’d bet all the money I have that this owner is a huge fan of John Waters and his movies. You can see his influence all over this restaurant.

  • rae hunter
    rae hunter 7 days ago +1

    Looking honderful
    Looking wonderful
    No honderful
    Oh sorry

  • s pros
    s pros 8 days ago +1

    Bomer bomer any jordinidian fans
    Sounds like pasta bologanesh

  • Toxic Wizard
    Toxic Wizard 8 days ago

    1:06 why did Gordon turn into a villager

  • Alan Herrera
    Alan Herrera 9 days ago +2

    This is Season 4 Episode 15 "Cafe Hon"

  • Lyons
    Lyons 9 days ago

    Why is no one talking about the end of the video the editor is so good at these videos

  • saltywalt x
    saltywalt x 9 days ago

    Bitch English style chips are soggy af and should be served in newspaper

  • L S
    L S 9 days ago

    Denise is part of a country's problem, self absorbent; too many of them. French fries looks like it has been deep fried in old oil.

  • Mini Kim Kardashian
    Mini Kim Kardashian 9 days ago

    “Tautar sauce” 💀

  • carmon lyons
    carmon lyons 9 days ago

    I'll stay making Kraft mac nd cheese for myself....I'd rather stay an electrician and get hit with 480v then try to impress ramsay.....I cant cook and I'll stay in my lane

  • EnderboyGaming
    EnderboyGaming 9 days ago

    1:05 *meanwhile in a minecraft village*

  • Rigoberto and Leslie Rios

    Flamingo turd landed on my plate haha nice one Ramsey

  • The Boyz
    The Boyz 9 days ago

    Villager at 3am: 1:06

  • Sarah Dixon
    Sarah Dixon 9 days ago

    That chef is cute 😉

  • ๖ۣۜLǝgiƬkɨłłzᎵrσ『ђeяø』

    Omg the ending was perfect

  • JulianaCT
    JulianaCT 10 days ago +1

    Chefs instagram please?

  • Gino Lorenzo
    Gino Lorenzo 11 days ago +21

    Girl: Bawlmer
    Gordon: Bomer
    Girl: Bawlmer
    Gordon: Bomer
    Girl: Yes...

  • Jordan Joseph
    Jordan Joseph 11 days ago

    I'm English and I can honestly say I've never seen food that disgusting

  • Sam Le Duc
    Sam Le Duc 12 days ago


  • FallOut RaHul
    FallOut RaHul 12 days ago

    1:06 sounds like he's making the villager noise from Minecraft

  • lordis belingsly
    lordis belingsly 12 days ago

    0 :47 - what the fuck am i watching?

  • adan shehzad
    adan shehzad 12 days ago

    1:09 he said hoee 😂😂😂