World's Biggest Jelly in Slow Motion


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  • Pam Gramster
    Pam Gramster 8 hours ago

    Yeah its jell o

  • H. Fulton
    H. Fulton Day ago

    Was the “wibbly wobbly jelly” bit a Doctor Who reference?

    BRIGADE OF IDIOTS 2 days ago

    3:50 sorry but colloids are already a thing

  • sierra murphy
    sierra murphy 2 days ago


  • Robert Capostagno
    Robert Capostagno 6 days ago

    "You've been born a lot"

  • John Ruiz
    John Ruiz 8 days ago

    Best vid I've seen in years

  • FineMan
    FineMan 11 days ago

    Half solid half liquid is plasma, did you seriously not know that?

    ATAVIAN CRESPIN 12 days ago

    I SMELT THE JELLY! lol lmfao

  • William Martin
    William Martin 14 days ago


  • aamir afridi
    aamir afridi 15 days ago

    Please record seenzing in slow motion

  • Steven O'Berry
    Steven O'Berry 15 days ago

    We do call it jelly tho

  • rSynx
    rSynx 16 days ago

    "Its a lolsquid" -Spongebob

  • Kaspars Rozītis
    Kaspars Rozītis 17 days ago

    This is massive food waste. Fruits. Jelly. This is not okay.

  • Mubashir MBR
    Mubashir MBR 18 days ago

    hey whats the pt in wasting food

  • Marko Jancetovic
    Marko Jancetovic 18 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jessica Eddins
    Jessica Eddins 18 days ago

    We call it Jello here in the USA

  • pubg gangster
    pubg gangster 20 days ago

    It looks like an alien pee

  • Once Upon A Fangirl
    Once Upon A Fangirl 21 day ago

    1:49 when you sneeze

  • Dianne Vess
    Dianne Vess 22 days ago

    Worlds best temperpedic matress

  • Flubba Bubba
    Flubba Bubba 22 days ago

    Just yo let you know we do call it jelly or jell-o

  • george h
    george h 22 days ago

    All traditional gelitine smells like that. It is literally made from dead animal carcasses. Also if you've ever had rare steak, the taste/smell (because both are intermingled) is slightly similar because it's basically condensed beef.

  • Ethan Turner
    Ethan Turner 22 days ago

    As an American, I can say we call it jello

  • Colton Mclennan
    Colton Mclennan 22 days ago

    That red jelly looked almost identical to that wave of blood in The Shining!

  • Recep Tayyip Aydemir
    Recep Tayyip Aydemir 22 days ago

    I hope he didnt get an infection after he dived into that rotten jelly

  • Aditya Bajaj
    Aditya Bajaj 22 days ago

    Invented a new state..LoL

  • Road to Redstone
    Road to Redstone 23 days ago

    It broke glass!

  • Mihai Petre
    Mihai Petre 23 days ago

    6:36 That jelly sound when the nose hits 🤣😂

  • Ethan Bryant
    Ethan Bryant 23 days ago

    Remember that episode of Ed edd n eddy?

  • Corey Griffin
    Corey Griffin 24 days ago

    ... are they talking about Jell-O?

  • lil pup dododododo do
    lil pup dododododo do 24 days ago +3

    "jam" sounds like something England would say

    • Troythebeast23
      Troythebeast23 23 days ago

      lil pup dododododo do Australia, England and the commonwealth call Jelly, Jam and Jello, Jelly

  • Wildbunch6d
    Wildbunch6d 24 days ago

    We call it Jell-O

    • Troythebeast23
      Troythebeast23 23 days ago

      Wildbunch6d that's because America is weird

    SEB FLYNN FILMS 25 days ago

    Red rum

  • Emily Walker
    Emily Walker 25 days ago


  • Carlos Navarro
    Carlos Navarro 25 days ago

    Good math ;)

  • MiraculousDesigner #1
    MiraculousDesigner #1 26 days ago

    I guess not everything is like the cartoons

  • Maxim Chau
    Maxim Chau 27 days ago


  • Cr0ssley
    Cr0ssley 28 days ago

    That retaining wall did NOTHING

  • isaac low
    isaac low Month ago

    the jelly tsunami

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith Month ago

    Dan looks like faze nikan

  • Vaughn Thompson
    Vaughn Thompson Month ago

    we too call it jell-o

  • Lukan T.
    Lukan T. Month ago

    We call it Jello.

  • johtoco
    johtoco Month ago

    "Imagine that minging jelly cast"

  • Shane Lyne
    Shane Lyne Month ago +6

    American dictionary
    Jelly: A preserve that you put on toast or other things. A. K. A Jam
    Jello: An edible wobbly substance. A. K. A Jelly

  • Collin Smith
    Collin Smith Month ago

    4.08 Dan is barfing jello

  • Monorom Krich
    Monorom Krich Month ago

    I say jam and jelly, or jum and jello.

  • R Λ Z Ξ R
    R Λ Z Ξ R Month ago

    Я чертовски влажные ублюдки

  • goden gaming
    goden gaming Month ago

    We still call it jelly but some say it’s jam

    • Troythebeast23
      Troythebeast23 23 days ago

      goden gaming all the commonwealth call it Jam, it's just Americans

  • Olivia trivia
    Olivia trivia Month ago

    We call it jello

  • 1 Proud American
    1 Proud American Month ago

    I think this is called the same no matter where you live. But in America.
    Jellies and jams are made almost with 100% fruit. They bind together.
    JELLO is a name brand in America. It's made with gelatin, food coloring and artificial flavors.
    Like you made here. The little cups were JELLO too. There was no fruit in any of it. Jello has a very low tolerance to temperature. Not refrigerated. It turns liquidity really fast. Within an hour. If it was jelly or jam. It wouldn't have run out as fast as it did. It would have stuck to the walls better and It would have had alot more consistency.

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool Month ago

    That would have feed so many people

  • Mason Winter
    Mason Winter Month ago +1

    Thick liquid...... Thliquid?!?!

  • Scott Lowrie
    Scott Lowrie Month ago

    Should of called it a jellyflop though...

  • MrMrRubic
    MrMrRubic Month ago

    6:54 *zelda noise*

  • Caleb Hall
    Caleb Hall Month ago

    "this is definitely someone's fetish"
    Well you're not wrong.

  • Cobja C.Pickle
    Cobja C.Pickle Month ago

    Since when do we call jello jam?JAM????

  • Kavaskon the Beta
    Kavaskon the Beta Month ago

    We still call gelatin gelatin and Jello

  • Cardboard Leaf
    Cardboard Leaf Month ago

    *Slaps top of crate* this bad boy can fit so many jellies

  • bamboomusik
    bamboomusik Month ago

    The jelly wave looked like the elevator scene in “The Shining” where blood is pouring out of the lift.

  • Deplorable Citizen
    Deplorable Citizen Month ago

    Americans, it's called jelly. We Brits invented it.

  • Moses Dobbs
    Moses Dobbs Month ago

    Just letting you know, we call it Jell-O. Jelly is a spread you put on toast.

  • WhatUpGMane
    WhatUpGMane Month ago

    Jam and jelly are two different things lol

  • Adventuring With Trey

    We call it Jello

  • Austin McCool
    Austin McCool Month ago

    he should of kept it in the box

  • ryan autism
    ryan autism Month ago

    What do you call what Americans call jelly . Jelly and jam are different to Americans

  • ryan autism
    ryan autism Month ago

    Americans call it jello ( gel oh ) jell oh

  • Amanda Chapone
    Amanda Chapone Month ago

    We actually do call it jelly and I have no idea who would call that jam

  • Ryne Cetroli
    Ryne Cetroli Month ago

    we dont call it jam, we call it jell-O, jam to us is like grape jelly but the jam is made differently then jelly

  • LJ Animations
    LJ Animations Month ago

    We call it jell-o. We wouldn’t call Oreos, Oreons

    ERIN MERRIN Month ago

    I'm amarican and it.s jello

  • G Studios
    G Studios Month ago

    "Gavin: This is bizarre, this is definitely someone's fetish" Everything's possible.

  • Ps Gaming
    Ps Gaming Month ago

    In Scotland it is called jelly

  • Garrison Pendergrass

    It's jello

  • Halo ice Bear 101
    Halo ice Bear 101 Month ago

    It’s jell-o not jelly 🖕🤬🖕

  • NabiL
    NabiL Month ago

    You so lucky DAN that the chartered glass didn't hurt you

  • auscan927
    auscan927 Month ago

    We call jelly jello and jam jelly because we did not want to use the word once we left your country

  • Blitzdaman YT
    Blitzdaman YT Month ago

    It’s called a colloid

  • Thescott16
    Thescott16 Month ago

    If you'd made it into a kind of trapezoid shape instead of a box then it may have set better and not completely collapsed under it's own weight.

  • Grayson
    Grayson Month ago


  • Kristie Olson
    Kristie Olson Month ago

    It smells like dead animals it is

  • x and t-dog gaming
    x and t-dog gaming Month ago

    There is jell-o, jelly (Like the spread), and jam is like jelly but with all the seeds and some junky bits

  • Yohan Genesis
    Yohan Genesis Month ago

    youtube is paying for this

  • BurnRubberRC _
    BurnRubberRC _ Month ago

    We call it Jell-O

  • Senori AJ
    Senori AJ Month ago

    We call it jell-O

  • Thingshappen
    Thingshappen Month ago


  • Tjmcnee
    Tjmcnee Month ago

    I'm going to run there immediately with the biggest spoon I can find.

  • Joseph Aleman
    Joseph Aleman Month ago

    Dan looks like Q from impractical jokers

  • Molly J
    Molly J Month ago

    That was literally my childhood dream.

  • Pikachu Gamer TV
    Pikachu Gamer TV Month ago

    In the us, it's jello, jelly, is like p b and j

  • Matt C
    Matt C Month ago

    How much jello can you eat before you die?

  • Rad Red Guy
    Rad Red Guy Month ago

    Ugh I can imagine just how sticky it is.

  • Shiniqua
    Shiniqua Month ago


  • Ilhan Orazmetow
    Ilhan Orazmetow Month ago

    6:14 This is Пизда 😂😂😂

  • Flusher Ewe28
    Flusher Ewe28 Month ago

    I want to see you guys back flop or belly flop on to oblec

  • JBomb3568
    JBomb3568 Month ago

    100% staged

  • Halvor Schjøtt Moen

    You should've done it in an hockey-stadium

  • jungshook
    jungshook Month ago

    "It looks like you just fell out of a womb."

  • Cherrys Sandbox
    Cherrys Sandbox 2 months ago

    jam, jelly, and Jell-O.....3 dif things my british friends. we also have something called Preserves..which I think are better but that's me

  • Amber Esplin
    Amber Esplin 2 months ago

    lol who said we call it jam? jam goes on my sanwich. we call it Jell-O like person below said XD

  • Jimtown Vang
    Jimtown Vang 2 months ago

    Us Americans call it jello, with a O not a Y.

  • Ladiie Ivory
    Ladiie Ivory 2 months ago

    Jelly and liquid=jelliquid