World's Biggest Jelly in Slow Motion


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  • Vizzion Shadow
    Vizzion Shadow 10 minutes ago +1

    In America we call it jello

  • Crazy Oml
    Crazy Oml 9 hours ago

    Americans and Canadians call it jello

  • Epicdragonborn 27-5555

    It’s jello

  • Obex
    Obex Day ago

    The jelly flowing out of the box is like something out of the book Jam by Yahtzee.

  • Sadie Felger
    Sadie Felger Day ago


  • Kitsune - SpiritFoxGaming

    4:44 *"It smells like Animal Carcasses"* ... Sir... That would be because Gelatin is made from the Remains of leftover dead animal that they can't use for meat at Butcher Places. What you've done is seemingly took a dip into a pool of mushed up Dead Animal Bones. GG no Re

  • Connor Wilkes
    Connor Wilkes 2 days ago

    Americans call it jell-o

  • Shattered roses -
    Shattered roses - 2 days ago

    *my period*

  • Thediamondbear
    Thediamondbear 2 days ago

    We call it jell-o

  • Márk Magyar
    Márk Magyar 2 days ago

    How Dan broke his arm?

  • Talon Myhre
    Talon Myhre 2 days ago

    Jam goes on toast

  • Talon Myhre
    Talon Myhre 2 days ago

    Jello wee call it

  • Nic Reel-Peel
    Nic Reel-Peel 2 days ago

    Kim’s birth

  • PepsimanOnDrugs
    PepsimanOnDrugs 3 days ago

    a waste of jello :(

  • Giga Waifu
    Giga Waifu 4 days ago +1

    Me and my friends made a new state of matter called puttyish

  • WoNoJo
    WoNoJo 4 days ago

    definitly jello not jam

  • OhHeck
    OhHeck 5 days ago +1

    It’s called “Jello” in American

  • DaphneandFriends
    DaphneandFriends 5 days ago

    How many animals died for this

  • Moosa
    Moosa 5 days ago

    4:45 ”it’s like dead animal carcasses” yeah that’s what gelatine is made out of XD

  • Harold chestnuts
    Harold chestnuts 5 days ago

    Gav always says Dan is born and Dan always says gav's nose will do something

  • Nothing Is Real
    Nothing Is Real 6 days ago +1

    i've never heard anyone call that jam

  • MR. Jent
    MR. Jent 6 days ago

    I loved that video😘

  • Flóra Gyurcsek
    Flóra Gyurcsek 6 days ago

    I mean that other one is called plasma over here, I don't know how other nations call it, but yeah

  • MikeyDude 513
    MikeyDude 513 6 days ago +1

    I gotta say, dan looks like Brian Quinn. Leave a like if you know who that is and agree. If not, go look him up and see for yourself

  • stockart whiteman
    stockart whiteman 7 days ago

    Those noises are gross

  • Momiji
    Momiji 7 days ago +1

    That's Gelatin, or Jell-O
    Not Jam

    DRAMA LAMA 7 days ago

    Shining, anyone

  • TheUndertale Spector

    we do call it jelly

  • Jack Hyde
    Jack Hyde 8 days ago +1

    This reminds me of the blood coming out of the elevator scene from The Shining. :P

  • siccmadeg
    siccmadeg 8 days ago

    you should of kept the jell-o inside the box then whatshisname sinks into the animal bi- i mean jell-o

  • Whata Burger
    Whata Burger 8 days ago

    does he have a broken arm or does he just wear that

  • charles king
    charles king 8 days ago

    We do call it jelly

  • Joshua Moran
    Joshua Moran 9 days ago

    It's called jello in america

  • Kalob Jensen
    Kalob Jensen 9 days ago

    im american and i call it jelly and i dont know a single person whether their american or not that call jelly jam

  • manwiththeblue lol
    manwiththeblue lol 9 days ago

    non newtonian fluid

  • sasha six
    sasha six 9 days ago

    Theyb should of let him get ontop of it then open it

  • ReaperGames
    ReaperGames 10 days ago

    Jello is the word your looking for

  • Ploper Dung
    Ploper Dung 10 days ago +1

    1:56 now I can smell something...

  • Aryaarpan Sharma
    Aryaarpan Sharma 10 days ago

    Listen from 5:26 to 5:33 with eyes closed

  • PhantomRhapsody
    PhantomRhapsody 10 days ago

    Their jelly is our jello it hold a more solid state then the jam

  • Wolficorn Pup
    Wolficorn Pup 10 days ago

    We call it jello

  • Megan Claycomb
    Megan Claycomb 10 days ago

    Jello in American English

  • a j
    a j 10 days ago

    It’s a lolsquid

  • charles klemmensen
    charles klemmensen 11 days ago

    the second version is like a mucinex commercial

  • Samuel Wilson
    Samuel Wilson 11 days ago

    We call it jello in America.

  • Daniel Rainer
    Daniel Rainer 11 days ago

    It looks like that scene from the shining when the elevator doors open and all the blood spills out.

  • TheCourtnie
    TheCourtnie 12 days ago

    6:56 your welcome

  • 0JoshuaToh
    0JoshuaToh 12 days ago +1

    6:35 Maybe fall into a Giant nose next time

  • Zack
    Zack 13 days ago

    Jello Ball snow fight!!!! like so they can see

  • Marianne Love
    Marianne Love 13 days ago

    Just look into the background it like a bloody hurricane

  • BillyTheGoat 25
    BillyTheGoat 25 13 days ago

    We call it jello

  • Sweet Potato Wild Pig
    Sweet Potato Wild Pig 13 days ago

    I call it jello

  • Ozzylee Gaming
    Ozzylee Gaming 13 days ago

    We actually call it jelly

  • that crimson fox
    that crimson fox 14 days ago

    it smells bad because it contains animal bone marrow. its pretty gross

  • derpy balloon
    derpy balloon 14 days ago

    we call it Jell-o

  • Gamer Newbz
    Gamer Newbz 15 days ago

    Us Americans just call it Jello

  • Kernon Cooper
    Kernon Cooper 15 days ago

    We call it jello

  • DemonDragon000
    DemonDragon000 16 days ago

    Jell-O is what my family calls it

  • StarlitKitty
    StarlitKitty 20 days ago

    They both have done weak stomachs

  • Bandit Jewett
    Bandit Jewett 21 day ago

    We call it Jell-O not jam. Jam is a fruit spread and jelly is a thinner more spreadable jell-o.

  • Tim Oakley
    Tim Oakley 23 days ago

    We... still call it Jelly. But it's also Jell-O, because there's a very popular brand of jelly called "Jell-O."

  • writing shit
    writing shit 24 days ago

    It looks like he broke his face on the green one, until he bounced back up haha.

  • Samuel Andrade
    Samuel Andrade 24 days ago


  • Duminy Rossouw
    Duminy Rossouw 25 days ago


    like my uterus lining

  • Ablodypain
    Ablodypain 27 days ago

    We call jelly jelly

  • Dougie Stacy
    Dougie Stacy 28 days ago

    america calls it jello

  • Mr. Dynomite
    Mr. Dynomite 28 days ago

    We call it jello.

  • Jagger Guy
    Jagger Guy 28 days ago

    I call it Jell-O. That's the brand that makes jelly in my country

  • Abbie & Jonathan vlogs

    Dan has good math

  • Nottingham forest
    Nottingham forest 29 days ago

    It looks like Dan has been born 😂

  • Co Pilot
    Co Pilot Month ago

    We call it jello

  • Joshua Augustinsky
    Joshua Augustinsky Month ago

    Remake the 1st batch in a plated plexiglass container and have Dan jump in that while still sealed on the sides.

  • Nathan Baker
    Nathan Baker Month ago

    Also, it's smelled like rotten animals because since hotdogs are the leftovers of meat, gelatin is the leftovers of that: bone, skins, cartilage

  • Nathan Baker
    Nathan Baker Month ago

    That "new state" has been around for a while, and it's called plastic. Not like a tupperware, but a flowing solid.

  • Diamond gun
    Diamond gun Month ago

    Here in the USA we call it jello

  • Professor Moola Gaming

    Americans call it jell-o or jelly

  • Stacey Dougherty
    Stacey Dougherty Month ago

    Americans call it jello. lol.

  • Black Tsukuyomi
    Black Tsukuyomi Month ago

    We call it jellos

  • Ahsan Rizwan
    Ahsan Rizwan Month ago

    Sometimes , i feel like they’re wasting too much...

  • M033e r
    M033e r Month ago

    Americans do call it jelly

    EXTREME GAMES Month ago

    We don’t call it jam we call it jello

  • Jeff Gordon
    Jeff Gordon Month ago

    We call it jell-o

  • Mason Mann
    Mason Mann Month ago

    americans call it jelly

  • Prince OOH
    Prince OOH Month ago +1

    No we Americans call it Jelly

  • France Henry
    France Henry Month ago

    3:19 THE SHINING

  • Extra Life
    Extra Life Month ago

    Fun fact, we call it jelly too.

  • corey jolly
    corey jolly Month ago

    We call it Jell-o

  • katrad
    katrad Month ago

    yum jello
    america calls is jello

  • Fluffy Drake
    Fluffy Drake Month ago

    The way he pulled the spoon out seemed like something from the Deadpool game

  • JellyBelly The Bean

    Americans call it jello

  • Modern Day French Viking

    We call that Jello

  • Shawn Wesson
    Shawn Wesson Month ago

    Pulls out a spoon at the end
    Gav “’s impractical.”
    Dan “Mmm, it’s tasty though” 😂🤣

  • Felix Dubis Wolf
    Felix Dubis Wolf Month ago

    I like how Dan still has to do the jump with a bloody broken arm

  • GotchaBoii
    GotchaBoii Month ago

    Actually its 77 years, not 38 years Gav. Cmon.

  • Tyler Roseberry
    Tyler Roseberry Month ago

    1:49 “Jello Fall”

  • Joseph Hawkins
    Joseph Hawkins Month ago

    In America we call it jello

  • Shawn Frost
    Shawn Frost Month ago

    There is a word that we use to call something a liquid but it's also a solid. But I forgte what it call!

  • Sharman Rosemond
    Sharman Rosemond Month ago

    Glass and liquid ?.....gliquid.

  • Arbel Barak
    Arbel Barak Month ago

    American use the word jelly for Jam and jam for jelly.

  • MIRCO fernando
    MIRCO fernando Month ago