World's Biggest Jelly in Slow Motion


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  • Richard Black
    Richard Black Day ago

    What flavor did ya use? :P

  • Cameron Irle
    Cameron Irle Day ago

    Been watching these guys for years and this is the first video I’ve ever seen where I wasn’t like wooooooooaaah

  • thunder guy YT
    thunder guy YT 5 days ago

    Do you remember breaking a record with A motor from a dyson i wonder if you could put like some fan blades and dan goes on frony of it would it make him fly away?

  • Jman and Doggodude aka Ben and Sami

    Rip 38 years of servings

  • Marcus Emmanuel
    Marcus Emmanuel 5 days ago


  • Xenniah Stinson
    Xenniah Stinson 5 days ago

    I call that jello

  • Seb Melt
    Seb Melt 6 days ago

    I call it gelatin

  • darkSorceror
    darkSorceror 7 days ago

    Solid, liquid, gas, and jellyberg

  • samuel Rushing
    samuel Rushing 8 days ago

    actually we call it jello

  • Catherine Dailey
    Catherine Dailey 15 days ago

    We call it jelly too FYI

  • Melanie Lindberg
    Melanie Lindberg 17 days ago +1

    Lots and lots of jello went to waste in the making of this video

  • Trainmaster536
    Trainmaster536 17 days ago +1

    in Canada, the popular brand is "Jell-O"

  • Jerimiha Miles
    Jerimiha Miles 17 days ago

    We call it jello

  • Will Hargen
    Will Hargen 17 days ago

    Its "Her Majesty's Floppy Desert"

  • RevoltageMC
    RevoltageMC 17 days ago

    Never mind it might be jelly considering how runny it is

  • RevoltageMC
    RevoltageMC 17 days ago

    We call it jello

  • D3 Electrifi
    D3 Electrifi 18 days ago

    We call jelly jelly

  • Łucas
    Łucas 18 days ago

    So this is how they make horror movies.

  • Star Duster
    Star Duster 19 days ago

    Wibbily Wobbily

  • Quinntastico
    Quinntastico 19 days ago

    When will The Slow Mo Guys be getting their own tv series

  • Cheshire Waller
    Cheshire Waller 19 days ago

    Pretty sure the Jam comment was sarcasm...

  • Rednotation
    Rednotation 20 days ago

    Sliquid is a lube.

  • Kicking a wall on sundAe

    Red jello slow motion: the shining (movie not the book.... well technically..)

  • Wyrmkin Toothgrim
    Wyrmkin Toothgrim 20 days ago

    I feel like Gav never really get's involved with the meat of the experiment. Or jelly, in this case.

  • NotAlwaysGR
    NotAlwaysGR 20 days ago

    the jello broke the glass so when you swam in the there there was a chance to be hurt

  • Owsomistical Unicorn

    Ur lucky you didn’t slide into the glass that broke when the jelly was released

  • Kaitlyn Free -_-
    Kaitlyn Free -_- 23 days ago

    Make a video of Dan diving into slime

  • Kelly Shaker
    Kelly Shaker 24 days ago

    I would face plant in that solid jelly and eat it

  • Robert Predmore
    Robert Predmore 24 days ago

    It’s jello to Americans jelly and jam are the same thing in America (which is jam)

  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith 24 days ago

    we call it jello thank you very much

  • Ismail Nagdee
    Ismail Nagdee 25 days ago

    americans call it jello

  • sven demeyer
    sven demeyer 25 days ago

    Why didn't you go head first in the second jell-o... would make an asome slo mo for sure 🙄😂😂

  • Marc Brewster
    Marc Brewster 26 days ago

    So they got rid of their original coats?

  • TNinja44
    TNinja44 26 days ago

    Should've done what they did in Assassination Classroom

  • Anthony Rosario
    Anthony Rosario 26 days ago

    Reminds me of the scene from The Shining of the blood in the hotel hallway

  • tarncie the non dab emperor

    You forgot Platinum

  • Roan Robertson
    Roan Robertson 27 days ago

    is it me or does his hose look like the medi-gun from tf2 3:00

  • roland and friends
    roland and friends 27 days ago

    why is it gav looks lke real life flint lockwood

    JAYDEN ALONSO 29 days ago

    WoT its JaM not JeLly

  • James Marshall
    James Marshall 29 days ago

    Dan should have stood in the jell-o what the brace came off. LOL

  • vanessa_ theresa
    vanessa_ theresa 29 days ago

    who else felt that dissapointment when all the jello spilled

  • DeadlyDino Boy
    DeadlyDino Boy Month ago

    We call it jelly in Australia also

  • jay terra
    jay terra Month ago

    When someone asks why Dan's coat is so dirty

  • Celeste Sangria
    Celeste Sangria Month ago

    That red jello bursting is what I imagine blood looks like when I sneeze when Im on my period🤣🤣🤣

  • Kimo Alameda
    Kimo Alameda Month ago

    Americans call it jello

  • BearClaw
    BearClaw Month ago

    I could eat it under 30 secs

  • Victora Valkrye
    Victora Valkrye Month ago +2

    How did Dan break his arm?

  • oneVone
    oneVone Month ago

    We Americans call it Jello but that it is just a name brand

  • Omar Allaa
    Omar Allaa Month ago

    wy Dan do evry thing

  • Hayden Oros
    Hayden Oros Month ago

    Super slow intro for the super slow mo guys

  • festive destroyer
    festive destroyer Month ago

    We Americans call it Jell-O

  • Cookie Killers
    Cookie Killers Month ago

    We also call it jelly

  • OhICocky HD
    OhICocky HD Month ago

    We call it jelly

  • AuthorXXX
    AuthorXXX Month ago

    That's Jello

  • neat people
    neat people Month ago

    Nope we call it jelly or Jello

  • GhoSt
    GhoSt Month ago

    I mean I'm American and I call it jello

  • Voice Muted
    Voice Muted Month ago

    There’s Jelly, Jam, and Preserve.

  • The Nintendo Nerd on YouTube

    Jell-O actually is a different form of matter. Colloid.

  • Marissa Trodglen
    Marissa Trodglen Month ago

    U guys must spend a lot of money makin theses kinds of videos 😀😀THANK U GUYS MUCH LOVE😊😊😊😊

  • Larson Fam
    Larson Fam Month ago

    It's called Jello, the first commercially available fruit flavored gelatine, or maybe the first successful one, either way... JELL-OOOOOH.

  • The Supreme Autist
    The Supreme Autist Month ago

    4:50 this dudes right arm is 3 times bigger than his left

  • ava Fisher
    ava Fisher Month ago

    In America we call it jello

  • AbysmalAce139
    AbysmalAce139 Month ago

    It's jello in America and I just ate some

  • The Prophecy of Tumblr

    We don't call it Jam.

  • Darkestend44
    Darkestend44 Month ago

    The timing was perfect

  • kaden spaid
    kaden spaid Month ago

    It ain't jell I it is jello

  • Caitlin Myers
    Caitlin Myers Month ago


    TROLL GOD Month ago +5

    Eat that whole thing I dare you

  • Chiasia Lor
    Chiasia Lor Month ago

    We call it Jello

  • Nissan_GT-R Barrett

    I dare Gav to do one video where he does the dangerous stuff other than Dan

  • Aiden McCullough
    Aiden McCullough Month ago

    Its called jello not jelly

  • DNG Problems
    DNG Problems Month ago

    We call it jello

  • mr man
    mr man Month ago

    The question is how the heck did you make 3 tons of jello

  • Kody Wise
    Kody Wise Month ago

    Jello is what it is called in America.
    Jelly/jam is what you put on bread for toast or a sandwich.

  • Enis Becirovic
    Enis Becirovic Month ago +3

    That state is called plasma. The more you know!

    • Cd-iLozytp
      Cd-iLozytp 6 days ago +1

      Introducing the new plasma-flavored jell-o!
      Buy now!

  • Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters Month ago

    It's Jello dickhead

  • sawyer Ak47
    sawyer Ak47 Month ago

    Im from america nd we call that jelly not jam

  • magestical bird
    magestical bird Month ago

    He like broke his nose

  • Kim Juana Lehmann
    Kim Juana Lehmann Month ago


  • sleeping sloth
    sleeping sloth Month ago

    That’s steel would be the gelatin

  • Nashoba Juarez
    Nashoba Juarez Month ago

    It's Like Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball Jelly Scene

  • chipum2 fleming
    chipum2 fleming Month ago

    LOL Flavored Gelatin or Jello is when artificial flavors have been added, we call it Jelly when the gelatin is mixed with real fruit juice, and Jam when the mixture has seeds and or the flesh of the fruit un-strained in it. All the above use Gelatin as a thickening agent.

  • venom 101
    venom 101 Month ago


  • Necrozmatic
    Necrozmatic Month ago

    The title sliquid would go to ooblek

  • Omraj Pimpaldare
    Omraj Pimpaldare Month ago

    You wasted too much. That not the way. Why don't you help poors , if u you have too much amount of money

  • Nate Jackson
    Nate Jackson Month ago

    I call it gummy lmao

  • Shelby Hodge
    Shelby Hodge Month ago

    Get in it while u release it

  • MBGaming101 Roblox, Minecraft, and more

    Americans call it jello why do No but they do

  • mario hernandez
    mario hernandez Month ago

    Hahahaha i like La Donna è móviles xD

  • CAS
    CAS Month ago

    Why does it smell so bad??

  • TheKYRw
    TheKYRw Month ago

    Did he say we don’t call it jelly we call it jam lol? We call it jell-o

  • M
    M Month ago

    How about doing a giant vat of Liposuction extract next guys?

  • Throws Words
    Throws Words Month ago

    Why does Brian Quinn have a British accent on this channel?

  • Jacob Benn
    Jacob Benn Month ago

    Most mericans call it jelly

  • Zachary the pokemon fan

    In 🇺🇸 we call jello

  • Kai Quiara
    Kai Quiara Month ago


  • Diego Guzman
    Diego Guzman Month ago

    I want to slap it...

  • Tucker Williams
    Tucker Williams Month ago

    I call it jell-O

  • Brianna Hernandez
    Brianna Hernandez Month ago